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Jumpers, what are your biggest fears? Failures?

Flaming clown spiders.

I've just finished my 3rd jump and now looking for new ones. What jump do you recommend and is it better to do a jump that you're familiar with or is it the same either way?

I will give you the clown part.

Demons of astlan.

If you want to write for it, do ones you're familiar with. If not, do whatever.

Worm_user not finishing the Cyberpunk jump.

Stop right there, Jumper! This gentleman has contacted your benefactor, complaining about why someone like you should be handled an Oldwalker spark while he lost his. It seems like this oversized lizard is quite a good talker, because he has managed to convince your benefactor that if he can defeat at the end of your current jump, he will take your place as a Jumper. Can you defeat him?

If you consider that you have no chance of taking him on, you have five extra jumps to prepare, but he will also be upgraded to his Oldwalker status. What jumps would you choose?

Reality not being real.
The Matrix scares the shit out of me for just that reason. Jumping there was.... interesting in a pants-shttingly existential-crisis sort of way.

I've killed him once before with worse odds. Bring it on you old lizard.
Daddy needs a new dragonskin belt... and boots... and a full outfit.
Not saying you're fat, Bolas, just big-boned.

I might be able to, depends on if the fight takes place while I'm still in the jump or if we're teleported to some inter-dimensional arena.

Ratatas, still remember fighting them in the pokemon jump

those are nasty

Cooking show jump/gauntlet

nice skills

Worm_user dying before he finishes the Worm update.

Okay, I'll bite, feats?

I collapse the universe on us both just to spite him.

SCP-682 vs planet of Johj

Who wins? Are we all doomed?

Throwing him at something no one cares will die. Well at least he's on Mars.

given the res of that picture I'm pretty sure I can take mini Bolas

also wondering whether he'd be able to escape A Room with a Moose from Invader Zim as that'd definitely be the funniest way of taking him out

They team up and invade earth together


Not possible 683 is Omnicidal. He'll try to kill them, and they can't kill him.

Not omnicidal, he just hates any form of organic life. He seems to be at the very least neutral to artificial/inorganic life.

Not true, he didn't kill or want to kill the sentient calculator thing that can only hold 72 hours of memories. He actually enjoyed talking to it.

Well, he's organic, so eventually the Johj probably end up cribbing off his DNA and become unstoppable killing machines.

So Post-MMBN can I still use battlechips?
Do they have to be uploaded via the PET?
How does this work?

Technically he will only attack organic beings, but yes he would still try to kill the Johj unless they somehow aren't organic. But who knows, he hates humans more than anything and might prioritize them even with the Johj around. Or the Johj would outsmart him or something, who knows, they're bullshit

There weren't any humans in the hypothetical though, it's literally 682 dropped on Johj Mars. He wouldn't just leave the planet to get at the humans first.

The Johj would move him to earth. They aren't stupid enough to keep fighting a literally unkillable being. If you restrict that and force them to fight, then either the Johj eventually die or they contain him like the Foundation does.

Johj don't have any resources besides what was shipped to them from Earth. They have no way to imprison him or send him to Earth. Intelligence doesn't really factor in when they're almost devoid of resources.

What happened to CATastrophe? It's seemingly disappeared from the drive for me.

Not much in ways of actual feats there. I just know he knows a lot of magic, and there is nothing about what powers he might have after the conflux.

No idea. It's still there for me. Maybe it just didn't load?

True enough Johj are organic though. So he's going to be fighting them.

Dude SCP-682's DNA is weird as hell. scp-wiki.net/experiment-log-t-98816-oc108-682

I dunno why outsmarting him would do anything. He just can't be killed. That's his thing. As says it doesn't really matter how smart they are at that point.

I eat his soul and go on my way.

Outsmarting him means not letting him get close enough to kill them, while they spend the time to dig a giant fucking hole to bury him in. That would hold him for quite a while as he tries to dig himself out. They can't kill him, they can't steal his biology because he's only sometimes maybe biological, and they can't contain him permanently. In the end they'd either die off or become nomads that avoid 682 at all costs

Where are some places I can become a Dragon?

Fire Emblem Awakening
Fire Emblem Fates
Fire Emblem Elibe
Fire Emblem Tellius
Dungeons and Dragons

Highschool DXD surprisingly enough.

Dragon Commander
Once Upon a Time
Either of the Spyro jumps.
Okami, if you become a brush god.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Duel Monsters - The Shadow Realm

Johj have a chance, there is that alt future where a bunch of 173's killed 682

The Spyro jumps
Overlord has draganoid although I don't remember if it's full dragon or not
Duel Monsters

What jumps can I use to look edgy but still be midly aesthetically pleasant?

