40k 8th Edition Speculation

So what are some of Veeky Forums's theories reguarding Warhammer 40k 8th Edition? And what would you like to see?

Rules, Lore, Whatever

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I'd like to see greater restrictions on what we can and cannot take, to make balancing easier. Preferably restricting the game to CAD with formations being something you take inside said CAD. So a Riptide wing is 3 Riptides BUT they take up all 3 of your elite slots denying you the ability to take crises, ghostkeel, and stealth suits. Or you could take the Emp's Wrath, but it takes up all 3 heavy support slots so no tanks for you. Or the Emp's Fist, which takes all 3 heavy support slots and an HQ slot. And so on. Also, no squadrons for anything larger than a sentinel.

This is because even if a certain unit is overpowered, limiting the number of them you can take to (in the riptide's case) 3 or (in the Emp's Fist case) 5 minimizes the cheese available. I'd also force all armies to require 3 troops choices instead of 2 with a maximum of 7 troops, and put all air and anti-air units into a new catagory called "Air Support" with 3 slots. This would allow players to take things like Hydras without feeling like they're wasting slots when fighting non-air armies. Like squadrons on land, the air squadrons are limited to one per slot with special exceptions for tiny guys like deathkopters.

I'd also like GW to NOT get rid of veterans with shotguns, because I just finished painting some and I would hate to lose my newfound WYSIWYG status.

I am concerned, to say the least.

Does GW put out new models with each new edition? I'm considering getting into 40K; haven't bought any sets since 2001 when I picked up some Tyranids out of interest. I like the look of Imperial Guard, but should I expect them to get a whole new set of models with the release of 8th edition?

A nerf for tau so I can play them without feeling like a huge asshat.

The excuse "I liked them back in 4th" does not fly well somedays, despite my major lack of riptides/ghostkeels.

No they don't. The models in the starter set will likely be new, and there will probably be a few refreshes here and there, but the vast majority will remain. There are still 2nd edition models out there that haven't been replaced.

>Imperium and Chaos get new toys
>Eldar are fractured and Ynnari get additional faction unique units
>Nid Codex IS NOT written by Cruddance and Nids become an even bigger threat
>Orkz take a level in badass and get new stuff (GIVE ME TUSKA DAEMONKILLA RULES AND MODEL)
>Necrons are waking up more intensively (also Tranzyn meets Guilliman and the latter is not pleased) + Pariahs return as a faster and more agile alternative to Lychguard
>Tau get a nerf (Riptides are relegated to LoW and you cannot stack Marker Lights above three marks)
>Hoping for Kroot to shine
>Creed is listed as M.I.A. and Cadians are now arming themselves to avenge Cadia (Lukas Bastonne becomes the new Creed and doesn't suffer the Peter Principle)
>Fulgrim makes an entrance
>Cypher doesn't stop to finally achieve his destiny
>The setting becomes Nobledark because for once there is a glimmer of hope

What do you want them to Nerf? I just started playing a few weeks back(I play Farsight Enclaves lists) and I also feel a bit bad playing them even though I picked em for the fluff.

repostan from other thread, discuss:

I like the concept of megaFactions, but I think the Xenos Faction is shoddily handled. Instead I think it should be one Eldar faction, one "Destruction" Faction led by Orks (that should be expanded upon a LOT more, Orks are probably my favorite "Badguys" race and super iconic for the universe). The third faction imho should be a fluff development. Necrons want to start retaking the Galaxy, but notice they can't build pylons anymore because to empower them you needs souls (tough luck) so they ally with the Tau in a mutually beneficial junior-senior partner relationship because Tau Prime got raided by Demons and they're fucking sick of this Chaos Bullshit. So now Tau become some sort of client race of the Necrons who are at their foremost assaults to put up Tech to mess with the Warp. Fourth Alliance should be Nids, Genestealers with expanded Cultists list to include infected Tau and Zoats.

I think Megafactions in the AoS style are no bad idea because
a) it makes ally rules a lot simpler
b) it's thematically somewhat appropriate and makes it easier to give "race" specific special rules to factions, which is definitely a development that has been happening
c) having a seperate codex for every marine chapter is dumb and megafactions would be one step closer to folding them all back together.
d) Imperial, Eldar and Chaos all use the same stuff respectively anyway. not need to over-complicate things by splitting it into armies.

