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>Drive straight
>Conserve gas
>And never, ever cut off a dragon at a street crossing

Rigger edition
What does your Rigger do?
Surveillance to the point of paranoia?
Does he work through some kitted out murderbots?
Is he surrounded by a swarm of floating AKs?
Driving faster than most jets?

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Hey, at least he'll have a lot of passes to try to get it right. Sammy/driver is one of the better ways to be a wheelman, arguably better synergy than being a droneherder/driver.

Serves as the face's chauffeur when he brings out the sports car for "negotiating" with socialites, we need someone who can drive us to a nightclub without drawing attention from paparazzi.

Drives the guntruck for armor support. Gangers facing a hardened armor APC is not good news.

In places where he cant bring his car he is the one whos goal is to secure disposable wheels. Say a corpsec security vehicle and carry weapons for cqb.

I love the weirdness of Shadowrun history. It went from being pseudo-Tolkien jokes, to an actual fleshed-out 4th World with lots of metaplot and setting details coming through into 3e, and then faded into a numbers-filed-off haze.

>Rigger edition
>What does your Rigger do?
>Surveillance to the point of paranoia?
>Does he work through some kitted out murderbots?
>Is he surrounded by a swarm of floating AKs?
>Driving faster than most jets?

I'm the Rigger

sure, but what do you prioritize?
Unless you play in a high power/high money campaign you either focus on one of those of are mediocre in all of them

I guess mediocre desu. My steel lynx is still street legal for example.

so what's your loadout?

>a character burns edge to save an npc rather than aiding himself in any way

So this is the power of 6 loyalty... woah.

Couple of flying eyes, a pair of rotordrones with AKs, an Optic-X, a mini-zep, a steel lynx with AK to keep it legal and an evo prole for interactions/street doc.

Base vehicle is a Toyota Gopher with 4 landing racks.

>Couple of flying eyes
how many? 10? 20?
>a pair of rotordrones with AKs
that is not a swarm
>a steel lynx with AK to keep it legal
that's like the beginning of getting a murderbot, not even close to one
>Base vehicle is a Toyota Gopher with 4 landing racks.
That's it?

You have a bit of everything there, but nothing substantial
so saying yes to all the questions is wrong
In your case it's more like
>A bit
>A bit
>A bit
>A bit

Don't crush my dreams man.

But yes, I know, I'm working on expanding it.

Unless your GM is very lenient with repair costs and/or gives out cash like candy you should try to specialize in one
This is why there are two types of riggers: Swarm and Individual Riggers
Swarm riggers have lots of cheap drones that don't cost much to replace, and they use an RCC to issue commands and distribute autosofts to all the drones. They fit the first two questions, with dozens of spy and Suppressive Fire drones
Individual Riggers meanwhile get a few drones but kit them out to be the best and jump into them. They fit the last two questions. They jump into drones to fight through them using a Rigger Interface or jump into vehicles to be faster and more skilled than people using a steering wheel

>Theoretical immortality
>Natural grace and dexterity
>Others find you innately beautiful and charming

Is Humanis right in their fear and envy of elves?

How can breeders even compete?

Well, sure, elves are humans 2.0, now with less aging and more lewd. Thing is, they don't limit it to just elves, they hate/fear orks and trolls too. Probably dwarves as well, though I never really hear much about dwarves so maybe they see them the way corps do - not TOO different and they're usually great workers. And hey, they're shorter than humans!

IIRC dwarves are to humanis as what jews are to /pol/
control the money and have their hands behind everything

Y'know, I thought as much but had nothing to really base it on. Doesn't surprise me in the least.

I'm pretty sure the core book mentions that Dwarves are looked upon suspicion because of their natural propensity to stick together.

>all dwarves are part of a global community and operate on a strict no fucking other dwarves over rule

The dwarves are already 50% of what /pol/ fears about the jews.

I dunno about the core book, but Run Faster definitely mentions that each dorf may as well be a fixer unto themselves from how neurotic they are about managing their network and circles - every dorf may as well know ever other dorf from the sound of things..

