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I've been away... Did our guy win the X-wing Open? Are we getting a Mofference into X-wing?

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Yeah he won, gets to work with ffg for a card- what he wants and what they make is another thing.

Yeah and apparently one of the guys from Covenant was there to film it.


Is Star Wars ded?

Of course! Didn't you watch the "7"?

That image is retarded. It doesn't look like a baby nexu cub. It looks like someone got an adult nexu and just shrunk it down to cub size. It looks retarded and unrealistic.

>Walking beartraps give birth to baby walking beartraps
Checks out

That's not how baby mammals work

Hey man, talking bunny wabbits with blasters don't exist in your "real world" either. That doesn't mean you can't love and accept them.

Dunno if a Nexu could be regarded as anything except vaguely cat-like, maybe Cholganna's a rough place and they just squirt them out like baby crocodiles so they can go off mauling princesses from day 1

Even baby crocodilians aren't 1:1 copies of their adult forms


The goal is to get some obscure EU character in the game. Trioculus, Sienar, Skippy, whatever.

Zach is a good dude. Looking forward to the video.

Ones I saw around Darwin are basically murderous little bastards by about 3 months old

Actually, Skippy would be pretty fucking hilarious

I've got general ideas for Trike and Sienar

Trioculus - Either start the game with 3 focus tokens and assign 1 at each combat phase, a cheap utility crew for Empire. Other option is to cancel eye results when attacking to stress the defender.

For Sienar, I'm thinking no in game effect but letting you further upgrade your ties and maybe get a little shot of glitterstim in there.

Skippy I've got no clue. Probably a defensive ability or something tied to discarding him to get an effect.

I even thought of doing Lt. Kettch as a title for any Rebel fighter that lets you "count" as Kettch until you suffer damage and they figure you out.

>adorable younglings edition

There's this little jyn erso who went around handing out Death Star plans to Princess Leia cosplayers.

Its good, definitely worth the read read.
Does a good job of having a padawan in hiding, trying to cast off his moral obligations while seeing people suffering.

Discard him to become Biggs for a turn?

Why did you or didn't you like TFA?

Damn that's a punch in the feels for anyone who's seen the movie...

Why the fuck does FFG continue to rape the lesser known species? Why do they think only giving cool species like Xexto only 85 exp? Not only do they start with far less exp they have two stats with only 1 point in them. This is bullshit of the highest order while shit like Drall and Pantoran get great stats on top of 110 exp.

Never noticed Aayla in this shot.

Because xexto get the pretty amazing free maneuver all day every day?
The better the shit the race gets the less xp they start with.

I kinda hope Biggs gets a well deserved nerf so they can buff the X-Wing. Plus, his ability is just not fun. I want people to love Skippy, he died for you!

I suppose you only really need to be Biggs for a turn or two, actually in practical terms it might just let people run two Biggs. Oh Christ what was I thinking?

It could be worse. Of of my buddies suggested making him a crew that could discard himself to attach an astromech
Kanan with R2-D2, ugh.

>Why didn't you like tfa
I'm done paying hollywood to force political opinions down my throat.

Women are not strong
Women are not heroes
Women are not determined or inspiring

They are verifiably, factually and demonstrably less intelligent, less inspired, less ingenious and less capable than men in almost every field. I am not now nor will I ever swallow the feminist pill of equality because the two genders very simply are not equal.

That is why I didn't like it. Because Rey was the protagonist. I don't want that, I don't need that and I have had enough of Star Wars in my life if that's the way the franchise is going.

this is you.

Hello Empirefag.


I can't help but Hux hilarious. He's an angry ginger bastard child with daddy issues.

Huh, I don't think that's actually on there.

"Your taste in films is shit" can probably be reworded to "This movie is shit."

I'd drop EVERYWHERE because quest is long gone, sadly, and it was mostly his thing. Maybe replace it with >physics argument

This has to be parody, right? Poe? POE?

We did our 3rd session of AoR last night. This is a continuation of the starter adventure so I'm sure a lot of folks are familiar with it.

To recap we have a human Hot Shot Pilot (me), a Trandoshan Gadgeteer, and a human Fringer. Our Twi'lek player was out so she stayed in the base sleeping off a hangover.

>Intercepted a communication about an imperial spy coming to Onderon
>Orders are to intercept and capture tp learn more about this Moff of his
>Take up the lambda to his projected arrival point and cut the power to lay a trap
>He exits hyperspace in his own lambda, sees our supposedly disabled ship and bugs out
>tfw it's finally time for a space battle
>chase him down, trying to disable his engines
>he cuts his engines and falls behind us
>decide to cut our engines and engage the port retrothrusters on full blast to quickly flip the ship
>hard piloting check with red
>do such a crazy ass move he doesn't expect it and light him up
>disable the ship, board and capture

So are you gay or a wizard?

