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>DIY Lightbox

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette

>How to Moldlines

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work?

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

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>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation

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amazon.com/Value-Pack-20-Miniature-TableTop/dp/B01FLL6L28/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1492830741&sr=1-1&keywords=warhammer 40k bases

Mageknight and heroclix conversion user here. Should I paint before rebasing them or after? does it not matter?

Photos? Also, are you rebasing them to no longer be used as Heroclix?

A few touch ups, some ink in the crevices and here's what it looks like. Can do a step by step if anyone is interested.

also, best supply of cheap bases? I keep seeing hdf bases for very good prices, but are they any good to work with?

And I forgot the pic

Yes, Im rebasing them to use as minis for rpg. Photos will probably come in the next week or so, after finals are done. but I have 150 of them so, so i'll probably sort them by priority first.

MDF looks like a good, cheap en masse way of doing it. I ordered a bunch to see how they hold up, but they look good from what I can see

will they cooperate if I decide I wanna add detail or flock them later on?

No idea, I'm ordering some now. I'll let you know how they work once they get here.

Why are there no turquoise space marines in 40k?

alpha legion are blue/green

Emperor's Spears are a vaguely nautical themed marine chapter iirc.
Their logo is a trident. And they're turquoise.

Got a bit done on WK for my Tzeentch corrupted Eldar tonight. Still pretty rough and incomplete.

are you gonna stick feathers coming out of all the seems and joints? please stick feathers in all the seems and joints

That and some better iconography is definitely in the works. Just needed to get the various moving bits on to see where I couldn't stick things.

yes please

I'm going to be rebasing a lot of unpainted minis soon and I was looking to get something with a bit of weight to it. I see that some people use washers but I'm a bit spoiled with the 40k bases and that little lip at the top.

Would it be feasible to combine them? As in sticking a metal washer underneathe a 40k base? Or should I use something different to give it some weight?

Posted this last thread but didn't get any responses, how's it coming along? I have all the paints left to paint on the way.

This is my first mini in 4+ years, so be gentle please.

>As in sticking a metal washer underneathe a 40k base?
provided you have a washer that fits there, sure

people use pennies and shit as well

what color is the skin going to be? That kind of ghoulish light grey/green?

If so there really isn't enough contrast. I can see the skin working out really cool if it more dramatic highlights and the armor was a bit more extremely highlighted as well.

Can I get an opinion on babbys first conversion? I needed a melta gun guy but had no melta guns. I took the end off a multi melta and the little hose bits and put them on a grenade launcher, would this get a pass from you guys on the table?

Huh, coins. Why didn't I think of that? Certainly a lot cheaper too

yea it ain't bad. Gun's a bit big, but you could just call him "The Compensator" or something. I'd let it pass.

Yes, that is the skin color.

So highlight it a lot more is what you're saying? I'll look for some tutorials on contrast. Thanks!

he's got some serious moves

>Guaranteed replies

>Would it be feasible to combine them? As in sticking a metal washer underneathe a 40k base? Or should I use something different to give it some weight?

Unless yer talkin' about an actual slottabase with a tab and everything, the sky is pretty much the limit. I used nickels (perfect fit for the old 25mm Citadel bases), but then later switched to washers and magnets on other models.

Ooh, I like the space underneathe. Where'd you get those? Are these it?

amazon.com/Value-Pack-20-Miniature-TableTop/dp/B01FLL6L28/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1492830741&sr=1-1&keywords=warhammer 40k bases

I got a 1 inch punch used for scrapbooking and punched a bunch of magnets that glue to the bases so that I can carry an army securely to the site of battle in an old steel toolbox.

I'd give a pass but you'd probably do better with a flamer bit. Take out the metal part on the end, put in the melta part.

Looking for advice on my WIP chaos lord. His schtick is going to be that his name is"Heretestical", a devotee of slaanesh.

His catchphrase is going to be "SUCKLE MY HERETESTICALS!". I plan on shouting this warcry at my opponents to throw them off.