The riptides and optimised stealth cadre, or rather how cheap they are and how many you can take. All it takes is one asshat to take 3+ riptides and then all tau players are painted as douchedicks.

Literally, anything that makes taking auxiliaries viable.

What I like to see is that you can use AOS orruks and grots for W40k as feral greenskinz.

This too, I miss my wee kroot buds.

Literally anything would be a positive change from 7th.

I would like to see assaulting out of any transport and over all less crazy movement. Moving 30-60 inches is ridiculous.

I'm mostly hoping for assault to be better, and I'm hoping for my Guard blobs to still be useful. I'd be upset if a Priest or Commissar didn't help like it does in 7th.

I would like to see Ironstriders not be sold for 60$ a fucking model

I'd like Guard go back to ~28 - 30 USD for a box of 20 infantry, but sadly that'll never happen.

>M-muh black and white

>it's douchey to take options in your codex that are designed for you to take

>Its fair to shoot at rear armor regardless of position

>Removing codex
>"Its not being dumbed down we are making it easier for new players," Sooooooo dumbed down?
>free rules meaning short rules online

Honestly its not looking good, with the trashing of codexes, so unless they have a bunch of rules for each flavor of an army, everyone is going to loose their uniqueness

My preditctions are every space marine chapter is going to end up playing the exact same, minus having 1 or 2 unique units that give it flavor, IE DW RW, or Wolf guard ect ect, but other wise its all going to be played the same.
Truth be told im concerned, the only hope i have is that 40k is GWs bread and butter, meaning if they fuck this up so bad that it digs massively into their sales, they are going to have no choice but to unfuck it. GW needs to learn how to actually make rules and new editions, which means fixing whats broken not doing a rewrite each time.


>GW is shit canning dozons for books for reasons
>They are being super ambiguous with what they are doing
>They are going the same route as AoS
Not saying the sky is falling, but the sky is getting a bit darker.

post yfw 40kids like AoS now

>every space marine chapter will play the same

Oh no. Oh man. How will we ever live?

AoS is shit. Doesn't mean it's 100% shit and some parts can't be salvaged.

What the fuck did the faq mean by "the New Games Workshop", I've been out of the loop for a good few years

Can't complain so far.

Shit, if they keep stuff the same except slightly change AP, and balance out assault v shooting, then it's only codex balance we need.

>inb4 it's the exact same except AoS leadership system

They have less of a stick up their asses and have fun with the hobby now. For example one of their ads: youtube.com/watch?v=1o1r9uUDmoM

Honestly the game is way too fucking complicated and I hope they change it so that it's the very least similar to AOS and hopefully even easier to play.

I agree it to complicated, but i wish GW would have just say, alright 5th is back with better tank rules.

This is my list for everything that I hope makes it to the rule book

>less reliance on dice

like seriously its 2017 why the fuck are we still using dice when we should have a warhammer App to do it all for us on our iPhones

>simpler play

shouldn't have to do so much math, even to build an army, they need to make the game easier like AOS


holy fuck change the god damn measurement system to CM you fucks

what are you guys excited for?

You sound like a real fuckboi

That sounds pretty acoustic my mexican friend

How obvious does bait need to be for you?

>>free rules meaning short rules online
40k rules can be condensed into like 2 A4 pages already. Just because the rulebook is a 400 page incoherent monster doesn't mean the rules are that complex

Well I've always been against "advancing the setting", and there was certainly no reason too considering there's ten thousand years and "more than a million worlds", and an unaccountable number of beings that could be used for stories.

However, authors have largely chosen in the last decade to retread characters and stories already done, leading, at best, to no suspense, and at worst, idiotic retcons. So in light of how authors have decided to the setting, maybe advancing the setting isn't so bad comparatively, since it'll actually force them to come up with new stuff, and the outcomes for established characters aren't a given.

The thing is how the story is rapidly changing from grimdark to nobledark. Imperium and Eldar are now clearly the good guys, while Chaos has been reduced to saturday morning cartoon villains (even more than before).

Other than that... We need new Chaos characters.

Mortarion is obviously the next new Primarch model, with the new Death Guard coming out and the glimmer of a sycthe that could indicate him (also gives a traitor, loyal, traitor, loyal pattern).

