Ok, so what happens to humans in 40k after they die?

Ok, so what happens to humans in 40k after they die?
will they become one with the emperor in collective mind?
also Is Emperor like some sort of robot, operated by billions of human souls or something?

You go to the Poker Room of the Dead, where you hang out with other humans and Drink till the Emperor decides it's time for the Great undead counter offensive

these things are left ambiguous because it ultimately doesn't matter for the purposes of the game

Mostly they just die. A small portion persists in the warp, which depending on the person might just be a wisp of emotion or something like a ghost with memories but no real will.

Not really a collective mind, but the collective warp energy of dead human souls is definitely a big part of Emps' warp presence. (over and above the astronomicon)

Emps is a nascent warp god, the body on the golden throne is just his major (but not sole) link back to the materium. I think of him, and the ruinous powers, as more like a sentient thundercloud than a robot.

>inb4 heresy

They disappear into the endless sea of souls that is the warp.
Unless of course you are a psyker, in which case their consciousness hangs around long enough to be torn apart by the denizens of the Warp. The only people who become one with the Emperor are Living Saints, whose faith and willpower to serve the Emperor is so great they are imbued with his essence and become Anathema for daemons.

The Emperor is the Emperor, but his psyche is currently fractured into many individuals so that he can assist the Imperium better.

>Ok, so what happens to humans in 40k after they die?
The souls depart and quickly get lost in the warp/consumed by demons. So humans pretty much don't have afterlife.
>will they become one with the emperor in collective mind?
>also Is Emperor like some sort of robot, operated by billions of human souls or something?

Eh, this one seems a nice option but with all "muh grimdark", other versions would be more implied

The last one's pretty much correct. He's a battery that feeds on souls, and he's even picky. When all you do is have your brain plugged into a navigation system and you're otherwise just a corpse, it's pretty safe to call you a robot. He's a decoration for his throne.

They usually get nommed by Warp predators in pretty short order, the souls of non-psykers are usually not powerful enough to even be aware after death and just kind of wander around blindly.

There are hundreds of thousands of chunks of the Emperor's soul running around the entirety of the Galaxy influencing and manipulating events. Some even have conflicting goals and contest each other. Many of them return to the Body which is the anchor to the material world when the Emperor really needs to turn his attention to something or address someone in his presence.

>So humans pretty much don't have afterlife.
Well, thats disgusting
so much for a myth about 40k being HFY

Their soul dissolves in the Warp.

If you're a psyker, however, your soul remains coherent. Daemons promptly feast upon your soul, or use you in unspeakable ways, torturing you forever.

As a side note, this means that dudes like Eisenhorn, Ravenor and basically every psyker will go to Hell when they die, to be tormented forever by daemons. The afterlife is no escape, it's a level of hell no sane mind could tolerate.

Like, basically every psyker's story ends with:

> "He awoke, and he was in Hell. He screamed forever."

but theres more
what if I thold you that entire 40k universe with all the the chaos gods and stuff were created for the entertainment of some dudes in a higher plane of existence

>All these people saying folks get instantly nom'd by demons

Guys, Ghosts and Saints back from the dead are canon. While chaos gets corrupted claws into the vast majority of humanity, their is clearly some minority of souls going somewhere else.

Face it, user. Emperor doesn't protect.

>Mfw no one here knows about the Legion Of The Damned.

They were cursed in life and kept fighting on. They aren't dead.

Psykers basically have the same fate as eldar upon death. Just that they get to deal with all four warp gods not just Slaanesh.

Humans just don't care about it. And most of them don't know about it. Even psykers.

There's a reason Eldar prefer being locked in eternal twilight to just passing on "naturally".

I guess if you are lucky, you might burn your soul out in a glorious last stand.
Or, if you are Ordo Xenos and extra heretical you get yourself a soulstone.

The Eldar are slightly different. They all get eaten by Slaanesh when they die, so the soulstones avert that.

As far I know, humans can't use soulstones. Not even psykers.

>Humans just don't care about it. And most of them don't know about it. Even psykers.
They don't know about it because no soul survives to tell them

Well, they can choose death by Culexus. No soul - no problem.

Being killed by a Culexus is about as bad as being eaten by Slaanesh. It's not a 'less bad' alternative.

>Will I join in Aku's consciousness when I die?

Go back to bed, Ashi.

>The Eldar are slightly different.
Well yes, but does it really matter if you go to Double Hell or Extra Special Plush Deluxe Hell? Both are going to suck.

>As far I know, humans can't use soulstones.
That's why you need to be extra heretical

Doesn't the Ordo Xenos use trained orks. tamed tyranids, necron weapons, and tau weapons?

One should note that some Daemons, like Plaguebearers and Bloodletters, are made directly from human souls. In a similar manner, some fluff sourced say people who die while feeling strong emotions also have a tendency to become unaligned Daemons.

So it really depends on the author. There are even some descriptions of Khorne's realm that say it is a battlefield both for 'mortal and daemon alike' which implies there are human souls fighting in there like if it was space Valhalla.

Yes, if they are slightly or medium heretical, as Inquisitors tend to be.

Since Warhammer 40000 and Age of Sigmar share a Warp, Nagash claims all souls.

Then Archaon locks them in a giant cage because he's a dick and wants to become Jehova.

>trained orks
>tamed tyranids