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Sailor moon Celestine when edition?

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>breacher shields have ultramarines insignia

>Tfw want Soulreaper cannon on rubrics
>Need 10 like new boxes
>Running old boxes, 9 models
I keep screaming and Tzeentch keeps laughing

*deletes wraithcannon*


>MFW I will never be able to dive deep into Celestine's tights...

Why live anons?

Rubrics should be house-ruled to be the same cost as Sternguard vets.

What happened to the Black Library link?

Like 2 months ago.


Probably on the Plague Planet.

>Manticore/Deathstrike will never be back in stock.

I'd be happy enough if Sorcerers could roll on Divination. I figure sure, Scarab Occult Sorc can roll on it to try and get Perfect Timing. Having Ignores Cover on TL-AP3 bolters, hellfyre missiles and a soulreaper cannon would be brutal. But fuck paying for an ExSorc footslogger to babysit them for that purpose.

Is it worth putting upgrades and shit on a CSM rhino besides a dirge caster?

>have about 45 DV cultists to paint
>Not even my main army, which is still mostly unpainted
>Sincerely enjoy painting my tanks, but nothing else
Maybe I should just switch to Guard tbqh

Dozer blades

What was the last model you painted?

Doesn't seem like they released all the figures for the units yet though.

Pic related

>want to run Sisters of Battle
>can't stand metal models
>resin isn't much better
>recasting and 3rd party options aren't great
>Sisters of Silence come out
>Decide do a kitbash

They even had cloaks like I wanted and everything, perfect for an Order from a Forest world. Only done one so far, but I think it'll work out

I've been slacking.

This for my valhallans

Batch painting my Tau, so finished a bunch of details on 5 Fire Warriors couple hours ago. Next time I'll highlight them to finish them up.

This mah scheme.

> TFW DOW3 scouts look better than the actual models
Kill me please. I fucking wish geedubs had scouts that looked like this.

Besides re-doing the force weapons on my GK, the last model I painted was Rowboat for my friend.

When is the next nid edition come out?

Combi-meltas can be useful if your rhinos won't be getting focused.

Extra armor is decent to make sure your rhino can always move, as that's their main purpose, and most guns can penetrate their armor.

Working on this RN. Being bad at painting is suffering

Heads too small doe

Fug, realized that's before I cleaned up the grey on the pathfinder. Anyway, this is them.

Not for a while
Pray 8th will help nids out a bit

Dozer Blades and a Dirge caster if you just want it as a Transport. Combi-melta if you want it to pack have some extra threat and kill something after delivering its payload. A Havoc Launcher can make it into a pseudo-razorback, but you should probably only do that for a more backline Rhino

err guardians and dire avengers back in march, i got a vyper i need to finish. i should build/buy/paint into my 1500 list but eh i don't play much

I have neglected that part of the hobby badly of late. I haven't been able to finish a model since last year. The lack of motivation is starting to get to me

>no advance whatsoever
Seriously user, give them To me, I'll give them better use than you.

They do look better but then again Is right

I'd take some kind of scouts with either better proportioned heads, or some kind of helmet. But the armour design is wonderful. I'd have to give it to this game for the attention to detail on a great many things.

Personally my only beef with this so far as the beta is concerned, is I'd like to see more generic heros for other people. It feels so wrong to have Gabriel Angelos leading the Raptors that I just outright refuse to use him.

Reposting from previous

What's the best way to use a thunderfire cannon, deployment-wise, and then on deciding targets and ammo?

Also, any critique on list appreciated

I'm not sure why you're so conflicted user, those scouts were clearly gifted to the blood ravens.

Hey, I put paint on another one, but it's not finished. I have a hard time getting motivated.

>Greyfax got the Eye of Night
Just wander into the warp and stay a demon prince.
>Yvraine got the Hand of darkness
Just wander into the fucking garden of nurgle and ruin his ornaments

Muh talos

Is there any reason a Knight would be painted up in Inquisition colors? I managed to get a good deal on a Renegade box with my friend and I want to paint it up to go with my GK.

Do it faggot, it's your model

Good response. It's name will be "The Righteous Indignation".

currently working on the second half of the team, just been bogged down with taxes

Absolutely change that Redeemer to a Crusader and then you'll have a list worth a damn. As for Thunderfires, they basically set up in terrain that gets a +1, and just stay there and delete whatever you don't want to deal with today.

