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Malagra Agent Smith edition
First use of superglue subedition

The Caladius looked at too many old memes, Russ and Magnus had a metaphorical Bane moment and Custodes should stick to walking. Jetbikes can't drift-charge properly and anons made way better ones. Thallax remain unspooked in the face of Alpharius infiltrating into Lorgar despite their Secutarii leaving to play pirates with Magos Coatl. Possessed Terminators walked on the contradictory sands of Istvaan, Archmagi had inconclusive duels with Praetors and survived by body-hopping into the Fallout series. Secutors are beaten by Black Templar witchery, but survive to witness Magos Columbus set sail from the old bread to the new:

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2Ffz1OuHK%2Fcrusade-imperialis-army-lists.pdf.html
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2FZTK72gs%2Flegiones-astartes-age-of-darkness-army-list.pdf.html
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmega.nz%2F%23F!BxI1HSgI!0tKymKh9RZTzGpgIA5EyCg

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Hey, nice, a Solar Auxilia thread. Do we have any SA players here AT ALL? I don't think I've seen any models posted of them.

Whatcha drinking breadmaker?

And what alcohol fits the different legions?


Why would blackshields have unique gear?

I considered it, but a quick calculation of how much a decently-sized SA army would cost made nope out there in a hurry.

6th for the 6th

Some very nice smooth bourbon I got as a birthday present a few weeks ago. This weekend's gonna suck a bit since I have a whole bunch of writing to do, so I'm enjoying Friday night while it lasts.


>rumours have it when Sanguinius left Imperium Secundus, Guilliman begged him to stay
>however Sanguinius refused, saying he was "taking his Baalites and going home"

Slight update question, do you guys think this spear works at all for the model? I kinda like it, but the hook on the bottom makes me hesitate.

I'm glad I left it in your capable hands. Comfy/10

Also, I stripped the plasma cannon out entirely and replaced it with more cables and stuff.
Are the two stormbolter barrels on each side enough to represent the Lastrum Bolt Cannon?

I don't think it looks very Custodes desu. The grip is also pretty weird. Is he about to throw it?

I like the spear, it's got a bit of a weird tech vibe that goes with custards - a lot of their wargear doesn't look like stuff the rest of the imperium uses.

I'm biased because I like all poleweapons...despite those with hooks being mostly used afoot to unhorse enemy knights.
If it helps, a good Lance was a regular pointy stick with a pennant of top to keep blood from dripping down the shaft and making it slippery, plus it looked cool. But that looks nice as well.

Eggscellent choice user. Enjoy, and good luck with the writing.

> Dark Angels: Blackcurrant Liqueur
> Emperors Children: Pure Alcohol
> Iron Warriors: Bitter
> White Scars: Kumis (fermented horse milk)
> Space Wolves: MEAD
> Imperial Fists: White Russian
> Night Lords: Bloody Mary
> Blood Angels: Merlot (totally not just blood)
> Iron hands: Rum and Coke, simple but delicious
> World Eaters: Vodka
> Ultramarines: Bacardi Breezer
> Death Guard: Fermented Shit
> Thousand Sons: Bombay Sapphire
> Sons of Horus: Scotch on the Rocks
> Word Bearers: The Bacardi Breezer's that the Ultramarines didn't finish :^)
> Salamanders: Brandy (preferably set on fire)
> Raven Guard: Sauvignon Blanc
> Alpha Legion: A medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred

>not malt liquor

I thought Emperor's Children would drink Absinthe or some pretentious bullshit.

Raven Guard would be moonshine. Prison drink.

Also, scotch on the rocks is a bit classy for SOH. I see them more as Stella drinkers - supposedly high class but actually associated with vicious bastards that like a fight.

Other guy doing bullock bikes here:

I said last thread that just straight up using Sammael's bike looks better than my frankenstein cobble of a ravenwing command bike and cast parts of Sammael (I didn't want to spend £30 per individual bike before budgeting for the riders, so that's what I'm stuck with.)

But I'm thinking that my just straight up using the guardian spear works better than either of your spear conversions so far. Is my model holding an extra Bolter he doesn't have in stats? Sure, but I think it's a fair enough compromise for asthetic reasons. Hell, after I've finished the prototype bike tonight, I'm thinking maybe using swords for the second unit. It's not like these guys can take more than one weapon option to confuse things.

Another issue is the helmet plume, it doesn't look like it's blowing in the wind at the kind of high speeds the bike goes at. I resolved that by getting a Saggitarum conversion kit, Which'll also solve my Custodes underslung bolt weapon issue.

Not really suggesting that you spend even more though, just giving my input.

That would be when they had a moral compass, after chaos they need the hardest shit possible.

>> Imperial Fists: White Russian
What why

>NZ confirmed for Terran EC gene stock

>pariah gear
>xenos weapons
Because they literally do?

Because they're Marines and Marines get even the simplest of conversions and bits swaps handed to them by FW and GW.

Yes, he's kinda about to throw it. I wanted to make it javelin-like, since jousting poitions are fairly boring overall as far as model dynamics are concerned. Not much you can do with them beyond at ease or charging positions.

Fair enough about spear and sword, but I prefer keeping weapons distinct from those other units in my army actually wield. I'm weird that way. That said, pic related is a canon weapon for jetbike custodes. Maybe I should just suck it up and build that.
Or do a compromise and make a cavalry hatchet with that design instead of a polearm.

>complaining about marines in the 30k general

Uh, that picture made me reamise how much Chapterhouse made a jetboke like it.


Don't project on me for stating facts.

What's the alternative? Retarded xenos swaps that nobody's going to buy?

