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"When Life Gives You Lemons" edition

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>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

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>Thread question
What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?

>"When Life Gives You Lemons" edition
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>What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?
Zada is probably the most triumphant example of spinning jank into gold, but a lot of commanders do pretty well with some specific jank like Sedris with Teferi's Veil.

I think I've got a ton of normally Janky cards in my Feldon build that work, though. Weird Antiquities stuff that requires sacrificing artifacts during your upkeep, but when Avalanche Riders have gotten their value just for entering why not bizarro fling them at something?

>What commanders can get a surprising amount of mileage out of terrible cards?
Zedruu. Give people your terrible shit and get a ton of life and draw as a result

>give the Animar player a Steel Golem
>Imprint an Orim's Chant on Isochron
Unwinding Clock on my field

Easily my most Magical Christmasland moment ever, but oh man was that seething rage ever worth it.

When life gives you lemons, give each creature you control haste until end of turn.

When life gives you lemons, cast mind's dilation and acquire a Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker.

When life gives you lemons, each player exiles the top X cards of his or her library, where X is the amount of mana spent to cast lemons.

Are we designing the next unhinged set now?

I found an old Karametra laying around, realized I could throw together a cute little casual deck for funzies with it, but then I reread the card and realized I don't want to spend the rest of my life shuffling.
I've been playing for years now, when does shuffling get easier? All my sleeves are bent to hell and it still takes forever.

I wish we'd get another one.

How fun is a Monarch deck in EDH? Marchessa seems alright, but I wonder how much
fun can be gotten out of it. Any interesting stories or politics involving it?

When you acquire larger hands.


Scion of the Ur-Dragon seems pretty fun. I need to get my hands on some staples and cut out some of the more fun shit, though.


At least I can run for president then

Everyone I've heard play with it has said the monarch mechanic is brilliant. I think the catch is the best Queen Marchesa deck doesn't play any of the monarch cards save the couple that are individually decent cards like Palace Jailer since the idea is that you make it impossible to stick creatures and attack with them for every body else and you slowly bleed everyone or draw a combo which is not quite in that kind of spirit I dont think. But if you played just a goofy Monarch tribal deck or something it's probably pretty cool.

What kind of shuffle do you do?

>Friend hates red
>build Zada, slap the shit out of him
>build Godo, slap the shit out of him
>build Slobad, blow up all his shit then slap the shit out of him

How do I make him see the awesome glory of Mono-Red Bullshit?

Mash. Each one takes about seven - ten seconds, and there's always that one fucking card who refuses to go in.

I really like the idea of it, so I might give it a try just for laughs and see how everyone likes it.

Double sleeve or no? It definitely makes it tougher for a while if so, but it's mostly about adapting. If you don't adapt over time, it's either because of small hands or you're not doing it correctly.

I mean if you're not interested in making the most hardcore tryhard decks you can build Queen Marchesa to be pretty fun. C15 and Conspiracy 2 and a little in C16 had a lot of support for the idea of making people smash each other. I bet it is pretty fun since most people naturally turtle up, and when you become the Monarch you make it so they can't do that or they risk you getting super far ahead. So people have to make attacks they would never normally make, maybe make people broker deals a little more to get through ("If you let me take the crown with my 1/1, I won't nuke all your shit"). Like I said I'm just a little disappointed the best Queen Marchesa deck is probably just a plain old stax deck with a combo finisher featuring a really neat commander.

Single sleeve. I think I'm just doing it wrong.

I just watched a video of someone doing it and my fingers aren't long enough to hold the cards the same way. Goddamnit, my genes are so bad I can't even play a fucking card game.

My fingers aren't terribly long, long to hold the cards at least, but I have very large palms. I'd trade some palm size for longer fingers if I could.

I'll probably go buy up a bunch of jank from Conspiracy and see what kind of politics I can make with it. I'm not going for a super competitive build because competitive EDH is much less fun and my table isn't really into it.