>Tiberium crystals

Muh nigga

I'd change the chest mounted weapons as well to the bolters

I was supposed to, but forgot. Thanks for reminding

So I should bolster the terrain for the cannon, not the scouts for +2 cover?

Or should I put them both in the same terrain?

Can anyone share Hand of darkness spoilers?

Newbie here. Is this ok for 1000pts? I only have Celestine, Veridyan, Immolator, and one squad of Sisters so far, so it's not to late to make big changes.

And why do regular Inquisitors who aren't named characters count as HQs instead of elites? I like the idea of having an Inquisitor attached to each of my Sister squads, but don't think I can make it work.

Veridyan only really works in gunline lists. I'd count her as a Canoness with Cloak of St Aspira to ease damage on one of the battle sister squads.
Switch the Immolator Weapons for Multi-meltas to cover a wider target range.
I'd switch the Avenger for either an Exorcist or a Dominion squad in an Immolator.
The Seraphim and Celestian are amazing anti-infantry units, so try to make the rest of your force more anti-vehicle focused.

Painting right now. Veteran with a power sword.

URGENT: Hey 40kg I need pics/scans of the instructions from the new box of custodes or the talons of the emperor box. Not the ones from the prospero box, as it doesnt show all the wargear options. I need em tonight so i can finish building my army for tomorrow.

Not a sisters player but 2HQs is usually unnecessary at 1k points. If your HQs are insanely strong or you need them for some special strategy it's doable but don't see why you've done so here.

Inquisitors count as HQs because they take a leadership role of detachments similar to a cannoness. For example in the recent Gathering Storm release, the primary leaders of the Imperial forces were an Archmagos of the mechanicus, Creed, and an inquisitor. Inquisitors can also be found leading Grey Knights and are able to use inquisitorial authority to commandeer IG detachments, Space Marines, and yes, Sisters of Battle. It does not make a lot of sense for Space Marine Chapter Masters to be fast attack choices and inquisitors have more authority than that.

>sailor moon
Fuck off gay.

There's a big repository on reddit of all the 40k/30k instructions. Some quick google fu and you should find it pretty quickly
>inb4 reddit

Can someone give me a noob's rundown of why a LR crusader is better than a LR redeemer please?

Because God-Emperor Wills It!

>The Seraphim and Celestian are amazing anti-infantry units, so try to make the rest of your force more anti-vehicle focused.

I see. I had flamers on everything since that's sort of the Sister's thing. So something like pic related would do better? (Still using Veridyan model for the Canoness of course.) Or do you think two HQs is to many?

I mostly got them because they're such nice figures. I could always just paint one separate and not include her in the army though.

>Inquisitors count as HQs because they take a leadership role of detachments similar to a cannoness. For example in the recent Gathering Storm release, the primary leaders of the Imperial forces were an Archmagos of the mechanicus, Creed, and an inquisitor. Inquisitors can also be found leading Grey Knights and are able to use inquisitorial authority to commandeer IG detachments, Space Marines, and yes, Sisters of Battle.

Thanks for the info!

Aite den

Hahahahahaha get fucked my nigga

I say the Redeemer is better for damage potential, but the Crusader has a transport capacity of 16 as opposed to the Redeemer's 12.

I only have 10 slots worth of things to carry around for my list.

rate my world eaters homebrew

Well the Crusader is easier to use, but it's sponsons are hopeless. 12 S4 shots at 12" will hardly tickle your opponent.
The Redeemers sponsons are much more powerful, but lack range. So on your first turn you will either:
>Move 12" and pop smoke
>Move 12" and 6" flat out in an attempt to make cover
On turn 2, your cargo should have left and try to assault something. At this point the land raider is now operating independently and is trying to wreak havoc until it finds itself in the wrong end of a Meltagun. Because the 2 sponsons are on opposite sides, it's difficult to target 1 unit with them. That's when Power of the Machine spirit kicks in, and lets both sponsons shoot separate enemy units as long as it moved 6".


Doing Arch Angels Orbital force and taking it slow.

Actual colors are decent, armor's too clean, well-kept and shiny for world eaters. I would have thought with the chaos Knight Titan skin as a preorder bonus that chaos marine skins would be in the game too.
What do pre-heresy colors look like?

Open beta this weekend probably.

Per heresy world eaters are white with blue trim.

