Is he a good villain?

Is he a good villain?


Nonsensical edge is not good character building.

In the sense that an even more edgy and depraved Belkar Bitterleaf is a good villain.
So no.

>A villain who finds satisfaction in the suffering of his victims
Meh, a bit flat but I can dig i-
Get out.


Was it deliberate? Because that was my first thought.

I thought this was Crossed, but it isn't?

No, a good villain is the one that you can see yourself becoming. irredeemable psychopaths are done to death.

Has he ever caught a good guy? Like a real superhero?

Ahhh, nuh-uh.

this. the guy in that comic is just a psychopath, and that trend doesn't work well anymore.

what the fuck is this?

not trying to threadcrap, I'm curious where this is from...

tripfags get out and stay out

>calling a namefag a tripfag
lurk moar

Anybody got a source on pizza edge?

No. But does he try to be a better villain every day? Also no

Did that story ever end?


I have a game I'm running and the BBEG is on a mission to wake the gods (Based on Norse mythology), because by waking the gods the age of Ragnarok will begin and the world will be created again - without the interference of gods - or so the legends have foretold.

Is my villain a good villian Veeky Forums?

Depends on how shitty your world is.

Any archetype can be a good antagonist. A pure villain should arouse hatred in the players. Constructive hatred. Hatred turned not against the DM for writing something lame or edgy or overblown, but for creating a figure that draws in loathing or fear like a sponge. Whether that's a relentless and terrifying killer, a master manipulator hiding in plain sight, a monster with completely incomprehensible motives from an entirely different context, or a person who wants exactly what you want and is willing to harm you to get it. You can reach true antagonism through any path, you just need to make sure you maneuver correctly.

I like to think it's interesting, but desu we're just getting started.

>edgy is always bad

Wow its like you can tell at first glance who in this thread are redditors who hate fun.

Friendly reminder that people like you are the cancer that is killing Veeky Forums right now.

>Being this reddit
jesus fuck, remove yourself

You're right. Characters who challenge your way of thinking are not bad. Characters who are just random and evil for the sake of being random and evil are, as are the people who defend them.

That what we mean by edgy right? Provocative. Because randomly evil would just be juvenile.

>That what we mean by edgy right? Provocative.
>Characters who are just random and evil for the sake of being random and evil are

You are aware that those two are not mutually exclusive, right?

>Because randomly evil would just be juvenile.
People who are so far into this Politically Correctness that they care how mature they appear during a game of dungeons and dragons have the be least self-aware people on the planet.
How dare people do stuff for fun that is not sanctioned by the Ministry of Fun and just be juvenile.

I cannot help sperg out about this because you actually seem to believe that calling something juvenile is any kind of argument.
My point stands, leave Veeky Forums forever.

>trying to deflect when called out
you really should lurk moar and post less

This is Veeky Forums, an anonymous forum. You may be new to the concept, because there's a vital feature to this shithole you haven't noticed yet. And accusing everyone who disagrees with you from being from another site, adopting as genuine what is posted by others irony, makes this uncomfortably clear.

Because you are utterly unindentifiable, when you have accidentally made a very bad and immature argument, you can just stop.

That's it.

You can simply stop and walk away.

You are not tied to your identity here. You don't need to pretend to have been around longer. You don't need to adopt the flags you see as identifying belonging - especially not those that identify not belonging - because there is no -you-. You have no online persona to create or maintain.

So if you realise your argument is unpopular, bad, or wrong, you don't need to defend it to protect your inline persona. You can just stop.

Nobody will notice. Nobody will care. You cannot lose an argument you are simply not in. You don't even have to stop posting in the thread - just start anew.

In trying to defend a bad question in a bad thread to protect your online self, you are just giving everyone who thought your thread was stupid a target.

Walk away and everyone wins. You win, because you can move on without getting into a losing battle. The others win, because they can start actually talking instead of dealing with your petulance. And the thread wins, because without your petulant countershitpoisting, there might just be an actual discussion.

Just walk away.

Interesting note for any newfag hunters, this term is likely to indicate an origin rather than a Reddit one.

Best post

>I shall pleasure myself
Excellent work, my champion!

