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Requesting a robot cowboy with cowboy boots, cowboy hat and poncho.

24+ hour bump.

Anchor post


Requesting my aaracokra monk for 5e. Her feathers are mostly eggshell white or cream colored, fading into a darker color of either blue-grey or heather-plum. Any other colors or patterns you can work into the design, the sky's the limit. Flight feathers are attached to her arms. She has taloned feet and hands and wears a minimal form fit robe like the owl character in the middle-left. On her head she wears a pair of flight goggles. She carries a crossbow with a bundle of arrows and a length of rope (see middle right & bottom left), Her face is somewhere between avian and human. Eyes are darkly rimmed with long feathery eyelashes. Most of her feminine identity is communicated through her face rather than her body - which is largely indistinguishable from male aaracockra,

Personality-wise she's high-energy and confident with a "jump first, think later" philosophy. She speaks directly and doesn't waste breath with flowery verse or refined manners. Due to her short lifespan of 30 years - and rapidly approaching middle age at 12 - she's preoccupied with pushing herself to reach higher and higher speeds with the goal of accomplishing things more rapidly so that no moment goes unused. Kärpā DM, motherfucker.


I'd like to request a tiefling bard.

He should look like the tiefling in the center of the image, but wearing the clothes of the bard on the left. However, his skin should be a deeper red, with yellow catlike eyes.

Additionally, his hat should be more like the example on the bottom, large, covered in plumage, and entirely extravagant. He should be playing or carrying a viol like the one depicted on the right, and carrying both a rapier and a dagger.

Thanks in advance.



Requesting a human rogue with the stance of the gent on the right, but with the face replaced with the one on the leftmost side, the flagon of ale replaced with the dohicky in the middle and the leather on his upper torso coloured the dark green at the bottom instead of its normal brown.

Migrating heresy.

Fulgrim (before Chaos) in an Emperor's Children satin bikini doing the handsome squidward dance. There is a guardsman in front, attempting to resist his impure thoughts of the primarch behind him.

Requesting a copper dragonborn version of Newt Scamander, sans suitcase
If you could incorporate a grey robe of the archmagi into the character design, either it be the coat but dyed blue or as part of the shirt or waistcoat, that would be great, he just found one

Requesting a fabulous and flamboyant Ilithed wearing clothes like in reference as well as a few gold rings adorning his tentacles. I would like to see him sitting in a chaise lounge smoking a long pipe.

Requesting an image of a tiger like god.
White fur w/ red stripes
Large deer like antlers
Tip of tail is like a lions
Very regal and majestic mannerism
Where it steps plants spring forth, like the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke.
Stands roughly 8' tall at the shoulder and 28' long from nose to tail

I'd like to request a small bunch of adventurers to commemorate my fiancee getting involved in DnD for the first time. I know requests with multiply characters are often unpopular, but I'm just putting it out there.

We have an 8ft tall goliath (bottom left). Gray skin, shoulder length blond hair (straight), and silver eyes. He wields a pike, or a halberd, and wears chain mail. As a point, just for added character, he acts like an over the top representation of a paladin, for example; when the DM said "you all get a nights rest at the inn" the other characters could hear Sir Lance Silverthorn from his own room speaking to himself saying "Ah, a knights rest, the most honourable of rests. Bravely shall I lay here."

Sir Silverthorn had a squire by the name of Gaston, who I imagined to look like the disney character (top right), but as a 14 year old half elf, who isn't quite as buff yet. Also less of a douche than disneys Gaston.

Then we had Jako, a catfolk sorceror. He looked a bit more like a cheetah than a house cat though. He had cheetah spots, sky blue eyes (with clouds in them, even), and short, well looked after golden blond hair. Jako was the voice of reason in the group, and specialised in storm magic.

We then have the rogue, Mao, another catfolk. She looked like a cheetah also. She has golden eyes (top left), and big ears (a little like khajit ears, if you play skyrim). Mao was a street urchin, and had a pet mouse called Cheese, as well as having a rapier. She was played a little skittish, with a short attention span, and lots of energy.

