What's wrong with EDH?

If you don't play any of these decks (the top most powerful commander decks) you don't stand a chance.
Somebody in your playgroup is going to infinite combo eventually or kill everyone in one turn, this format was supposed to be casual and fun, but it very quickly degenerates into this.

Half of the decks in my playgroup are in pic related, and I hate them, I like to play commanders people don't usually play with more fun strategies, but I guess it's useless, today I got killed first like 5 times trying to play my newly bought Yasova deck, I'm mad now, what do?

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Only 1 of the 5 decks I have built is on that list. Neat.

Also, infinite are for scrubs. That being said, most I encounter tend to be pretty easy to answer. I know the "dies to doom blade" argument has flaws, but therr's also merit to it. Generally you'll want exile effects more than destroy, but blowing up their toys can still give you several turns work around them.

If everyone at your table, including you, is running infinite, then there really is no grounds to complain.

If there's just that guy, kill him first. Politics his ass out of the game so fast he has enough salt to make the dead sea jealous.

If you're the only one without infinite, find new friends.

Most of those commanders are not the most powerful decks in the format. Some, like gay kings, aren't even good.

Wait, whut?
>checks again
Oh god, why are they on there? I have them built for shits and giggles. They're terrible. Guess I'm 2 of 5 from that list.

user you have a tentative grasp of the topic and minimal understanding of the concept. A commander doesn't make the deck, but a good deck with a good commander is difficult to overcome. Now, unless I'm blind, I didn't see Ghave on that list, and he's degenerate as fuck. Take off the kid gloves and get good, or quit bitching.

What's wrong with you? Your list is shit and your playgroup is shittier. Play control and rake in combo tears. Or accept that you'll lose to top tier shit and try to play with only others that want to have Timmy/Johnny fun

>no Zur
>no tazri
>no scion hermit druid
>no darietti or yissan
>no maelstrom wanderer or Lazav
Objectively, OP, you don't know shit

It's a popularity list not a power one, though some of the powerful ones are quite popular.

Ghave vs. Marath. In your opinion, which do you consider to be more degenerate and why? Both as a deck and as a commander.

Isn't Nekusar supposed to be more annoying than anything?

Ghave by virtue of better colours, thus better tutors, and it isn't close. I win consistently t3 with my list and I'm not even 101% tuned.

Marath needed to be errata'd at release, so maybe it's better in a bubble, but only debatably so.

I will concede better tutors in black than red. I feel anything else about their degeneracy crosses over.

>infinite are for scrubs.
>Playing the most powerful format after vintage
>Wanting it to be about creatures
You are the only scrub

What the fuck are those prices listed there? One dollar Atraxa? Last time I checked she was a $20 card.

>Half of the decks in my playgroup are in pic related

You ever thought that maybe that's because out of the ones you posted, like 80% are ones that come in a Commander prebuilt deck?

Well jokes on you I play with a bunch of casual scum and responsible betafags because of the number of girls in my lgs and we all end up actually having fun because we all agree to a certain power level and few locks.

Tutoring is a shitty thing to do.
Decks are 99 cards + general so that there's a shitton of variance. Tutoring repeatedly is against the point.
The only things that should be tutored for AT ALL are lands, and only for mana purposes. And there should be some more nongreen landfetch to help with this. Let Green be the color to get any lands, let the other colors get Their Stuff with a bit more frequency in commander products. Even if it's some sort of land wishes. 'Put a basic Mountain you own from outside the game onto the battlefield'

t. Timmy

>tfw none of my decks are up here
>tfw Dralnu Doomsday could probably slap the shit out of most of these decks

>If you don't play any of these decks (the top most powerful commander decks) you don't stand a chance.
if you are playing EDH for the sole reason of winning you are playing EDH wrong and need to go play a different format until you learn how to have fun again

Yidris is fucking cool as hell. My friend has a lightly modded precon and it's wild

almost all of those cards are from prebuilt decks which 90% of players get into EDH with these days ad EDH has had an explosion of players over the last 2 years. its not hard to see why they are the most popular commanders

How are Gay Kings among the most popular, but Saskia is not up there? The Infect deck with her at the helm is disgusting.

saskia take too long to come out generally i find if you are going for infect with her. if you are waiting until turn for to start doing real damage with infect you already lost

>infinites = only creatures
>yfw my spellslinger deck has 5 creatures in it that accelerate the win conditions of the deck but don't actually win on their own

t. Sheldon

>competitive made-up formats
wew lad lol xd lmao

Aren't all formats made up?

Around 75% of those commanders you posted come in precons, and many of them are the face card of the precon. Of fucking course they're going to be popular.

Is this a bait? This isn't even close to being a list of the best commanders.

Ghave is better in multiplayer because black > red

Marath is better in 1v1 because lower cmc and greater utility as a removal spell. Being an overcosted bolt isn't great in multiplayer but it is great in 1v1

This is what i do. Pack a Doran deck with nothing but removals and sweepers in it. You can replace Doran with whatever 3 color you think have more potent removals/sweepers.
Sure, you can't stop every combo, but still, a sweeper a turn feels good.

