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Let's talk Wayfinders! How do you handle them? Do you use Method 1 or 2? Do you make players roll for to see if cracked/inferior stones work with them? Do you ban them?

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What did he mean by this?

>Are there any guides on becoming a lich and/or different potential means of achieving lichdom?

>I've got a character idea kicking around in my head and essentially his goal is to become immortal so that he can hoard money forever, but other than the generic wizard route I'm not really sure what my options are.

So there's no concrete way to go about it? That's interesting. I really only have experience with 3.5 where things are a little more specific.

In that case, any recommendations or build advice? I was hoping to avoid going with something completely obvious like wizard or sorcerer, since the character is more of a travelling salesman than anything like that. Maybe an alchemist? I don't know.

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>have possessed shaman in party
>party is tasked with rescuing a princess
>we are too late and arrive just as she is killed
>party battles her captors and kills them
>shaman invites spirit of princess into his body
>now a strong portion of his being suddenly wants to stay in the kingdom and take up the princesses duties

send help

If he's a travelling salesman maybe make him a bardic lich who sells people his wares that have ironic curses tied to them.

Or he gives them away for free!


How would you stat up a Pokeball as a magic item?

Make them elemental gems.

Tell me more?

So you're saying he wants to try cross-dressing?

I hate myself. Source?

I don't really get why becoming a lich is a 9-th level spell, is it just so that people couldn't cheat by just Wishing themselves into being a lich if it was at a lower spell level?

Does anyone have any stories of games that featured metallic dragons? There one of the setting elements I find the most fascinating honestly, even though they seem to be forgotten a lot.

It's an option. A lot of bard archetypes seem to fit really well with the sort of character I'm looking to play. Unfortunately our party already has a bard, but that might not end up being that big of a deal.

I don't know much about Oracle, but I read that it was an alright choice as well. Any thoughts on that?

This is helpful, thanks.

That's a ritual, not a spell. The level there is just a rough indicator of power. Anybody who can manage the costs and skill checks can try it, but if you fail the Failure condition happens to you.

>party going after a lich
>everyone assumes he's casting focused
>don't look into his past
>specifically prepare for a caster
>show up
>he's a bloodrager
>first thing he does is pounce charge the party sorcerer
>players are confused and angry

I'm not even sorry.

>Does anyone have any stories of games that featured metallic dragons?

Fuck, the only one I've ever encountered was a dashing young silver dragon that visited our capital in Kingmaker. She masqueraded as a Paladin, when in truth she was just strong as FUCK.

Hey, could have been a bardlich, and they'd have had to fight a chorus line of monstrous minions while he sings and dances.

Don't hide it from me /pfg/, tell me about your homebrew

Can the Zwei Sentinel use feats that require shields, and can they enchant their "shields"?

Unfortunately metallics get the short end of the stick since they fall on the good end of the spectrum, and most campaigns will want to avoid introducing potential allies to PCs that are THAT powerful.

Oh boy buddy you have no idea.

>and most campaigns will want to avoid introducing potential allies to PCs that are THAT powerful.

What about potential lovers.

New thread, same question: What's your character like in terms of romance, in terms of sexuality, and how do these attitudes differ or compliment each other?


>lady paladin dragon
My heart boner is already acting up
I've always wanted to run a game where either the PC's had a patron/mentor/guide in the form of a very old metallic dragon, or else where high level PC's come across a very young one.

>Oh boy buddy you have no idea.
Well then tell me!

>My heart boner is already acting up

She's not actually a Paladin, she just ACTS like a Paladin!

So!? Dashing gallant knight in armor who's also actually a dragon is hot no matter what!

>Can only think of pic related

I am currently running an entire campaign for some lovely Anons, based entirely around the concept of "what if Dragons realized that they seemed to be genetically predisposed towards certain alignments and personalities based on the color of their scales?" and looked into creating a new kind of dragon that wasn't beholden to such things.

As it turns out there's something about the Humanoid form that allows for much more mental flexibility in that regard, and after centuries of experimentation with Dragons of all colors and variation pitching in the Dragonborn were created as a species, with a Clockwork Dragon designed after the god Apsu created as well in order to serve as a protector for the fledgeling species.

Wanna know how we first met her?