>This lol so random super edgy cool guy is so cool, right guys. lmao pizzzzzaaaa

Back to /r9k/ with you.

Is this some hip and new Copypasta? Because at no point have you adressed anything in the previous posts.
Its like you are even unaware of how much shit you have typed without saying anything of merit.

Can you imagine being so autistic about getting #rekt by someone that you agree with your very own post?

Wow you sure showed me the error of my ways.

Psychopaths are fun, even lolrandumb psychopaths have a place in a narrative.
You're only threading "fuck this shit again" territory if you insist on making up reasons why the players shouldn't forcefully insert a piece of cold steel into your precious psycho's brains.

Seen NCO's like that in basic.

>The part that bothers Veeky Forums isn't the fact that he buried a woman alive, but that he decided to eat a pizza afterward


>the part that bothers Tumblr the most isn't the fact that he buried someone alive but that it was a woman

There are lots of lolrandum villains I like. I've always thought the Joker is the best comic book villain. But he has something Deathbury McPizza in the OP lacks. The Joker is unsettling because he is so unpredictable, and because laughter in response to tragedy is deeply unnerving. But it's not just that. I think the Joker in some small way represents dark parts of everyone's psyche--the intrusive thoughts to laugh at the wrong time, or to throw something valuable out of a moving car. The good Batman authors seize on this.

Jacking off to a woman dying isn't creepy; it's sordid. Sexual gratification at someone's suffering is one of the most common kinks.


So now "self-aware" has changed to mean NOT being aware of your own actions.


you fucker I was going to post this

Vicious cruelty works a lot better when it's against characters I care about. I have to be invested in whatever the villain is ruining. Like, if he burns down an orphanage, it shows he's a maniac, but if he burns down the orphanage I run full of kids I know and love, then I really hate that motherfucker.


Has he ever worn a disguise?

He might be but the writing and pacing of this bit is trash. Whatever mediocre potential he had is pretty much tossed out the window by panel 4.

They'd eat the pizza first, then bury the guys that complained about it.

I might save this for the future.

Man, that's great. It makes it believable. Like Rainbird from Firestarter. A high functioning sociopath with an obsession with death. He loves watching the life go from the eyes, because it's the most he can learn about what death will be, and the most he can learn about the dying.

A loveable character that takes work to associate with the evil of his ultimate intention, until he's right about to shoot the gun.

>the part that arouses Veeky Forums the most isn't the fact that he buried someone alive but that it was a woman

>moving the goalpost this hard because someone made fun of tumblr

wew lad

He's a good villain if he makes a good story for the protagonist.

>Villains doing evil
>help me i'm triggered, SEXISM REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
tumblr needs to go and stay go

hahahaha oh man you have n o idea who your audience is.

Why are you fags talking about tumblr

I mean, that did bother me, but he's also supposed to be a villain.

What makes him a shitty villain is that his dialogue is ass, not the fact that he kills people.

Good advise, but there is an extension that links posts to IPs. So it doesn't always work.

Is she the husband? This text makes no sense.

>not liking pizza
>posting "hurr it's not crappy moeanime if it's got dykes" pedobait.


This. If someone has a bunch of women mind-controlled to care for his paralyzed body and serve as his limbs, and has a mind-controlled daughter kill her mind-controlled mother, it's creepy and he needs to die, but it's not personal.

When someone else, later, uses his mind-control method to take control of and forcibly marry an NPC the players have known and been around for months? People go apeshit.

Because tumblr needs to go back.

yeah but the people who use that are faggots, and not the good kind

>being this ebaum's world

>there is an extension that links posts to IPs
I know this is off-topic, but can you post a link? From what I've seen of Veeky Forums's API, that seems fairly implausible.


>Being this.... the hell, I don't fucking know.... Tumblr?

Not that guy, but..
>not using Something Awful
I think the round goes to him.

Honestly though, that's the only other old board that I remember, unless you want to count shit like 7chan.

i've been called out before and just feign ignorance so those who are patrician enough to not ruin the central point of this imageboard can think the poster replying to me is some kind of forced samefag-accusing idiot who looks stupid.

it mostly works!

