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Jump 16: Exalted - Mortal Heroes [Gauntlet]
Location: Chiaroscuro
Good Luck Crossing That Bridge [100]
A Lout, A Layabout, A Lice Riddled Beggar[200]
Slave [400]
A Simple Soul Illuminated [1000]
Silver Light Scattering [1200]

Celestial Reality TV

Race: Children of Earth
Origin: Warrior
Gratuitous Skill Kata
The Flow of Essence [1100]
Sweet-Voiced Beggar's Petition [1000]
Dragon-Breaking Feather [800]
Grasping The Perfected Lotus Root [500]
Secret Power Slumbering [300]

A Layman's Gear
Weapon - Import Katana, Make it Perfect [150]
Resources [50]
Souvenirs [0]

[spoilers]Apologies if my Exalted-fu is a bit weak, here. The game mechanics are mostly bollocks anyways.[/spoiler]

Let me tell you a tale. A story of how I ended up in one of the worst places in the entire Multiverse to be a normal person, a story of how I ended up part of a terrible sitcom, how I got to experience something akin to fatherhood for a few years, and then experiencing humility in no small measure.

I had been recruited to look after a young Solar Exalt named She-Of-Fair-Eyes, while also having a bizarre Fate to constantly attract bandits of increasingly colorful designs in addition to having the world's worst roommate traveling with me. First thing I notice is that I'm a lot slower to learn things and a lot of my skills have gone down to muscle memory. Oh, and my magic and spider powers don't work. And most of my items are gone. And my Warehouse.

Fucked up the spoiler. SCREW IT LET'S KEEP GOING.

Let me summarize my reaction upon comprehending where I was:

'Oh hey, I'm in Creation.'


Everything I had experienced to this point could be overcome with grit and guns. But not only am I a mortal, I'm a mortal at the start of the Age of Sorrows. You know the thing about worlds where adventure is around every corner? Where there's always some plot hook for an aspiring hero to grab? Yeah, it's complete and utter hell for the mooks and ordinary people who live in said world. I had to survive it all. Which meant running away from anyone who glowed or was on fire, picking my battles, and getting very good at tactical retreats and fighting unfairly.

Ten years is actually a pretty short time for a stay in Exalted, but as a mortal, it is a harrowing walk on razors.

And then there was She-Of-Fair-Eyes and her eventual not-a-sister, Makoto. I'm not good with kids. At all. Much less kids who will eventually grow up into things like royalty or goddess-queens or things like that. She didn't mind very much. Initially, she was unhappy with the arrangement like I was, and being a caretaker to an Exalt is a bit like trying to ask a dragon five times your size to please stop destroying your village. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but…I have no idea how to do this 'parent' or 'caretaker' thing. Eventually, though, we started getting along better

When I tried recreating my poncho with some cloth we had found at a market, she tried making a little one of her own. It took all of my ability to keep a gruff expression and not reveal a proud smile. I was getting attached. After a while, it didn't feel like I was a helpless mortal hero escorting a pair of child Exalts. It was just us, a traveling family.

Of course, all good things come to an end eventually. I made the mistake of joining a local martial arts tournament in a seemingly-isolated town, a bit more distant from the Realm's stretch of the Scavenger Lands. The winner got a handful of treasure and what I assume was a minor artifact. Sure enough, aside from a few close calls, I rolled over the competition.

Then I met her. A tall, imposing woman with untidy golden hair and a lazy expression. I sized her up. Sure, she looked like she punched like a runaway dump truck, but I had beaten opponents twice my size before. I could handle this, even without magic, web powers, my gun, or even my sword. I pat Eyes' head and told her I would definitely win if she rooted for me.

I was a complete and utter idiot.

I should have realized something was wrong when she offered me a few 'free hits'. Turns out it felt like I was punching concrete, and my stomach sank when I realized my mistake. I was then punched and knocked into a wall, feeling my bodes rattle and bruises form from nearly head to toe.