>That would hold him for quite a while as he tries to dig himself out.
1. Eat his way out.
2. There's a reason why his SCP is to keep him in a massive acid resistant box filled with hydrochloric acid.

Where's that? Snapping his neck isn't enough what did they do?

Mega Man Jumps can be used for this.
Along with the Kirby Jump.

>Overlord has draganoid although I don't remember if it's full dragon or not
It can turn into a small dragon.

But if you're a Divine Caster you can turn into a full dragon at will.

Maybe combine the two of them for better dragonism?

How to Train Your Dragon.

That's not surprising at all. Dragons are as integral a part of the premise as an obsession with breasts is.

>Where's that? Snapping his neck isn't enough what did they do?
They snapped his conceptual neck.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they do, given the nature of some SCPs.

Digimon has some pretty cool dragons.
Dragon's Dogma.

That's why I said he'd get out eventually. As to the 173 killing him, I think he's talking about this:

Item: SCP-173

Tissue Test Record:
N/A, overridden by O5-Command

Termination Test Record:
SCP-682 introduced into the containment area of SCP-173. SCP-682 makes several screeching noises, and quickly presses against the wall farthest from SCP-173, staring at it the entire time. SCP-682 continues to stare at SCP-173 without pause for six hours. Agents equipped with large-caliber sniper rifles dispatched, and shoot out the eyes of SCP-682, at the same time stopping all observation of SCP-173 and SCP-682.

After resuming observation, SCP-682 is shown to be on the floor, with several injuries around its head, neck and legs. SCP-173 is seen to have tissue from SCP-682 on its “hands”. SCP-682 rapidly regenerates damage, and moves to a different wall, developing several sets of eyes on various parts of its body, many covered by thick, clear “caps” of armored carapace. SCP-682 maintains observation of SCP-173 for an additional twelve hours, despite additional efforts of Agents and Foundation staff. SCP-682 allowed to exit containment area, and recaptured in temporary containment.

Notes: After review, it appears SCP-173 was unable to do lethal damage to SCP-682 due to a major difference in physical size. A possible repeat of this test may be made if SCP-682 is damaged enough to reduce its physical mass to a level equal with SCP-173.

You what mate?

Oh they just ripped him apart. He's proven to be tougher than that.

It's SCP. You think they'll let something actually work against their baby?

Shooting out his eyes seems unnecessary. Just turn off the lights. You need to use vision to sense 173, so even if 682 develops some sort of radar triangulation based on ambient radio sources, that still wouldn't cause 173 to freeze.

As far as I'm aware, 682 has only died once as a part of 2935, and even then its dubious considering it was an alternate 682 that was dead before they found it and it might never have been alive to begin with

[Shadows of the Limelight]

Illustrati (800)


Self-Portrayal (Free)
Search for the Numifex (700)
Domain Preservation (500)
Trump Card (200)
Venomous Prose (0)

[Captain Simian]


Toyetic (Free)
Blend in a bar full of alien weirdos (900)
Techy mumbo jumbo (300)
Twine and paperclips (0)

...I'm going to level with you here: I have no idea what's going on in either of these. One has space monkeys, the other has elemental powers powered by what I understand is basically meme magic, and that's about it.

I'll probably just kick back and relax somewhere. Well, more wander off to Neverland/Wonderland/the Netherworld/the Beyond where I can relax in my full majesty, while leaving a tiny avatar around to do tiny avatar things.

Failure, any personal failure at all is a great fear of mine. I designed my mind to be repulsed by it in order to avoid falling into complacency or solipsistic hyperfocus.

As for more specific failures-I'm still pissed the Imperium isn't developing into an era of enlightened, prosperous expansion UNDER MY COVERT DIRECTION all because the Emperor rejected Instrumentality.

>at the end of your current jump

I politely request he take a number and get in line with the rest of my adversaries.

I then stroll back into the Beyond waiting for the jump to end, ponder the usefulness of Exploiting The System and proceed on my merrry way at the end of the decade.

>Who wins

The Chinese. Wouldn't be surprised if the yellow menace is worse than the Johj by now.

Dude the other entry was just a Dr. noting how good it feels to see him get torn limb from limb, no death there. It never takes with 682.

He has lizard eyes, I think thermal or something, so turning off the lights really doesn't matter that much in his case.

