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Thank you user.



Class Name: Investigator
Skills: Stealth, Computer Use, Social Science
Magic: Lucid Dreaming
Tutorial: Peggy


I wanted to post the GFD-waifumaker but the anti-lewd faglord refused to save it. Good thing we have more dropboxes!

What is this, a Femdom for ants?

Of course it saved the miniature.....

Age Difference: 1-3 years (1)
Blood Relation: Family Friend
Titles: Onii - chan (public) First Name (private)
Relationship: Friendly, Rivalry
Personality Traits: Genki, Haughty, Pure, Clingy, Rebellious, Childish.
Physical Habits: Head Patting, Sleeping, Hugging
Hang Outs: The Theaters, Indoors, Anywhere
Physical Features:
Height- Shorter
Breasts -Regular
Facial Aspect- Cute
Butts & Hips - Thick
Physique - scrawny
Skin Tone- Pale
Clothing- Fashionable
Desire: To Be With You
Disabilities & Drawbacks: Messy, Neet, Sickly
Panties: Spats
Mundane Details: Plump Lips, Good Smile, Sharp Eyes
Bizarre Details: Elf, Esper

Cowgirl-maker for good measure!

Now time for something really gay

We are the dropbox senpai


I feel like this is kinda in spirit of the Island cyoas but it's actually possible to win and there's a reason to not just kill yourself as soon as it starts.






It's such a weird CYOA. Tone is all over the place.

I don't feel like playing it again. I don't like having my virginity taken by my future boyfriend's mother, being raped, or having sex with a woman.
I hope the author got laid after writing this. she needed it

Yeah, that's some good shit. Exactly the kinda thing I was clamoring for in the last thread, but I already played this one a long time ago.

I choose the void. No question.

Love it

Don't deny your gayness, user

>Don't deny your gayness, user
I think what he was saying was he's too gay to want anything to do with the CYOA (because in it, you get sexed by a succubus - whether you like it or not - before you get to enjoy your new partner).

stupid fujoshi poster

Yeah, but the perks are worth it. Big time.

You homo.

>Don't deny your gayness, user
I'm not. I want to play it. I want to build a guy.
I don't want to read about being raped by his mother.

>Yeah, but the perks are worth it. Big time.
He could always go through some other CYOA for similar perks without needing to get raped by a succubus.
>You homo.
I don't have a problem with the succubus-sexing. Plus the "incubus" I made in my build is basically a succubus (at least as close to one as the CYOA allows), anyway.

>I don't want to read about being raped by his mother

Small sacrifice to make!

Stupid anti-fujo poster.

Last thread I posted fluffy CYOW (Choose Your Own Waifu) and people complained about undeserved fluffy. Choose a waifu but no fluffy this time!

If you try to refuse a waifu, you will lose your laifu. But, you can choose a COLORFUL MYSTERY BOX instead??? Such wonders it might hold.

Waifus are stupid and have cooties. Hit me with the mystery!



What you're saying is traps are nothing but a living onahole with no personality or independence?

You can just get the fuck outta here.

2,5 years to be exact.
>Half Sister
Huh, go that must be quiet the story. NO,I do not want to hear it.
>First name
No brainer for both of us.
>Monopolized, Friendly
Bit of a mirror there.
>Popular, Territorial, Pure, Elegant, Mature, Kind
Seems someone fits right in with the rest of the family.
>Sleeping, Bathing, Kissing
Good to know she likes swiming in that ol' pool. I'd rather not do that alone all summer, especially in those warm nights we have.
>Gymnasium, Restaurant, A Bar
Okay, noone can deny we like the same stuff.
Now I know who had the misadven... eeerr, dalliance.
Can't arguewith good taste
>To be with you
>Foreign, Dropped, Nympho
Oh well, at least I know now where that last one comes from.
>Lingerie, Spats
She has taste AND efficiency?
>Plump Lips
Okay that's new.

Well she's not shy, so that fits the general attitude of everyone in my family.

This is what cyoas have become.

No. I'm staying pure until I get my husbando. I'm not having his mother rape me before.

What if cyoas were real but only the one cyoa which most corresponds to your heart's truest desire would apply to you?

Asian gf is purest and bestest. And that makes me suspicious. Better take second-best Finnish gf just to be safe.

White mayonnaise and trap gfs are slut-tier and can get off my planet.

*aroused honk*

This one is courtesy of /pol/

Everyone would have waifus, but alas, it was not meant to be.

I'd probably get some power trip like Jumpchain
or suicide cyoa

Anyone has cyoa about making parents and siblings for yourself

Fucking pathetic.

Your husband is so close and you refuse to give out, hilariously sad.

>meeting my Branching Hearts waifu and gaining superpowers
don't play with my heart like this, user

This is too lewd. It's amazing.

One day all the fujoshi will be lined up against the wall and shot

Okay. Your loss.

It's ok. We already know how far you're deep-throating your closet.

>when there's nothing to lose
>can't even comprehend what a loss is.

Does anyone have that old god cyoa where you can choose different kinds of onnipotence and got points depending on how challenging your situation is?


Is there a CYOA where I can be Omnipotent over all other Omnipotents?

Well, rumor has it the last guy with omnipotence could not keep two morons from eating an apple...

Nemesis CYOA, you superiority complex cucknog.