Another thing red and white are good at doing together is tapping things down and otherwise making things unable to block which is some cards youd normally not play in commander but if you go all in not pillowforting and staxing the table with Queen Marchesa and try to do something more "fun" that'd be a unique pool of cards to draw from you wouldn't normally play.

Would Sudden Spoiling be okay in a Sapling deck?

Sudden Spoiling is solid in most decks that can play it

He probably hates red because you netdeck a bunch of red decks to shit on him you skill-less sperg

About to head out to my first prerelease? What should I expect since I only casually play edh with my buddies.

>slap together a prossh deck to test on cockatrice
>turn 1 exploration > sol ring > swiftfoot boots
>turn 2 play 2 land > prossh
>turn 3 avenger of zendikar, sac five plants and 6 kobolds for a 16/5 prossh and swing
>turn 4 hit with five commander damage for the win

Looks like the faggot over here can't handle a little mono-red chili pepper. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Play omnath of rage, whenever my friends bitch over mine I just tell them its because green is so cancerous for edh and they get asshurt because they are all green mages.

That guy's stupid explosive. Between that and the multitude of things you can do by sacing tokens, it's ridiculous even without being finely tuned or expensive. I put together a deck for a friend that has a shitload of synergies. Every sacrificed token sets off a bunch of effects, letting him draw, force others to discard, clear enemy boards, and gain life/drain opponents. Kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.

>netdecking as a hardcore mono-red EDH Johnny
There is so much weird red bullshit that I would never want to netdeck just so I could discover all the bizarre shit that the color has to offer

You only beat one player though.

Fuck off.

I once more or less ended up banning a deck I made for a friend from our playgroup. It was an Uril deck (and super uninteractive) and I was too naive at that point to know how boring voltron can be to play against
It was a test game, so I made it 1v1

>tfw pulling off a through-the-legs windmill dunk with Zada on a table of Ghave, Narset and Zur

Granted, it was a super strong opening hand and it'll probably never happen again, but god damn did I feel good taking a fat shit on their wildly strong decks with something that can be assembled for almost nothing.

Mono-red forever.

Uril was the second deck I built. Powerful but yeah, like you said, very boring to play against. Pretty boring to pilot after a while too. I figure most people start out playing either voltron or packing their deck with every fatty in their colours and only later find out that the game's only fun when it's interactive and isn't totally one sided.

Uril rarely sees play these days. Same with my Olivia discard deck because I feel like an asshole making other people empty their hands while they sit and watch me play magic.

>playing a fun red deck means he must've copied it
Projecting a little bit much there?

Can confirm. It wasn't the first deck I made for EDH, but Daxos voltron was fun at first. After about a half dozen games though, it got boring always doing the same thing. And if your beater dies (especially if it's your commander and they have a high cost) you pretty much lose to anything else because you put almost all of your eggs in one basket.

>a table of Ghave, Narset and Zur
Christ, that sounds like an awful group to play with.

A set formula, even if it wins, kills any fun for me. Ramp + enchant + swing. Put me to sleep. Same with my first combo deck. Yeah you guys are doing well but I just cast Silence and it resolved so you may as well concede now.

I enjoyed more games that I've lost because of the crazy interactions and situations that I couldn't even dream up. And I'm at least 50% spike. Eh, maybe less as time goes on.

That sounds glorious!

I'm in a huge deck building slump for this very reason at the moment. I can't decide on a commander I want to play because I need one with a nice combination of both decent strength and high variety per game. I'm also big on politics and table deals, so I'd like something that enables that. I'm thinking maybe Gonti or Kraj because they have the potential to be different each game while also being backed by a reliable deck that doesn't have to be so same-y.

Does anyone here have any experience with Kraj?

They're actually bro-tier guys to play with, since they build stupid jank bullshit all the time like me. Those are just the strongest decks they have, and they only bust them out for crazy cutthroat games. I have a Yisan deck if I want to properly match up with them, but the Zada deck was new at the time and I wanted to see if it could punch up.

And oh boy did it, that was the first game I played with it.



Gonti looks fun. But I feel like eventually all decks will get stale, especially if you play with the same group time and again. Kind of unavoidable.

