Selling spess mehreens

i'm looking at selling my old warhammer 40k models. my collection includes a land raider, 2 rhinos around 40 marines (from 3rd edition) a command squad and 2nd edition legion of the damned (as pictured). How much should i sell them for? i'm open to offers.

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$200? that's what i would pay.

though i have no idea what the current market going rate for oop space marines is so hopefully a more knowledgable user replies

Cheers thanks for letting me know

>for a bucket of old plastic marines and a single metal unit
They could be drenched in paint you know? You should at least see what they look like before assessing the price.

The same goes for you OP: At least tell us what condition they're in.
A picture would be nice too.

>drenched in paint

you think i'd care?

im just gonna bath them in acetone and brush all the paint off anyway

all I'm assuming is that OP assembled them correctly.

fuck, since they are so old too, there's probably a decent proportion of metal mini's I could unglue and reassemble too.

$200 for 55 dudes and 3 tanks is a steal, but cause I don't know what condition they are in or what they look like, I wouldn't go higher cause it would be too much risk at that point.

give me 5 minutes and i'll take photos

my counter offer is 4 minutes

>2 minutes, best I can do and I'm giving you more time than I should

won't be long


heres one of three

heres two of three

and three of three

So i've delivered what do you think. (ps i know the painting is shit..... )

You can get a bit of a premium on the old-style rhinos sometimes, and the LotD might be an easy sell since I'm sure most people would rather get those in metal than finecast.

There are no fine cast at all i think i was bought this in 1999.....

I think there are around 25 metal ones in there. and a vindicare assassin

Nice trip down memory lane.

>Dat 3rd Edition box
>Dose avocado bases if anyone is interested check my other items, i've got gorkamorka for sale and a few battle fleet gothic items.


Thus spoke the Robute.

Try selling them around 200 - 250 imperial credits.


Cheers all, i think i did ok on the paint considering i did them when i was like 12..... or is that HERESY

Christ your edge highlighting makes it look like they're all in the process of being Melta'd

> this is why I don't paint eyes on my models.

(ps i know the painting is sihtt...... )

Strip them before selling, a lot of people are out off by a shitty paintjob eventhough they could just strip them themselves. ( go to wip's sticky there should be a guide on stripping)