What's your favorite kind of specialized magic user?

What's your favorite kind of specialized magic user?

Loli Wizard

Force magic users

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Bloody hell, she even looks more smug than the regular version. What magic is this?


Rope Magic.

Abjuration, for to abjure is to deny. It is not only denial of harm to one's self, but also denial of life to one's enemies.


mana comes in 8 or 10 types or whatever. They are like geologists. ON CRACK.



I adore the idea of using simple, basic magic to fuck with perceptions, using good on the spot planning, bluffing and pure bullshit to befuddle your enemies into giving you and your friends an advantage.

Summoners, but more in video game settings than TTRPG, since I enjoy calling up something to get it's face punched instead of me while I just sit back and relax while throwing out the occasional buffs.

Plus I hate idiot summoner players who just summon a million small things and then take half an hour doing their turn because they keep forgetting what die they're supposed to roll.

If your life is a novel, divination is like taking every other novel you're privy to and stringing them together to make an anthology
No point in living in a world that you're incapable of knowing

Also frenzied, insane, reclusive oracles who go overboard and end up out of sync with their environment because of their broadened viewpoint are my favorite archetype.

Bonus points if they're extremely lacking in other magical fields except maybe illusion (divination and illusion go hand in hand imo, like complimentary opposites) and can't convince anyone of what they're trying to say cause they so crazy, have nothing to show for it, lack the clout to be recognized and the obvious power needed to be seen as an authority.

Necromancer. Nowadays the term is so broad they can do anything MTG-black style and I prefer their flavor of everything more than the competition. Also I'm a creepy edgy fuck who really loves undead.

Second would be Illusionists, just because of the room for creativity that makes them loads of fun.

Remember to wear your traditional wizard robes when practicing rope magic.

Alchemists and spatial manipulators.


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I don't care if it's played out. There's just something about burning down jungles, homes, villages, that fills some primal need in me.

I play DSA, so I always pick blueberry inflation magic.

Honestly, my favorite are overly specific themed casters. Shit like a wizard who controls ropes and has a noose theme. He just fucking hangs people with his magic rope shit.

Holy shit yes

That OP pic reminds me of the puppet shit from naturo.

The anime was mostly trash, but holy shit the way they had these semi-automaton puppets being controlled by strings of chakra as weapons was off the fucking chain and actually really original. The puppet fight at the start of shitpudding was really well done.

So probably that.


Time magic is my favorite. Time trumps everything. All other magic, or at least their results, are subject to chronological progression. Tampering with time is tampering with the root of everything that happens.

Though I must say the Atelier series has also made alchemy appealing to me. Though in practice most fantasy alchemy is just mixing a couple ingredients to get a healing item or combat buff item.

I recognize that upstanding young lady.

Alchemist, the application of science in magic is hard to do wrong.

Alchemist is the patrician answer

I guess illusion, though not really for power.

Illusions require creativity, so exactly how you use it varies a lot, which is engaging. Illusion also has a built-in limitation that illusions tend to deflect problems rather than ultimately solve them, unless the distraction was enough. You still need your team to capitalize on your enemies being misled, somehow.

>blueberry inflation
Why haven't I ever heard about that?

I like mages that use magic to augment their other abilities.
The muscle wizard who makes his fists as hard as steel for example.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory really did a number on some kids.

Portal witch

Which ones you got

I'm going to have to go with fire as well.

You have some catching up to do.

That's about as arousing as watching the grass grow.

Alarune AND gts? Good taste, user.

Well alarune is something I can get behind!

It worries me that I find this hotter than the original.


Personally I like a nice combination of "take drugs, speak to the spirits" and "curses, geasa and a wand up both sleeves and in both boots" types.

Shaman, it is good to have friends in other worlds.

Transmuter - because what is better then turning yourself into a dragon and your foe into a rat.

The anti-magic one.

/jp/ shitpost-type magic

Gravity probably. It just feels so satisfying

>Fuck magic
>It costs mana

>Rope "magic"
>Posts technicians

Abjurer's aka "Good Luck I'm behind seven spells"