The Orz

>Your local spacefaring part/IOM starts travelling and exploring worlds in their local science fiction setting
>Suddenly whilst they are taking note of something in another sector, they get reports of an entire inhabited system going dark
>Heads over there immediately
>Suddenly, they are assaulted by a deafeningly loud nose that rings through their skulls, and sounds like a voice repeating the word "DIE" over and over again
>Translator states that it is having difficulties translating the language of these entities, and that there are several lingual anomalies
>Hello extremely! I hope you like to play!

Your party/favorite spacefaring civilization is unfortunate to encounter the Orz. What happens Veeky Forums?

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Also general thoughts on the various races of Star Control, and how one would portray them in a Science Fantasy setting.

I'd kill for a black spathi veteran.

Ur-Quan are totally fucking radical. A race of huge predators who freed themselves from pyschic tyrants through horrid self-torture in a galactic crusade for freedom that split into genocide and tyranny? Most villains wish they had half the same backstory

Spathi are quite adorable, if very dangerous.

Say hello calmly and leave quickly.



I'd say they're only dangerous when startled.

Another interesting thing to note is that the Ur-Quan DON'T see themselves as being evil, or at least the Kzer-Za don't. they see themselves as "protecting" civilizations from the dark reaches of space by enslaving them. And considering that things like the Orz exist, they aren't exactly wrong about that.

I use Orz as the baseline for communing with the higher planes.

But will you not try the *sauce* before you go user? Trust me, once you become a *Happy Camper* and the *change* begins, you won't want to leave

Kzer-Za barely freed themselves from D'nyarri. Orz considers the only race to escape enslavement to be amusing prey, and Arilou to be mildly annoying.
I doubt that overgrown spiders could really save anyone from Orz or his cousins.

What kinda system would even be good for a science fantasy setting?

Yeah, but they would probably try. Before they end up joining the *party* at least.

GURPS maybe? You could toss in some COC mechanics for meeting things like the Orz and company.

Also bumping with the closest thing the Orz have to an actual threat to them, the Arilou.


Is this game worth trying out? Is there a specific version or mod I should play?

It is very much worth it. Cool aliens and dialogues, great villains, okay story, weird but manageable space battles, and a grand space sandbox. you could play with version or try emulating DOS. Remixes are great.

IDK, paranoid, cowardly, mollusc with a howitzer. I think they'd be terrifying if they could muster the gumption to have any kind of intelligence agency.

And remember to play it without voices.

why no voices? I've seen plenty of videos of alien conversations on youtube, and the voices aren't that bad.

But the voice of the Orz is the greatest thing ever user.

Also have some VUX. Otherwise known to the Orz as *Silly Cows*

Fuck off, the voices are great.

Considering the Orz happened to one of their own slave races, they aren't exactly right about it either.


Is it really a threat to the Orz?

I mean, a frog can jump in the pond to prevent me from catching it, but if I'm determined to catch it, I can just grab a net. Or if I'm really determined, I'll get a fucking water pump and drain the pond.

That's the terror of the Orz. It's not a race. It's a person. A single person from a higher universe poking its fingers into our universe.

TBF, if they weren't busy getting their shit slapped by their evil twins, they might have intervened.

Fuck off Zarla, the UQM voices are one of the best ever.

the artist who drew that pic had a huge hateboner for the voices.
the reasons being basically "my husbando sounds different how I imagined, die die die!"

You breathe pure ethanol, I don't wanna try any *sauce* you drink.

Not really a 'threat' I guess, but more of an inconvenience. Whenever the Arilou start *jumping in front* they prevent the Orz from having their *parties*, which is bad news for EVERYONE. Also I wouldn't call what the Orz are the *fingers* of a "person" per se. That implies that we can understand what it truly is.

Word of god

> One thing I've wondered - is Orz the same as 'Them', or is Orz "competing" with 'Them' over the Androsynth (like food?), or protecting the Androsynth from 'Them' - by *pulling* the Androsynth away before 'They' can find the Androsynth again?
> The Orz is part of Them, the projection of Them into TrueSpace.