>King is hosting a grand tournament to mark the 5th year of our kingdom's founding
>Melee, Archery, Feats of Might and Magic, you name it
>And Jousting, oh lots and lots of Jousting
>My character won the Melee, Archery was won by a commoner who couldn't stop rolling nat 20s (we later made him a recurring character), our Elf won the Magical displays
>And then the Joust began, contestants dropping like flies to a tall mystery knight donned in full plate, with naught but a single long braid of brilliant platinum-blonde hair trailing out of her greathelm
>My character notices something was wrong
>The homebrew antagonist of the campaign so far, the king's evil brother, summons a demon with the express purpose of killing the king
>What followed were the most tense 5 turns in my life, as I was too far away to immediately attack and this thing was tearing into the king and queen
>Just before it can land the killing blow, the mystery knight shows up and with a single swing of their sword, kills the demon with almost triple-digit damage
>King is grateful, asks her name
>She takes off her helmet, revealing her to be of what seemed like Ulfen descent with deep blue eyes (in truth they were violet), and explains how she's a holy warrior that had come here to tourney, but discovered our cause was just, and wished to pledge her fealty to our liege

We found out she was a dragon three sessions later, when she assumed her true form to "come clean" to her lord, and not hide behind the veil of false humanity.

>My heart boner is already acting up

She's quite prim and proper when it comes to picking her romantic partners, but when she gets them in the bedroom she's quite the hellcat.

He's basically got two settings: Reserved and courtly or brazenly passionate. He won't go further than a quick pat on the shoulder if he thinks a woman might not want him, but if she's receptive to some romantic advance, he'd take every opportunity to let her and the world know he loves her and desires her.

But there's the rub--he doesn't really feel like he can speak his mind unless it's dramatically appropriate.

Well he's honestly a bit shy all things considered. He's not exactly a pretty boy, but is weak to genuine compliments and doesn't really know how to take flattery. Which is a shame because he also happens to be a fan of the dashing hero act.

>"Show me your WAR FACE" the song

And this was cut?

So, if I'm playing a Bloodrager/Cavalier gestalt with feat tax rules, what feats should I be looking at? Assuming I want to focus mainly on front-line fighting, with mounted charging as just a thing I do sometimes when I actually have my mount around?

Already looking at Raging Vitality, what else should I keep an eye out for?

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Which feat tax rules, user? There are a couple different systems out there.

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It's a bummer. "You're Welcome" was surprisingly good, I'd have liked it if Maui got another song.

I gotta say, that movie gave me a wicked urge to include a demigod in a campaign sometime, although I don't know if it'd be better to allow it for the players or make the demigod an NPC that is both a help and a detriment to the party as the mood takes 'em.

Iblydos is full of hero-gods that could fit the bill, just include one that was exiled for one reason or another.

>Bloodrager/Cavalier gestalt

What a waste of gestalt.

Basically the only thing I was planning to grab that's on there is Power Attack, so essentially just "What feats shouldni look out for besides Power Attack and Raging Vitality?"

Ugh, that one

well is you're a cavalier mounted combat fears would be good

extra rage powers are always good

I mean, it does what I want, and what I want is "Knightly character that can get crazy strong and has a little bit of spellcasting". I thought about grabbing oracle instead, but all the oracle curses either would physically cripple him in a way I'd like to avoid, or wouldn't really fit the character I'm imagining. I could probably go cleric, but if I did it'd probably be one of those clerics that has domains based on his ethical beliefs rather than what god he worships, and that always seemed like a bit of a cop-out to me.

Could have gone inquisitor and gone ANGER inquisition

Or you could get a barbarian VMC and do WHATEVER YOU WANT

Making a level 1 warder with zweihander sentinel/ordained defender, 25 point buy, what would be my preferred statline as a human?

He doesn't want a divine class because the character isn't religious and he feels like "belief" clerics/divines are a cop out.

>OD/ZS warder

Strength wis and con user, I trust you're not completely retarded and can figure it out.

If you really want to cry about what was left out of the movie, look up "More" and "More (Reprise)". They're both amazing, but they rewrote the script a bit after making them and cut them completely because they didn't fit the details of the new story.

How about an Exciter/Fractured Mind spiritualist?

So /pfg/ what's the best gish class and archetype? My money is on haunted host occultist.

Cornugon Smash is a must-have.

What are some non spell caster classes that aren't Aegis that go well with a regular Zweihander Sentinel in a gestalt?

Make him a kitsune with the tails curse.

Or look at the legalistic one, that might fit.

This is also a good suggestion.

Spiritualists in their ectoplasmaticist or spirit blade archetypes are basically better designed maguses.

So I should just get a higher wis than con? Okay. Sorry user, this is my first post in one of these threads for weeks.

Look at your Hit Die dude

This isn't something you should need a guide to. I trust in you to figure it out.