Both catfolk have small cheetah skulls, slim bodies, and slightly bigger paws (bottom right).

Bonus points if they're climbing a mountain. Sir Lance Silverthorn is climbing ahead, laughing, Gaston not far below, sighing in resignation. The two catfolk had stopped at a ledge, but look up in surprise as the other two continuing to climb, Jako probably shaking his head whilst Mao looks more curious.

I'd like to request a somewhat edgy chameleon-folk ninja, barely visible in the shadows. This isn't a character request, just a request for some art i can use for a race in my setting that's a bit of bogeyman for another race.

All set my man, hope ya like it. I can change the purple background and smoke thing if you like, let me know


not him but the smoke is cool

I'd like to request my human ranger, if you'd like me to post some examples of axes to use I can but any sort of single handed axe would be perfect.

Because I'm seeing others do it, I'll post the very basic background for him. He was formerly a soldier but deserted from that nation to work as a mercenary for another.

Reposting from last thread!

Hi, Veeky Forums!, I'd like to request for my tiefling paladin and my friend's paladin, both Pelorians, raising their weapons up three musketeers-style with a bit of a confident hand on one hip stance as their divine powers make their weapons glow! I'd like to see them either doing this as they're cheering or if they're about to divine smite some bad guy and just doing a cool pose. Also I think it's a little hard to see but Avisra, the tiefling, does have freckles.

Thanks so much if you consider doing it and I incredibly appreciate it!

I don't know if this counts as migrating the request from the old thread to this one or not, since the past one got archived soon after I posted but it's not been 24 hours yet so I don't know how that works with the "don't ask again under 24 hours rule", but I'm gonna do that just in case it isn't against the rules, and if it is, I'd appreaciate the clarification.

Here's my post in the past thread
Requesting a picture of my Dervish/Tempest
Here's what the numbers mean
1 - This is from a Draw your party thread, I did one and this is my character from that pic, albeit in a very simple style because MS paint and no talent.
2 - His armor. Same colors.
3 & 4 - His weapons, the one on the right hand is a bastard sword, the other is a sunblade because fuck undead.
5 - A locked gauntlet on his right hand, since every damn 1 I roll ends up with the sword flying into another party member's face.
6 - Hair and general facial structure, no beard.
7 - If doable, a pose similar to that one, or anything you feel fitting for a guy who's basically a human beyblade.

There was a request for a goblin rogue in the last thread. I'm working on her now.

I hope the OR likes thicc shortstacks.

I need Sanguinius ripping a phantom titan apart with his bare hands. Thanks senpaitachi.

Thanks user, it's great! And yeah the smoke looks awesome I like it.

I recognize those handlebars.

Requesting a rugged cat people warrior in heavy armor.

Basically looks a lot like and uses the same proportions as the top right pic only with black plate armor and with a more serious expression black fur and somber tone.

A greatsword somewhere in there would be nice and scarring to the point where he looks like he's taken his share of injuries but not to the point where it becomes too obstructive to the rest of the image.

No helmet and armor looks spikey without looking too impractical.

Requesting the monkey-person here on the left as a male (dark skin, brown hair, yellow eyes) dressed like the character on the right in green, brown, and other earthly tones in general, optionally holding a mug with his tail.

Thanks in advance for your time!

I second this.

Can I get an image of the gnoll on the left giving the woman on the right an awkward, drunken, and unsolicited hug in a tavern? Preferably holding a large tankard of ale.

This scene just happened in my game, and the gnoll found out that the woman is from one of his people's sacred lands and he didn't know how to react and I thought it was funny and a little cute

I'm a failure

Dunno if OR is still around, but here's some lineart.

Glad you do! Hoyyyy~!

I would like to request a mechanical man, made out of copper. About 6'5, with ornate carvings all around his head. Wearing a very nice black suit with a white shirt under it. No tie of any kind.
The mechanical man is strikingly human looking over all but very obviously a machine.
In the center of his chest (glowing through his shirt), is a blue, diamond shaped stone.

