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Didn't see one and figured might as well since the new expansion might spice things up.

Are you building a new deck, upgrading an existing deck or just playing your old deck?

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R/B zombies will likely go unchanged. The deck is already tight as-is and casting creatures at sorcery speed is for chumps. Shadow of the grave might be alright for free haunted dead activations should I have to discard something I don't want to, but it seems inconsistent.

I don't think anything is strong enough to bring any meaningful changes to standard. Sure one or two things will make it through, such as Manglehorn, but for the most part we can expect to see the exact same decks being played as we saw previously.

Weathered Wayfarer is spice

I'm upgrading my GR Energy, but i don't know if i go full Pummeler/Fling or just plain Aggro with Rhonas the Indomitable, Samut, Voice of Dissent, Khenra Charioteer and Bloodrage Brawler.

black/White weenies: black trial, white cartouche, couple gideons.

desu the only meaningful change that could come is a rotation

while amonkhet is a fairly good set everything in it is going to be overshadowed with the way the current meta is. ally of zendikar rotating out will do a lot in that regard, if nothing else.

>Are you building a new deck, upgrading an existing deck or just playing your old deck?
I'm going to find room for fling in pic related.

Haven't cared about standard since the khans block, but I'm thinking of building gr pummeler just to play fling.

>Shit turn 5 format

Isn't this completely hilarious with Mercurial Geists?

Love it

So nothing rotates out when amonkhet drops right?

like everyone else, I'm gonna be sleeving up a Drake Haven brew with Prized Amalgam and scrapheap scrounger

I'll probably maintain my Grixis Control deck, there are a few decent additions coming out for it.

Kinda sad the abundant artifact hate coming out is going to screw over Temur Tower builds, however. That was one of the few competitive builds I had fun with.

Can someone help me find a good 1drop for this deck? The other drops are great and all, but for an Aggro deck, it sure lacks 1-drops.

Fucking loved this guy in pre-release, especially when facing BW zombie spam

When are they going to stop pretending that people actually play this garbage?

You mean standard or MtG in general?

Because they're both selling very well so probably not any time soon.

Is standard still a 3 deck format? I haven't paid attention to the format in a month, and barely paid attention before then

Are there any good youtube channels for learning MTG?

I went 2/2/2 last night in sealed and I'm pretty sure its because I don't know when to attack or when to block and with what but I can't seem to find a tutorial anywhere

>play the infamous U/R emerge
>still wait for the U/R cycling land
It's a sad world

>Isn't this completely hilarious with Mercurial Geists?
Not if Geists is the one you sacrifice to cast it. Sacrifice is part of the cost to cast Fling, and therefore it will die before its trigger is put onto the stack. (and its trigger will never be put onto the stack because it will be dead as the spell is cast)

Do you think Standard needs another set of bannings? Do you think there will be one on Monday?

>does standard need bannings
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
Felidar Guardian or Saheeli

this would blow the format open and maybe make it playable
if they don't ban at least cat they really fucked up and banning Gideon is a smart move

>do you think they will ban anything
they are incompetent and don't want to "shake player faith in their card value" even though 1 of the cards that should be on the chopping block is going to rotate at Ixalan and won't retain value anyway and the other is a bulk uncommon attached to a planswalker that shouldn't be worth more than $5 anyway

they could also unban Reflector mage and it wouldn't hurt the format

Download the free Magic Duels game. It's not quite the same (it skips some of the rules technicalities that are important to know and there are added deck building restrictions) but it lets you practice the basics.

Kessig Prowler is underrated.

If you were going to fill your deck with as many cycling cards as possible in an attempt to rebuild a mediocre Astral Slide, what would be your preferred cycling cards to include and colors

Initially I was gonna stick pure U/B but white has Cast Out which is an instant speed O Ring for Gideon as well as the instant that exiles enchantments/artifacts and the one that gains you 2 life when you cycle it

Esper maybe? If you throw in the new cycling duals as well as a couple of the BFZ lands it shouldn't be too hard to make even the SOI lands ETB untapped if you want to use them

I want to play something like this with Haven. It does things but I can't get it right. Aggro is a pain in the ass too

I totally forgot about him. Thanks!