That's true.

Probably, since I absorb magic and reflect instadeath, and as far as I know he tends to be pretty reliant on both.

>He has lizard eyes, I think thermal or something, so turning off the lights really doesn't matter that much in his case.
Well, first of all, lizards don't see in the infrared. They don't use their eyes, they have an entirely different set of sense organs for heat. So it shouldn't count as seeing 173. Secondly, 173 is made of concrete. It doesn't have body heat.

He'd just evolve bio-luminescence.

Didn't know that. He'd probably evolve or night vision.

True, but it's a simpler solution than shooting out his eyes. They know he can regenerate, so destroying his eyes is just as short-term a solution. And this way the snipers don't need to be exposed to a room containing both 173 and 682, even if they're doing it from murderholes that's still not something I'd want to risk.

Personally I'd do it with drones. After 682 evolved night vision.

The foundation isn't the smartest organization and doesn't always have the smartest people in charge. They had a guy who kept throwing children in with 682, for christs sake

>Meme magic
The worst description, made all the worse by the fact that I can't actually disagree with it. Efficient propagation of memes about you (in the classical sense of the word meme) is the best way to gain power there.

Completely out of the blue question, but, what would be a reasonable level to come out of Hero BBS with, assuming you didn't work particularly hard to train or anything but took The Ride Never Ends?
I'm trying to figure out how far into the Warrior's progression I got since I'm going into the Disgaea Overlord DLC. I'm going to need basically everything I can get for Priere, and I'm taking a serious look at what's available to me at this point in the chain. I'm already realizing Capstone Boosted Fastest Thing Alive from Classic Sonic and Unique Architecture from Mega Man is gonna put in some work, but...lil lady's a pretty scary proposition this early on

What are some perks to turn 'good' people into 'evil' or more morally open?

If you become Kuuga in the Heisei Part 1 Jump, can your powers develop and evolve even if you don't take the other Perks that unlock other Forms?

Comedic Sociopath from Dan Vs if they're a companion you can purchase it for them.

Level 5 is the usually level in which Heroes end their quests and if you don really try that hard in training then your probably going to be something like a Level 6 pushing a Level 7.

Moving up in the Hero BBS level system requires a LOT of training, either for Warriors and Rouges constantly finding new powerful enemies to defeat or the Mages studying the magic systems of other worlds.

Fair enough. I'm assuming the worst since I'm aware that my SI would be somewhat lazy unless it involves putting his life at risk/danger in which case he's all in for the rush
Could see him getting bored easily and going for the biggest threats but definitely think that 7 is the most that'd be reached

Still, might actually help.

Upon thinking about it, too, I realize I may have been underplaying the capabilities my Dachis a bit too up till this point. I imagine Hime and Kuu in particular will be massive helps since Kuu's shadows can let me control the battlefield while Hime's toxin will let me at least do some Damage over Time

Yes, it just relies a lot on stress and dire circumstances


Drawbacks: Hardcore Mode (1300)

Jennerit Imperium, Jennerit, age 24


Born For This (Free)
Double Helix (Free)
Emergency Teleport (Free)
Insurrection (Free)
The Mighty Have Fallen (1150)
Once of the Order (850)
Open Fire! (Free)
Get Back Here! (700)
Faction Emblem (Free)
Pet VarelsiX2 (600)
We Fight Together: Ambra, Aria, Beatrix (0)

So. Way back in the day, someone told me the horrible plague of sun-eating eldritch entities was apparently necessary according to early in-game files? But as far as I can tell, in the canon lore there does NOT appear to be anything supporting this. On the other hand, I also have options that aren't "smite the bastards until they explode" so I'd much rather defeat the horde by hijacking most of it since I've got a chaos emerald manseverse just for the job. There will be some fighting, of course. There's always disenters.

The Jennerit truly are, dare I say, /myguys/. Physical laws getting in the way of achieving objective perfection through efficiency? Manipulate them. Quite a few of my companions agree, they're so-direct about knowing what they want, and getting it. Pity about the slave caste system though, that's going the way of the dinosaurs once I figure out how to commercialise Sustainment.

Which will, probably, be soon after I finish igniting new nebulae and galaxies to repopulate the universe with stars-with a little help from my companions. Danny, watch carefully-I'll be expecting you to do the same thing in a few billion year. Watch as I awaken the new batch of suns' souls, so they do more than just roll over to the next tide of eldritch abominations. Attagirl Sunny, teach that sun how to punch good! Right hook! Left hook! It's a knockout!