Sad but true, but some decks facilitate this faster than others, like voltron and combo decks with a one-track focus with lots of tutors.

It's not like I was playing for fun or anything
What's wrong with 1v1 when you just need to quickly test a deck?

What's your favorite AKH commander so far?
Mine's got to either be Hapatra or Temmet

Gonti is an excellent commander if you play with several groups, because you'll have access to different tools every time.

I don't like any of them at all.

>What's wrong with 1v1 when you just need to quickly test a deck?
well aside from the fact that EDH isnt 1v1 and thus your test is inaccurate from the start?

the -1/-1 nigger lady. its the infect commander ive always wanted

Yeah he seems like he'd make for some good variance.

I changed up my Esper combo deck after my second game and second win with it.

Hapatra is the only one that interests me at all. She fills a niche that no other legend does. She could go infect and tokens (infect tokens) which is nice. As another user said, decks with her at the helm won't have much variety between them, but it's at least a deck that no other commander does as well.

I'm going to guess it was Sharuum. If we're talking Esper, I feel like Sen Triplets would make some good variety by playing with your opponent's shit.

1v1 EDH is 1v1 though.

Just bought myself Jhoira, but I have strange dreams of RU aggro with her, for no reason other than fun. I want to suspend like 3 dragons and leviathans and then Empty the Warrens

1v1 EDH is the only way worth playing

It wasn't that bad. Oloro.

I think it's best to have wildly different strategies to keep things fresh. Instead of focusing on the colours or the commander, more emphasis on exactly what the deck does. You can have a bunch of great control commanders but ultimately you're just playing control. I really want to make a Ruric Thar deck or something creature focused. Probably a token one after that

I like how you build, we'd enjoy playing each other

Yeah definitely.

From Jhoira's edhrec, I'm seeing some of the strangest cards I've never seen before. This card just blows my mind. Not in a power way, just in other ways.

welcome to time spiral, a hell of a block that wotc considers a mistake they swore to never come close to repeating again because casuals had a hard time understanding things like suspend.

That's lame. Look at this. Just fantastic and strange. Very powerful, draw 7 when I burn through everything, grab it all back and do it again. Sheesh.

>tfw got into Magic well after Time Spiral
>after a year of playing, consider it one of the best blocks ever made

They took so many design risks in that block and it was fucking cool as hell. I wish they did more shit like this.

>grab a commander deck I haven't played in a long time
>out of curiosity, count it
>94 cards
>no idea what the missing 6 are
>don't even have any spare matching sleeves to make up the difference

That's just the worst reaction image I've ever seen boss

trying to evaluate animist's awakening, explore, and summer bloom. the first provides the highest gains, but kinda outlives its usefulness. the remaining two appear interchangeable with the same cost; the issue being one is more preferable for the early game than the other

you know from the thumbnail I thought it was something else. lessons learned.

Explore replaces itself.

That's bullshit if true. Is this the reason why Standard has been so shitty? I only started with Khans and feel pissed about how much more fun the game looked five years ago.

It is actually a little bit true.

I started in innsitrad and am starting to become jaded. Honestly, I only check new sets for new legends new characters to play as. And disregard just about everything else anymore.

I started in dragons and feel the same way. When a new set comes out I look through an old set's spoiler and unearth some buried gems. I just got some sweet coldsnap rares and wish I started playing 10 years ago.

You know when I started playing MTG in alara, my first standard deck was jund cascade. bituminous blast into bloodbraid elf into blightning was a hell of a drug. and all of those cards were uncommon or less from the same block, I literally made a semi-competitive deck out of the shit I opened from a few packs, with a small amount of money spent on a decent mana base after a friend emphasized how important that was.

It might be those old nastolgia goggles, but I remember standard being fun, even when just a short time later JTMS was released and the best deck was UW control, there were still competitive decks like jund value train or naya landfall zoo.