>Heading back to base
>2 dark side points flipped
>3 Cloakshapes drop on our tail, pirates trying to get an easy score
>Trandoshan tries to intimidate them, average with 2 yellow and fails
>Concussion missiles fired, hammers us
>Take evasive action whole rear gunner shoots one down
>Trandoshan tries scrambling their targeting, rolling 2 yellow, still fails
>Dodge a missile, eat one, down to 7 hull
>Keep evading, Gunner gets another
>Trandoshan tries an easy intimidation and still fails
>Eat a concussion missile, drop to 1, and finish off the fighters
>Barely able to land
>Have to go on a hunt on Dxun tomorrow morning
>tfw you don't have time to fix up your shipfu

>no ship, have to hitch a ride with beast riders we're trying to impress
>they laugh at us
>fly to Dxun, drop us off in a clearing
>ask us if we know what to do
>bring us a worthy trophy and try not to die
>go off looking for a trail
>dead animal, jackpot!
>big animals feeding on it
>climb a tree and take aim with the smuggler
>Trandoshan sneaks up on them
>sneak attacks piss them off and they rampage towards the Trandoshan
>average athletics on yellow green green fails
>gun the hurt one down and others come around to attack again
>Trandoshan gets up and roars to intimidate, fails again
>dark side point flipped, they run off
>something bigger is coming our way

The early years.

He is strong
He is determined
He is inspiring

I wouldn't mind being him
I am a wizard not that it matters to my argument in the slightest.

Dammit Sloane. Rein in your boy.

Out of anyone I am most excited for Hux's return. I adore him.

Don't like having to wade through all the gay shit fan artists have him get up to with Kylo though.

It's inevitable that there's gonna be shipping there.

I just realized the only kids we've ever seen live in Star Wars are Anakin's Mos Espa friends and the Skywalker twins and Rey I suppose
All the younglings die, Padme mentions the kids from that humanitarian planet die in the Aotc deleted scene, all the Tusken kids in that camp, KTM , and that little girl from R1 is obliterated with the Holy City on Jedha.

Being a kid isn't healthy in this franchise

Damn autocorrect
Jyn , not KTM

What do non-combat, non-techie characters spend their credits on?

Luxury spacecraft, loud speakers so they can scathing tirade from extreme range.

Bribes, falsified IDs, real estate (for safe houses), liquor, fancy clothes, long limousines, slick starfighters, loose women.

>Take dis, Pwincess, Webellions awe built on hope.

Bourbon, hobbies and saving for retirement

(Sorry to repost from the previous thread, but the thread archived before I could get enough info)

I have a question about Star Wars d6 (or rather Space D6, but the games are both practically interchangeable)

How lethal is the game in practice? I'm wanting to run a high adventure science fantasy game, and this has so far been the best system I could find. The only problem is that the damage values seem a little bit too high for what I have in mind. It will hardly do for my players to jump into rush into conflict like I planned only to get shredded by laser fire.

Hey, Cindel survived the Ewok movies. Not every kid dies.

If you're social, there's a fancy tailored jacket that gives automatic advantage to social rolls. Costs a mint, but it's useful. Don't remember the name, but you can probably find it in oggdude's.

Getting hit is dangerous, but part of the basic idea is that PCs should be constantly dodging hits, it's one of the most important skills in the game, and much more thematic then badass characters tanking blaster fire and not giving a shit

>the only kids we've ever seen live in Star Wars
The Antilles sisters, Jagged Fel, Ken Palpatine, Cade Skywalker, and Wes Janson all lived. I think Corran had a kid who also hadn't died as of the latest point in the main Legends time period.
>Skywalker twins
Hold up, did Luke actually have twins in nucanon or did you mean to say "Solo twins?"

He meant Luke and Leia, user.

That jacket is an overpriced piece of shit. Do yourself a favor, buy a Cascader instead. A ton cheaper, and it upgrades your checks instead of giving a single advantage.

Digits confirm I'm a forgetful retard. Whoops.

I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping you'd say that. I love systems that encourage avoiding damage altogether.

How viable is melee if you don't have a lightsaber? From what I read it seems like the average person who has at least 3 strength can expect to do at least 5d if they are using a good quality melee weapon. Is that correct, or is there something I'm missing?

>Tips Imperial Officer cap

Soulless JJ rehash 3.0, now with even more direct imitations of previous film media

Rey was uninspiring as a protagonist, and the delivery of her lines often felt wooden despite Daisy's attempts to emote.

Everything about the First Order was fucking uninspired
>heyyyy the Empire's back but bigger and badder somehow lmaooooo

Starkiller Base, the most egregiously uninspired aspect of the First Order
>surprise planet killer! betcha didn't see THAT coming
>hey check out this dick-measuring hologram because this ain't your daddy's Death Star ayyy

JJ's inability to direct visuals or action in a space setting. The framing of the entire Starkiller scene is atrocious, and it had about two minutes total of shit actually happening in space because JJ apparently hates filming without a solid object taking up the background.