If 90% of the market is buying Japanese cars, and Japanese cars are by far the most popular, of course it's smart to make a billion little accessories and things like exhaust parts and race wings for Japanese cars. Why the fuck would you waste money putting out chrome nigger rims or fake muscle car hood pins? Nobody's going to buy it and it's fucking worthless. Meanwhile the other option will sell like mad and is useful to 90% of the consumerbase due to the shared target niche.

Before you solve the problem of "too many marine products" you need to solve the issue of "too many marine customers". And as the past few years have already shown, it's NOT because of them having "OP rules" which haven't existed for 99% of the game's lifespan, or "too much marine spotlight" as we've seen vast amounts of non-marine releases like GSC, Knights, Armageddon, AdMech, Ynnari, Militarum Tempestus.


Why the fuck would an anti-marinefag complain about someone complaining about marines you dumb faggot?

Zealot and Blood & Skulls make jetbikes much closer to the Custodes style, though they're for Marine size riders.

>white people complaining about marine privilege

You tell me, it's your assertion. I never complained about it, so any complaining you're reading into it is in your own head.

Girls, you both pretty, now get together and complain about knight heads.

Aaah indeed! I knew I had seen something like in the art but I would have never been able to find that manufacturer.

WTF those are the literal Custodes Jetbikes.

>What's the alternative?

To what? Because it sounds to me like you think I disapprove of a company releasing products. I lived through the days when GW could go for editions without releasing a kit for unit or updating existing kits to have all the bits needed.

B&S one as well.

Fuck me, it's still 26 euros a jetbike, without shipping costs, 10 euros. Welp.

While throwing power weapons are a thing due to miniature teleporters (rare, but if anyone has that it's custards), it still feels odd to see them. I'd replace that arm with a more traditional lance (if you can still take it off) or even another cavalry weapon like a sabres or such.

Anyone got an MP3 version of this to share?

Does anyone have a link, torrent or download for Magnus the red master of Prospero?

Blue Lenses TSons > Green Lenses TSons

We can all agree that this is objective fact, right?

I have the thing as a zip file containing the images. I think Scanon was experimenting with one of those home-made scanning set ups, I don't really remember, and they're a lot of pics.
I'm phoneposting from work, but I suppose if you give me the name of a website on which post said file, I could do it in, like three hours.
Look for it in the Mega, perhaps it's there.

Make it light blue, but even then no. It is a subjective thing, complete agreement might be unattainable, so do whatever YOU like the most.
You're not a damn idol, be yourself.

What's a good source of arms to give kharadrons lasrifles?

Still a little touch-up sculpting to apply, but finally finalised my design.

Now to make five more.

Bullock jetdicks are still longer than that, user.
You made gigachode the jetdik.

That eagle needs a beak

>Bullock jetdicks are still longer than that, user.

Yeah, casting limitations. I started with a longer cast off of Sammael but it didn't really work.


/r/ing the updated armor autism chart

If Leman Russ fucks a dog, is it him being a furry since he has dog DNA?

what would fulgrim gingerly moan while slaanesh dominated him?

Can he though ? I mean with how most of them behave you'd start to think primarchs have vaginas ...


Fulgrim probably has one post-apotheosis...

You clearly haven't been on the internet long enough.

no its normal to fuck your dog

Dumb picture, Leanne Russ is a blonde.


brb writing oc


Damn, son

>feminizing your Primarch

It's time for a good ol' fashioned purging, user

Oh Ferrus you sweet summer child.

You're scum who's gotta scram to the Eye of Terror to screech into it autistically the rest of your existence.

Out of all primarchs you could have chosen, user.

You chose the second worst.


Are you on drugs?


delet this


>Out of all primarchs you could have chosen, user.

>You chose the second worst.


Look at the bright side, at least he didn't pick Lorgar.

Did someone say gay?

Not yet. I gotta kick you out first, because you're shit and your opinions are shit.

>Look at the bright side, at least he didn't pick Lorgar.

Were you fishing for this or dreadfully unlucky?

It's not an opinion, that was literally Ferrus Manus, not Perturabo.

>all the Primarchs could have chosen

No, I mean Primarchs are not for sexual. Also Ferrus is best Primarch, he dindu nuffin

Whelp. This thread is officially cancer.

You know I really didn't need to see Nurgle licking femgar's ass but otherwise I've got nothing against girl Primarch art.

You're missing the point user.


You have doomed us all.

>Primarchs are for sexual

>thinking I'm clever but actually fucking myself and everyone with me over

Well, at least I'm taking after my Primarch...

URGENT: Hey hhg I need pics/scans of the instructions from the new box of custodes or the talons of the emperor box. Not the ones from the prospero box, as it doesnt show all the wargear options. I need em tonight so i can finish building my army for tomorrow. I posted in the 40k g too for good measure.

Yeah bad news, I have five boxes of Custodes and the instructions still don't have all options listed.

Gee Tribune, how come the Emperor lets you have two Miserichordia?

/hhg/ has been cancer for a long time.

We just need to make it double-cancer.

Yeah pretty much.

I like where this thread is going.

Gonig off of this
Any pics of the BoP MKIII instructions?

Don't want to fuck up the arms.

As does he.

Scooty puff jr

He was always a pussy though :^)

No more of a pussy than Sanguinius was.
And can someone doing THIS ever be considered a pussy?

>2nd worst out of 18.
>Who are Lorgar, Curze, Russ and Magnus


SHHHHHH! There's on of him and a LoC don't remind them.

U wot m8

I need art of Sanguinius cqcing a phantom titan.