What's it going to be fellas????

What's it going to be fellas????

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8th edition aka Age of Bobby Guilliman

New AoS rulebook
8th ed release date
Plastic SoB

Going by what they were saying 2-3 weeks ago, it sounds like 8th is still in development, or at least not ready to go into print.

Hopefully it's Death Guard, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's more Sigmar or Blood Bowl stuff.

Seems like a big deal for BB and AOS just got a new faction.

What if they announced a sale? That shit would be insane.

>Plastic SoB

plz gib

Age of Emperor Launch!

because it will never be plastic greatcoat infantry

>BIG news
It's Adeptus Titanicus.

It's been in development since last year, minis have already been leaked, word back in january that it was ready to print but being delayed for extra polish.

Another spinoff board game no-one wants.

t. Shadespire.

increase quality of molds to have 1% less defects.

In smaller news, miniature cost increase 10% per year for the next ten years to pay for this.

With the recent release of SoB rules for Shadow War it seems more and more likely.

Fuck, you're probably right.

True. Could be yet another boxed game though, like something to do with Shadespire. GW loves their boxed games nowadays.

>What if they announced a sale? That shit would be insane.
A sale would basically meant that the transition from old to new Gee-Dubs is finally complete.

I thought FW was doing Titanicus? Or maybe I just got that impression because it's set during the HH.

Hopefully. Hopefully Veridyan and Celestine finally made them catch on to the fact that people actually do want SoB, just not the clunky old 2nd edition metals.

>implying that GW needs an excuse to increase their prices

I hope it's not plastic SoB. I couldn't give a damn about that fetish faction.

New Duncan video?

Now I hope it's plastic SoB twice as hard, just to spite you.

It'd be cool to see him do more full-length tutorials again. He usually seems to be holding back in the mini-tutes they have him focusing on at the moment.

One day. One day.


I think they'll do the Death Guard on 7-7-7 DESU.

Freeguild Start Collecting! box set.

It could happen.

>With the recent release of SoB rules for Shadow War it seems more and more likely.



Either 8th Edition date announcement or General's Handbook 2.

>General's Handbook 2

You care enough to mention how little you care fore them.

DKOK plastic


>yfw it's both
>yfw they are the same thing

>implying AOS isn't a better rule system then 40k

AoS gets fluff that isn't just spamming "soopar epik" mixtures of adjectives and adverbs for maximum trademarkability?

>I thought FW was doing Titanicus?

Yes but its getting a plastic box set and then more titans in resin.

Theyre the same
Are all armies balanced in aos?

The rules are simple and they work. 40K has too much shit going on at points and a lot of rules could be merged or simplified

We've had pretty reliable sources suggesting that 8th is going to drop this summer. GW probably wrote their preview article with such a cautious, speculative tone to try and keep backlash to a minimum - even if someone saw a change there they disliked, they might be mollified by the idea they're just "thinking about it".

If this is the case, 8th is probably already finished and being printed right now, which means I expect it'll be the next big 40k release. Death Guard would come afterwards - I don't think even GW would release a Codex then invalidate it two months later.

It might be a big preview of the Death Guard models though, that's plausible. We saw the Skydwarves for AoS well before they were released.

1 H O U R

There's no balance at all in AoS.

But are all armies balanced

Still much more than in 40k and Whfb

Way less actually.

If you ignore, Eldar, Tau, Ynnari, Grav spam marine bullshit just to name a few

Can we keep the pro-AoS/anti-AoS shitposting to the AoS thread, please?


May has always been GeeDuz's time for standalone/one off "limited" edition games like dreadfleet and space hulk.

Yeah probably should

I'd say they are slowly but surely establishing some balance with each release. The pre-Rountree stuff is botched while most of the post-Rountree releases are okay.
In about a year or two the game will be balanced if it continues like that, which is okay when you consider the vast range of models.

>same name ability stacking

Oh that would be nice. BFG:A got its anniversary a few days ago, nice little touch.

Going by their recent attitude towards boxed games though, that can also apply to any month that's not May.

Maybe it will be a new version of Man O' War to tie in with the release of the Overlords?

i fucking hope.
I need my albatorks and dkyven murderclouds

8th Ed and new website: warhammer40000.com/

Oh boy. Here we go.

FAQ for 8th


>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™


>*The edition’s not even out and you guys have an FAQ – how times have changed!

They've certainly become self aware if nothing else



>Asked how to get into this game like 3 days ago
>Told 8e is coming out soon and just learn the lore
>New website with a "Start here" button

Ayyyy. Now when I get into this game and people ask me when I joined and I say 8e, oldfags can mock me.

>Is my army still valid?
>Yes, it certainly is! You’ll still be able to use your army in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. >All current armies will be supported with new rules.