Nowadays I look at the standard card pool and wonder if what they print these days is supposed to be some kind of ironic joke. All the power is relegated to a few chase rares per set and the rest is just trash that ends up in some casual's 85-card-werewolf-tribal-with-a-splash-of-white-for-that-sweet-7cmc-timmy-bomb-he-opened deck

congratulations, you had a t1 sol ring

Just Monarch on its own is a bit of a small theme to carry a whole deck, and when the Queen is in your command zone and you can cast her quickly, many of the monarch cards become redundant. In my Marchesa deck I don't even think I play any monarch effects except the Queen herself, since the crown will always be in play once i get her out. and the actual theme of the deck is messing around with deathtouch and lifelink effects.
I personally like the mechanic a lot. It accelerates games in two ways, more attacking and card flow, which is always a good thing. I especially like to loudly tell players that stumble on mana that of course they can have a free swing at me for the extra card.
The best individual monarch cards are probably the Queen, palace jailer, the dragon, the land, the regal behemoth and the blue thing that makes your stuff unblockable. though I probably missed a few good ones.

started with Time spiral/cold snap. most sets these days suck ass, I just want more old cards reprinted at this point I've grown sicked with how boreing this game has gotten. I'm still not happy with some of the things wizards has some with commander as well.

I mean, we're tired of low-power standard, but low-power standard is apparently the way to bring more people into the game???

Shrug. I just want fantastic bullshit to happen. 'swhy I play EDH.

>bituminous blast into bbe into blightning was a possible play in standard at one time
>it was a possible play in block constructed
>it was a reasonably possible play in fucking draft
I don't even feel like playing magic anymore if I'm only going to be permitted to taste this watered down swill that wotc is peddling now to cater to casuals. God, high power standard sets sound like fun

edh is really the only format worth playing now sadly. modern looks fun but stale.

Lazav deck was busted out today, managed to trash a Rakdos, Marath, and some other one I can't remember. Lost to Marath combo but still an overall exceedingly good day.

Question for the thread, Do you have Alters of your commanders made? If so, Which? How are they received?

On one hand I'm glad the new gods are trash, but on the other hand I just know that one of them is the only goddamn masterpiece I will ever open.

>join in innistrad
>all the crazy shit in standard like stromkirk pimp noble 1 drop vampires, zombie mill, werewolf meme, various birthing pod decks, infect, red deck wins, BW humans, and UW control
>board wipes were playable with day of judgement being around
>6 drops actually existed. Say what you want about the titans, but when was the last time a 6 drop was playable in standard since elspeth sun's champion let alone an entire cycle of 6 drops
>even fucking frost titan was a finisher in UW control
>goddamn son, let's fucking bounce your shit with aether adept for a 3 mana 2/2 bounce etb
>mana leak was around, so you had to respect counters
>despite all this control jacking off, there were a shitload of decks around
>all the casuals had lightning bolts and common rarity doom blades for their casual decks

Shit was cash until M13 hit with resto angel+thragtusk and RTR with supreme verdict+sphinx revelation. I'm convinced RTR killed standard since everything starting with dragonsmaze has been a complete drop in power level. Khans and Fate Reforged began to heal the wounds only for Origins and Jacetice League blocks to cut open new ones.

Origins wasnt bad, zendikar was a fucked up mess.

pterry much same story here, started by going to the OGW prerelease. Time spiral block was truly the peak of Magic design, the golden age. A magic block about the history of magic.

5 mana removal spells sucked balls m8. Even searing spear/lightning strike was "too strong for standard"

Set's sweet look at it again, if the sets after it were better it would have been good.

What basics would you run in a Queen Marchesa deck?

Snow-Covered obviously.

Meme lands

Animist not hitting feels terrible, and summer bloom is a fringe playable card if you are trying for landfall triggers. They both suck as ramp.

My favorite core set lands.

I almost always run Ravnica lands because architecture

Should you run boardwipes in decks that rely extremely heavily on their creatures?

Pross is degenerate, in other news, sky is blue

I liked Kaladesh block though, tons of cool new utility artifacts for EDH.

Legacy can be a ton of fun.

Every set since khans block has been low power dribble with a maximum of about 10 decent cards and nothing but trash remaining. Fuck nü-mtg.