What now?

What now?


The FAQ seems very intent on making it clear this isn't an Age of Sigmar-ing of 40k, which has got me worried.

Business as usual?

No dreams, only tears now

Who knows, New GW may have learned their lesson.

>Free rules
>everything presently available is playable, just like legacy units
>open play, narrative play, and matched play
>Rules updates along the same lines as the generals handbooks

Mate did you even read the faq? It's totally going to be Age of the Emperor and anyone with any sense is going to realise thats a good thing.

I hope for the best, but I expect the worst.

It;s the new Space Marines, the leak was right. Girlyman marines.

welp, time to play Infinity or Flames of war

Is Hitler dood?

fug, I just finished my Fallen

Perhaps now I will be able to actually look forward to playing games of 40k rather than actively avoiding them

>Faction: Xenos.
>All put together.

Bravo GW!

>that long bolter


MTs might be getting rolled back into IG?

(Stormtroopers never made any damn sense as their own Codex, maybe as a supplement/alt-list but not as a thing-in-itself, IMO.)

Also: same-same on the Skits/AdMechs?

>Sisters of Silence AND Sisters of Battle
For what purpose?


>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™

Looks like sisters didn't get squatted, so a small victory.

>Every Warhammer 40,000 miniature we sell today will be usable in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
>Open play is the most flexible, and easiest to get started with, allowing you to use any miniatures you like
"You can still use your own minis. Technically. Hope you don't mind no points at all because we can't be arsed to balance our game." Alternatively "Hope you like your old stuff being clearly inferior to currently-sold minis because profit is #1 priority, moving product is #2, and game balance is somewhere near #40,000."

>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™
Yes, that's why I'm asking. It's like believing an alcoholic that he totally quit drinking because he hasn't drunk any for the last 3 days.

... are those not just marines in different power armor?

I can't find that image on the official site so ...

>Implying power creep: the game was ever balanced to begin with

By the Omnissiah, I hope so


>You will never have a pet Ultramarine

>you will never play D&D with your Ultramarine pall.

>"My paladin masturbates furiously at the sight of the buxom wench!"

That slipped my mind, it's for the best since they really couldn't function on their own same. Nice to see one Mechanicus faction as well.

I would watch this

You realize they are completely different groups, right?

FAT Ultramarin, no more cheeto for you!

Don't ever post this dumb tumblr shit again.

Is this from GW?

I'm cautiously optimistic about New GW. But I'm a little hesitant simply because I dont know how much "Our Guys" there will be any more