One of these days I'll have this salt mine emptied out enough to describe TFA without using greentext

If people invest in dodging, they're extremely survivable because they never get hit, but when you do get hit it's gonna generally be bad.
It's very action movie

I bet you liked rogue one two didn't you shitlord?

You're going to get shit on a lot for this, but you are absolutely right.

I sure did :^)
Rogue One produced original material in the OT setting, instead of reusing ANH's story and materials in a "new" setting that happens to be functionally identical to the OT's. Go figure that Rogue One would end up being the more entertaining film.

Rogue One also had an honest-to-god fleet battle in space, something I hadn't seen in a theater for at least a decade.

>fleet battle in space

You mean Rebels showing up with ships reinforced with the latest durasteel plot armor and destroying two ships consisting of much better-trained naval crewmen aboard vessels significantly more powerful than anything the Rebellion had in their arsenal while Not-Ackbar spouted pseudo-philosophical nonsense and smiled with glee as he watched a bunch of innocent men die at the hands of contrived plot development?

How anyone can stomach Rogue One is beyond me. Both the Farce Engorges and Rogue Wan were fucking horrible pieces of soulless trash born out of a board meeting of stuffy old fatfucks who'd never seen Star Wars in their lives pandering to a woman who is literally the Che Guevera of filmmaking and just as subtle with her political propaganda.

Kylo, Finn, Hux, Rey, BB-8... I liked watching and listening to just about every new core cast member.
The set, costume and prop teams were on top form.
Kylo gets a second special mention for being the perfect response to knowing you'll never make another Darth Vader

It's a JJ film and it's got his trademarks all over it
No radical new ship designs, the Quadjumper was cool but we never saw it in flight. Few of the new models were cute like the TIE-sf and the Resurgent SD but they're not enough.
The soundtrack wasn't up to what I expected, Rey's Theme is the only piece that's stayed with me.
Yet another Death Star

Overall I actually had a lot of fun, it made me enthusiastic about Star Wars in a way the EU was never able to. I saw it twice in theatres and I'm going to keep going to see the new films till I don't fell this way any more.

Fuck off /r9k/
Kill yourself ER. Your channel is shit your videos are shit and your opinion is shit.

>le "women are inferior in all ways" meme
Rey was garbage because she never faced any genuine consequences, and succeeded the moment she put effort into anything. The rest of her character is trapped inside the mystery box until a future director decides to give her more depth than a piece of cardboard.

It might come as a surprise to some of us basement dwelling incels that women are actually capable of doing shit for themselves given the opportunity. It's when writers decide that classic story structure is ARCHAIC and TOXICALLY MASCULINE and stick a female actor in the protagonist slot so she can magically succeed at everything that the real retardation occurs.

Oh, the humanity.

>crashing into a ship's bridge causes the ship to turn 90 degrees and accelerate into the Deathstar
>BAWWW R1 has ships doing unrealistic things

So perfectly illustrated.

>>i'm ER

Not only are you wrong, you're also retarded and have shit taste in videos.
Go back to sucking JJ's dick.


Wonder how long till an empire apologist/OT purist comes and tells us how that was possible and why it happened was more realistic than R1

You may not be ER but you are definitely his drones. R1 was a great star wars movie despite what you /pol/lite autist might scream

Nice bait, but here's a (You) anyway.

The Executor's backup command bridge attempted evasive maneuvers to position the Executor for a broadside. Admiral Piett had been under orders from Palpatine to not fire on the Rebel fleet until he said so, because Palpatine planned to use it as a bargaining chip against Luke. He didn't expect Luke to refuse him, so he focused more on him and forgot about the battle. Meanwhile, the Executor's shields were taken down when Ackbar noticed it wasn't firing on them, so he directed all Rebel capital ships to engage it. Piett got sick of it and ordered all firepower to be intensified and engine power to be re-routed to the forward batteries, and he planned to deliver a full broadside to the massed Rebel fleet, which would've likely destroyed most of their ships considering the fuckhuge number of guns the Executor had.

However, they didn't expect a kamikaze from an A-Wing, and the primary command bridge was taken out. The backup command bridge sprang into action, but a critical systems malfunction came at the precisely worst time, and rather than maneuver into a broadside, the combination of a lack of engine power and of an error in ship propulsion due to the system malfunction caused the Executor to turn downward and plummet into the Death Star.

That may or may not be canon under the Squeaker God, but that's Expanded Universe/Legends canon to explain how it happened and why the most fearsome ship in the galaxy didn't unload on and obliterate the Rebel fleet.

Same thing happened to the SD in r1. There are you happy now idiot?