What should I go for, colorscheme wise? Should I paint his armor to look like a hairy ballsack?

Jesus christ what?

Anyone here ever get Gamezone stuff?
Blood Knights count as in particular?

Maybe when he causes a wound I should also just plainly shout "SUCKLE ME". Pyschological warfare is a real thing, and nothing fucks with somebody like a 36 year old unemployed man demanding that they suckle him.

This is how i'm going to fucking win games kiddo. I have the right attitude, now I need a paintscheme to match it.

Paint them with your own blood and glue your real hair to them like that tyranid guy.

Hey guys,
Complete and utter beginner here, I am going to start painting a dark angels army, do you guys recommend using the citadel sprays or the army painter sprays?

Someone show me some cool pink horrors, converted or not. I wanna see what I can tease out of these goofy looking plastics

fuck off shill


I'm shit and painting, not good quality photo or anything, all that good stuff. However, I decided to attempt a Rubric. How's it look?

Back side. Looking at it now I realize the pack is slightly tilted. Time to fucking hang myself.

It's not tilted, he's shifting. He's in motion

I guess that works too. Thanks for making me not hate myself as much.

Some late night WIP on my Malifaux Brutal Emissary. He'll be joining my Sonnia crew where the theme is heavy blue-flame OSL.

The crease in his robe on the front is driving me insane, I didn't think it would bother me but I'm probably gonna greenstuff it and repaint the area.

Hey fellas, I posted last night about fluffing a Knight Titan army dedicated to Tzeentch. Not usually the kind of thing we discuss here, but there was one user who posted some ideas I like:
>hereteks fucking aroun
>they cross Tzeentch
>Tzeentch takes the Knights as payment

So I'm thinking of going more tongue in cheek, and have each of them possessed by a different daemon of Tzeentch. Maybe a Lord of Change in the Warlord (a Lancer who's going to be all feathery and bird like), and have constant bickering while they do their master's missions.

I could also use modeling ideas. I was thinking one to look like he was possessed by a Horror, so lots of twisting flesh and color changing, one like a Screamer with eyeballs and little fins all over the place, one with a bunch of gaping mouths all over the place, and I need an idea for one more.

I've been working on a Chaos Militia force. I'm using parts of Fantasy Marauders, Catachans, and a host of pieces from my Cadian bitz box. I want them to look like they're men from a tribal Chaos planet that have been equipped by the Black Legion using scavenged, captured, or purchased arms in order to serve as their mortal army. This particular guy is all Catachan parts except for the helmet.


This is a guy using more Marauder parts.

also, wow fuck phone cameras. why the random rotating and the outrageous size? For future reference, how do I reduce image size?

Make sure to file away or visibly fuck up the aquilas.

>Tzeentch corrupted Eldar
sorry if I sound harsh, but is there any story were they actually appeared?

either way, your kit-bash looks awesome so far

maybe give him this

someone really did that?

not bad

chaos eldar are canon, why not tzeentch eldar?

How do you paint your bases /wip/? Please post pics.



>Shit at painting
Have you not seen what others have posted? It's more than acceptable, user.

Maybe take it a step further by highlight everything or adding a bit of depth to the base? Other than that it's perfectly acceptable.

Is there any way to take good model photos with a smartphone camera? all I have to work with is an old iphone 4s and I'm definitely no photographer...

Put your model in a lightbox and hold that bitch as steady as you possibly can. A proper lightbox will do wonders

Painting 30k DG with a black primer is suffer, so many thin coats. Thank fuck for Rakarth flesh.

Ah, I guess you have a fair point there. I'm probably going to try adding depth to these bases soon, though in terms of highlighting I'm a little scared of my skill so I'll probably put that off till I get better.

Two hobby lamps and a shitty light box I made out of a box with sides cut out and pieces of printer paper covering those holes. The background is just a black sheet of construction paper.