I was still on my feet. Whoever or whatever she was, she hadn't used any Charms yet. She was just that fucking strong. The smart thing to do would have been to forfeit right there. Then I looked back and saw Eyes and Makoto both watching me. I struggled to look brave and smiled at them before getting into a stance.

Remember the basics of CQC. The opponent is obviously physically superior to me, but I have over a century of skill and experience. I'd tire them out. Dance around them. Strike at joints or gaps in their defenses, use their movements against them, turn around the momentum and just knock them off their feet. A quick blow to the chin and it looked like I knocked her off balance. I ran in for the finishing blow and…

She grabbed me and smirked. Not even a scratch. She then frowned and whispered something to me…

"You should have known better." She spoke like she was lecturing a child.

I don't remember what happened after that aside from my head hurting a lot and everything going dark.

To my surprise, I was still alive…though I was out for at least a day and had bandages around my head. Apparently a companion of the woman went through the trouble of patching me up and saving my life. I didn't learn until later that Eyes had run out into the ring between me and her, and this made my opponent hesitate. That was the only reason I was still alive. She fully planned to kill me to set an example….the crowd cheering for her the entire time.

Eyes and Makoto were right next to me when I woke up, to my immense relief. To them, as well. The one who had patched me up, a man with blue hair and glasses, apologized for the close call and said he'd be paying for our journey…we obviously looked like we needed the money. I thanked him, and then he said…"It's just the way things are."

Total defeat stung worse than I thought it did, as did the reminder I'd eventually be a completely obsolete factor in the lives of the two I had done my best to raise. I was, after all, only human. I had no idea if I'd ever return to Creation, or if I'd ever taste Exaltation. Or if they'd ever overcome the Great Curse in their adulthood.

I did my best to conceal my fears and worries, and act like I always did. A few more years of helping Eyes and Makoto grow up together and get along better, a few more years of running away from scarily competent trackers, of running away from those stronger than me, that I could never hope to surpass or make a difference against. It was…exhausting.

Finally, at the end, it was time to say goodbye. I lost sleep over the final decision. Over whether to take the two with me, away from Creation…but as long as I didn't have an answer for the Great Curse, it was just a huge risk to both them and other worlds. At least in Creation, time would be halted, and maybe, somehow, I could…

…but maybe, it was more that I couldn't stand the idea of holding them back. Of my own flaws, failings, and inability to keep up with them being a constant burden. I wanted to be a memory. Something that could cherish and look back on fondly. Something no chain or events in Creation could take away from them.

I said goodbye as they were taken back by the Gold Faction.

It rained a lot.

Apologies for the huge postdump at thread start. I had all this typed up right when page 11 happened.

Your next line will be, "Wow, Heavens. Bravo! Amazing writing, as usual."

I don't know. I already have enough properties that merging them actually cuts down on their effectiveness. But for what user wanted I think that by merging it with a cheap CP property he could extend the warehouse link.

We haven't had one of these in a while. What are some jumps you're working on or want to see made?

World of Warcraft and Protoss.

With two things that may-or-may-not be worked on in the background / when i finish those.

Unsure yet.

>We haven't had one of these in a while.
I'm pretty sure we literally had one of "these" two threads ago, three at most.

Wow, Heavens. Bravo! Amazing writing, as usual-

N-NANI!? No one ever goes along with that joke anymore, good to see it pop up again.

Grim Dawn
Black Cat
The Bard's Tale (2004)
Reign Of Fire

I'm working on Generic Journalism, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and All Night Laundry.

We still don't have a Toho Godzilla jump. The fuck's up with that.

I want to see Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends be made.

Personally I would like to see Dot Hack, Ubel Blatt, Radiant Historia, and ...DemonBane.

Jump when?

Except nobody cares about those.

NOW! Quickly!

>This effect works only for your time here, but consider it a gift.
>effect works only for your time here
"Thanks for flying Chaos Airways, didn't the time just fly. Oh gosh I am so funny. Anyway you only got to look pretty during the trip so I had a more pleasant experience. So... Here are is a gift bag of painful and unsightly boils to take with you into your next jump. Buh BYE"
>But I don't want pus filled boils and rotting skin!
*Pushes jumper out the door into next jump*


I haven't started on it because I'm waiting for S2 to end.

