"you have to roll at least 15 to get naked with me"

"you have to roll at least 15 to get naked with me"

when do dnd groups transition into orgies?

They do not.

ok give me some funny jokes then

Your very existence.

how do I deliver it

Painfully slowly

not funny

>when do D&D groups transition into orgies
I'm pretty sure there's a site for that. Good luck finding anyone decent-looking, though.

This thread in a nutshell.

I wanna say "Fuck off, dumb frogposter", but I can't bring myself to do it because Tsuyu is best girl AND best frog.

This. The people I pay D&D with and the people I have orgies with are kept separate for a reason.

>those dubs
Kek has chosen a bride, and like a good /pol/itician, he is sticking to his own race.

"OP is a fag."

Dubs agree.

I learned that lesson painfully.

Waste of a good group. Good friends, too. Orgies are fucking stupid when it comes down to it.

You gotta do it right.

Split off into pairs of couples.

Pretty much. Always go into group stuff with at least one person you can always have fun sleeping with. And any more than 6 people is tricky unless you've booked the whole evening off.

Breaks for X-wing or video games are also a good idea.

I thought only /pol/ took that shit as gospel.

fuck you tsuyu is better than some ded KANGZ myth keep your shitty meme god away from my waifu (angry frog noises)

Pretty sure it doesn't count outside of

Why so people always make that frog girl so lewd? I mean, I know Veeky Forums does it to everything, but other places

She can do more with her tongue alone than most women can with their entire body. Go figure.
leech > frog

Sounds like Pathfinder group to me