> Fwiffo- What really happened to the Androsynth in sc2?
> In regards to the Androsynth: They were snagged by the entity who/which projected its fingers into our dimension (which looked to us as the Orz.)

Oh I know what the Orz really are. Just saying that it can't be described as a "person". It's an unfathomable demonic monstrosity from *below*, that seeks to *party* with everything in the universe. It is something that by very definition we can never comprehend.

Ah ok, I misunderstood. At the very least we know that the Orz are a single extra-dimensional entity that seeks to interfere with our dimension's inhabitants for some sinister reason.

The Arilou are clearly antogonistic to them but they're surprisingly ok with you bringing Orz with you to meet them.

I think Orz were initially supposed to freak out and attack you if you brought them into quasispace?
Really late upd: HD mod looks nice.

I actually really dislike the HD mod. Too shiny and clean ruins some of the old school aesthetic in my opinion. Thankfully that mod lets you use the original graphics so that's pretty cool.

I don think it was an "attack". It was more like "They can see you now, all is lost". Pretty much, if you went into Quasispace with the Orz, you doomed everyone as They could finally *smell* you properly, and thus invite you to the *party*.

Maybe I should ask what they did to Androsynths

You are *frumple*! Now is time for *dancing*

Nah, I think it was actually just Quasispace not being *smooth* and *frumple* or something. They freaked out, it and/or Arilou caused them pain...

but I've not seen or read it in a long time, so idk senpai.

Poor fool. What have you done?

Also have some Sylandro, and their probe. WE COME IN PEACE.



What are those glowy bits?

They're... uhmmm. You know. When the male and female do.. You know. Stuff.

Have some Orz to take your minds off of Sylandro "glowy bits".


Damn Kohr-Ah. Why must they hate us som much.

Don't forget that both Kzer-Za and Kohr-Ah are nice enough to believe in reincarnation, so when they disintergrate you it's in their best interest that you reincarnate as one of them.

I've always wanted to run a PNP game in the Star Control 2 setting, but I never figured out which one would do it best.

Also have some music from the best species:

I want to use all the star control races in my game, did anyone ever give them stats for any kind of system at all?

Ah. The words. You spoke the words, alien.

But that's all the time.

Yeah, but they who knows how long THAT could take, especially since we might end up reincarnating into the body of another species that they will exterminate. And we don't even know if the universe will still be there if the Orz manage to arrive full.

>Haha orz are cute. CUTE!
>Read the lore
>See this video
>W-well at least the music is still cu-
>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches
Orz are frightening.

That's the best thing about Orz, and a good example of how awesome SC2 writing is. On the first glance, they're cute fish...things with funny incomprehensible speech, but upon a closer inspectiong they're some kind of eldritch monstrosity from another dimension that wiped out an entire race and whose purpose and motivation is impossible to determine.

The same game also had the Mycon, who also get freakier them more you learn of them. Although they at least have a fairly mundane orginin in artificial organism created for terraforming planets, whose original programming got corrupted over the thousands of years after the disappearance of their creators untill it became some weird religious mission to wipe out every inhabitable planet in the galaxy.

>untill it became some weird religious mission to wipe out every inhabitable planet in the galaxy
Nope, they're still terraforming. It's just that their/their creators' preferred environment differs from yours.

they are benises of gas people

>>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches

This is true.

>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches

>>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches

I think that's one of the most terrifying things when first making contact with the Orz. You meet these strange fish.. things who have silly dialogue, and even more silly music. But then you listen closely to what they are saying, realizing the darker implications in their words. Then you realize the music is literally just a demonic voice saying DIE in various pitches and tones, and it quickly becomes apparent that the Orz are a demonic monstrosity from what may or may not be Hell, (if you take the whole the Orz come from *below*, and the Arilou *quick babies* from *above* to mean Hell and Heaven respectively). Doesn't help that their voice has a demonic aftertone to it that you might not hear at first due to it blending in with the -other- demonic voices in the background music. Yeah, Orz are pretty fucking terrifying.