Jumps I am working on:
Heaven's Lost Property - Update, nearly done.
DxD - Update, not even started.
Thunderbolt Fantasy
GaoGaiGar (Maybe)
Getter Robo (Probably not)
Mother: Cognitive Dissonance

Jumps I am looking forward to/are being made:
Exalted - Solars
MCU Part 2
Probably more I am forgetting about
Any SoL jump ever.

Jumps I am considering claiming/making:
>Dial-up noises

Question for KOTORanon. Your Star Wars supplement says that hyperspace-capable ships function normally, even if good maps are strongly encouraged. Am I correct in assuming that the same holds true for hyperspace communications systems? This may or may not be mildly vital to some of my plans.

>All night laundry
Excuse me?

I'm working on Divinity: Original Sin. Work is going well I think.

I would love to see an Ava's Demon Jump. I would do it myself, but I don't think I could do it justice. It would require some real talent behind it.

I'd also like to see a Poppy O'Possum Jump, which I know I'll have to do myself if I want to see it done. It's fluffy. But it's a really cool world.

There's a couple of video game Jumps I'm thinking about working on after Divinity, but we'll see what happens. I like to keep my claims list short.

I am so FUCKING hyped for All Night Laundry.

Read it. Slowly lose your soul.

>Generic Journalism
Drawback, you now have to live a double life, fighting (or doing) crime as a brightly costumed alter ego.

I would like to see:
Boku No Hero Academia
More Fate/
Re: Zero
Kumo desu ga nani ka
Baki the Grappler

Working on:
None. Dropped everything a while ago

>looking forward to

Working on:
Khans of Tarkir (mainly focusing on this)
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (actually looks almost done, might not be as far off as I thought once Khans is done. If anyone else wants to finish off the BBSanon's WiP they can)

Want to see made:
Endless Space (I hope EndlessAnon is still around)

>Khans of Tarkir (mainly focusing on this)
Never heard of it.

>Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Ohhh. Ahhh. Shiny.

>Endless Space
Also never heard of it.

Another Magic the Gathering set. It's... going slowly...

Endless Space is set in the Endless Legend universe except, well, it's in space.

Ava's Demon and Poppy O'Possum are both good and would make good jumps, but I'm scared about "shocking reveals" necessitating changes to the jumps after it's been written. On the subject, Cucumber Quest falls into a similar niche.

So I'm going to start a gimmick chain based around MtG Summoning. The Jumper's primary goal is going to be gaining as many interesting and rare summoning patterns as he can find while exploring the Multiverse and building a hoard of artifacts.

I'm also going to houserule that he can teach other people land magic and can retain one mana bond from each jump into future jumps as long as it's somewhere of greater significance than a normal bond.

Jumpers #: Kamigawa

>Jukai Forest
>Yamabushi - 100

>Jumper of Flesh and Spirit - 500
>Mana Fount - 0
>Summoning - 200

>Basic Lands x4 - [200] - 400

>Exorsize + 100
>Fool's Errand + 100

I honestly don't know enough about Kamigawa to writefag here, so I'm just going to gloss over here.

I think NuBee is working on getting Hero Academy going.

I'd also dig a Baki the Grappler Jump. Cord Cutting time!

>Kum desu ga Nani Ka
Oh boy. That will be a bit of a nightmare to figure out. Drop In, Local, Reincarnated Child and Reincarnated Monster? Hm...

What happened to Endless user?

Today's crack ship, brought to you by my boredom, is Ichigo(bleach) and Salem(rwby).

Good idea, bad idea, or dumb idea?

Is there anything else like The Call Was Coming From Inside The House from Generic Creepypasta? It's a bit like a danger sense, except it tells you where a specific type of being is. Though it's more speculative than predictive, telling you not what /will/ happen as most such senses would, but also that something /might/ happen.

That would be amazing.