I do feel bad for Rendain. But as difficult as the situation he was in, he should've known better than to bargain from a position that poor.

Not a perk-but there's a raygun in Kim Possible that does just that.

Just become stronger than her with your will and trainingYou are also underplaying Himedachi with it's Izen tier illusion ability


nope it's right there.

all disk Disgaea characters have the same weakness,they are bound by finite numerical values. Stuff that damages based on percentages such as Pokémon or certain Noble phantasms will easily dispatch them, also the old Hellclaw Boots from infernals+ fashion from high school of the dead combo will protect you from anything that universe has to offer.

I don't Liiiiike training, though. or at least, I don't like 'legitimate' training

I think the closest would be flinging myself at the hellish item worlds of the dachis and laughing at nearly dying so many times
it's weird cause i think the main thing is my jumper hates routines but loves thrillseeking

so anything that'd get him stronger just by flinging himself into danger often would probably help a lot for his advancement

I think my current build for Disgaea would actually help with that too

Are you the user who made Shadows of the Limelight's jump?


Um, ASA? According to the jump I'm reading, your plan to repopulate the universe with stars has a catch:
3. Abilities based on starlight or sunlight, or that produce new suns won't work unless you take the 'Rendain Was Right' Drawback.
So no praising the sun, no Solar Warrior shenanigans, no Correspondence songs.

I'm annoyed that my plan of initiating a Big Bounce is blocked as well. I really really don't like any of these folks running around enough to get invested in them.

Well thank you!
I just saw it in the uploads folder. Really surprised to see an obscure Alexander Wales webfiction be made into a jump but I love it.
I'mma read it in detail now.

>I don't Liiiiike training, though. or at least, I don't like 'legitimate' training

Exactly the same as me, But you just need motivation, like mine was to become Overlord and create the most Bodacious Kingdom that would ever be.>so anything that'd get him stronger just by flinging himself into danger often would probably help a lot for his advancement

So he's a masochist?, Then here is a plan that can't be beat. Get the multiplication perk from teen titans or get shadow clones from naruto and then have the shadow clones train for you and after you get strong enough have the Clone from teen titans fight for you.That's how I settle my problems with having to do work

Why don't you do some fucking research, you shitposter?

so God damn many places, turning into a dragon is the jumper equivalent of getting your first car.

I'm actually already in possession of Self-Dupe, for reasons. Not sure about Naruto but I was imagining that I could utilize the duplicated selves to get training going, or if nothing else to slow down Priere. I'm not adverse to some work, but I do hate routines a lot so if anything it'd probably come down to just delving the depths of my dachis in item world and relying on DETERMINATION(thank god I take willpower perks often) powering the Unlosing Jumper perk + Proto Ranger Belt

I wonder: Could the deredachis enter their own Item Worlds? I mean, it says you can't bring the item with you, but if they came as their human form rather than their sword form, maybe that could work.

>Not sure about Naruto but I was imagining that I could utilize the duplicated selves to get training going,

Yup that was the plan.

>powering the Unlosing Jumper perk + Proto Ranger Belt

Also don't forget whatever you are wearing gets cloned as well just think of it like gatakitiba from the OOOs movie where they all took a combo change to fight the enemy

That's retarded.

yes unfortunately it's part of the rulesof the game

>3. Abilities based on starlight or sunlight, or that produce new suns, still work unless you take the 'Rendain Was Right' Drawback. Just so you know.

Dude. Try reading it again. Slowly, this time.

So what jumps can I get an Alice in? Preferably one with some connection to Wonderland or something. In my last couple of jumps I've gotten three companions who were Alice while I myself am Alice while being not Alice.

I figure I may as well continue the theme. Rabbits also welcome, but cats will merely be tolerated.

Hey ASA, nice Hamtaro build. But one thing you forgot to put on it was if you bought a Hate Meter or a Love Meter or both. By the CP cost, you only bought one of the two. Which one did you buy? Or was it a simple mistake on your part?

If I choose to be a Leomon in Digimon Tamers, how hard do you think it will be to fight back against the curse of Leomon?

there are t least two Jumps thatt take placei in Worlds Alice visits I'd start looking for her There

Nevermind apparentlu i need to gp to sleep now.

Go drunk Clover, your home.

>[Shadows of the Limelight]
Wait, I thought that was WIP? Is it done?

How do I kill someone with sound /jc/? Any perk or item that stands out in particular?

Mike from Kirby.

hellstar guitar from exalted the infernals

Any specific examples?