Be "nerdy" Tumblr girl

>Be "nerdy" Tumblr girl
>Get into writing and/or role playing because it's what the Internet community expects of me
>Gender and sexual orientation account for like 90 percent of my "characterization"
>Remaining 10 percent is race/ethnicity, body type, and occasionally making a character "autistic"
>Never develop my characters beyond their demographics
>Never develop my writing skills beyond superficial minority representation
>Never get to have the fun of creating interesting characters and settings with original, well-thought-out concepts
>Just make the same generic shit as everyone else, over and over again

Why would anyone do this desusenpai

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shut up and post more murdelli

Are shitty /pol/b8 threads today's meme or something?


Fuck off

I intentionally looked for this shit and saved it just for you. You're welcome.



Now, OP's pic might be kickass if she were written to have confidence, like Ursula from Little Mermaid. Remember how we liked Ursula for being the cool power-hungry bitch, and her weight never came up besides the "wasted away to nothing" joke?

Keep going, make this thread useful

>Be "OP"
>Be incapable of having perspective
>Never try to understand other's points of view
>Never look at anything but examples of what the internet community expects me to be pissed at

That corset only covers the topmost portion of her abdomen. Does the artist not understand the concept of corsets?

What the fuck

Here's a thought for you: minority characters CAN STILL BE ORIGINAL AND WELL-WRITTEN.

>Browse Veeky Forums mainly for M:tG, never really did role playing.
>Bunch of friends of mine that I've known since high school suddenly invites me into a DnD session that they're starting up.
>This would be their first ever session, as well as mine, so why the heck not.
>They're all Tumblrinas, but I've known them long enough that maybe it won't show in a game.
>first day of character creation, all of them but one has characters whose only defining characteristic is how they're transgender/nonbinary/homosexual/ whatever else. No backstory or motivations whatsoever.
>Cute blasian girl only other one with a more traditional character, a dwarf MILF paladin.
>No humans in sight.
>Decide to make a slightly racist human cleric with a strong dislike of "degeneracy"
>they love it
>realize they're new just like me and are just weak roleplayers and maybe they'll grow and develop as time goes on

What are my chances Veeky Forums? Am I in for a wild, shitty ride?

what of the DM

>Things that never happened: The Post

That was so obviously a fake story, the poster simply forgot one needed aspect of an rpg.......the dm

Replace gender and sexual orientation with class and it's basically male human fighter

One of said Tumblrinas who made a nonbinary tiefling warlock. I guess she wanted to play along with us, and I doubt she has the knowledge to make an overpowered DMPC, a term might I add she didn't even know.

If any of that story is should gtfo of that group NOW.

Nah, I know it sounds unbelievable but it's very real

>claiming fake post is real

Another sign on a fake post.

Culture war metathreads are how we live now. they're the new quests

>A group of tumblers
>Liking even a make-believe racist anything
>Nonbinary pc's....

Why post this bullshit?

Oh I had my doubts but I read this and it's true.

Like I said, I've known them for over a decade so I could probably get away with shit that would normally upset them

>Women ruin things
This is news to you?

i would invite a more experinced player to your game possible DM to give them a challenge so they can grow

I don't have anyone that I know, and at least 50% of them don't leave the house. I may just ask around my LGS at the prerelease tomorrow but I doubt anyone would want to get involved after hearing what they'd have to work with

does the LGS have D&D adventure league. while i hate the bureaucracy that is a good place to meet some veterans who can give you some tips

I have no earthly idea, I'm only there for mtg events and EDH night because I'm a colossal faggot. Now's a good a time as any to find out since I'm going there tomorrow anyway.

just be careful how you explain your friends "interests. i do not need to tell you how SJWs are looked upon in the Gaming community

Of course, already understood that as soon as I got the invite to the game. Thanks for being so well spoken about all this too mate.

of course what board do you think this is ... /pol/

You're in for a real interesting time. Try encouraging them to delve a bit deeper into their characters' backstories. What makes them tick, their personality types, etc.

I have to say though, I'm not expecting this to go well. Here's hoping I'm wrong, though.



do you not understand the concept of a bustier?

>be in group of older players that are meeting for first time
>new person wants to join in next week from internet ad in local Facebook page
>invite them in
>they want backround checks
>meet them in person first in compromise
>5'4'', 240lbs, puke coloured hair Tumblr girl
>ask how they feel about darker campaigns like curse of Strahd
>says that it would be too triggering
>tell them its not gonna work out and leave post haste

well at least you remembered their pronouns

A Hahaha, didn't even realize that.


