Whether it's a futuristic setting or ye olden times you are a weapon smith of renown and you've been commissioned to...

Whether it's a futuristic setting or ye olden times you are a weapon smith of renown and you've been commissioned to create a bow with a 200lbs draw.

What do you make this monster of a weapon out of?

Wood from the legendary tree or the legendary metal "Whateveryoucallitium"

I've got a giant shaft I can use, so I'm halfway there.

muh dik

human souls

Wood and metal I suppose.

Steel, folded up to one million times

Or dragon-bones

The bow is made of the crescent moon's reflection in a pool of quicksilver. It is strung with the missing last couplet of an unfinished poem. The consequences of hubris form the arrowheads, and the shafts of ancient driftwood are fletched with sea foam.

I'm trying to imagine some ripped as fuck elf using this thing. I'm talking barrel chested with fuck huge arms strong fat instead of lean and chisled fabio sort of look.

Mithril body, coated with a layer of powdered dragon scales, gorgon blood, crushed basilisk eyes, and frog glue

Cord is a core of moonsilver wrapped with spider silk and wrapped again with dragon breathsack lining. A moonsilver focus is also added to the body for couching arrows.

The arrows are tipped with orichalcum. The shafts are made with either dragon bones, shattercryst, or plaguebite depending on the purpose. Roc feathers on the end if you're equipped to handle them, owlbear feathers otherwise.

The bow is made from the bones/hair of your one true love, taken before you ever knew them

crap, I forgot

aluminum stands if you need some help pulling 200 pounds, because you spent all that money on the bow itself and it's pretty easy to lose stands.

It's more likely that this chick is going to wield it.

The body is composed of special memory shaped alloy with pre-designed shapes and configurations adjustable via specific electrical signals that can be sent via most skin link systems.

A reservoir of purpose-built nano machines ensures the metal is in top quality fixing micro fractures and keeping the bow in shape against the elements.

The bowstring itself is composed of Class IV Carbon Nanotube Muscle fibers typically found in industrial grade exo-frames.

At the user's behest the draw is not aided mechanically so drawing the string to it's full length would require someone with artifical muscles and other strength enhancing augmentations to even wield it let alone the various biometric scanners that will cause the bow string to seize up if anyone other than the user attempts to use it.

The arrow heads themselves are made from a cheaper form of the memory alloy which allows them to length to their max length and collapse when stored. Each one can be loaded with a special payload of various chemicals or various arrow heads such as point shaped explosives and shock heads.

Some monster parts will do.

Hah! Should have known by the description it was Exalted

Gotta get with the new meta. Nerscellya bow is apparently where it's at now.

I'm not that user, but Exalted is what I thought of immediately.

I literally take the money, go to a hunting store, and buy a modern crossbow whilst pocketing the extra.

Wood stiffer than Veeky Forums's pride.
String tenser than /b/ next to a daycare.

Regular yew? It's possible to make a 200 lbs wood bow. Have fun drawing it though. And increased risk of shattering. I've heard of kenyan bows reaching 160-180.

Dragon horn

200 lb?
yo momma

So just an English war bow, then?

Carbon fiber nano tubules.

Modern Crossbow, with an automatic loading and drawing mechanism, optional magnifying telescopes, and special bolts with internal reservoirs for poison/thermite/hypoflouric acid

>The thinnest sliver of blue moonlight for the string
>A stick that was once up a Paladin's butt for the bow material
>A Samurai's honor as the second bow material
>A clever Rogue's alibi to make the bow flexible enough

tl;dr: I am not a capable bow-maker, go ask someone else

The bow is treated with the strength of your resolve.

The string is spun from your judgement and wisdom

The arrows are hewn from your hatred.

Gnome penis bones.

>not hewing arrows from your JUSTICE

How the fuck do you even live like that.

>bow with a 200lbs draw
I dont get it. What supposed to be challenging about it?
Those already existed back in the day.

Maybe it's a tiny super-bow. Like a derringer-bow.

You put it in your pocket, and you can still put an arrow 400m down range.