/srg/ which build is better?

this one

or this one

Just give us a quick rundown on what your want your dude to do while I read your stuff chumme

I guess the best way to describe it is an operator? Someone who's stealthy but can hit like a freight train and take a punch. I'm not really planning on going into rigging, the drone is for added firepower. I plan on turning the wireless off on it and communicating with it through a microtrans. Other than that the build is pretty fluid at this point. I like being somewhat of a skill monkey too. Any tips or critiques would be very welcomed.

that shit is really hard to read
could you give us a rundown of the differences between the two?

Basically one has AA attributes resources C skills and EE meta and magic. The other has A attributes BB skills and resources EE magic and meta. One is more skills based at the expense of some equipment.

The equipment being mostly augs.

Adrenaline pump does not stack with WR. You seem to have too much karma spent too.

Yeah, I was already contemplating dropping the adrenaline pump

>too much karma spent
how do you figure? Everything was in line through herolabs.

It's probably herolab being weird about the In Debt quality.

Yeah I had to take in debt and a pretty big in debt for the more skilled build.

In my opinion you're underpowered. Your intuition, agility, and initiative are low for a primary combatant. Skills need to be more focused, you also got to read more about your implants.
You need a better lifestyle too.

>not living in a cardboard box

If you're not going rigging from the get-go, you should probably drop drone. You could also stand to bump down the alphaware on some of the cybernetics, this should save you a lot on cash and you can lower your debt. Which you should also consider not having, as it is pretty shit.

What do you suggest having int, agi? It keeps reporting my secondary weapons license lifestyle as my main lifestyle. my main lifestyle is bolthole with a bunch of addons and shit. I know it's not much better. What do I need to know in particular about the implants? I already said I'm gonna drop the adrenaline pump regardless.


I really like the idea of the drone but you're probably right. I'll also probably lower the cyber grades. I do want to get rid of more of the in debt quality. The only downside is then I need more negatives to make up.

Metahuman wave attacks mostly. Quantity has a quality all its own.

breeders are humans tho

Another Night of Rage

Looking to join a group to finally play a run that makes it past session 3 or doesn't get cancelled days before session 1... pls respond /srg/

Where does everyone find a regular shadowrun game to play in?
LFG on Veeky Forums is the same 12 people that all acknowledge that they're 'thatguy', roll20 & Runnerhub are both victim of '4 GMs & Hundreds of players'.

Unfortunately there isn't much outside of those options. Life is bad bro I'm in the same boat.

>not having irl tabletop friends
>not arranging a group through your LGS or other meetup site at a similar neutral ground
>not just sucking it up and learning to gm
Spoonfeedfags are the worst

I wish you good hunting user, I gave up on all the above long ago. I'm fortunate in that my job had me move to an area with a solid SR community, but I remember hunting games online all too well.

Thats one badass hermaphrodite

Shadowrun Character Sheets ought to be like police "wrap sheets".

Boltholes aren't meant to be taken as permanent residences.

What are the most important things to know about fitting in with runners?
Null Sweat/Sheen
what else?

I have an irl group, I'm the forever DM and the group is only interested in D&D5e.

Also, eat shit stooge, being rude for the sake of it

I updated and tweaked the build a bit. Any new advice?

Would probably help if I posted the PDF

Use chummer instead of herolab :p

Why would I use an inferior product when I've already purchased the better one?

Geek the Mage
Never, Ever cut a deal with a dragon
Frag the corps

Them's fightin' words, omae. Moving on.
I'm not sure what you want the internal router for. It would probably also be cheaper to get vision magnification in your bal mask instead of hawk eyes quality, IMO

Internal router for stealth so I can keep the wireless bonus for the reaction enhancers and the wired reflex without having wireless on.

And I think I may do that for a couple extra cheap karma.

Softcap Intuition, hardcap agility to 6(9) with Used Muscle Toner 3. Get either Used Reaction Enhancers 3 for your WR, or WR2 or both you madman!, OR Synaptic Boosters 2.


So this is my first attempt at creating a character in Shadowrun. 5e, specifically. The concept I was going for was 'Agile, Sneaky-Beaky Murderblender Ghoul Knight.' I used Chummer, and looked at a few equipment guides, but I can't shake the feeling that this character is still lacking in some way. Please tear me to shreds and tell me how everything I'm doing is wrong and terrible.