Wouldn't Drop-In fit better for the Reincarnated? I mean, they're literally being dropped into the other world. Maybe have it Drop-In, Adventurer, Monster, God?

Yeah, that's part of the problem. There's still a lot of questions to be answered for both properties. Poppy should be mostly safe from world-shaking revelations, but one never knows.

I'll check out Cucumber Quest though. I haven't heard of it before. So many good things to read, so little time.

Doesn't Salem want humanity broken and hopeless? The two would hate each other.

>Jump I'm working on seriously
Plants VS Zombies.

>Jumps I want to see made
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
A Generic Power Rangers Jump (Because there's dozens of series, right now we only have the first)
Freedom Planet
Sir, you are being Hunted (Probably as a Gauntlet)
Loads more Disney and Pixar movies, yes, even Cars.

Think he got busy and just hasn't been around for several months. Hopefully he still intends to finish Endless Space, I think it was pretty far along.

She's attempting to woo his hollow. Or something.

Nah cause the rest of the class all reincarnated and became people in the world.

Like it might work if there was a free option to be reborn as a baby in the world or something with a time extension drawback.

And I don't think God would fit well. I think it would be one of those Jump ending options where you effectively choose to stay in the world.

The power of Ichigo's Zanpakuto will prevail. He's going to put his bankai in Salem and show her the light

Why does that sound so lewd.

It would, but what would Drop-In be?

Jumpers, how do you start off a new chain? Safe low-power jumps? Rapid power-gain? Jump right into the deep end? Do you have any favorite early jumps?

>leaving only humanity broken and hopeless

Why stop there?


>Working on
I'm a lazy piece of shit who never finishes anything, so I don't want to say anything. I don't even have enough ideas to finish what I'm working on.

>Want to see
I want to see more Disney movies, because I think it's weird we don't have many of those. Like, Little Mermaid would be fun, with a 0 CP to put you in the Hans Christian Andersen version. This desire for Disney Film's may or may not have been caused by watching Moana while babysitting and being corrupted enough by this place to connect this song to the egos of jumpers.

I also think we should have gotten a Pepsiman jump for April Fools. And I'm also kicking myself for not making a Generic Stoner Film jump for 4/20.

Depends on the theme, but I do like starting with the Pokemon triumvirate.

Ok so I am working on a plan, using the following perk combo (along with extra stuff not mentioned) I want to work on a plan.


So I will use the above combo in conjunction with my inner world from infernals (which is starting to get stupidly big now) to create lithomantic pillars and obelisks all across my inner world, then use crossing the dragon streams from devil survivor two and make my inner worlds leylines all cross at areas where the lithomantic pillars are so they can collect energy.

At the center of my inmer world I will have all the leylines converge into one point so that power is all collected into one point then condensed into a crystal form.

Over time the lithomantic collectors and condensers storing all the mana produced by my inner worlds leylines and the mana generated by the lands within should form a crystal of amazing power if I do it right. After a couple thousand years I will take the crystal and eat it.

So yeah that is my plan, I am attempting to create a mini conflux. Does this sound like a plausible idea or just batshit insane?

Inner world details here

Rapid power gain, cause I'm a bit of a wanker. Favorite jumps I do early on are PS238 & the Gamer

Pokemon, obviously. Might pick up a wiafu, might not.

Minecraft is an early one, because it's awesome.

Sherlock is my third 'starter' jump, though it isn't always my third jump, and lets me pick up a bunch of intelligence perks.

Fate Extra is also good, as it lets you pick up a decent amount of bullshit in relative safety.

Eh, both of those are true. I guess the original idea would work better.

No idea. Maybe a lesser version of stuff D has?

I meant for Nefarious, but okay?

So, a question about the Gravity Falls jump. The "Let's Make a Deal" drawback implies that either your body becomes incorporeal or that it simply doesn't exist for the duration of the jump by the fact that it says nothing else is walking around in your body and that you can't simply re-enter it for free points. What I want to know is if it's possible to use a replacement body, like a gigai from Bleach, a soulless clone(using Evangelion's tech), a Human Replica Droid from Star Wars or a Life Model Decoy from Marvel, or if that for some reason wouldn't work with the drawback.

