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8th teaser:

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android.

>40k rules reference in wiki format.

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No, 7th doesn't deserve that much.


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nth for Orks will rise again

I ran this against my mate's Dark Eldar today and thrashed him. It's completely bonkers though, because he knew I was bringing this exact list and decided not to bring his Corpse Thief formation of five Talos Pain Engines, and then spent the points on eighteen armour 5 jetbikes instead. We ended up playing Purge, and he basically just fed me singular units the whole game. He had 3 Ravagers with Dark Lances, about eight Venoms, three squads of those dumb jetbikes and a bunch of Wracks and Grotesques. I hit the Raider carrying the Grotesques with a railgun round and exploded it on the first turn, and all the fight basically went out of him and he started this massive suicidal charge. He was easily out of range of most of my stuff, there was LOS blocking terrain everywhere, so what he couldn't get out of range of (the Hammerhead guns and a Railside) he could have hid from. We ended up with a draw, he raped me on Maelstrom points but I got like 16 kill points from the mission being Purge (ITC combined mission format)

Basically, he knew exactly what I was bringing and decided to gimp himself (he knows I can barely deal with the Talos formation) and then spent the whole game screaming about how OP my army is. He can beat it, but he says that fielding the Talos is boring because he rolls everyone with it. Then he bitches for literally hours when he gets rolled because he didn't bring it. This guy is one of my best mates, Veeky Forums. How can I get him to calm the fuck down about me switching to Tau? I mean...I'm not being a dick, right?

Death guard in the starter set then?

DKOK in plastic where?

But who are the loyalists? Some user said BT in last thread, but that doesn't look like BT. Iron Hands maybe?

I wish.


Someone said DGvsBT

What's BT?
deleet this

Also New warhamer domain:

Milatarum Tempests no longer a faction?

Black with laurels, seems pretty BT to me., IH have white bolter cases.

Oh come on.. it is Death Guard vs. Ultra Marines.

That has to be the unhappiest grot...He is literally discovering what it is like to be the angel on a Christmas tree...
I mean the Sanguinius on a Sanguinallia tree.

Plastic sororitas,WHEN?

>The core rules for the game will be free, and you’ll have several options on how you get your
hands on the full rulebook
>The rules in our current range of Warhammer 40,000 codexes aren’t compatible with the new
edition of Warhammer 40,000. These books will be going off sale very soon.
>You’ll be able to submit your questions and queries on the Warhammer
40,000 Facebook page and we'll make sure we continue to evolve the game as feedback rolls
Welp guys, it seems like AoS just saved the 40k. I'm feeling really good about this

BT wear MK 4?


Looks Raven Guard to me.

>Choose a side:


Respect? Man It's taking everything I have not to shit in 7th Grave.

Dude, you already got like.. 4 of them this year. Don't be selfish. Let Space Marine player get some time in the spotlight!

I saw him as being mid throw I guess. He throws bombs at boys that get out of line.

How is the background music called?

Sounds really epic

probably realized that making a single elites choice of guard into a faction on it's own wasn't really necessary?

>just got the 7th ed rulebook and my army codex 2 days ago
>this happens

I can see DG v DA. It's Dark Green in the left, not black, and the nurhle scheme is obvious on the right.

>What's BT?

Black Templars

DA had the last starter kit, no way they're getting two in a row.

Why the fuck would you buy this shit without doing any online research. Serves you right.


Is it RG or BT?

It's worth keeping for the fluff and/or collection purposes. If you still have the receipt you could always return them?

The rumors have been around for months tho. And you could have just downloaded them, you know, until we have/had confirmation on this.

Also no KDK listed on the new site.

You have brought this on yourself user - we know about 8th edition being something really different for something like few moths

Nigger everyone told everyone everyone to wait for 8th before getting into the game. You only have yourself to blame.

Fuck off. Rumors were "maybe after summer we get something!", stop saying otherwise.

That happened to me with 6th!

The unsympathetic reaction from my local GW is why I pirate everything from here now.

I think its the fallen in the trailer, new edition will reveal them as heroes and loyalists

DA have red bolters.

I bought it from GW's online store...

I guess I could keep it for collection purposes though. They'll find a nice spot on the bookshelf next to my old 5th edition codices and 6th edition rulebook.

Not beakie helmet though.

They wear all sorts.

The were second founding and basically already their own chapter during the Heresy.

>3 ways to play
Why do they keep saying this? There are only 2 ways to play in my experience--narrative, where you use references for famous battles and redo them, and normal points. What is the third option?

wish you could pirate miniatures

WAACfaggot's delight apparently

So you could have waited until then and use the pdfs on a tablet/phone.

>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™


Open Play: No points, take what you want, just agree with your opponent.

It's raven guard vs death guard you stupid fuckers

While having the Warboss's banner pole stuffed up his shit chute yes. Just look at that face he's in pain He's happy to throw those bombs so other can know the pain he is in.