Migrating from I'd like to request a green male dragonborn in heavy armor, with a thick shield and a polearm, resemblances to a ranseur preferred. He's strong, but I prefer the lither, smoother look of the Dragonborn on the right.

He's hunkering down behind his shield with his spear in a ready position, with poison coming out of his mouth, as if he's firing, preparing to fire, or has just fired his breath weapon.

His equipment has a general snake theme, but keep it subtle, if you can. Armor that looks like scales, a shield that has some fangs on it, a polearm with a wavy blade, that sort of thing. If you could give the nine-pointed star on the shoulder in the bottom-left a place of prominence somewhere, I'd love you forever.

Thanks in advance.

OR from last thread still hasn't reposted but here it is. Changed the clothing as couldn't make the very thin trim look properly like silver.

two questions
Hooved feet?
Keep the tail?

I'd rather not get into how this came about but could I get a drawing of my character in the school girl outfit like shown cat ears are optional but not necessary. I'd like him to still be wielding his axe and clearly not embarrassed about what he is wearing, instead he still has a rather confident swagger.

I'm guessing he's wearing clothes based on their stats?

>I'd rather not get into how this came about
Come on user start the story time

He has normal feet. A tail would be nice, though.

I need a nineteen year old coastal human ranger getting into a tavern brawl while screeching about aliens

Wondering if someone could draw something similar to pic related

Differences being paler skin
Shorter but not short hair. Also slightly darker
Gold coloured eyes
Scars around the eyes: two crescent shaped scars above and bellow each eyelid.
And a goatee that looks rough

fuck that's cute

lets just say it involved me being drunk irl.

might go into a full story if I get the art.

It's supposed to be the story that helps you get the art.

(deep sigh) alright.
So we needed to escape from a city, as the King had put a rather large bounty on our heads after we were framed for kidnapping his daughter. So with a large number of guards looking for us as well as the possibility of random citizens calling us out, we needed to find a way to slip out unnoticed. Our rogue was just going to slip out and steel us some robes to disguise ourselves, but I (being stupid drunk) decided that if we have the wizard change our gender (he had found another wizards book that had that spell listed in it) we could just stroll right out. Everyone was laughing about it so I took it a step further and told to rogue to find me a school girl outfit 'cus "I'm a prostitute out at night." (again stupid drunk) GM allows it, and so I stroll out of the city and continue playing for the remainder of the game that night, long after the spell expired, in the school girl outfit.

Okay drawfriends we need this stat.



what did he mean by this

Wonder if someone could draw a character based off this description.

Nisha is a rather tall individual at roughly 6ft1 and rather stocky looking. Nisha has rather.....Unsettling eye's one would suppose black sclera with small green pupil's. Nisha does indeed have hair and it is an ebony color and cut short only reaching to the upper neck she isn't willing to risk having her hair pulled in combat. Nisha's skin is a faint red hue on her entire body. She has a very large nasty looking scar from the axe of Adolphus on her right shoulder it appears to have once been a very deep wound.

She is a tiefling cavalier. Lawful Neutral and member of the order of the shield. She does not have horn's.

pastebin.com/DZ6xmY0V Here's the paste bin of said character might help you draw some inspiration maybe.

I mainly want a face but I will be happy if I get a full body pic as well :3

Anyone got any gritty sci-fi or cyberpunk requests?

Bumping my request for m-Bison as the actual Bison that killed half my party


Aw fuck yeah, that's awesome. Is this the finished piece?

I'm working on a few draws but can tune up the lineart for you.

I'd appreciate it, I dig it a lot.

Requesting pic of for my DMPC of a Black Crusade Game, an Alpha Legion Chaos Lord and master plotter who may or may not be on the side of Chaos.