>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches

So you don't know what his opinion is but hate it anyway. Good to know.

Holy fuck no


1. hers
2. that was literally the reason, she wrote at length about it back in the day.

I never noticed that.

Holy FUCK.
This and Path of Now and Forever are the best tracks. Prove me wrong.

The Orz' apparent friendliness concealing predatory motives, with a seemingly-friendly visage clearly constructed by an outer intelligence...

I think I just noticed one of their relatives from /a/.

Now I want to use this in a campaign... except I have no group to GM.

Compared to the Kohr-Ah, the Kzer-Za are pretty great they are pretty helpful to the races that don't make trouble like finding the Syreen a new planet, and allowing the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm despite what they end up doing, all though I don't think they predicted that. They are definitely one of the best examples of grey villains in any media.

So are the Orz even a threat to humanity, I thought the Arilou made sure that humanity couldn't be *smelled*?

Reminder the Spathi were right all along about the great evil that can't be detected by scanners.

They did, but they also stated that if Humanity was dumb or reckless enough to reveal themselves, they can, and -would- be seen. And Humanity despite all the warnings, stupidly decides to go to Androsynth space and reveal themselves to the Orz, and their *cousins*. That's why the Orz were so happy to see you. They couldn't *smell* you so they couldn't see you at first, but you just went up and delivered yourself like a nice gift-wrapped package, right at their front door.

>Orz looking for and find you!
>So much joy!!

Kyubey is WAY nicer and more comprehensible than the Orz. Kyubey can at least be understood, and if you ask him questions looking for answers, he will give them to you, whilst leaving some tiny (from his perspective) details out. The Orz? You can't even talk about the original inhabitants of the star-cluster they have come to inhabit without them threatening to do the same thing to you. Kyubey may be a dick, but he won't harm you, at least not directly. He and his kind don't do anything REALLY devious or evil until Rebellion, and that's mostly due to their sheer apathy to most matters not concerning energy harvesting, and the fact that until Rebellion, something like the Law of Cycles hadn't even existed. Kyubey will fuck you over yes, but in a very indirect way, and will never usually take action himself. The Orz will fucking *dissolve* you for inquiring too much into what happened to the last group of people they murdered.

So it wasn't the reason, it was a simple strawman of it you made to fit your anger. Good to know.


How do they build their ships? If they are just projections of a single entity from another layer of reality why was their gimmick power-armoured marines as boarding parties?

Since they are *many fingers* of a greater being if you utterly destroy enough of them will that begin to have a negative effect on said entity?

>screwing little girls over with contracts no one bothers to read
>not really evil

Not any more evil than P2W online gaming, really.

So the Orz are projections of... something that wants to enter reality, has no real understanding of death as we know it and really, really hated the androsynth for some reason

But why do they kill?

>Realize it's just saying DIE in various pitches

>and really, really hated the androsynth for some reason

Not sure it did. It just noticed them, which seems to be pretty bad for the species in question. I mean, the entity says that it's been making sport of hunting those sentinent stones ever since the sentinent milleu fell and they had to withdraw to another dimension.

Not so much hated as much as it noticed the Androsynth due to them messing with some higher dimensional shit and grabbed them.

That seems even worse, they murder entire species just... because?

If a goat happens to fall asleep where a crocodile will find it, is it really murder?

Do the Orz even conceptualize it as murder?

Because they are pretty much the embodiment of evil. I mean, when somethings BACKGROUND MUSIC literally says how much it wants you to DIE repeatedly, you know that it's nothing good.

Probably they seem to at least understand death.

The *fingers* *smelled* them, and so it was time to *party* and *squeeze* the *juice*.

>Spathi are quite adorable

That's not how you spell "Supox".

any idea where the hell are the taalo?

how much of a melt down would the ur-quan have when they finaly see their friend from teh millieu are still alive?

They escaped to a different dimension to avoid the Orz. That's really all we know.

>Reproductive assistance