Standard will be functionally unplayable if there are no bannings. I don't know if they're actually going to ban anything - it is going to really deeply suck for them to do it - but I think they have no other choice. There's about a 1% chance that Standard is good without at least one banning. There is just no good format there. Even waiting for the PT would be a huge mistake, because the PT is going to suck if there's no bannings.

can anyone out there think of a deck that could - even potentially - have game against both Mardu Vehicles and Copy Cat? That's not just a worse version of Mardu Vehicles or Copy Cat? It really does not seem like there is any such deck.

There's a number of Amonkhet cards that can answer cat combo reasonably well and even a few that can prey on vehicles and Gideon

The problem is we've had like, what, 6 months now of people non stop bitching about standard and how we need a ban and that's the only way to save standard. Articles on websites about how awful standard is and that a ban is needed.

I think a ban is going to happen just to renew faith in the format.


Rotation happens in September when Aztec world drops. BFZ and SOI blocks rotate out.

just having hate cards isn't enough, though. that's a bad argument. they have to go into decks that can win. what deck plays which Amonkhet hate card to have game against Cats?

Nope, 2 deck format now

Things will change on the 24th when new B&R update comes

You're right, I was thinking mainly sideboard tech

But even if, let's pretend, new decks did emerge I think they'd still be better off with a ban now to get people actively coming back to standard.

My store has 15+ person modern FNMs every week and maybe 1 person will show up for standard, it's crazy

Dope, pummeler with fling here I come.
Anyone have suggestions on what to cut?


And now that throne of the god pharaoh is a card, not even new Thalia or authority of the consuls (or dampening pulse forom the 2 tower players left in the world) stops copycat anymore.

One of them has to be banned or standard dies, and OP dies with it. Gideon also needs a ban desperately but won't be because muh gatewatch movie promo

I'm cutting the four uncaged fury for 3 flings and a khenra charioteer and a larger than life for another khenra charioteer.

this is factually wrong

there are a grand total of 0 decks that exist which can do the things you have proposed

no deck in standard and no combination of cards in standard currently can
1. Stop cat combo reliably to the point that it nullifies it in 90% of games against the deck
2. can play against the fair side of cat combo deck with a favorable matchup
3. can play against mardu vehicles in game 1 with a favorable matchup
4. can play against mardu midrange planeswalker showdown in game 2 with a favorable matchup

basically any deck you can think of is going to lose to 3 out of these 4
sure you can come up with some group of 60 cards that will shit on one of these 99% of the time but they will get eaten alive by the other 3 with a 99% loss rate making the deck unplayable

bans are manadatory at this point and without 2 or 3 of them minimum the format is going to be unplayable trash

1. Gideon
2. Cat or Saheeli
3. Heart of Kiran

1 and 2 for sure need to go and 3 is a HIGH want on my list to kick the bucket
vehicles in general were a mistake and no one fucking likes artifacts
the only people that are gonna whine about bannings are those that invested money thinking that buying the cards wasn't a sunk cost and that they could somehow get their money back at the end of the format
aka kiddies and poor people
though shit start viewing cards as a sunk cost and never expect to make money back on them, you will enjoy the game more

Going to probably change B/U zombies into B/W.

I want to build a deck post kaladesh that isn't vehicles or energy though, any suggestions?


to put it another way - cat is a dominant choice against any strategy except aggro-value, and Mardu Vehicles is clearly the best, most powerful aggro-value deck. for another deck to exist, it either has to (a) be a better aggro-value deck than Mardu Vehicles or (b) have game against Cat doing something other than aggro-value. don't think there's any such deck.

I'm pretty new to Magic. I went to my first pre-release event today and had a good time. I want to put together a Standard deck for the first time- the limited deck I ended up playing was G/B so I wanted to do something with that. I basically have no idea how to deckbuild, though. Not planning on being super serious and competitive with it- what do I do?

You have two ways around it.
One is, wait for the Pro Tour and look at the decks the pros came up with. Choose one that you think looks fun and adjust it to your budget.
Second, wait until tomorrow when the banlist gets updated, open a deck editor, filter by the kind of cards you want and pick the ones you like.
I'd recommend going with the first one, you will learn more about making decks by looking at actually good decks. In the meantime, just play with your pile and ask your locals for good cards in those colors.

I can wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

On one side I think Amonkhet brought some very interesting cards to brew around. On the other side every brew seems to be sliding towards midrange. On an already remarkably midrangey format. FUCK MIDRANGE.