Didn't they say the exact same thing about aos, then execute tomb kings and bretonians outright?

>Have you dumbed down 40K?

>Not at all. We’ve made it easier for new people to enter and get to grips with the basics.

I'm going to choose to be optimistic and guess this means there's going to be a simpler, stripped-down ruleset for beginners, which the more complex rules then bolt onto. So long as they don't bring in the fixed hit/wound rolls and random turn orders from AoS I'll be content.

All current armies present and accounted for. Slaanesh still present.

Shitposters and salty Fantasyfag blown the fuck out once again.

>Leman Russ

He's most likely going to be one of the first loyalist primarchs to come back, in not the very next one

>FAQ for 8th

Man, that's not even a day 1 patch, that's pre-launch patch.

Well, to be fair, Tomb Kings and Brets do still have rules. They were just produced during the big batch of "funny" rules put out along with AoS's release, and don't exist in the fluff. But they certainly did get supported with new rules and are playable.

Why is Papa Smurf so huge?

Speaking of memes, do note which army the grill is playing.

tomb king are still making it TOP 1 in the best tournament, what are you talking about ?

no, because bretts and tomb kings were still given rules and points values in the ghb, so they are still playable.

The Heretic Astartes are Humanity’s greatest foes, traitorous Space Marines who have turned from the light of the Emperor and embraced the baleful glory of Chaos. Consumed with bitter hatred, these champions of ruin prey upon the Imperium they once swore to defend.
The warbands and Legions of the Heretic Astartes each fight in their own unique manner; the World Eaters, for example, are berserkers who worship Khorne, the Blood God, and fall upon their foes in a gore-splattered orgy of slaughter. The Night Lords employ terror tactics to soften up their prey before striking from the darkness, while the Crimson Slaughter are relatively new to the ranks of Renegade Space Marines using the poltergeists that haunt them against the agents of the Corpse Emperor.

>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™

Didn't it say "sons of Leman Russ", referring to the Fenris campaign. The audio is just a mix of all the videos put out so far.

he's crushing the chaos with no survivors

Ahh, the good ol' reverse psychology

So they're still in? Cool, I've always wanted to start a TK army. Let me just pop to GW store and buy some of their kits...

>What happens to my codexes?
>The rules in our current range of Warhammer 40,000 codexes aren’t compatible with the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. These books will be going off sale very soon. If you do want to pick any up, now’s the time – as all of the great hobby content and background information will be as valid as ever.

Finally, time to put my dex into thrash can

All Fantasy armies still have rules, they just may not have models and the funny rules are present for some of them. However there is a decent chance they could update their rules since when they released a preview of possible points changes in the GHB2, Tomb Kings had a few models with their points changed. Likely in response to them doing well at the time.

Slaanesh is listed with the other Chaos gods other the Dark Millennium section.

Nice try Slav.

>When you create gene-mod brainwashed supersoldiers to protect your intellectual property that consist of fusing two words and changing I's for Y's

So does this mean there's now 3 sides that you mix factions within or are there still a shitload of different armies?

Put them in the recycling instead you fuck.

>want to recycle ork, nid and other codexes
No, they should be burned

How is the background music called?

>changing the iconic sm helmets

It's probably be that Chaos and the Imperium are the main sides fighting, with xenos jumping in from the sidelines as minor players or to throw wrenches in the works for both sides (eldar and necrons working against chaos, orks and tyranids primarily preying on the imperium).

No, they need to be retained as an abject lesson for future generations of rules designers.


>Imperium and Xenos too embarrassed to hang around Chaos, quickly make excuse to move their gathering elsewhere

It looks like mk4. Old mark designs change from artist to artist.

s'just a mk4 hat, man

nice meme ^:)&^))

New to 40k
Lore wise, what are they doing with tyranids?
You can't stop that.
Also game wise.
Are tyranids good.

No this isn't bait but I suspect someone might think it is.

I hope Forgeworld releases updated rules in conjunction


why would it change lors wise ?
They are fine if you avoid Waacfag flgs

>Also game wise.
>Are tyranids good

ok i take the bait.
Nobody knows anything about any army gamewise

Literally all we know is in the announcement and FAQ that have been linked, you ought to know just as much as the rest of us.

>Lore wise, what are they doing with tyranids?

Ignoring them in face of the actual threat, Chaos.

>You can't stop that.

Everything swallowed by Warpstorms is out of the menu for the Tyranids.

The Eye of Terror going by some reports is covering about 1/4 of the galaxy, that's ignoring other growing warpstorms in the galaxy.

The solution is to relocate inside Warpstorm where Tyranids will never follow.

I mean, what's going to happen in the universes future with the threat of tyranids.
It just seems like that's a force that can only be slowed down, and not stopped by its sheer size and ferocity.