God works in mysterious ways, user.

Did you perhaps mean the Dark God CYOA, in which you choose between different kinds of modus operandi or the like, each giving a different amount of points and/or one or more options from another category for free?

I'll happily admit that in this particular case the joke went over my head.

No, you were a creator god.

One path for example had you be the creator god an entire universe but you had to conquer it first using your stupidly overpowered powers that you had to master by yourself.

This one?



Yes! Thanks.

Hey, you're the one getting off to gay guys.

I don't understand.

What else is there to do other than reminisce over forbidden boys love?

That's not a real fujoshi; she's too cute for such degeneracy. 9/10 would play vidya with

Why haven't you made a BL CYOA? Who else but a fujoshi could do it justice? we need BL CYOA

Yesterday I saw a cyoa where you got a superhuman lite body for free: shrug off small arms fire, outrun cars, lift a cow, etc. Nothing insane but it gave you a nice base to build on.

More cyoas should do this.

Show us by making a cyoa with such an option!

Once these threads used to be about cyoas, now it's just shitposting image crap.


Uncensored version


Uncensored version


Uncensored version

Against better judgement I redid this. Had to skip all the in-between-text. I'm just not that into being raped by my future boyfriend's mother...
>Power bottom
>Major: Tsundere
Could really use some more normal types.
>Minor: Childish
>Shop home
>Choco Berry
>Hypnotism (self)
>Last box but he stays with me

Comments: It was good for the first two pages. Hard the whole time. But then the author fucked up and started adding weird shit like having to pick between being whored out or some shit. The rape part ruins much of the cyoa too but I don't think the author will ever remove that sadly.
6/10, room for improvement. Good for a first try.

Problem I find with most any of these is that the points you gain from drawbacks is nowhere near balanced vs the points you need to spend on everything else. Also feels unfinished.

You forgot your name!

That's mostly just Tokhar-Gol; he has decent ideas, but can't polish his CYOAs worth shit.

what decent ideas, he basically just farts a few things that everyone here has been thinking about for years into ms paint

>ms paint
That and the shitloads of text at the start of all his CYOA are why I can't be bothered. They're so ugly to look at.
I know that's elitist as fuck but damn.

i don't mind either text or ms paint, he just isn't really bringing much to the table desu

This one doesn't make sense. The first page says you're immortal and invincible, so why is absolute immunity exist? What does 'All other powers can be accessed powers' even mean? Incompleted says you don't get powers you haven't purchased here. Why would you get powers you haven't purchased?

It's not elitist, it's retarded. CYOAs are about ideas, what the fuck does it matter as long as you clearly see what the author was trying to present? Well, some things are over the line, like image squishing or unreadable font color and background combinations, but that comes up very rarely.

Even unreadable color combinations get responses around here.

Most of the drawbacks really require superhuman sexual stamina to deal with, and the only way to get that currently is to buy it as a tier2 power you design yourself. Which is insane.

And yeah, the point cost is silly. Quiet should not give the same number of points as cuckquean or any of a dozen other quirks that cause serious problems.




>The drawbacks gives so few points and you need so many for powers
I think that's subjective, on /d/ it is common to pick 20 or more quirks. I have made several builds and honestly I think a lot of the quirks are more like boons then actual drawbacks. I guess I balanced the CYOA for /d/eviants so that might have something to do with it. I think it won't surprise anyone If I said I prefer the CYOA audience on /d/ more then Veeky Forums.

This is the typical autism I get from Veeky Forums
While on /d/ I get interesting questions and discussions like this

I'm listening??


You pretending that making something ugly with a retarded amount of introtext written in a cringey as fuck style isn't bad?
If you want to shove your head in the dirt and only listen to people sucking your dick go ahead. We know you prefer /d/ and they'll gobble anyones cock if they use NSFW pictures.

> and the only way to get that currently is to buy it as a tier2 power you design yourself. Which is insane.
Why wouldn't you do that?

so what you're saying is that this CYOA is better received by its target audience. Then why post it here and expect us to react to it like they do?

I remember when most CYOAs were like this, and the choice game threads on /b/ created most of the new content, and the most OC Veeky Forums put out all week was a second page to "choice of small text CYOA"

What I am saying is that Anons were more appreciative, and less entitled back then. Even if you completely ignore all of the fetish shit, we still get more quality OC right now, people are just less appreciative of it.

Granted, praising authors was what created some of the annoying namefags of today, but back then they were the only sources of OC...

Fucked if I know what's gotten me into this nostalgic mood today all of a sudden.

I never actually read any of the other girls because there's no way I won't pick Lilim. I don't even care about what powers she has / the others have. I am not picking a poor family
>Bodyguard is a cute girl much stronger than she looks
I can't read this.

I do to. Outer Worlds Guy was one of the first I remember making things colorful. It didn't improve the quality of the images just how eye catching they were in thumb nails. Something that doesn't work now because most CYOAs are more colorful now.

>that Anons were more appreciative, and less entitled back then. Even if you completely ignore all of the fetish shit, we still get more quality OC right now, people are just less appreciative of it.
desu x3. there's lots of stuff being made but people demand more and better

>CYOA is better received by its target audience
>Then why post it here and expect us to like it?
There are still some people on Veeky Forums that appreciate my work and I post on Veeky Forums their sake.