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Do you play VTES? If so, how did you get into it?

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10/10 would waifu.

Planning out a werewolf the foresaken game in a future setting where tge various iterations of the masquerade stop working as well due to a publically witnessed event. To which I ask: would a political assassination by an awoken antifa be too on the nose?

You can't exactly use an Awakened act as what triggers the breach of the Veil, as Quiescence will just surround the event with confusion.

Neither that much with Uratha, as they have Lunacy.

You'd need a Vamp to really shit the bed. Possibly in a conflict with a Werewolf.

post you're characters


Are you that weird eight armed creature?

>random Kine schmuck
>Bleed 3
Fuck that noise, at least it has no Stealth.

Actually, going even further, if it's a WtF game I'd ignore the existence of Mages altogether.
The capacity for even a single Master of Time to complete retcon the even that triggered it from ever happening? Would require it to have been supported by an entity on the level of the Exarchs.

no that's my character's geist

How attractive

shhh she's shy

Serious question: has anyone played a mortals game that was none of the following:
1. Hunter
2. Set up to become Vampires (or some other appropriate splat)
3. A one-shot
How would you do this? Would you run it like Call of Cthulhu where you aren't really expected to fight and win? I'd rather just use CoC then. I guess you could use the GMC stuff but that never really interested me.

That depends, does mortal beat cops who occasionally have to deal with monster crimes count as Hunter?

The line is blurred since tier 1 hunters are basically just better organized normies (hopefully this is something addressed in Hunter 2e). I'd say if most of the sessions don't deal with the supernatural then it isn't Hunter.

We didn't have Practical XP or Hunter Tactics or anything, if that makes the difference.


Take a look at the merit Double-Jointed, in 2e. Requires dexterity 3, though.

let's go vtes people log on to lackey

The text for it is amusing.

>looks at the picture
>looks at the text
>wouldn't rate 4 on his scale

He should just admit he is skeptical about vagina

The narrator is some faggy pretty boy with model looks IIRC.

I'm too drunk

I'd play it in my mata hari ally deck, if I liked allies over progeny and the like. Just as I said that, I recalled bima. I'd like to make a horde deck out of this, but have no idea what to do with it.

I fucking hate cardposters

>cardposter supremacy

How about multiple cardposting? Do you like me now senpai?

VtM vs VtR

Which one has the potential for more powerful characters, playable or not (without including the Antediluvians)?

Masquerade is only stronger in potential if you bring in their respective Methuselahs and above.

Otherwise Requiem is just better in-general, if not a bit droll in comparison.

depends on what powerful you mean vtm 1e/2e/revised celerity giving extra actions is superior in combat easily.

I always thought Requiem's Celerity was superior, personally.

Theres a reason they removed extra actions from chronicles of darkness. Even in 1e combat marksman or anything else that allowed multiple attacks per round was OP.

Eh, it was easy to interrupt the actions using contingencies. Or surprising them.

What would you like to see posted then?

Mage Supremacy

>Mage Supremacy

Mage Supremacy you say?

>mage supremacy


Would AM from "I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream" be a good approximation of a True Fae?

If memory serves, it's more like God-Machine.

AM essentially took the last of humanity and turned them into his playthings. What AM does to Benny is pretty close to making him a Beast/Ogre kith

The God Machine's doesn't harbour the incomprehensible hatred for humanity that AM does, though. Its grander goals are just too alien for us to comprehend. AM, on the other hand, is driven by a singular directive: he hates humanity to an extent that he expends all resources available to him to torture the last humans forever.

>The God Machine's doesn't harbour the incomprehensible hatred for humanity that AM does

You assume.

>people find a strange solace in the face of abject torture, finding some meaning amidst the pain, just like Ted did when he doomed himself to eternal pain to save the others
>the apparent meaningless of the universe and the accompanying existential dread is far more severe a torture than being turned into a blob forever is
>turns out the God Machine not only hates us way more than AM ever did, but it's much better at its job than he is


The Gentry don't go out of their way to spite humanity. That's counterproductive to where their interests lie.

>How would Daeva not make perfect partners
Somebody hasn't read the Daeva clanbook.

Question for the veterans;
What's the most bullshit thing a player could potentially do?