Basically this. I'd go with Oracle since it's a Charisma based spellcaster that's born with that power rather than given it through worship, but like I said none of the Oracle curses fit. There's the ones that cripple the character or else physically deform him, which I'd like to avoid, and none of the others really fit either. There's Legalistic, but that's a little too heavily tied to devils and hell for my liking, and there's Haunted, which I'd probably have to re-adjust my character's backstory a bit for if I wanted it to make sense rather than just being "Oh yeah, he's also got dickass ghosts following him cause reasons". Thinking on it a bit, I probably -could- make Haunted work with just a few minor changes though. If I do that, I'd probably go for Cavalier/Oracle then. I'm making a character for the Overlewd game, which I didn't know was a thing /pfg/ talked about until yesterday. Essentially I'm going for a black knight type character, the gist is that his dad was an aasimar and a hero in the revolution, but after the revolution the new government went corrupt and, disillusioned, he retired to his estate and barely comes out anymore. Now his son's decided the only way to bring about good people and give heroes like his dad a place in life, is to become the bad guy so there's always a threat encouraging people to rise against evil. I want him to be strong, but I also want him to have some form of spellcasting since it's gestalt and being a mighty spellcaster seems fitting for someone looking to make himself into an evil overlord.

>OD/ZS Warder

My dude, you just picked literally the easiest class in the entire game.

I had one appear all of once, and was planning on having it be more frequent but one of the player started getting all weird with vore fantasies.

Exciter/fractured mind spiritualist my dude

All the rage, higher level spells, and some SLAs to boot.

Exciter kind of sucks. Can't take extra rage or anything.

yeah but you've got numerous spells backing you up

Are there any good discord channels for Pathfinder?

Are there any good gaming blogs for Pathfinder?

>Are there any good discord channels for Pathfinder?

>Are there any good gaming blogs for Pathfinder?
Mine. Here's the link.


That's the Discord we use here.

I made a Fighter archetype based on something an user said, but I feel like it doesn't really come together that well. Some feedback would be super helpful.

Oh wow!

I remember asking for this a day or two ago.

Let me read and tell you what I think.

That's not a blog. Blogs have articles and usable material in them, and you can easily find stuff. This is a chat room.

What are the meme games' OP themes?

>RotJR Season 1

>RotJR Season 2

>RotJR Season 3

So I only came around recently, if this thread actually has a group running RotJR is there a place I can read logs or something the like?
Also is it over or still in progress? And if in progress where are they?

Obvious choice is Obvious

Maybe try asking the players, they might share it with you. But apparently they've stopped telling /pfg/.


No. Overlewd's theme is

Ok, I am making a mounted character and at level 7 I intend to take Monstrous Companion.

The question is, Monstrous Mount is not that good, so what are alternatives to get an exotic mount like a gryphon or hippogriff before then?

What sort of treasure would an elemental lord have?

Well, GM has already made a call on what the LG antagonists' theme is going to be, at least.

You, sir, are the normiest normie who ever lived. Don't you have kids to drive to soccer practise, or beer cans to throw at the TV?

Been meaning to gather all my old campaign notes and write it up as a homebrew setting or two for /pfg/ in case people want to use anything I've written.

So what is a promethean alchemist even supposed to do with their construct?

>creating a new kind of dragon that wasn't beholden to such things.
If you're a good dragon, why would you create more potentially evil dragons? If you're an evil dragon, why would you create more potentially good dragons? If you're neutral, why would you care? You're already as close to a person as DnD's alignment system will allow.

I don't allow wayfinders, but we houserule EWP to come with free weapon focus.


Dragon 1 just wrapped up. Greentext soon

session at a glance.


It's essentially a thought experiment brought to life, also keep in mind that this is the thought process of extremely long lived creatures that are also incredibly powerful in primal, arcane magicks. The thought that something about them isn't their own choice, to me, could potentially cause some older, more powerful dragons to essentially have a spaz attack and think that there's something about that that needs fixing.

Now granted the Dragonborn still tend to follow a path somewhat along the lines of their color, but there's also a lot more variation there in the civilization they live in. Reds, for instance, if you go by their pure stats would make good Wizards, but the current leader is a Red that's big and burly and boisterous and has no casting.

>Buff them up with extracts and turn them into a bruiser (level 4+ Only)
>Use them to cheese summons (Preservationist Only)
>Have two assholes with no features twiddling their thumbs in combat
>have a companion who is immune to a hilarious amount of bullshit and can fly, potentially cheesing early challenges

Also, remember you can NEVER get your Mutagen back.

I used to do a blog that did the following structure:
>Dungeon Monday
Showcase what I considered a cleverly designed dungeon w/ blurb, encounters, treasure, traps, etc.

>Build Wednesday
Showcase what I considered an interesting build for a antagonist. These were mainly for fights that were not straight slug fests.

>Homebrew Friday
Showcasing homebrew.

I wish I still had the articles but the blog is long sense gone.


I played a lady paladin dragon once, except she was a solar dragon, not a silver dragon. She was also RIGHTEOUS FURY OF THE SUN. Not literally, of course, that'd be silly. But she was going to melt away the wickedness of those evil Winter Witches.

Whats your excuse for not attaching an f-list to your Overlewd app?