Hey Anons, get a load of this fag trying to be an authority on Veeky Forums.

Meh, I mean if you are doing an investigation focused game looking for a serial killer he's ok I guess. A little on the silly side which doesn't typically mesh with the more serious tone those type of stories have.

It doesn't exist, don't be stupid.

I don't know what it is, but this looks dumb. It looks like a portrayal of a serial killer influenced by too many slasher flicks, and completely divorced from actual disturbed killers.

What's the difference? Aren't namefags, just tripfags who were too stupid to use a tripcode?

>hErP deRp POLLITIKAL KORRECTNUSS *p0000000000000000t*
plz die

pls fuck off to reddit, thanks

>He actully belives that people couldnt tell he was samefagging in this thread

Sure is summerfag in here

SJW detected

Trump voter detected

>Being this

>that post
>reddit spacing
really rotates your gears, huh?

I've got to say this is the quickest I've seen Veeky Forums collectively lose its mind over a shitty comic book villain

Except that from you can see in this comic, it is pretty much obvious that this character is nothing like an interesting character, even psychopathic.
He is lolsorandumb shit that appeals to 12-year-olds and manchilds. Face it.

>I'm 15: the post


But that's not how villains work!

>summon /pol/ by bitching about it for no reason
>/pol/ shows up
>retards calling each other out
>climb atop of this pile of shit and act like you are proud of it

Well good work, you made Veeky Forums a little more cancerous and dragged the quality down a little bit more all because you fucktards had to bitch about /pol/.

Nah man, Its not even that. Someone had to whine about /pol/ for no goddamn reason and summon them, thus turning this thread into a /pol/ vs. tumblr shitfest.

>He is lolsorandumb shit that appeals to 12-year-olds and manchilds

You mean manchildren? Because acting like liking dumb edgy shit is a sign of being immature and showing what a good, great grown-up you are on Veeky Forums out of all places while spelling manchildren wrong sure doesn't bring your point accross, Mr. Mature.

Who is he and where's he from?

From this little page alone?
Lolrandom isn't, and has never been, funny or interesting.

Joker is funny because at best, he represents our own dark desires and fantasies and laughs at them.

This guy, from this one page, doesn't represent anything. He goes all the fucking way to kidnap another human being, just for the sake of getting pleasure trough her death, but somehow he really likes pizza so much that he must have it right in the fucking middle of the act? If pizza is a such a huge merrymaker in his life, then why not leave the whole huge endeavor of kidnapping an adult human, and just have pizza instead, if it is such a good thing that the whole "Experiencing the death of another human" has to be put on halt for some fucking cheese on a bread? Who the fuck wrote this shit?

Do you just never eat when you do anything you like? Playing vidya, tabletop, or even just watching a movie?

Because sperging hard on a minor error made by a not native english speaker sure does get your point across.
No, seriously, I advise you to delete this ASAP, you made a massive mistake in forgetting to have the decency to bring any argument to the table besides for your grammatical autism.

>being this pornhub

Pic definitely related.

Actually, I won't let this shit pass. No, that's not the matter. The matter is that some of us still care about what goes into their games. Maybe none of us has any actual talent or whatever, but we do *care* - we have little precious free time and we choose to spend it with our friends, trying to weave narratives that are at least interesting and fun to us. We care about what goes into our games, about what kinds of stories we want to tell.
Then a kid comes by and goes "look at this lolrandom villain, isn't it great?", and when you tell him that no, that is not great, you get accused of being a SJW or liberal or whatever the insult du jour is.
Well, fuck you and fuck OP.

Looks like babby's first psychopath.

>being this

Edgy isn't always bad, just when poorly executed. That shit in the OP is poorly executed.

>No, seriously, I advise you to delete this ASAP, you made a massive mistake in forgetting to have the decency to bring any argument to the table besides for your grammatical autism.

So outside of making "small grammatical errors" and going full autistic when someone points it out to you and how your try-hard mature act is really embarrassing you are also unable to read.
Where do you autismos even all come from?
Is it because of summer?
Is this some le epic reddit raid?

Because I refuse to believe that we had that many fucking joyless retards here before.