Weekend lewd edition

i swing my great axe at tumblrina, she is to fat to dodge

>Running an open group for my college's games club.
>Have two tumblrites.
>they make rainbowfart pronoun salads.
>other player makes le edgy drow.
>Pull out the most safe cliche "it was a dark and stormy night, you all meet in an inn" adventure.
>tumblrites try to be degenerate with inn patrons right away, whine when they're rejected
>Tell them rural townsforlk in a small hamlet are not likely to be friendly to non-humans
>"das raaaaaaaaaacys, it's not that I have horns, they obviouly hate me because I'm a black transwoman!"
>I thought your character's skin was red
>"Xe's afrodescendant"
>but Africa doesn't exist in Mystara
>"That's cultural erasure!"
At around this point I knew the drow was only there because he didn't have access to any female contact any other way since any second he didn't spend oogling the hamplanets he spent with eyes glued to his smartphone, he barely said a word
>force them back on track, an old townsguard approaches telling them the people will be much more approachable if they prove they're nice people
>>"OMG why do the guards have to be all male?!"
>the aren't, he just happens to be male.
>"That's so condescending!"
>w/e, the people of this town subsist on shepherding but as of late a warband of goblins has taken hold at the nearby caverns and are raiding the town for sheep...
>"ugh! I'm not helping the patriarchal meat industry genocide an ethnic minority!"
>how do you know they're a minority? I'm pretty sure goblins are the most populous sentient race in fantasy
>"They're not white!"
>what if they're eurodescendant?
>"Stop mansplaining!"

And so after spending two hours not even getting to the third paragraph of a premade adventure I picked my shit up and left, marking the last time anyone tried to run non-private D&D groups in campus.

Why did you invoke /pol/ for no reason you fucking retard?

>OP's pic might be kickass if she were written to have confidence

Who the fuck is so insecure ans starved for a father/mother-figure in their lives that this would work?
And if you are already so far down the rabbit hole how will anything other than a visiting a shrink help?

>obviously made up shit by goony beard man
>defend obviously made up shit by goony beard man

sure is summer in here

Tumblrina casts 'Begone Oppression' and your axes, a phallic symbol of the patriarchy, withers away and vanishes.

Tumblrina casts 'Guilt Trip', roll dex to see if you can resist it.

>a phallic symbol

user, I am worried. Where do you live that the axes in your country look like penises?
Or is does the average penis in your country look like its made to chop wood?

Either way its worrying.

fake and gay

Anything longer than three inches is a phallic symbol. You're way behind on your fourth wave feminist theory.

This is now a thread about how to play Overweight people and it still be cool.

You can't.


No they can't. Characters can be "minorities" (which is a loaded word: technically speaking, any story written in a foreign region transplanted to another country are filled exclusively with "minorities") in that their background happens to give them a certain race for one reason or another, but characters written to be minorities are done so to fill some form of quota and by definition are bloat. You don't write a "minority". You write someone who is from "region X" or has "religion Y" because it has some form of significance. If this detail does not have any real significance to the story at large, you omit it. Not doing so is bad writing.

i disagree.

Nice try, my axe is a labrys.

>i disagree.

Of course you do, fatty. I am sure everyone is keen on playing someone who is out of breath after a single flight of stairs.

Kill yourself. Kill your parents. Perform suicide by cop.

You are welcome to your opinion.

You are aware that bitching about /pol/ for no reason actually summons /pol/, yes?

Unless making fun of Tumblr is now considered /pol/ which would be a new low for this board.

oh hey its her again!

Look I get it that you have some weird fetish about fat people but there are no cool fat people. They do not exist.
And that's a good thing, fat people should be shunned and shamed until they get off their lard-asses and stop devouring so much shit without even bothering to chew.

Complaining about SJWs is ilegal.
Or it shall be soon, the fuckers read Orwell as a coockbook rather than a stern warning.


This. If Veeky Forums finally falls to the SJW hordes, there truly is no hope left for mankind.

That'll be the day I convert to Islam and suicide bomb a women's shelter.

She's a big girl.

my folder for usable plus sized characters is woefully small.

Will you be a good Samaritan and share yours?











these are actually good


OP, you're putting the entire arguments on its head.
What actually happens is:
>be a "nerdy" Tumblr girl
>get into writing and/or roleplaying because it's what the Internet community expects of me
>be a talentless writer/roleplayer, so no one actually likes my shit
>"I know! I have to find an unoccupied niche where competition is weak! That way, even if I'm talentless, I will still get praised by people!"
>see the identity community circlejerk
>"Wow! People there write trash, yet they still get praised just because they shoehorn identity politics into their stories!"
>start writing for said community as your target audience
>get a high from rave reviews the identity politics community leaves
>"Hey, this is not that bad! Maybe I should join their circlejerk and get these highs from getting praised, despite being talentless!"
>and this is how another potentially good writer is lost to the history, because instead of improving herself and writing with her soul, she decided to pander to a specific audience
Source: I was a "nerdy" Tumblr girl writing identity politis-based fiction, at least, until I realized that these people's praise didn't mean shit.


Won't lie I thought it's tattoo said Fabius Bile. I think that would be fitting


>Overweight character
>Zero neck fat

>mfw this thread


Some people don't have fat necks.


Well if i'm ever in a pirate game, i've got art.



You'd think as labor intensive as sailing would be, Pirates would be a bit trimmer.

Unless they're privateers and work for the English.

somebody post the Ghoul Pirate Queen from Requiem Chevalier Vampire


I agree. Some people are so fat that they have no neck instead.






>Requiem Chevalier Vampire

this it?