>this buttblasted over ER

so who the fuck is ER anyway

what if you replaced a Diatium power cell in a lightsaber, with like a x-80 or rylith power cell

IF lightsabers are frozen blasters, what if someone used a disintegrator as the bases of the lightsaber instead? Wouldn't that be more effective?

How come Jedi don't use Energy shields like the gungans or crotosis shields along with their lightsabers?

How come the sith get all the cool toys like force sabers and artifacts and such?

Could your lightsaber double as a holocron?

Can a force ghost possess someone like in shadow of mordor to give them force powers or double their force powers?

If Lord vader was such a bad ass, then why doesn't he have lightsaber kneecaps?

Why are mandalorians all blonde blue eyed super aryans?

No, in R1 the star destroyer was hit by a swarm of ion torpedoes, which would have normally called for the Imperial procedure of upping all power to shields so the shields would go down, yet absorb the impact of all ion torpedoes, then reroute power to weapons in the aftermath and launch a devastating counterattack. This didn't happen, because plot, and it instead got pushed into another destroyer, because plot.

Never mind the fact that at that range the combined star destroyers could've taken out most, if not all Rebel ships in a single turbolaser barrage, so the fact they even get close to them is plot armor in and of itself.

The Executor crashed because it was cool.

That's all.

A Youtuber who achieved a pretty solid reputation and respect when he made a video tearing apart TFA (which he called The Farce Engorges, a phrase which was picked up by /tv/) partly in response to frustration at RLM's overwhelming praise of it. He's also funny, has good points, and is a hardline anti SJW.


By the time of the Battle of Hoth, how far along was the Death Star II?

In Rogue 1, the rebels have never launched a proper all out attack on an Imperial base.
Accorting to ANH intro, at least.

As such, they crews there are very much on the back foot taken by surprise. But atop that, the people stationed on Scarif are supposedly the ones who can swing an easy post.
These aren't the elite of the elite, they're the lazy fuckers who had contacts that would get them stationed to defend a fucking entire planet of beach paradise.

It wasn't cool, it was quite a spectacular naval tragedy, and even if it were "cool", that isn't why it crashed.

>It wasn't cool, it was quite a spectacular naval tragedy, and even if it were "cool", that isn't why it crashed.

It's a Space Opera film with George Lucas at the helm. It crashed because it was cool. Any other justifications come after the facts.

Yes it was. External narrative doesn't count. All you saw was a thing crashed into a thing, then it crashed, because it was rad and it fit the ethos of the story about little things taking out much bigger things. There's no deeper philosophical or technical meaning there.

Your first sentence is correct.

Your second and third are factually, objectively wrong.

Except there was, because there were a lot of reasons why it went down. It wasn't even rad. A few hundred thousand people died, including Piett, who was among the most popular characters at the time. It sucked. It was sad. It was tragic. It wasn't a rad, meaningless, empty scene.

DemolitionD-lite that actually uploads and looks at western stuff instead of anime.

It's a channel that takes the comic-critique approach of only looking at things he hates. He is actually quite funny when he tries but the constant negativity gets a little old after a while and he can't help himself when it comes to adding his politics to every video. He falls into the trap of seeing media though the lens of gender and identity politics something I'm sure he hates the other side of the spectrum constantly doing.

Is there shrinking technology in star wars? How are droids able to like unfold themselves into super big robots from inside tiny boxes.

Negativity isn't boring when it's about something that's shitty.

You know you can pay a prostitute to fuck you, right? It's not even that expensive.

Ok, so you think Lucas and Co wrote or thought about
first, and then, decided to have it crash? That they considered canon and logic before putting something into the movies?

Because... no. That's not how it works.

No, but that doesn't mean that the *only* reason the ship crashed was because it looked """cool"""

>It might come as a surprise to some of us basement dwelling incels that women are actually capable of doing shit for themselves given the opportunity

You know, I've never really understood the 'lmao sci-fi nerds hate women and think women are usless' thing.

Like, when I was a kid, all of the best female characters were in sci-fi.
Princess fucking Leia aside in all the EU books I read, you've got the Firefly crew, you've got Sam Carter in SG-1, you've got Susan Ivanova from B5, you've got Aeryn Sun and Zaahn and Chiana on Farscape, you've got half the cast of Battlestar (insofar as everyone battlestar was an asshole).

I've really never understood why it became a thing that sci-fi hates women, when it treats women better than most other genres there are.

>including Piett, who was among the most popular characters at the time

Do you think Lucas knew or cared about that, even if it was true (which is fairly dubious).

Piett? Really? Piett's a background character in an opera, and opera doens't give two shits about background characters.

>Piett, who was among the most popular characters at the time
Which chamber of your GI tract do you keep pulling these """facts"""" from

Consider perhaps the surprise of the attack and the wide and exciting his history of navel blunders. I mean can you imagine trained crews not taking their safety procedures seriously? Ridiculous...