Is Blood Bowl dying again?

Seems like it was going strong, my local game stores (even GWs) had a strong Blood Bowl community, tournaments and everything. Then when Shadow War Armageddon popped up, the scene completely vanished and has yet to recover. Not only that, but no new Blood Bowl stuff up on the preorders for a while is making me think GW is starting to kill off Blood Bowl again. What do you guys think?

blood bowl was a mistake...

us millennial neckbeards hate football, so reintroducing it to the table top with our warhammer minis wasn't exactly a genius idea

dubs of truth? Or dubs of doubt?

Don't know why people are shilling for SW:A so much, it isn't even that great. But hey, GW fanbois will eat up any old slop that GW makes, even a shitty reboxing of old normally unwanted models (especially orcs) with some decent terrain.

Based on the amount of replies your gettin OP, Veeky Forums is dyin aswell

Shadow Wars saves you $175.

Also Necromunda is great.

>new Blood Bowl stuff up on the preorders for a while
>chaos dwarf rerelease just a couple of weeks ago

I really like and spend money on the video games

I think the momentum is dying a bit, and its mostly due to a lack of teams. For teams with rules, all of the Elf teams and Nurgle don't have models yet. Plus the decision to exclude some of the popular teams from Season 1 was really odd. No chaos, no goblins, no lizardmen.

Its definitely not dying, but GW needs to learn to stop putting all of their steam into one property at a time, and spread their releases around.

Because GW have gone over the top and release a big fancy £100 boxed set every 2 months now that people jump on and abandon the previous flavour of the month for.

>Is it dying

Yes. Because the hype has faded out and people realize the system is by an large flawed. It will have its supporters though and will live on. Disappear and then return.

This is how it has been, and shall always been.

Guildball is better

I like how it plays, but I'm disappointed in the Mortician guild models.

Likely because I'm a mortician and I'm nowhere near that edgy.

This. I won't start playing until the Elf teams get new models, and I'm still waiting.

Guildball is shit


SWA is pretty shit as it is now;

Agreed. What the hell do people see in that game?

Some people like easily digestible, yet bland games. Shadow War Armageddon is the vanilla jello pudding of skirmish games, just enough flavor to be considered edible without being anything remarkable.

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Shut your dirty bitch mouth. SWA is great. I can play my chaos in necromunda

SWA is the king of casual game - this is so fucking op great !

triggered GW fanboi detected. Continue eating the slop of GW