This here.

My group does nothing but spew creatures so I clean their overextended boards repeatedly then they wonder why their decks are always running out of gas and getting crushed in the counterattack by a few key creatures.

>a few key creatures
Cabal Coffers + Exsanguinate.

I actually have Debt to the Deathless as a finisher. No Cabal though.

Just recently took Exsanguinate out. Never really happy to see it and never needed both that and Debt. Put in another sweeper in it's place.

Nekusar is a fun police, hes not good he just keeps degenerates from infinite comboing with his wheels and counters. His own "combos" require 3+ cards

A little over half of those are precon commanders, so that's probably why you see them as often. Also, commander isn't just about the card in the command zone. Make a good deck to back it up, and think about how things play off each other.
>If you don't play any of these decks (the top most powerful commander decks) you don't stand a chance.
>most powerful.
Really? Some of these I get, Narset infinite turns makes me pull my hair out, same of Darevi and Prossh. But the rest can easily be dealt with. Two of them actively help you.
Also can someone explain how Sidisi is good? Every time I've tried it just seems like I'm shooting myself in the foot before my opponent just field wipes and kills me. I play The Mimeoplasm more than anything, so you'd think I'd grasp it at some point, but it is beyond me.



I am casual and fun. Why are you in a league? I thought about joining one at tonight's prerelease, but all you get when playing with unpleasant strangers for prizes is OP's post. And that's what OP has to stop doing to have fun again.

>no edric
>no scion hermit combo
>no prime speaker zegana
>no azami lady of scrolls
>no teferi
>no leovold
>no kermit druid(gitrog monster)
>no bolas
>no daretti
>no zur
>no grand arbiter augustine IV
>no Newlamog/Kozilek
>no ghave/marath
>no small teysa(not the strongest, but by far one of the most common control decks out there that everyone should prepare for)
>breya but no sharuum
>fucking kaalia is on the list

Come the fuck on OP. You didn't even mention the 3 strongest decks in edh(Edric,Hermit,Zegana). Kaalia is low tier as fuck and is far too reliant on a haste enabler. All you have to do is blow up greaves/hall of the bandit lord or counter kaalia once and you win. Unless it's a control deck where you just combo off and win because they can't win the game period.

Depends on metas. Mine died around the time of the first precons because of the massive arms race the two local rich guys went on and pushed everyone else out.

Came back sometime recently and it's still massive arm races pricing people out of being able to play.

Close friends stick to playing with each other and treat it as a beer and pretzels thing to shoot the shit between TTRPG time.

nigga what?

Zegana is certainly good, but there's WAY better commanders. She's comfortably tier 2. Also, OP's list is actually the list of the most popular commanders, not the most powerful, as several other anons have pointed out. OP is just an idiot.

I play Glissa and can wipe the board with most of them, or even better, gain control of them and use them to wipe everybody else. Your opinion is invalid. Teferi Stax is much worse than everything you've listed and he's not even there.

>Doran deck with nothing but removals and sweepers
Shit, sounds like I've got a new deck to make

edh is pretty much just making sure the board is swept or else someone goes infinite. The lax ban list just begs for arm racing.

They should just finally ban Mana Crypt and/or Sol Ring

I started playing "french list" 1v1 and commander became fun again. Even having to deal with Vial/Kraum and Zurgo at 20lp was more exiting than trying to play anything against Narset, Breya and Marchesa.

Vial and Breya got banned in french this week and we had a shitload of fun, I hadn't seen Rafiq, Kaalia and Doran in a while and it was genuinelly fun to play against them in a no-bullshit -we're both trying to fuck each other up- enviroment.

Shamefully WotC is taking over 1vs1 next week with their own banlist and 30lp. If their list looks anything like "leviathan" the 30lp banlist the italians play, then it's either Vial/Kraum, High Tide with Jace or Teferi, or Titania. Nothing else has any chance of winning.

Magic is too expensive nowadays to play truly casual. People get one fetchland by serendipity and suddenly they're buying duals and putting all their pride on winning $4 for coming out second on an 8-man 1v1 commander FNM.

>Shamefully WotC is taking over 1vs1 next week with their own banlist and 30lp

I do this with Rafiq and runechanter's pike for eventual oneshots

>Play mogis fuck everything deck
>Can't be beat by creature decks despite being a pile
>Can't beat combo decks that fish off their top like Narset and Wanderer, or Hermit decks.
Meh, it's worth it to make Zur, Darevi, Animar and Edric cry.


>One store I go to the Commander scene is all about winning
>Nothing but infinite decks or stax that keep escalating in power level
>Commander there sucks
>Another store the Commander scene is about playing tabletop politics, power plays and using more Timmy minded cards that are unplayable in most other formats
>People there actually restrict their decks' power levels
>Commander is amazing fun there

Coincidentally the first store has tons of kids in their late teens and early 20s while the second store has guys in their 30s that have been playing for decades.

>The official MAGIC ONLINE tumblr
In what way is this relevant to paper players if the changes are occurring exclusively on Modo?