Is he more a Sorcerer or Wizard?

Is he more a Sorcerer or Wizard?

sorcerer- he doesn't have to prep spells from a book or anything like that so he isn't a wizard

His Focus is his trademark hat

Doesn't he never actually wear the hat in the books?

I'd say he's Wizard. Sure wizards are born with a connection to magic in the Dresden world like sorcerers, but they have to study it to make it work properly.

different magic system. n/a

goes out of his way to say he hates hates in more than one book.
its like

a joke with the artist and author

go figure

Barring the actual Dresden Files RPG, the way powers work in those books strikes me as a good use for Mutants and Masterminds.


He plays a barbarian OP.

He's a mage.

>Wizard: "wise man".
>Sorcerer: "lot-drawer" (i.e. fortune-teller), later corrupted in meaning to become "spirit-medium" or "spirit-conjurer".

You tell us, OP. I just see a "literally who?"

More of a faggot.

More of a sorcerer, he doesn't use spellbooks and especially in the early books there's a lot of spirit conjuring.

Currently a muscle wizard of the Scooby School

He doesn't function within a D&D framework.

read the OP filename

He doesn't even function in his own series framework without endless asspulls, retcons, and other examples of shoddy writing and terrible setting construction.

How so? DFRPG is stupidly unbalanced, because wizards are unbalanced in the books.

Such as?


So… Dresdentov? Is that Russian?

I thought it was a hockey stick