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Previously, on /5eg/... What's the most memorable character you've played/played with?

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If the quicklings from Volo's are given disengage as a bonus action, would that make them overpowered af?

>What's the most memorable character you've played/played with?


is there a more punchable face?

How about this guy's face?


Volonificus the White Fire: LG Paladin Noble who was just a trust fund kid who did the paladin thing for shits and giggles. Had no idea what anything was worth and would over pay on everything. He thought that everyone he met was beneath him but his paladin oath was to help everyone beneath him. Never bothered to learn a non-nobles name and simply refered to them as what ever their job was plus a physical descriptor. The Halfling in our party was tiny peasant, tiefling bard was slutty peasant. He always acted in that rich people back handed kindness and talked in a mid-atlantic accent.

>What's the most memorable character you've played/played with?
Alan Bryan Darcy, Oath of the Ancients Paladin, performer background. He played instruments, but his real performance specialty was making sure a party was going well. He'd talk to everyone, try to set people up, and always have a compliment for anybody he met. This was a marketable skill in taverns he stopped at.
Part of his personal oath (vis-a-vis "cultivating beauty and inner light") is that he never turned down anybody for sex, unless they were ugly both inside and out. If someone was hot but a bad person he's still sleep with them but he'd leave the handcuffs on the next morning.
I didn't get to play him for very long, but he turned out to be more complex and subtle than the original concept (which was admittedly somewhat of a joke) insinuated.

general off to a great start hmmmmm

Mine: A kobold dragon sorcerer obsessed with electricuting things and the idea he has dragon's blood

Played with: Probably the gnome wizard I DM for so far but the Goliath Barb is rising though he misses sessions often

Just a reminder that revivify can bring your cute undead and construct back!

Can the disarming rules in the DMG be used on a monks bonus action attack?

A monk can be disarmed with a sharp object, so yes

...I don't know if you're trying to make a joke or are retarded but either way that would be dis-armed.

"Disarmed" is right, like "dismembered." The only reason "dis-armed" is used is to differentiate it from the more common meaning of "disarmed" and avoid confusing.

no. Disarm need its own action not attack action, bonus action or reaction.

Doesn't specify as having to be part of the attack action like the ones in the phb, just that a weapon attack is part of the action. So RAW, yeah. RAI, probably not but I'd let you do it.

>first timer
>was told that celestials are basically ayys when rolling up my character and sheit
>mfw they're actually angels

Well that makes preferred enemy a bit harder to work out

Why can't they be both?

I doubt removing someone's arm would be classed as "the act of taking a weapon away from someone". This argument will obviously get nowhere so I'm willing to not bother continuing it.

It never even say it uses an action or anything. Just that you can use a "Weapon Attack" to do it.

Somebody was playing too much bloodborne. Are you playing revised ranger? If so, ask to switch to humanoids.

It's a stupid joke mate

>It never even say it uses an action or anything. Just that you can use a "Weapon Attack" to do it.
Right. Making an attack with a weapon is a "melee weapon attack" or "ranged weapon attack" and "weapon attack" is probably their way of saying you can use melee or ranged, but I can't think of any other instances it comes up to compare it to. So, for instance, a 5th level monk makes two "melee weapon attacks" when it takes the attack action, same for the ones it makes with its flurry of blows bonus action.

BUT it is rather


Ayys wrecking a trading ship my character used to crew is a bit easier to explain as "dickass aliens" than them actually being angels, but I suppose the ship could have had some nasty shit going on that he wasn't privy to or something?

So it can replace any attack I make in a turn?

Whats a good flavor twist for a monk that isn't your typical WEEB or Luchadore? Thinking of mixing it up for my next class and trying not to min/max like a try hard and actually roleplay. Other option was an unrevised Ranger that would be a Native American Brave.

One of the many western martial arts?

I'm all for interesting choices, but other than in very specific campaigns hunting angels would be ridiculously niche and sorta pointless.

That's definitely what it's looking like.
I see no reason why you couldn't make a friar tuck monk. Grab a quarterstaff and shave yourself a bald spot.