>Not Ichigo(Bleach)+Salem(Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
Are you even trying to crack?

Oh my, it's dang good Heavens dang good,

>Am I correct in assuming that the same holds true for hyperspace communications systems?
What do you mean? Star Wars 'hyperspace communications systems' consists of sending communications and mail on FTL courier ships, not some FTL radio. It's a space opera after all.
I have no idea if this is actually true or not

I usually prefer going to low-power jumps. Particularly ones that have some decent magic or durability perks.

As for my favorite ones, Rust is a pretty good early jump. It has a 1up perk and while it strangely doesn't have a dedicated survival skill perk it forces you to pick some up quickly.

Bastion is another i like to visit early, the Wild perk-line is quite good for survival & being able to communicate with animals somewhat is always helpful.

>Salem(Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
Yoruichi, not Ichigo.

Is there anyway to do a Foster's jump without having everyone spam imaginary friends?

>want to see made
Disney's Aladdin movies and tv series
DC Universe Online
Mummies Alive!
Fading Suns
Little Nemo
Arcana Evolved
Blood Bowl
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
The Secret World
Ulysses 31
Mighty Max
Homestar Runner

Jumpers obviously aren't imaginative enough to make friends.

You really think that wasn't already on there, along with a more expensive drawback which makes a you a damsel in distress every few months?

I'm working on an Oregon Trail Gauntlet and Fables/The Wolf Among Us. The second one is probably going to be one of my bigger projects, and I'm going to want to reread the series, so I'll probably pick up another Jump or two between Oregon Trail and Fables.

As for what those Jump(s) might be, I've had my eye on Duck Dodgers, FFTA2, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker.

I'm going to take both.

Seems plausible to me, but as we know as long as you throw enough pseudo lingo at the problem the thread will ok anything.

Kinnikuman and Granblue

Maybe something about how all the friends supposedly embody some unconscious personal growth thing?

Like, I think Edwardo was imagined by a little girl because she wanted someone to protect her, but he ended up timid enough that she had to learn to stand up for herself so she could protect him. And Wilt's guy was an absolute douchebag, so Wilt ended up the nicest guy ever to teach him to not be a douchebag. Or something like that, it's been years since I've seen the show, and even when it was on I hardly watched it.

Obviously, a jumper who tried to abuse this to get infinite power would end up with someone who had absolutely no desire to use their abilities, in order to teach jumper that there are more important things than powerlevels.

>Mother: Cognitive Dissonance
By the way, are we going to get a music/soundtrack/whatever perk for this?

I want to see how many versions of Megalovania I can score.

Don't see why not. Consider it done, user.

Can The Truth from Creepypasta be toggled? I want to know if it's possible to lie to someone I've used it on when they realize they don't have that tingling sensation pop up.

Pokemon first since it's the only time you can take it. Then I try to find a jump I can survive that will allow me to get 2 more companions(to have the import limit of 8) and doesn't have good enough import options to want to import 8 companions. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and generic Digimon can work well for this, the former only has import for one specific companion, but it costs CP and doesn't give them any, and you can instead get a new companion for free, while the latter has not import option and gives you your Digimon partner as a companion.

I also try to get all companions who don't already have one a human(or passably human) alt. form before taking any jumps that not having one would stand out. For example, in Star Wars they might not stand out from the diverse species of the galaxy, but in say, Archer, they'd stand out pretty obviously.

Then I decide all the jumps where I want to have specific impacts on the plot, figure out what powers I'd need for each, and order them with additional jumps in between such that I have my required powers for each.

Beyond that if a jump/setting/power/ability/perk/item catches my interest I just stick it in somewhere I'm likely to survive it, but preferably before it becomes trivialized.

I try to arrange any super long jumps to happen after I've visited a lot of jumps with learnable magic(or similar) so I can use the time training those abilities and learning from all the books/scrolls/holocrons/etc that I stockpiled while I was there. For example if you get one of the perks that gives you control over your age, limitless lifespan, or halts your aging then jump Civ you'll have thousands of years to practice and screw around whenever you get bored of that.