Any gameline of any edition, whether it be OWoD or CofD.
Yes, this is a munchkinry question.

Get to Time 3, then create a Demense.
Travel to that Demense occasionally, before great and momentous occasions.
Later, when you need to fucking annihilate the timeline, go to your Demesne, and reach with infinite Reach on Shifting Sands.
This will propel you back in time, to the point you entered at. Seeing as both the start and end point of that time-jump occur within a Demesne, the Demesne's infinite paradox-free reach effect is maintained.

>not Darkeff

Get the Age merit to farm experience point and then sleep with the GM to create the perfect char against his campaign


Playing a Mortal Psychic in a blender game.
After a few trips to the Hedge he now refers to Changelings as "bush people", much to the group's amusement.

The New Age of Geist is upon us! 2e draws ever closer!

Geist 2e - GenCon 2025!

Funny enough Geist 2e is now allegedly the next full splat book we're getting since Changeling 2e is in partial reconstruction and Hunter 2e is just getting started. According to DaveB (90% sure at least), Geist is pretty much just about done with Second Draft stage and is just about on full development.

>Hunter 2e is just getting started
No fucking way. It should have started last year.

I think it started very late last year or the beginning of this year. The open call for writers was ended around August-September last year. It didn't pop up on the Monday notes at all until Geist 2e was already at the Second draft stage more or less.

How would you stat Count Chocula as a vampire?

I'm almost certain Hunter had a couple of open devs before radio silence.

It did, but didn't have any progress listings. It was more of the Developer mentioning some of her plans for the new edition as well as asking for feedback with cutting or focusing on certain things. After that was open call for writers on the book.

Geist 2e was also mentioned and referred to as Onyx Path's worst kept secret and they even thought there might have been a public announcement for it all the way back in 2014.

Though I guess all that time let them all the writers get on the same page over what will be in the book and why it appears to be blazing quickly along in development. Coupled in with people like DaveB also having a hand in the development of the book and working on the new indepth playable ghosts in the book.

How hard would it be to pull off some romance side-action in a VtR game? With a non-Daeva character.

Why would you need Entropy 2 for that, Entropy 1 would be enough.

Entropy 1 lets you do if then statements.
Entropy 2 is for actually controlling probability.

Anybody grab the PDF for Conquering Heroes yet?

I wish someone would update the pastebin with the two megas that have everything.

General Mega: mega.nz/#F!pBE1hYSK!DQKqkQgl8vs5mV9qaIWDnw!9BlQlJ5D

OWoD-specific Mega: mega.nz/#F!YIgVwQKY!ykGezjo3qppcgHXzTKuBGQ!8N5hQYpA

NWoD-specific Mega:mega.nz/#F!rFIDxRRK!IEzkLlroRoPwmDqtxKRMsw!PJYEwATA

It's in the Beast folder in the first link, which is the better/more updated of the bunch.

Good ol' reflexive spell triggers.

Quick history question, when exactly in WoD history did Veeky Forums first come into existence? I know it was after new had already started, but how far along was it?

I believe about 2006 or 2007? That'd put it right around Promethean or Changeling's appearance, definitely around the exact moment that people got pretty positive about CofD.

Veeky Forums was made Feb 13, 2007

Anyone have Cursed Necropolis: Rio?

Every time mage and combat comes up it feels like the mage is that one kid who was always "nuh uh I got a force field" and it just kept escalating until you stopped playing or punched him in the face

To put it into perspective, when Veeky Forums formed:

-World of Darkness: Urban Legends would come out in three months.
-Vampire the Requiem: Requiem Chronicler's Guide has hit stores the very same day.
-Werewolf the Forsaken: The Rage - Werewolf Chronicler's Guide came put the week before.
-As did Promethean the Created: Magnum Opus
-Mage the Awakening: Legacies - The Ancient came out last month.
-Changeling the Lost: Core Rulebook is six months away

What are some fun thaumaturgic paths?

Path of Praapti has one of my favorite Thaumaturgy quotes
>In legend, a master of Praapti could travel to the moon. Three centuries ago, the sorcerer Raivata deviced an ancillary ritual that enabled him to perform this feat... but Raivara was a better mystic than an astronomer. He forgot that he could see his lunar destination because it was in sunlight. No sorcerer since then has performed Raivata's ritual.