Ready to conquer the sewer world of Pooloo VII.

But nah it looks tight.

Working on a six-man Harlequin troupe plus their Starweaver. Got another layer of green to throw on the 'weaver and then I start on the base color for the other half of the quartering.

R8 and H8 reposting because some idiot wouldn't shut up about nurgle bikes.

FYI you have to take a single bike/raptor unit and I don't own raptors because they are for edgy NL fags.

CAD is Word Bearers so I can make use of malefic without using the Daemon book allows me to take my converted Chaos Knight.

Local Meta: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, GK, Sisters and Marines

>there are people that actually mix legions within a single force
Wew lad.

Was looking for the guy playing DoWIII's opinion on the color scheme.

As is his 'world eaters' look more like a BA successor chapter than chaos marines because they both have the same color palette.


Right. There's also that rule that your Chaos Lord has to take a Bike too.

>some idiot wouldn't shut up about nurgle bikes.

Then maybe you should stop trying to call that person out and ruin yet another thread with this autism.

That aside, list looks fine.

As much as I want Guard in this game it just cant work with the balance.

You can shoot Orks in the dick though. Thats neat

Currently sitting on some Kataphron servitors and belisarius cawl I bought with my paycheck. I've got a bunch of skater but I'm new to the Admech side of the equation. I know grav-gun destroyers are what everyone raves about, but aren't torsion cannons and arc guns good against riptides and Knights respectively? What does the Grav do that they don't?

These 5 today

God I hate fighting orks with their god damn noob tube

Everything I've seen posted with that game makes it sound like the balance already isn't great.

That said, I think you could potentially add Guard to the game, though you'd either have to make them Catachan Scion Vets so they could just be the absolute top tier of guardsmen, or have it function as some sort of builder class where you order NPC guardsmen into positions and have them function as weak turrets.

Some Imperial Fist centurions I haven't even finished. I'm sorry brothers, I just haven't found the time.

It's because I need better crunch to run this guy

Biker Lord looks too good. Plus I've had this force since 5th, I made the lord half way though 6th ed

What rulebook is Death Guard Vectorium from?

The links in the OP suggest that the current chaos marines book is still the 6E book and in that one VotLW isn't worth the points.

On a more amusing note: what part of that army is word bearers? I see all nurgle and a random Knight of Khorne.

Traitor Legions.

The book includes why I "assigned" the CAD as Word Bearers. It's basically just so I can get a 10 point book to get 4 spells on the Daemon Prince.. that's all

How long have you been out of the loop? Traitor Legions book added new rules for all the major Chaos legions.

All of them also have VotLW mandatory and free, along with other bonus special rules.

The CAD of his force seems to be word bearers, since the other warband formation is Nurgle only and doesn't have the spot for the Knight. Word Bearers also have a nice Daemon summoning Relic

Hey anons, how dumb of an idea is it to put a tricked out Company Master with a Jump Pack and an Interrogator-Chaplain with a Jump Pack inside a 10 man Assault squad with two Eviscerators, two flamers, and a vet sergeant with power sword and combat shield for taking challenges?

It's like, 400 and something points I think.

Traitor Legions. In it, pretty much every traitor legion gets VotLW for free.

Also Death guard get relentless and feel no pain for free.

If that's what you want to do it is't a dumb idea at all :)

It's cool, but most super tryhards would tell you it's points inefficient. Especially a vet sergeant with sword/shield, that's like around 50 points for a model with a 3+ save and 1 wound.

Painted these boyos last month. Been too busy to have done another set. But soon...

Dumb depends on your meta and opponents. If you apply internet meta logic (everyone is netlisting tau / eldar /daemons) then it's a terrible idea

>i-i have to take bikes f-for fast attack guys
>w-w-w-what? w-what biker lord?

>a-also ignore my 2+ shrouded nurgle daemon prince and my chaos knight

It's time to stop posting your shitty list now

That's the spirit!

Also if this triggers you can I come to your store so I can tone down the list. We all optimize lists at the club

>I need better crunch to run a daemon prince because the most obviously broken traitor legion isn't good enough for me

>painting detail is hard, better slap shit all over everything

>bothering to "base" the model when you're not even going to do something with the rim
It's so fucking ugly holy

So my fellow ork players, redpill me on Kommandos, they actually seem useful if you just shove big shootas in their hands and load them in a trukk