Sci Fi meets Fantasy setting

>Sci Fi meets Fantasy setting
>Character is a xenophobic magic-hating human wholesale ripped off of 40k

I don't see why that's a problem

>campaign is murderhoboing around in the fantasy balkans
>player brings some samurai who was totally a noble from a house that was betrayed and murdered by the evil emperor

I still can't get over this guy.

It's the most generic villain by far. Want to make an evil character? Rip off Warhammer 40k! Especially the Imperium, because they're like Nazis because they dont like other races.

There are about twenty pixel's worth of nipple in that image.

gonna bet banned/10

>Character is a xenophobic magic-hating human wholesale ripped off of 40k

>As in PLAYER Character, presumably
Of course, that just makes it worse.

To be fair, aliens are fucking assholes, and magic causes a hilarious amount of problems.

Daily reminder that Conan repeatedly survived lovecraftian horrors partly due to his superstition and paranoia.

Well, he's encountered worse as guests on his show, so that's not too surprising.

I like you.

Source on image?

>implying every futuristic xenophobic character is 40k.

So its the 13th Weeaboo

So does fapping to furry images make you a furry or do you have to go a bit deeper than that?

Since I wanna get sauce on that image.

I've always thought it just boils down to boinking animal people, but I've heard people say it's more complicated than that.

you are furry if you jack it to animal people

you are a fur-fag if you tell people about it

you are crazy person if you dress up as a furry

I'd just say fapping to furry shit makes you furry. I mean, it's not a label I care too much about when I fap to just about anything as long as it doesn't have a dick, but it is what it is.

This shit better not be futa.

>Oh look a thread about 40k-inspired characters in other settings. This could be interesting.
>Half a dozen replies about degeneracy
Every time

>Oh look a thread about 40k-inspired characters in other settings. This could be interesting.
If this was a genuine thought you had given the OP's image, you have only yourself to blame for being disappointed.

Please just give me sauce on the image, the magic arrow button wont work.

You're not wrong. I read the title, thought that, then saw the picture and prepared myself. And somehow I was still disappointed.

>campaign is court intriguing around in fantasy china
>player brings some mario-sounding fucker from a peninsula filled with quarreling city-states

Some people say that's all it takes. Others insist that the term refers to a highly specific stereotype whom you should hate and emphatically does NOT refer to them personally because they're the good ones.

It's like being gay. It's one thing to be attracted to the same sex, it's another to be a flamboyant flaming faggot.

pretty sure calling yourself a furry is what makes you a furry


No one seems to get this.

See I'd consider myself fairly far gone in that respect but I'd argue that being a "furry" is truly defined by effort.

>fap to it: nope
>fap specifically to it: maybe, if it inconveniences you?
>think up what your sona might be: not particularly
>draw it: probably
>spend actual cash on actual art of your actual sona: of course
>spend actual cash on actual suit to wear at an actual convention: Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

this user gets it mostly

as does this one

That image.

>You wana know what the source is for that picture?
>You dont wana know what the source is for that picture.

Yes. Yes we do.

Alright doc, how bad is it?

I did not before, i do now

does anyone have that picture of him drinking coffee and saying "oh my, how heretical. please, continue."

Korea is RIGHT THERE, man.

Not all 40k humans are like that. Maybe.

Do you mean this one?

>they're like Nazis because they dont like other races

That and all the eugenics against genetically impure subhumans, and dressing like literal Nazi SS officers.

Look up ojififo on e621 or

yes, thank you