You should really avoid Infected characters, particularly if this is gonna be your first.

So I wanna try something a little silly. I don't know if it falls under pink mohawk or black trench coat or mirror shades or what (probably depends on how I end up using it) but I wanna make a character with mechdendrite-like robotic manipulator waldoes. My idea so far is basically just modifying a drone with cyberarms and just strapping it to my back. The current character doesn't use implants, but I might consider it for a different character with something similar. Great idea, terrible idea, suggestions, concerns?

Eh, ghouls don't seem that complicated. I was planning on making an autistic murderhobo anyways; this just gives some justification for it.

The word you need would be rap, no w.

And I know some people who do that for fun, but it would be a pretty shit layout for an rpg sheet. None of the details carry over, except maybe contacts matching to known associates.

Use Medusa Drones from Cutting Aces. You can put them anywhere on the body (the entry talks about some mounted on the head as false dreads, and others hidden up the sleeves) and you can put whatever tiny tools you want on the tips.

Just be sure to get an RCC to run the autosofts, because those things are dumb.

>first character
>wants to be an infected autistic murderhobo

Consider suicide. Or D&D if you want to suffer first.

>Use Medusa Drones
I'd considered that, but my concern is that they'd be too small to really be of any use.

Stick a minitool to the tip and it can do whatever you want it to do. 1 Mod Point per drone means you can rig one with an Fichetti Security 600 for 30 bullets being fired from god knows where as you run for it. Unless you want to play Doc Ock or Machamp and start swinging around/grappling, Medusas are the best option.

You can just run silent.

>You can just run silent
Sure, it's your Intuition plus nothing, v the decker's Logic+Computer+2+Misc bonuses. Good luck.

So I just heard about this wi-fi connected juice press that only works when it's connected to the internet and only if you're using proprietary juice.

Am I correct in assuming that all gadgets in Shadowrun are like this unless you're jailbreaking your shit or building it yourself?

Yep that's why you want to make those availability rolls even if you can walk down to Stuffer Shack and buy the thing.
Black market best market.

Even a child can jailbreak something like that.

Yes. And like the Juicero, you could do it yourself by hand, but the Man has convinced people that they need to buy this thing for the luxury/convenience/proprietary wellness benefits.

Watching that video was a trip. Take the juicer out of the box, download the app on your smartphone, show the juicer your individualized QR code so it knows you have the app and should work now, connect the juicer to your wifi, wait a minute for the juicer to connect to the cloud, show it the QR code on the fruitbag so it knows you're putting the correct product inside it, then close it up, put a glass under the spout, push the single button on the outside of the machine, and wait two minutes for it to squeeze the (already mashed) contents and release all the juice.

It's insane.


>nobody mentions the black -list community

kek, good luck chum.

>connect the juicer to your wifi
This is where you discover your new wireless juicer can't talk to any of your LAN devices because they're on a different subnet.

This is so frustrating
Using the vehicle mod rules on drones lets you have variety but no survivability
Using drone mod rules from Rigger 5.0 lets you have survivability at the cost of not being able to make a single drone past char gen.
Avail 16f to put Assault Riffle on Nissan and that takes you all your mod points.
Or forbidden to put any armor on your Steel Lynx.
"For some strange reason, people want their drones to survive. Funny, that! Adding armor is frowned upon by polite society"
Thanks CGL

Nope. You can easily turn that shit off. Gear of 2075+ is, however, designed to utilise the matrix for connectivity and processing power - so you lose out on the full features.

5e drones are not intended to stand equal next to the street samurai. They're expensive disposable support, which means you have to get more creative than "muh credsticks" in acquiring them.

>Gear of 2075+ is, however, designed to utilise the matrix for connectivity and processing power - so you lose out on the full features
And that's still retarded and why I don't do Shadowrun 5e. Trolls, Orcs, magic, sure, but it completely wrecks my suspension of disbelief that, in 2075, your augmented arm / eye / gun / dildo has to get its processing power from the cloud.