Taken with an LG G4 (which obviously helps a lot)

Does anyone have a comparison picture of the new Blood Bowl humans and the Tempestus Scions from 40k?

Finished product alongside a standard melta guy. I think it looks quite good, any opinions. Sorry for the average photo.

I'm in need of some wisdom

Making a Killteam, decided to use Catachan with Genestealer Cult rules.

Any tips on how I can model "Catachan"stand in for Genestealer and Acolyte Hybrids?

Not cheap, but

>Buy catachans
>Buy acolytes

The painting is really good but the project is a no from me Ted


Those are 32 MM bases, but yeah same design.

Help me Veeky Forums-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

I'll soon start working on creating a unit of Chaos Ogres of Nurgle and could use some input on what apperance they should take.
I'm currently toying with the idea of converted my ogres to look like diseased cataphracts as I think that the tactical usage of Ogres on the battlefield would have a lot in common with the historical usage of cataphracts in the field. I also just absolutely adore the look of that kind of ludicrously armoured cavalry and think that it would look neat on a unit of giant gluttons armed with oversized greatweapona.
What do you guys think about this theme?
If you have any other theme-suggestions or tips please let me know as I have nothing set in stone yet.
The fluff behind my Ogre unit will be that they were an invading Ogre tribe that got beaten and absorbed by my Chaos army so I'm not worried about having them fit perfectly to my established theme of a Mercenary Company that've fallen to Chaos.

I'd cut down the outer barrel on the grenade launcher to the metal ring at least.

You could do something like this but have guts actively hang out.

Not specifically Tzeentch aligned Eldar. And don't worry, you're not being harsh. But writing my own fluff is one of those secret guilty pleasures I have with this game. So many other oddities seem to occur in canon, why not add a few more?

The force is heavily psyker based (attached WIP shot of them). When that raid on the crone world went south, the Tzeentch demons that captured them realized their value and gave them a choice - work for their god, or get fed to Slaanesh.

Those fuckers look absolutely amazeballs!

Thanks user! Just a few more passes on them, including faces and detailing and they should be ready for a coat of matte varnish.

Is that...
Is that just painted on to an actual base? If so, it explains why it looks so extremely flat. My tip to you, get some green-stuff rolling pins, they work wonders and will give you a base that actually looks like cobblestone.

He explained it last thread.
It's tile grout spackled onto the base then scraped away in the recesses.

>Green stuff world
I'm afraid to go there, I feel like I won't leave without dumping several hundreds on stuff that might be useful.

so im building some terrain for my dnd group

since thefiguresare kind of cartoonisch, I made the towerdesign oversized and a little on the chubby side. also for playing purose of course.

fuck off retarded cunt

Granite textured spray?

yes as a basecoat
gonna do drybrush by hand later

Might wanna smask the planks a little more next time, or is it just excess texture that falling off the "stone"?

Finished my plague marine praetor, but I lost the calth contemptor I was going to convert next :(

Na you re right. I was kinda sloppy.
but i am gonna paint over them anyway, its just base spray too.

still hope the texture isnt showing too much through...

Hope you wore a mask, that thing is more cancer than usual spray paint.

Holy fuck, that meat-cloak is amazing, good job user

looks really sweet, thumbs up.

You can always drybrush it tan and say it's dirt.

Thanks! Can't take credit on the cloak, for whatever reason this guy decided to mircowave PVA glue one day.


Holy shit, I totally forgot that, time to buy some PVA and Nurgle up my rhinos.

I personally stand by that the cloak looks weird, and that the guts shouldn't just be plastered on like that. some of the meat and those claws seem glossy, but that may have been your intention so idk.

but good job, all in all.

That's amazing. Where'd that wicked arm come from?


Should of used the flamer user...

If I was that user I might have...

putrid blightkings

Great work!

pls clip your nails friend

Is there a guide somewhere for making a ghillie suit or something similar for an infantry model?

Gauze, pull apart till preferred looseness, soak in thinned pva glue, drape over model.

Other guy's pictures.