>Black Templars have no own supplement so they are not considered theyr own faction like Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves are

That needs to change NOW

Why should I not just stick with current Warhammer 40,000?
This is the version of Warhammer 40,000 you’ve been asking for. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we really believe that this is the best Warhammer 40,000 has ever been."

Ok, who asked for this? Because I certainly didn't

>Downloaded 7e pdf off pirate bay 2 days ago since I'm trying to learn the game before investing time and money into it.

feels good.

I did

Laurels DO point in that direction, I guess they went with MK IV to make it mirror the DG side, as they dont' have MK VI.


>wait until after your vacations to get into a hobby, so you won't have time thanks to work, fuck the whole free summer in the meantime

It is ridiculous to devote more than a sentence of book space to that play mode, and frankly Narrative should also use points by default.


pay respects to 40k, not 7th you dingus.

It's getting sigmar'd.

The rumor was maybe MID/LATE SUMMER not after summer. As in 3 months from now...

Jesh I jumped back in in Feb. and I was already hearing rumblings about 8th so I've only bought paint and models.

You start with DT, you don't know where to draw the line afterwards.

Feel free to keep playing 7th with friends, noone will force you to change.

If it's the better system I'm sure loads of people will agree with you and continue with 7th as well.
Just like they did with Fantasy

>Ok, who asked for this? Because I certainly didn't
Pretty much all of 40kg has been bitching about 7th edition all the time. And also since every other edition, except [the one you started in].
And it's probably better to start anew, rather than trying to patch up an ancient game with dozens of supplements

>free core rules instead of paying $100 just to buy the rulebook
>balanced game mode where you don't have to worry about Apoc shit
>GW openly referencingg "This is New Games Workshop™"

What a fucking time to be alive, lads. If you'd told me any of this five years ago, I'd have thought you lost your mind.

Not always my LGS has a no Returns policy. What you bought has to be strait up defective out of the packaging in order for him to return it.

I'd weep tears of zeal for BT starter box then. The sons of Sigismund have waited long for this day.

The shop is real

BA, DA and SW are still kept separated from vanilla marines in the new page, making it unlikely that they would mix them with the latter like they did with the BT

And all is right with the world

Just play with 7th terrible rules m8 - if it was so great then you will have no problem with finding other players sticking with 7e

I hope Orks will get the first codex this edition :^)

OK, sounds better than I was worrying about.
Also, Tau synopsis doesn't even MENTION their myriad allies, just the battlesuits.

At least the Admech one makes them seem suitably esoteric and remote, I just wish the electro-priests that look so cool had remotely tolerable rules.

>hey, I'm looking to get into Warhammer! How do I build an army?

>it's easy, just drop $140 on rulebooks and make a formation of a detachment of a decurion of a formation of a CAD


Anyone who believes 40k's current incarnation is accessible or conducive to long-term success is kidding themselves.

>8th ed comes with everyone getting an update
>There will be no drop pods for spiky marines

>what is forgeworld

>There should be no penalty for betraying the Imperium


Is that a new marine model?

>tfw still playing with the 1999 codex

it's an abstract kind of feeling

KDK was just a one time thing and they said that often enough.

it's a squad of the megamarines

heads look kinda goofy

If Narrative uses points then the winner might lose.
I mean, civil war reenactments don't let the wrong person win.

New here.
So, this is good?

Based Rountree, savior of GW.

Yeah that's true and right

Also, with more supplements more factions can be added, in my previous post I bitched about the BL, but beeing Thousand Sons and Death Guard unique factions they will eventually add the World Eaters and Emperor's Children too

Potentially the new 'Sons of Guilleman' chapter that's mentioned in SWAG?

Makes sense as Ultramarines have always been the poster boys and I assume they would be replace by this new chapter.

Can I still use all my models?
>Yes. Every Warhammer 40,000 miniature we sell today will be usable in the new edition of
Warhammer 40,000. What’s more, they’ll be supported with new rules, which will be available
from the get go in handy, low-cost books.

Even Forge World models?
>Yes, even all of your Warhammer 40,000 Forge World models.

So will every FW model get new, official GW approved rules? Think they'll be just as accepted as GW models?

Holy shit, you are right.

Dont forget:
>Will the rules be updated annually (ala, the General's Handbook)?
"What a great idea! We've had such a fantastic response to our community-led approach with the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules updates that we're committed to doing the same for Warhammer 40,000."

>mfw the numarine leak was real

Crazy times are upon us!


HOLY SHIT. HOLD ME Veeky Forums.

Another pic, check the painting guide book in the background.

I think they are releasing the cheap army books all at once. In one great mass release Kinda like the AOS
"Chaos Battletome", "Order Battletome" and then the other two. So likely the core rulebook will drop with a books called (maybe) "Imperium", "Chaos", "Xenos" that will just be unit rules for all existing models and maybe a page of fluff on each faction. Later they roll out with individual books for each faction in the $30-40 range with more details.

>the new 'Sons of Guilleman' chapter that's mentioned in SWAG
nigger the sons of guilliman are an old chapter

those guys are just ultramarines