ITT: Games ONLY you played

ITT: Games ONLY you played

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I wish I had the chance to play Dungeoneer

Behind, a German tabletop/tcg hybrid.

Oh God, dungeoneer is the only game I ever sold - it was terrible

Just card games?


>tfw this looks exactly like my gf


Jagun Fighters, but I only ever had a scant few

Or at least it feels that way.

God, I remember this. It wasn't even that bad, but nobody played it.

Man I loved playing this.

The excitement of possibly getting a loot card in each pack also made me buy it like crack when I was younger, much more so than mtg.

I just enjoyed the format. It was so different, having a hero who defined your deck. Felt nice. And dungeons were fucking awesome. I didn't have a good PC so I traded my loot cards for lots of good cards.

I now have a 90kg box of these cards and no one to play with

Got this card packaged with a dvd movie. I wish I got to play it at least once though.

I remember you from the rage stories thread. How does that game compare to hearthstone?


I played the shit out of the neopets tcg

pic very much related

Somehow this got an assload of expansions. I wish I still owned it.

>tfw it's still going but will never be popular again.

>Grow up in homeschooling, Christian home
>this is the only game that isnt "demonic"
Redemption card game. You have to send bible heroes (angels, prophets etc) to rescue your opponent''s lost souls while you guard your own lost souls with bible villains (demons, foreign kings etc)

Lego Xpod Playoff was my obscure game. Since I had all the sets, it never got too old.

>isn't demonic
>gameplay involves actual demons

Ironic right?
Take it up with my mom.

Meant to post this with it.


clanner scum

I hated the game resolution for this
Not 100% roflstomp the opponent? Then prepare to have his single carrot be the winning one.

My little bro and I never learned how to play this damn game, but we were able to make do with the little figures.

up to and including carpet burns on the knees?

Is Prominent Woman an antagonist or an ally? Really trick to tell with evangelicals.


I loved this shit. Cylindrical dice bro

I have some of those cards lying around.

Loved this shit on elementary school

Both of these were mine

I had that, but I never got the chance to play it.

fuck you niggers I had both\
the neopets TCG was actually pretty good from what I remember

You are not alone my friend.

Not a card game but a neat, niche, and crazy time travel rpg. Pretty sure many people have read this but no one else was actually crazy enough to try to play it.

The dragon symbol in the upper left hand means evil lol crosses mean good.

Good to know. I really hope Phillip the Apostle was in this set, because that`d be deliciously ironic.

I'm sorry, but Inner Sphere mechs always looked like derpy Gundam rejects to me.

Duel Masters is literally my dream job. I want to work on the team that comes up with its batshit card/set titles.

You aren't alone.
The card game got me into the franchise and I still have the cards.

Polish (I think) M:tG knockoff from years ago.

Anyone else keep getting this image?
It shows up in my captcha like twice an hour.

Antagonist, you can tell by the upper left corner.


Redemption Trading Card Game !

I played in tournaments.

Loved Whore of Babylon.

Hey, I know that guy! He cheated in a bunch of races to be the Avatar of the universe!

I'm so sad that this game was recently killed to make way for another game that doesn't look as good.

>4d intergalactic battleships played in a see of gold


Building your own board was fun
And who wouldn't love Vikings vs Orcs vs Samurai vs WW2 American Infantry vs Aliens etc. etc. all in not-Viking Mythology?

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing TCG
Harry Potter TCG
Star Wars Young Jedi TCG

Me to. Holy fuck. I remember watching this

The cards alone are a reason the own this game.

>Mutually Assured Distraction and Brainwash reach absurd prices
>Steve jackson is afraid of getting V& again and won't reprint.
At least I have bavarian fire drill and Y2K, and ported them to tabletop sim

Close, that's Hungarian.

The show was shit

I loved this game, still have tons of the minis.

i played this game with friends all the time
fun as fuck


fuck yes. I still have the first set from when I was a kid.

With all these games like Duelyst coming out, you'd think someone would jump on making a card game rip off of this.

I had one friend that tried really hard to get the group to play this.

Nobody ever did except his brother.

Loved this back in the day, had so many cards. I liked to run a light/fire combo deck.

I've tried playing MtG since, but I can't get over being land starved after this game

Mild embarrasment over this one...

why it plays really well man

have you tryed force of will?

It's just because it's a baby game for infants. Also, I'm more embarrassed about actually watching the animu regularly.

I know a lot of people have played this, but it just stands out as the first ttg my friend group were all really into. All but destroyed a copy of Deluxe Ogre/GEV through play during middle school.

And snuck in a box of minimalist lego units to play the miniatures game during study hall a few times. Made an Ogre you could actually take pieces off of to track damage.

Goddam I just really fucking love Ogre.

Zatch Bell. What I liked about this was that there were "spell books" that held all the cards in your deck. And I found that cool for simulating the battles in the show and just in general for a card game. Just the little big of a prop made me sort of "get into character" and get really enthusiastic while playing it.