And sometimes if a jump comes to my attention after it's already been trivialized I'll jump it anyway and just troll the natives as hard as I can as a sort of vacation.

Which makes it so that you're that one hero with an incredibly rare weakness that nullifies your power that you somehow can't dodge that somehow ends up in the hands of the villains who want to capture you and dangle you over a pool of lavasharks to be rescued by your companions. In case you were curious


I know what I signed up for.

Crux needs to finish this img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1458/75/1458751174372.pdf

What happens if I don't have companions? does a Superman expy comes to the rescue?




Doesn't sound very much like Generic Journalism.

Oh, my bad. I've got no ideas, myself.

This is starting to sound like Empowered. Which also really needs a Jump.

I totally approve of that.

>the last one isn't even a superhero weakness, it's the Wicked Witch's
I forgot how great this show was.

>You really think that wasn't already on there, along with a more expensive drawback
And for +50 CP more, you have to wear underwear on the outside!

I had an idea for a Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead jump, but I don't have a fresh hell how to make a jump.

Keep in mind that means he was also keeping a glass of water in his sleeve the whole time.

If I go you choose Generic, yes, if you choose the "Pick any superhero setting you've been to in the past" option that may or may not be added depending on whether it seems too meta, it will be random heroes from there.
It's because of the fairly common connection between "Undercover Superheros and Kidnapping Victims" and "Working at a newspaper.", combined with some empty slots for drawbacks.
Unfortunately not. "The Daily Planet" nets you +0, while "The New Lois Lane" gives you a whopping +100 due to the fact that you will always be saved due to genre conventions.

I didn't even notice that. That's amazing.

Just copy the template and base perks on things.

Doing cata, the most obvious backgrounds would be:

Survivor, Scientist, Zombie, and maybe Mycus or whatever the sapient hivemind fungus is, possibly Triffid, and easily enough a Mutant background.

That covers just about everything major except cyborgs, really. You could also have a system where, in addition to the main background described above, you pick a 'start' profession like in the game that'll decide some extra discounts and starting items.

What are those two things.


Oh wait, not Triffid, I meant Marloss.

Was the Undocumented Features jump dropped? It seemed kinda interesting despite the OP options.


>Mother: Cognitive Dissonance

I'm a huge fan of Earthbound and I've played all the mainline games but I've never heard of this fan game, is it any good and would you recommend it bro?

Halloween mod Earthbound when?

I'd like to see Torchwood and Sarah Jane to round out the Whoniverse.

X-men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-men and Smallville would both be cool, I'm always happy to see more Marvel and DC jumps. DC Universe Online could be especially cool if you could get companions with the player powersets, let those of us who've played make companions out of the characters we made.

I know not a lot of people liked these movies, but Jumper, Push and I Am Number 4 could be pretty cool settings to jump.

Life is Strange would be cool, but I imagine it'd be pretty hard to make balanced, with Time Travel being inherent to the setting and all.

More Star Wars would be good. Rogue One, new Timeline(Force Awakens, etc) and SWTOR are popular settings in the universe that I don't think we have jumps for yet.

More Digimon settings would also be great.

Maybe an additional jump to Pokemon Trainer's universe with a +0 drawback to keep continuity from the original since at this point the timeline of the games is more than 10 years. If you start at the beginning of the Kanto or Hoenn games you're leaving around the around the time the Alola story starts under the shortest interpretation of the timeline.

A random idea I had was a "Youtube Reaction/Let's Play" jump where like the Youtube jump you need to make the channel successful and get perks to that effect, but instead of being the youtuber you get inserted into shows/games they're reacting to/playing. You're in the setting for the duration of the plot, you can hear their commentary, and it's your job to spice things up. If you don't make it interesting enough you get pulled to a different setting as they drop that series/game and start a new one in its place. If too many of the reactions/let's plays flop you fail the jump.