A bar fighter

I second this. Focus on the study of knowledge and flavor ki as bodily humors or something.

Use a Shortsword and play a Thief who had training to dodge hits, run faster and slice open the right places to stun people.

As you level you start to realise these tricks aren't just pure skill and maybe something magical.

>That feel when you waste 2 hours on a fight with no casualties because your fighter didn't want to follow your plan

Now we're going to have a recurring Jessie and James duo trying to piss us off. They were trying to kill these two people in a house (they can use magic, city hates magic). We chased them away, but its not like they can't return. Any idea on what we could do?

Just ignore them and if they try to kill you then kill them harder?

>neo, from reloaded onwards
>a gladiator
Interesting fact, Roman gladiators had specific roles. Big guy with big armor (I think those are the ones with tridents/nets) then little twin guys with spears and daggers and shit. Be the twink.
>from a network of tribes that settle things with tests of skill rather than fighting. You're the champion of one such tribe
>a vigilante crime fighter
>monk in my party is a pacific islander who was exiled to a shithole island and spent five years or however long using a stick to kill animals and git gud
>you're from minecraft

Be Jackie Chan. It's not weeb since he's Chinese.

>can only kick ass when the dungeon has ladders

My most memorable was actually back in the NEXT playtest, where I made a CE punchbarian.
Playing a psychopath blood knight was a breath of fresh air after playing a rogue back in 4e.

Does anyone have ideas for a Dragon Sorcerer? I was thinking I'd go Human and Blue for my colour but I'm not positive yet.

Or while drunk. Which is a role Jackie Chan did that the whole Drunken Master subclass is based off of.

The only real difference your type is gonna make is the +cha to spells. So look at what spells you think you'll want to use and pick that type. Poison and fire are resisted a lot, so maybe not those.

The exception to this is if your DM has said something like "hope you guys are ready to get COLD in the SNOW with all the CHILLY FOLKS during WINTER" in which case you might want to go silver or white.

I was actually planning to do a meme build and play in melee without going Stone Sorcerer.

Plan was to use melee cantrips (Shocking Grasp for that advantage and running away) and spells that will make me harder to hit but I'm kinda worried about how easy I'll be to kill.

They're after our NPC friends

>start reading buttsmithy because halfling porn that doesnt make me want to gouge my eyes out

>200 pages in and the story matters more than the porn to me now

pls send help, i only wanted milfling porn.

now i have feels.

Keep your friends close? Alternatively kill them first?

Jokes aside why are they trying to?

The problem with picking a dragon ancestor is that while Fire is a common resistance... it also makes up the majority of offensive spells. Your only other real choice would be Cold. And maybe, maybe Lightning for all the good that one will do. Acid and Poison are just sad in their tiny selection. Hell the Sorcerer plain doesn't get one of the few Acid spells (Melf's Acid Arrow)

Well, start with some good dex I suppose. Get dat AC and use your crossbow/dagger good.

Eldritch knight with throwing weapons a viable playstyle? Weapon bond makes it so I could pretty much chuck swords all day. If so, would there be any good spells to supplement this playstyle?

It's incredibly minor, but acid does have the only method of double doing cha to cantrips for a sorcerer via acid splash

I literally read all 511 strips this afternoon
I am kind of pissed there isn't more yet, but at least it's updating 4 times/week.

Please explain.

Uh... ice knife as your 1st level off-school spell, cloud of daggers as your 8th level off-school spell just to be thematic, but I can't think of or have found anything that would enhance your thrown weapons that you can get.

I posit a question to 5eg: would Kobold meat harvested from corpses be edible? Assuming they're run-of-the-mill kobolds, would their flesh be okay for adventurers to eat? I started a new campaign tonight with an emphasis on resource tracking and one of my players wanted to harvest meat from kobold corpses since they were almost out of food.

Does the infestation Cantrip count as forced movement or would it provoke Opportunity Attacks?

Acid splash let's you target 2 creatures if they're within 5 ft of each other.