I really need to stop posting vg shit here. Why is it so hard to check tabs?

sure sure
the problem is using one mode lets me add 3 points of armor on the lynx for 1500 at avail 9r
the other mode lets me add 3 point of armor for 18k at avail 15f

I mean, the fact that one system has a single pool of modification points while the other has four probably speaks to the difference in scale and explains why tricking out one would be more resource intensive than the other.

It's also probably a big fat hole in your network security.

Yekka, bit of an error in Chummer.

This gene augmentation improves the functioning ner-
vous system’s sodium-potassium channel depolariza-
tion and repolarization efficiency, thereby increasing
reaction speed. The character gains +1 to their Initia-
tive rating, +1 Initiative Dice, and a +1 dice pool mod-
ifier for all Ranged and Melee Defense Tests. If a char-
acter has an augmentation that increases their Initiative
or grants any Initiative Dice, synaptic acceleration has
no effect, and they do not regain Essence lost for taking
the treatment.

This is actually supposed to stack with magical initiative boosters and drugs, just not other init boosters like Wired or Synaptic Booster, but it currently doesn't.

Herolab goes with the interpretation that
Boltholes can't be main lifestyles, I believe.
There's conflicting use of the word 'augmentation' to refer to more than just cyberware throughout the rulebooks, so augmentation == bonus as far as Chummer is concerned. Get me an errata comment otherwise or use an override file to change it.


Forums just went down since I'd originally looked at it, but there's people saying that it stacks.

For the pseudo-quality version of it, refer to:

Some people are just born fast. This quality provides an
unaugmented character the ability to react with aston-
ishing speed. The character gains +1 to their Initiative
rating and a bonus initiative die. This quality is not cu-
mulative with any other Initiative enhancement, be it
technological, chemical, or magical. They also receive
a +1 dice pool modifier for all Defense Tests.

It specifically calls out a list which it doesn't interact with, and says ANY initiative boosters.

>And that's still retarded and why I don't do Shadowrun 5e.
Yep. Definitely not already moving towards an existence where major corporations don't support wired or offline products.

>There's conflicting use of the word 'augmentation' to refer to more than just cyberware throughout the rulebooks
Bioware, Nanoware & Geneware, too?
Last I checked, anything else was an SRM thing, not an SR thing.

If I'm running along and I want to jump to do a charging attack at someone, how do I do it? I know it uses Gymnastics, and presumably is a Leaping specialization-applicable thing, but what's the action? Is it just rolled into the movement alongside everything else, or what?

Attempting to add a Note to Martial Arts, under the Add Martial Art Technique dropdown at the top, NOT the actual styles area thing itself, immediately crashes Chummer. I have no idea why there's even an option to add a note there.

What are the rules for making a jump or leap?
Otherwise, just make a Gymnastics + AGI test with a GM set threshold based on how crazy of a jump you're attempting. If you fail, you fail to attack because you don't make the jump. If you have martial arts techniques like pouncing dragon they could apply.

You get a Martial Art. Flying Kick and/or Pouncing Dragon.

Make an AGI+Gymnastics (leaping) Test opposed normally
martial arts add dice
Damage is (BOD+net hits)P

u wot m8
I just want to make a jump and attack with my sword.

I cannot find the actual action required to do this, and I'm just trying to clarify whether it's just ACTUALLY rolled into the movement/attack part, or if because C G L, it's technically a houserule to do that.

And as points out, yeah, this is for a martial arts thing.

>attack with my sword.
why didn't you say so?
in that case, follow what said, maybe add your speed/5 or similar as a DPM. You have to look what denominator fits

Look up Freefall. Adept power in Street Grimoire.


Any ideas for a type of "unstoppable terror" type of enemy that just keeps slowly coming no matter what the PCs throw at it? I'm thinking along the lines of Terminator 1 or how run-of-the-mill gang members would see Judge Dredd.

Unfortunately I can't be much more specific because like half my players are /srg/ browsers. I do know it'll need a big 'ol edge pool to save it when the PCs inevitably go all PC on my plans.

Heavy Hardened Mil-Spec Battle Armor?


>Heavy Hardened Mil-Spec Battle Armor
On a vampire with regeneration

Or a vampire in hardened mil-spec battle armor.