What this means is that Veeky Forums has seen:

-The entire Changeling line
- The entire Hunter line
-The Geist book and the other one
-The CCP buyout
-The entire lifecycle of the WoD MMO
-The start of the X20 program (remember, V20 was supposed to be a one time only thing, and wasn't even Kickstarted)
-The dawn of OPP and White Wolf AB
-The entire Kickstarter era up to now
-The dawn of nWoD 2e/CofD, and the Officer on Officer Baton Fight
-All of the Mummy, Demon and Beast lines

>the Officer on Officer Baton Fight
I humbly request some context to that

>the Geist book and the other one

‹◊› torrie ‹◊›

It's okay, we're actually going to be getting supplement books for Geist 2e. They've had teased and planned to bring up certain interesting topics to reserve for supplement Geist books, such as Sin-Eaters that have multiple Geists attached to them (Hive-Bargained for lack of an official term), Revisiting Abmortals (They're not in the corebook, to make room for the new antagonists) and some other antagonists such as the Beetlejuice/Bloody Mary type of ghosts that become urban legends. Think they also teased the idea of getting into the Bound that are attached to Cthonians instead of Geists like they mentioned in Dark Eras.

Could a Tremere recognize a Tzimisce on sight? Like, if the Tzimisce had used Vicissitude to make themselves look just like a normal vampire, is there something that a Tremere, or any other vampire, could do to find out they're a Tzimisce? On the spot mind you, and with no access to the Tzimisce's blood.

I can't remember what game, but I remember there's a book that lists a trait, merit, or flaw or something that makes it so a PC always has a werewolf suitor chasing after them to use as mating stock. Anyone remember?

These threads need more memes

How exactly did the moon landing occur in the WoD?

Technocrats trying to monkeystomp fae and kill their homeland by showing everyone it's a dead rock
Plan backfired and awakenings/dreaming exploded among mundies as they realized HUMANITY FUCK YEAH

Or so I've been told, I'm just a hunter

In CofD I'm pretty sure they let loose the Idigam but were other wise normal.

In OWoD I believe it extended the consensus to the irl moon and killed a bit of the Umbra, but was once again, other wise a normal according to the history books landing.

in OWoD didn't it also kind of kick start changeling?

No one is exactly sure what's canon about the moon landings anymore since Changeling was removed from WoD in the Revised Era. More or less, the gates of Arcadia closed at some point and the Mages didn't really give a fuck.

>Every time mage and combat comes up it feels like the mage is that one kid who was always "nuh uh I got a force field" and it just kept escalating until you stopped playing or punched him in the face

Best description of mage i ever read.

would Tito get along well with Ali?

Perhaps, he's living the retired life with his wife (also a Sin-Eater) in Alaska.

As long as Ali's fine with basically Charlie Day with ghost powers I don't see why not.

Tzimisce don't need to use Vicissitude to make themselves look normal; they're not Nosferatu. Also, sadly, I don't think so, though that might be an interesting power to develop on a new path.

>the WoD

If you're not in Mage and Mage alone, there is no consensus and reality doesn't work off of belief.

I wish this post could get upvotes.

Neat. Thanks.

Also nothing stops Tzimisce from making themselves look "naturally" disfigured to make others think they are Nosferatu

So large scale shifts in human thought and behavior don't effect the spirit world in werewolf?

Except contingencies are just not difficult at all for a competent mage to put up.

But I do get the joke.

All stats
of course

What reconstruction are they doing to Changeling?

This would make for a great Space Opera setting, World of Darkness style.

In Werewolf, spirits dictate what reality is rather than the other way around, so you might get some new spirits to reflect new things, but you won't get a wholesale change in the Middle Umbra. The High Umbra will get shuffled around way more, but few Garou or Fera visit it, so it would go mostly unnoticed to them.

Another Tzimisce-related question.

It says that the clan weakness is "they must surround themselves with at least two handfuls of earth from a place important to them as a mortal" whenever they sleep.

But do they have to literally surround themselves? Could they make flesh-pockets in their bodies and put the dirt in there?