Hesiod slowly jogs around in a large suit of Tartaros Terminator Armor {1} painted up like the old Legion colors, with a rather unique helmet that looks like a hydra's head {2}. The helmet could also be his flesh itself, it's hard to distinguish whether or not it's flesh or metal. On his back he's got a Chaos trophy spike rack and spikes on his pauldrons {3}. Attached to the spikes on his pauldron he wears the pelt of a beastman he slew {4}. Hesiod wields a pair of master-crafted lightning claws with integrated bolters {6}.

At the artist's discretion, it'd be great if you could add a scale texture to some pieces of the armor like {5}, but I realize this is a free request and that could be work unless you have some photoshop brush, so only do so if you want to.

Requesting a Japanese gunslinger wearing traditional Swedish clothing and wielding a Gustav M/45 submachine gun.

40k Escher Ganger turned Inquisitorial Agent

Can do.


I like it, it's as if Quentin Blake drew fantasy.

Update on hobgoblin princess


Requesting a blue dragonperson in monk attire.

Let her go to the restroom already.

>George's Marvellous Mythril Mail of +2


Oh shit! Guess I'm blind.
Thank you very much! Looks sweet!

Anchoring for Bog Roll.

The design is not very cyberpunk but I can try,
my request is a PC of my shadowrun group named Amorak Hopi he is a native American of of tall and muscular build with long black hair that is held back by a bandanna, he wears Indian style leather-pants and moccasins with a black t-shirt and a vest, his right arm is a cybernetic one from over the elbow onwards, the arm is made of plastic to cheaply imitate a real arm, his weapon of choice is the ruger super warhawk but it doesn't even have to be incorporated, thanks for reading.

I think I've gotten requests from you before.

I think this is finished.
Any more work on it and I'm likely to make it worse.


Requesting a faction leader in a followup of a request I had a month ago; a wise and old witch-like druidess.

She's a birchwoman, a faun-like demihuman with snow-white skin, coal-black features, and sharp senses, but unlike those she cares for, she bears no cold shoulder or chilly gaze. With a heavy adornment of warm clothes, bags dangling on strings tied to her horns, and a motherly smile, she watches over the birchmen hunters and protects them with blizzards, storms, and fog. From her well-worn clothes, her weathered face, the kind smile, and treated staff, she's an earthy foil to the ghastly birchmen. Many lovingly call her "Mother Nature" because of these things, but her name is Susanin.


>ghastly birchmen
can you give us a quick rundown on them as well?

40K request.

Requesting these troopers as imperial guardsmen and one of them courting an eldar howling banshee, but is utterly shocked to realize its a guy.

The "2nd" soldier in the image would be the guy who is courting the banshee and is holding a bunch of flowers to give. But he is horrified or shocked when he sees the banshee is a guy.

The banshee being hit on would non-chalantly tell the "2nd" soldier he is a guy as he took off his helmet.

The "4th" soldier in the far right would be laughing out loud at the expense of the 2nd soldier, he'd be holding onto his belly as he's laughing.

The "1st" soldier would be doing the clenched-fists-on-his-hips posture as he's simply looking on the hilarity.

And the "3rd" soldier would just also be looking on with crossed arms.

Description of what I mean by "birchman," from the previous request (the result which in the bottom-right corner there):
>A birchman; a ghastly white faun-like demi-human that stalks the snowy birchforests. They're cold, joyless, and their senses are sharp, all of which you could tell by the kind of hateful look that their faces are frozen in. They all look like they've seen some shit. Their pure white elk horns mimic the trees and bushes in which they lurk. In this birch forest, everything is black and white, from the birchmen themselves, the animal hides they wear, and weapons they brandish, be it black iron knives, petrified wood mallets, white iron axes, or birch wood bows. They don't wear much clothes so they can benefit from their natural camouflage, but whatever they do wear, it's coarse black and white.
Susanin is supposed to be a little bit different but in important ways, less of a goat-elk snow-elf wraith and closer toward human, but still the same race as them, hence the desire for another drawing.

These sound great senpai, good luck with your requests.

Requesting a Vampire barbarian, rip and tearing (a la flesh tearers).

Barbarian is similar to pic related but with white hair and dual wielding axes. Would like for him to be covered in blood.

