How do we fix the MYFAROG system?

How do we fix the MYFAROG system?

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Throw it in the trash where it belongs and play something else entirely.

Make it a video game.

This will solve nothing at all but its faults will be less pronounced

> fix

Stop playing it.

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Charge the enemy.

Stumble and fall

The swimming system is basically freeform. If we're starting anywhere, it should be to make the swimming rules more crunchy.

How to instantly inprove all of Veeky Forums:
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Step 1: Scrap everything
Step 2:

It's perfect faggot, you can't fix it.

Found the sunshine vitamin deficients.

Make it about brave, sensitive and beautiful young black men and not about a bunch of viking shitlords sniffing each other's smegma.

Listen to Bathory while playing it.

Just give the original manuscript to Abbath and let him fuck around with it for a few weeks.

The system won't be balanced by any means, but they'll at least make for hella fun one-shots

wouldn't someone need to post the pdf first?

Lurk more. We has the PDFs for almost two months now.

implying it isn't as perfect as his beard

The system is just shitty DnD. Just use the setting (ironically) with whatever RPG you enjoy.

Hack the setting and make it into a feminist, cyberpunk/gothic noir setting.

This is genius!

Add more lolis. And the sphincter dilation values and tables from FATAL, for maximum sodomy.

I want to play MYFAROG with Varg and the Golden One while he tells me about the dangers of nuclear power and how democracy doesn't work

>How to instantly inprove all of Veeky Forums:
>If you were referred from a link posted on reddit you are barred from posting on the rest of the site for three days.



>lives in France
>dangers of nuclear power

Now this is troll thread but actually there is point in that.

MYFAROG is a shit game and everyone knows that.
But it also fills legitimate niche that no other system fills.
Germanic Iron Age system would be quite nice if it was done properly.

Now what's to be done
Scrap them. I mean, all of them. It's shit. Sysem is typical 90s turbosim autist mentality product. It makes no sense. For a system that is meant to emulate legends of the heroic dark age, it is clear that this should be some narrative storygame or a hybrid between this and a more conventional, but still lightish RPG (Much like The One Ring RPG which Varg claims as an inspiration, yet this inspiration is not seen in actual game in the slightest). Let it use various meta-points and/or other mechanics to emulate the mythic narrative.
Just remove kebab and niggers entirely. This is meant to be system about the old ages, not a modern social commentary. And in the old times the darkies weren't invaders in the north, they were non-existent there.
Make not-christianity more ambigious, than outward evil. Like some cult that technically doesn't do anything bad but still is worriesome because it bases itself on lofty promises of salvation, demanding a lot and giving almost nothing (in temporal life at least).
Remove rest of the most blatant /pol/ tier bullshit including heavy fetishizing (female) virginity.
Remove christian's shitty made up things (races, monsters etc.) and replace it with something with basis in actual mythology
Stop emphasizing vikings and instead make it more all-germanic.

This is a good post. Are there seriously no other iron-age Germanic inspired systems?

Didn't most iron-age Germanic Christians just treat the Abrahamic God as a new, more powerful god to be favoured alongside their traditional pantheon?
I've read that most Saxon lords had Christ on battle banners in the stead of e.g. Wodin but the actual way of going about things was more or less the same

sounds like typical Catholicism to me.

depends if you're talking about the vanguard of individual converts or the time when entire nations started to get christianized through their ruling elites embracing christianity. What you written is true, but mostly in context of the latter.

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This is actually a great idea because it would rid /pol/ of the rest of you shills and degenerates, while costing us nothing because 90% of the board VPNs.