I do have the habit of getting in the frontlines as a Draconic Sorcerer. I'm not terribly frail. 16 Dex, Shield and Mirror Image (sometimes) but even then I might only be able to take 3 blows. It would be better as Stone, but you're still looking at a sideliner and not shoulder to shoulder with your fighter.

NPC friends are you typical "they use their powers to give bread to the homeless" types. They use magic to fuel the stoves, and as such are violating the law. As it seems though, only these bounty lists, which ironically are magical in nature, contain their names and street address.

The bounty is 150 Alive, 300 Dead. We were trying to collect the bounty too, and only I realized how odd it was that the numbers are reverse like that. We talked, they gave us bread, we fought off a second group of hunters and now we're in their house licking our wounds. I got stabbed pretty bad myself.

It all happened because the Fighter wanted to haste in and attack them, thinking it was an easy fight. I suggested we go invisible, wait until they were vulnerable and ambush them. I gave into peer pressure and just hasted him from the start.

He didn't die, but he was certainly taught a lesson about his own mortality. Maybe he'll listen to me next time. Assuming he didn't get lost in the second battle map the DM had to take out because idiot there felt like murdering an actual hobo.

vera a shit.

>He hasn't played Nethack
Kobold meat is highly poisonous to humans and other mammalian humanoids.

Vera is a tragic character that made some pretty bad mistakes out of a desire to give her daughter a good life, but never really figured out what her daughter wanted. She's 80% of the reason people care about the plot and read beyond the 2nd or 3rd sex scene.

>You also don’t provoke an opportunity attack when you teleport or when som eone or something moves you without using your movement, action, or reaction.
Does it use their movement, action or reaction? No? Then it doesn't provoke AoO.

>Kobold meat is highly poisonous
That was my gut feeling, but I wanted to seek other opinions before I set it in stone in the campaign.

Does that mean it counts as Forced Movement? For if someone was a Sea Sorcerer and wanted to send people charging 20 feet in random directions with Cantrips?

I need some build help guys. I have a fighter (using Mercer's gunslinger archetype) who's likely to be about to hit level 10 and I want to pick up a few levels in paladin (we need radiant damage on everybody for reasons) but I'm not sure when to start taking the levels or how many levels to take. Also picking up undying light warlock might also be useful but unfortunately my cha is only 13.

Personally, I'd wait to hit 11th in fighter to get that sweet third attack. You're almost there and aren't going to get another attack any other way (besides spells or whatever) so might as well.

Are dragons just smart animals? Or something more?

Do you use Violent Shot? Cause you should, also get lucky if you don't have it yet or portent if possible. Is you DM allowing Divine Smite to work on ranged weapons?

I was actually thinking of waiting until I hit 13 so I could grab the ASI from 12.
I don't use it because of how my DM rules misfire (high odds of blowing up your weapon) and I don't have luck but I do have lucky as a racial. I'm sure he will, he'll probably also allow shit like swapping burning hands on the undying warlock for divine favor.

Somebody really fucked up big tonight and I'm not pleased, I've already tried to kill the fucker and now he's done. He got his redemption arc and he still fucked up after, he does not get a second.

>High odds of blowing up your weapon

How high are we talking? Does your weapon jam or destroy itself making you have to spend half gold to repair it or?

The general approach to official dnd settings is that magic is something that is an essential part of the environment. Like how everything on earth is carbon-based, or the way radiation works in B-Movies and comic books and shit, that's how magic is. Peter parker was bit by a magic spider, and now has the magic powers to act like a spider. Bruce banner was zapped by magic rays and now gets magically big and green when he's angry. Wizards set off magic in the desert and now giant magic ants are attacking the city. Dragons are magic beings made of magic that exist outside of the normal methods of evolution and ecology, and instead exist in the system of magic which is not nearly so rigid and understandable as other natural systems.

Or in your setting they're just animals that evolved that way in response to environmental stimuli and are really smart.