Zatch Bell.. What I liked about this was that there were "spell books" that held all the cards in your deck. And I found that cool for simulating the battles in the show and just in general for a card game. Just the little big of a prop made me sort of "get into character" and get really enthusiastic while playing it.


It's far less random obviously, but it's pretty similar in feel.

Aw shit nigga I had this
I never actually played it though



Despite how long it's been discontinued there's still a fairly active (albeit small) community online that plays using Google docs and a web app. They have tournaments and a bunch of maps that the community deemed balanced and fun for competitive play. There's also a committee of players that regularly release new units (using 3rd party minis) that are deemed event-legal.

It's by far the most active dead game I know of

ZB is such a unique example of a TCG too. You literally stack the deck when you play and choose how much you mill, since your mill is equivalent to MP gain. It's such a fucking esoteric idea that I think that plus the show's lack of popularity is what kept it from taking off over here.

Doomtrooper, that was my jam back in the day.

I also played that D&D card game, Spellbreaker.

And the old school Star Wars CCG that was way too complicated for my ten year old brain.

And one last nostalgia trip: AvP CCG.

This popped up in another thread not too long ago, and was moderately fun from what I remember. But, it was in the middle of my hardcore weeb phase...

WoW TCG is great. The raid decks were fucking badass to play with people. I have all of them, along with a good pile of decks so that I can kinda build my own playgroup wherever I may go.

Dude, that shit was fucking head to head with MTG in the late 90s. Shit was badass. And still has a reasonably active online community.

This was pretty fun, and one of the only tabletop games I've played that involves a physical skill.

Somewhat related since it's also James Ernest and also has a slight physical element

i had a harry potter TCG booster set and i had no idea why as a kid.

Worse, I tried to figure out what the rules could possibly be and never got to do a real game as a kid.

but last year a friend of mine and I got together and managed to jigger the whole fucking thing based on recorded tourneys (WotC loved blogging play-by-plays back when internet was barely 2.0, the game only had Wizards attention for like 2 years though)

and now it's an upload on tabletop sim with shitty watermarked card art from individual card sale sites

but we finally played it when we finished, and it was... it was real? it felt like a great mystery of my childhood was solved.

no plans to update it to include various expansions or other wizard decks, though.

>Venomous Maximus

10/10 would play if I knew what the fuck it was

I have similar stories to yours with several card games that never took off and are now lost and forgotten.
The most notable one for me was Star Quest, a space-themed one from '95. I had a bunch of cards for it when I was a kid and thought they were cool as hell. I doubt that I ever played it properly though.

Similarly, the Wheel of Time card game which came later and involved a bunch of blank dice you had to put stickers on.

Oh hey, I remember that! Wasn't there a catgirl expansion?

No idea. I only had two of the characters. Apparently they made an iOS version

I am the czar of old shit dead games.

GI Joe game. iirc, it was similar to a turtles game, that was basically glorified War.

This game was trash.

You're invited to my birthday party. We'll play spycraft and battletech.

If you haven't seen the MTG themed relaunch, it's pretty decent.

This game was definitely one of those "woah, this resource system is way too complex for the 8-year old mouthbreathers we're marketing to." Getting to the back of your book was death, but turning pages generated mana, and you could only cast what was open to you. Aside from the stupid fucking character-specific cards, it was pretty great.

I had all of the diceland stuff, and still have all of the brawl stuff. Both amazing games.

>If you haven't seen the MTG themed relaunch, it's pretty decent.
The who the what now?

Arena of the planeswalkers. MTG heroscape. Some things are different, but there's still squads/solos, combat is virtually identical, terrain is the same. Now there's colors, so you pick a commander/planeswalker and x points of dudes, and summon them throughout the game, and you also have a small hand of tricks you can play to affect die rolls, enhance units, etc.

Holy Shitsnacks! That Paradox alt was the one my buddy Bill won during the Hydra Sanction. Paradox was supposed to be wearing a St Louis Cardinals hat, but the stupid artist made it a disgusting Yankees hat.

I actually won the final event of the Hydra Sanction and took home as my prize the full set of Paradoxes.

I played this, still have a bunch of cards.

If the middle card is real, that's ridiculous.

Seemed everyone quit playing in my playgroup at school as soon as I dropped the 20 bucks on a Death Star making me the only one who had both the Death Star and its laser.

Didn't tell anyone, and made trades with everyone to get my hands on every copy of the Bombing Run mission card...

I was also the only Pro-Empire player... everyone had a hard on for the Rebels. Made trading to make my Empire deck all the better.

Good times, mwahaha

Still have all my cards too.

so for thouse who can't read it what did it do?

Other people played the Battletech TCG?

I might be tearing up a little.

Mothafuckin bakugan was the shit in middle school

>9001+ damage
Fuck's sake game