May I request a bunch of female antagonistic high elves who have a pretty pale-skinned ashen-hair man captive, who'd be/look like the on the left?

The ashen-haired pretty boy is handcuffed while sitting on a chair and has a very worried look on his face.

As for the antagonistic elves, there'd be three of them featured, but only two of them will be wearing a dragon-reptillian scales armor that looks like the ones on the right of the pic:

The high elf "leader" is a female and like I said; would wear the armor/outfit as seen on the right of the reference image. The female elf leader would be laughing maniacally and have dialogue saying:

>"We will harness the cuteness-magic of this white-hair boy to make out magic stronger. Then we will use it to take over the multi-verse! Muhahahahaha!!!"

The second elf antagonist is also a female high elf and will also wear the dragon scale armor as featured in the pic. She is the "2nd in command" or the Number Two person of the leader, she'd be a soft butch-tomboy looking type of gal. If possible, try making her very slightly buff looking. And the second-in-command gal would have her arms crossed as she looks down on the ashen-hair guy, grinning.

And the third elf antagonist; also a female high elf, is the "powerful wizard" of the three and would wear a wizard like robe instead. Make her robes look like its made out of reptillian hide or scales. And she'd have either a magic staff or a wand seen on her hand, plus she'd laugh along with the elf-leader.

>We will harness the cuteness-magic of this white-hair boy to make out magic stronger. Then we will use it to take over the multi-verse! Muhahahahaha!!!

Wew user, I guess you've been playing the witcher have you?

thanks a lot dude. I love it!

Quick sketch. Too old, too human?

Updating, photoshop shit itself and killed that last hours work, not super motivated to finish it tonight.


>not compulsively saving every other minute

We all learn the hard way.

What's the source of the image on the left? Got a full size?

I'd be really appreciative of a bit of character art depicting a younger version of the man in the picture working with a map or cartographer's tools.

Requesting an psychic Ordo Xenos inquisitor NPC in my campaign.

General idle pose would be great. Though if you want to do a more action-y post you could have lightning bursting from her fingertips.

Are you sure that was a request and not a description of one of stampers animations?

Thread Migration!
Hello again drawfriends, I'm looking for art for a couple of characters from Changeling: The Lost, with their Glamours(magical human disguise) either up or down. The two of them are a Snowskin Elemental(Ice man that spent some time as an actual frozen lake) and a Flamesiren Fairest(Fire woman that spent some time as an actual entrancing flame.)

I would like a scene with the two of them sitting on opposite ends of a dinner table in something between companionable and melancholy silence, similar to the base image for the reference but a bit farther apart.

On one side would be the woman, wearing heavy clothes and drinking hot cocoa or something similar. With her Glamour up she has facial features and red hair like 1, green eyes that glow softly in the dark like 2, and a golden tanned skin tone like in 3. With Glamour down, her hair would be made of actual fire, her eyes would just be glowing green orbs, and her skin would be more literally golden in color.

The man on the other side would in contrast, be wearing something light, like a t-shirt or even a wife-beater, and reading a big book of some kind. Glamour on he's very pale, with eyes like 4 in chiseled facial features like 5, and with salt and pepper hair like 6 despite appearing fairly young otherwise. Glamour off his skin looks like it has a thin layer of frost on it, with blackened fingers and a small pair of icy horns protruding from his forehead, hair completely white.

Thanks in advance if you pick this up!

Requesting a Rogue wearing a scarf(?) like the one in the last panel of this comic. Preferably red. Thanks

A bit hard on the face, but that looks great so far. Thank you!

Thanks man

Requesting a male Oread (1) with grey skin, grey-brown hair, eyes like onyxes (2), in scalemail (3), wielding a wooden-shield (4) and a longsword (5). He has two fleshgem piercings (6) in his left cheekbone. He is generally cheerful, as a warpriest of Iodemae.

You guys are awesome for drawing requests, I love watching requests get drawn.

Oh, man, waking up to see this was fantastic. Thanks for everything.

i see your anchor post and ill raise you