Note, the brevity is not to make one option seem worse than the other, that's just all there is to it. They're whatever you want, they're not real.

just hit 5th level with my -2 DEX, -2 CON wizard in out of the abyss.

my character so far is a miracle worker of golden rolls and 100% utility and control, diviner variant human with lucky and 20 INT.

what are some good 3rd level spells to pick?
transcribing extra spells might be a bitch so i must make the most out of the two i get free, but i can still use the recommendations to seek out others to fill my book with.

A 1 will 100% blow up then and there doing damage in scale to the weapon (I had a pistol blow up that did 1d10 on hit and did 3do10 to me, my current gun would be an instant kill if it blew up because magic) and there's a chance of similar things happening if I fuck up hard enough fixing it. My DM is also planning on making it harder to fix since the only way to fail right now is to roll a 2 or two 1s, of course without my gun I'm useless especially since I lost my pistol.

Bestow curse could be good, give disadvantage for saves that your spells impose, or potentially causing wasted turns.
Fireball is a classic.
Fear or fly are both nice.
Martials in your party would appreciate haste, if you're the nice kind of wizard.
Hypnotic pattern is good for those times for when there's 30 barbarians trying to fuck your shit
Leomund's tiny hut for free long rests
Remove curse if your dm is like me and likes holding eventual doom over your heads
Wall spells are always good

That sounds terrible and very player hostile, how are you dealing with that without Lucky or Portent? Does your lucky racial feature kick in when you roll a 1 thus ignoring the whole it auto explodes? Honestly, with those rules, I would never even use a gun cause the risk involved.

>I need a build.
To the main question, I DM a game where I had a gunslinger, my optimal tips and options are ways of getting violent shot to work consistently as your damage output can increase drastically from it, with the way your rules work I think you NEED the Lucky feat to counterbalance the nonsense. It's very helpful if you have disadvantage as it would allow you to pick from any of the three rolls and make your life a lot easier.

A 1? Like a 1 on a d20 causes your gun to do 3x damage to you? There is a 5% chance of doing 3d10 or at this point seems like 3d12 damage to you every time you make an attack roll (with violent attack...? Which I have no idea what that entails, haven't read gunslinger) what I'm getting at is, that's fucking ridiculous. It should be a 1 on a d100.

Yeah, the first 1 I roll on any d20 roll gets rerolled but it isn't much of an issue because I roll well enough that they thought I was cheating (until somebody else piloted my character for a session and got like ten crits versus the two they've had including today's session). I would get lucky but feats are a bit of an issue.

It's actually closer to a .25% chance. The previous misfire was because I forgot about lucky. Violent shot adds another roll (1d12->2d12, 1d12+2d10->2d12+4d10) at the cost of a grit and upping the misfire by 2 for the shot.

Is Bearbarian the absolute best option for being strong out of combat? I'm talking kicking in stone doors, smashing trees down and being the strongest guy around. Also are there any actual rules for smashing things or using improvised giant objects as weapons?

i'm getting hypnotic pattern for sure, as my main thing is crown control and disables, most of my actions in combat have been portent hold person or just lucky rolls on tasha's hideous laughter.

i might get fireball from an npc so my options were between fly, leomund's and haste. bestow curse (wis) with portent does sound absolutely brutal but the initial touch range is pretty risky with my beyond shit AC and HP.

i've found that portent can do some really fucking stupid shit but i guess it's balanced by the fact that the rest of the divination feature are total shit, and most divination spells in general are also pretty crap.

Can you teach the diviner wizard in my party how to play? He just casts fog cloud occasionally and uses minor illusion to try and give advantage but the DM never lets him

I think one of the UA skill feats does a similar double carry weight/push/pull etc, but it's the same shit. Bearbarian and goliath, definitely stronk mode.
The dmg has a few general rules for AC and HP for certain materials and objects, like wood and stone doors, walls, etc. The only rules that come to mind about improvised weapons are the phb says improvised weapons do 1d4 damage. Any sane DM would recognize that as referring to things like pipes or bottles, and up the damage done by larger improvised weapons like tables, chairs, anvils, etc (I'd probably rule 1d6, 1d8, and 1d12 respectively and they'd either break or I'd have to trust my players to not immediately start using anvils as weapons because I ruled it that way that one time)
There may be more rules in the dmg about other options for improvised weapons but I haven't bothered looking for them because it's not hard to just bullshit something.

if you have a familiar you can use him to use touch spells

You got a familiar, dontcha? Send that little bastard in to caste bestow curse for you.