Probably Esper, yeah

Can anyone help me build this cat tribal deck (G/W)

Anyone got any suggestions for good removal/card draw/value creatures that stick?

sorry for the shitty pic. This is what I've put in it

Looting deck (with cards like Shadowstorm Vizier)

B/R or G/R hellbent

Zombies (so many ways to build)

Always Exerting (I suggest W/G for Benefaction of Rhonas).

>Cancer cat still not banned

I have a question anons.

Which do you prefer get banned:
Saheeli, or the cat?

I think I prefer Saheeli.

I need to wait for the Banned and Restricted announcement first before I even get to brewing/tuning decks.

I don't think there will be any changes again but who knows.

Gentlemen, how do we make cycling work

As much as I hate planeswalkers in general, saheeli is a balanced card on the face of things.

Normally the combo would be fine too, but since wizards hates instant speed interaction in standard, here we are.

I'd go with looting effects instead of straight up cycling. One user brought up Forgotten Creation.


I'd prefer Saheeli, there's nothing wrong with the cat.

But if you think Wizards is going to ban a facewalker when there are other options available, you're sorely mistaken. They've done everything they can to not ban Gideon, and hell will freeze over before they ban 2 planeswalkers at once.

>Banning Saheeli

Implying Wizards would even give political reactionists the opportunity to draw that as a "Muslim ban" parallel when they are going through their PR purging for the progressive crowd.

How does this list look to y'all?

Not running hotline fling with enigma Drake and carthartic reunion + tormenting voice

I'm building UB robots and either WU or mono U control. The W would just be for fumigate.

So is aether hub just worth running in a dual color deck with no energy?

You just tap it for colorless most of the game and when you finally need that color you can pay that one energy then. It seems viable as long as you aren't running many cards that take multiple defined colors like grasp of darkness.

Use guys who get bigger when cycling or discarding

Use New Perspectives + cards which net mana when you cycle (Shefet Monitor, Tumbling Sands)

Use Fling

if you take the arc crown it kinda looks like akuĀ“s head.

>Still trying to make Grixis Control work
>U/R Emerge would be so much easier

Temur Tower is going to be dead with all the new artifact hate, isn't it? I'm just trying to hold out for Bolas.


New Liliana is currently $15 on TCG. Think she'll go up or down? Was thinking about possibly getting two.


Those are some awfully nice minions you have there...

It would be a shame... if I were to....cycle and discard some cards wouldn't it?

>went 2-2 in my prerelease
>pulled 2 glorybringers, hazoret invocation, and a Gideon on prize packs
>Brian David-Marshall was also playing in my LGS

Overall not a bad weekend

If I have an upkeep thing that makes the opponent lose life and me gain for every minion he plays is it shared responsibility for keeping track or mine alone?

Some guy wasn't ticking down his life on minion summons, and I forgot to give myself life. He got mad when I said oh shit, wouldn't I have gotten life there?

Super salty and told me I should've told him or he wouldn't have made an attack.

Is Tezz playable at all in the new block? I've still got two kicking around that I wanted to use. Then I saw that stupid fucking green artifact killer.

Your responsibility to keep track of your own triggers.but if he doesn't deduct his life total after you call a trigger on time then you should call a judge on him.

Probably not at a prerelease though since it's supposed to be super casual but even then you will encounter your ultra-douches once in a while

Ah okay, I apologized. From what I understand judges can fix a mistake once usually? Then after that it's all on you depending on what kind of mistake. Especially if it's something that should've hurt him?

I'll try to pay better attention in the future.

For reference it was trespassers curse. I had to keep reminding players to deduct. It gets kind of tedious... the enchantment is mine, but it's placed on them?

Would this work as how I'm hoping it would?

Well if fling gets countered, you will look like a fool.

Explain what you are hoping to achieve.

Does it keep the +2 after dying and coming back same turn?

It kinda sucks there's a 3 mana plat angel right now.

nope, it's same card but different permanent then

>Summon a Gearhulk (Either on their turn or your own )
>Buff it with Supernatural Stamina
>Fling it
>Supernatural Stamina makes it come back
>Recyle the Fling you just used

It's janky as fuck but the thought of a giant, water shooting robot suddenly hulking out and throwing itself all over makes me smile.