My earth focused wizard (first wizard) who was also a bladesinger.... Didn't go good but he was an old man that lived by himself and learned to use earth in weird ways. poison spray was earthly gauntlets that had sulphur crystals in them that shot the gaseous spray and chocked them for the damages... Or burning hands like above gaunlets but just rock heated to lava and shit out. Was really impressed and dm liked the flavoring. Died @ 3 from bone naga crit....

oh shit, i had forgotten about that. i do have find familiar but i haven't gotten around casting it and using it. what are some other fun things to do with a familiar in general?

If you're trying to pick between fly, leomunds, and haste for one of your free spells, haste is the one that will give you the most immediate returns. The other two are definitely ones that are gonna be the absolute fucking best... that time you need them. But you're never gonna know when that time is gonna be.

shit idk the wizard in my party uses it to give people advantage

Alright, looking it over though the Powerful Build ability alone gives me a stupidly high carry weight.

I was hoping to be more damage focused then tanky but looking at the level 3 totem options none of them really do that. I might just go Berserker because it fits the character.

Scouting, using the familiar's senses to see in the dark if you can't, getting advantage with the help action on the first attack per turn/skill checks, the casting as mentioned. Can't think of anything else. General fun times that come with having a lil pet.

this is with an owl, i presume?

Is it just me or is the Hunter's Whirlwind significantly weaker then the Volly option?

>tfw no more midget porn/quality story

An ancient Greek philosopher who observes the world with monastic arts being taught at temple squares.

>Long Death monks - study at the temples of Hades
>Open hand monks - study at the temples of Hera
>Sun soul monks - study at temples of Apollo
>Shadow monks - study at temples of Hermes



I've never played pathfinder desu, is it just 100% halflings or something?

Ah, you're looking for damage? The classic maneuver is to take half-orc barb with a greataxe to get 3d12 on a crit, that only gets better as you take barb levels. But if you'd rather go Goliath for strong build, try these options instead:
3rd level, take wolf totem. That gives your allies advantage on attacks against creatures you're near. That doesn't necessarily help you (you're gonna be reckless attacking every round anyway) but they'll fucking love you.
6th level, honestly, there's no good options besides bear. Might as well take it. That's the utility level.
14th level, take tiger from SCAG to get a nice bonus action attack.

Or, if you go berserker you get a bonus action attack every round anyway and do all the damage.

owl would definitely get you darkvision, I forget what the other options are. Cat, fish, raven, etc. Or the cat thing from SKT which is apparently really good or a pseudodragon if it fits. But all the rest of it is general familiar stuff. I think a lot of people would take owl because of the free disengage it has.

Still not sure about race. I don't particularly like Half-Orcs but I love their abilities so fucking much. Might be able to spin that I'm only Quarter-Orc.

Actually I might just do a Half-Orc Berserker. Go max damage.

Whirlwind can hit at max 8 targets, volley could hit... 20 targets? Depending on how you count out the squares, I guess. I'm sure there's a template in the phb or dmg that shows a 10 ft circle. Longbow is, I think, 1d10 and so is a long sword held with two hands, so there's definitely potential for more targets with volley.
Actually, I suppose you could have targets stacked vertically and hit them with whirlwind, so that would be at most... 17. Still not as good.

Plus it requires being in melee and let's be honest, +2 Attack is better then Dueling's +2 Damage.

No. But it is 100% fetish speak and where you belong.

You think so? I'd rather take damage any day. AC never gets all that high, and at 11th level you've most likely got a baseline +9 to hit, against what's most likely mooks if they've got you surrounded like that you're probably gonna need to roll, what, 5 or better? That's not too bad.

Alaways ask your GM what the setting is like. Maybe the celestial thing makes sense, maybe not.