When any combo sequence gets snuffed that happens so it's no big deal.

was this as pre-release or was this at a competitive event

if its pre-release it isn't really anyone's job to keep track and you should feel free to step back even a whole turn to try and resolve things
the point of pre-release is to get people acclimated with the new cards and mechanics so mistakes are encouraged and it is also encouraged to fix them so that you don't make them again in an actual competitive setting

if it was in a competitive setting it depends if the triggers are optional or not
if they are non-optional triggers that have to occur or you enter a broken game state then it is technically both players responsibility to remember them or you can both get warnings or worse if it happens more than once
if they are optional triggers then its all on you to remember them

50/50 responsibility? It was a prerelease

Both of us are breaking the game forgetting it.

yeah thats a state based non-optional trigger

at pre-release no one should give a shit
the whole point of the pre-release events is to get new players into the game, introduce all players to new mechanics and cards, and to have fun. Depending on your LGS though they can place waaaaaaay to much emphasis on winning depending on the rewards. Normally you are supposed to be awarded a pack or two per win and then have SOME kind of additional reward for anyone who us undefeated at the end with then additional prizes given out to anyone that went 0-4 and more prizes at random but many LGS forget this last part and all that happens is you get 1 pack per win and the whole pot is awarded to those who went undefeated which puts a ton of stress on the event and focuses the attention on winning more than teaching and learning

at a competitive event you would have both recieved a warning for ignoring a state based trigger and the judge would have issued some kind of penalty for you both or reset the game state to the point that it should have been depending on how many turns had passed.
there isn't really a %fault aspect to magic, instead judges just try to "fix" the game as best they can when someone makes a mistake that cant be undone

fault is really only issued when someone is cheating

>if it was in a competitive setting it depends if the triggers are optional or not
By "optional," do you mean whether or not the ability contains "may"? The IPG does not care about the use of "may" in triggered abilities.

>if they are non-optional triggers that have to occur [...] then it is technically both players responsibility to remember them
That is incorrect. Opponents are not required to point out triggered abilities that they do not control.

Even if it's on them? A curse seems like something that would make them sick. I don't have to remind someone their aids makes them cough up anal blood every 20 seconds.

All that matters is who controls the triggered ability. If you control Trespasser's Curse, then you control its triggered ability.

its a state based effect that affects both players, especially in this case since it is life totals

not having the correct life total as either player can be seen as misrepresenting game state and could result in a DQ for either or both players
there would be warnings issued to both players for missing this trigger depending on how many turns had passed. If it was 1 turn they would issue a warning and then allow continued play but if it was in the same turn they would just reset the game state, put the triggers on the stack, and then issue a warning to both players

>its a state based effect
The phrase "state-based effect" does not appear in the Comp Rules or the IPG. Can you explain what you mean by it?

>not having the correct life total as either player can be seen as misrepresenting game state
This situation isn't about maintaining the game state. It's simply a missed trigger scenario.

>there would be warnings issued to both players for missing this trigger
The only time a warning is given out for a missed trigger is if the ability is considered detrimental for the controller. As a reminder, I am talking about a competitive setting.

You control the enchantment so its your responsibility to announce the trigger.

no, you can't
sacrifice a creature is part of the cost

It will come back before Fling resolves, so you won't be able to target Fling again unless you have another Fling in your GY already

I'm thinking about a sort of R/W eldrazi and taxes
this is the list:
4x harsh mentor
4x glory-bound initiate
4x thought-knot seer
4x heart of kiran
4x eldrazi displacer
3x thalia, heretic cathar
3x vizier of deferment
4x gideon of the trials
3x harnessed lightning
3x cast out
4x aether hub
4x inspiring vantage
4x needle spires
4x crumbling vestige
2x sea gate wreckage
4x plains
2x mountain
3x magma spray
2x glorybringer
1x authority of the consuls
1x archangel avacyn
2x selfless spirit
2x glorious end
1x gideon, ally of zendikar
1x chandra, torch of defiance
1x by force
1x watchers of the dead

I'm playing Soul-Scarab Mage

The black spell isnt regenerate its a delayed reanimator. The fling combo works.

>not knowing how a spell resolve
never change, Veeky Forums

When Torrential Gearhulk comes back, what is its triggered ability going to target? The Fling that was used to sacrifice the gearhulk is still on the stack.

Where is it illegal to just print (monochrome so it's obvious i'm not trying to scam anyone) cards and put them in matte sleeves? I'm not giving more money to these jews.

Yo there has to be some combo deck with Flameblade Adept and noose constrictor rught?

Enjoy not playing in any REL tournaments

>expecting Veeky Forums to know what the stack is