After that I think it will be the Lion, the only other known Primarch really so Gully will wake him up to lead the armies since he is the master tactician and will lead to some shit with Cypher.

After that its anyones guess but I think Fulgrim.

>Implying Lion el Gay won't run to Eye as soon as he wakeys wakeys

My prediction is that this is what Fantasy experienced, they want rid of all the grognards and want to change the image of the game.

This will understandably attract a lot of shit on here. Welcome to new Games Workshop I suppose.

Imo order of primarch returns are as follows

Dorn(?) or Vulkan(?)

But i garuntee its going to be Fulgrim and Angron before any other demon primarch, that way they cover the 4 chaos god primarchs, Tzeench, Slaanesh, Nurgal, and Khorne

Any rumours about Tau?

They are still trying to be significant.

>they want rid of all the grognards
What would the purpose of that be though? I mean if you think about it.
1) Grognards, save for the poorfags that you find in every hobby, tend to be repeat customers, and alienating repeat customers is never a good business plan.
2)Why would you alienate repeat customers in a world where they have an international soapbox on the internet? Nerds don't just leave things they no longer they like, they tend to denounce them for a long while after. Alienating customers in a nerdy intentionally is essentially the same as intentionally courting free bad publicity.
3)Even if you wanted to do it to change the image of unwashed neckbeards, and somehow turned every single 40k player into a clean shaven businessman, most of them are still going to be sharing an LGS with MT:G and Warmahorde players.

Those were the days. I miss them dearly.

According to the GS finale, Warpstorms are ravaging the borders of the Tau Empire. The Tau responded by sending aggressive expansion fleets into Imperial space in order to secure their borders.

So new Tau content might be a thing in the future.

GW got rid of the toxic scum in the fantasy fandom with AoS. Despite all the efforts of /WHFB/fags, AoS is doing fine.

Remember all the rants on youtube and forums when AoS became a thing? Remember when somebody burned his own army? That amounted to nothing. Grognards have no power and they are not a fanbase that GW should focus on. They are toxic.

They want rid of them because GW feels they put people off, they won't be sharing a LGS because all GW cares about is their own stores and they want them out, they don't buy enough, they don't buy on impulse, they complain at every new release.

GW wants to broaden the appeal and the customer base, they're going after the normies' money. Unfortunately, what we say on the internet doesn't really matter. It had no effect on AoS despite it being panned in its first year.

They're sweeping house, whether they can get enough new customers to replace those leaving will be the success barometer.

To be fair it did hamstring it a lot in the first year, hence the GHB and all that damage control.

I mean look at the new 40K FAQ, they pretty much flat out say 'it won't be like AoS'.

>They're sweeping house, whether they can get enough new customers to replace those leaving will be the success barometer.

If that's the case...GW already won.

Will we ever know what happened to that planet where Orks and Tyranids are fighting an eternal war?

I can't remember the name.

The Orks were losing until Ghaz arrived to break the siege. Tyranids responded by sending 2 tendrils at the planet.

Go read about it in the Ghaz supp.

Kirby was ousted as CEO a couple years ago.

> Faeit 212

Thanks, I need a good laugh.

This can't be right purely on the maths, GW's sales have continued to fall every year, so for this to be right 40K would have had to have dropped of a cliff edge.

>All current codexes getting squatted


I highly doubt it, they're in AoS.

You'll have to pay for them like AoS.


They can work user if they game is built from the ground up with them.

They were shit in 7th because they were blatant pay to win and always beneficial to the default 1 HQ and 2 Troops.

The rules are probably going to be the only thing salvageable from this edition.

Funny, Hastings who's the premier rumour monger said it sold about the same as Fantasy did when 8th edition hit.

Working nids.
I want working, goddamn, tyranids.
With real genestealers, real Lictors, and useful melee units. All that jazz.
And I want it RIGHT NOW.

>Still posting the "b-but it sold less than paint" meme

It's been two years since that shit was debunked. Fuck off already.

Not disagreeing with you, but it did sell like shit.

GW's annual report says it sold better than WHFB for serveral years. Don't lie, anons.

I'm gonna fuck that ripper. I'm gonna drown him in my semen to the point where he will deliver enough biomass to make an entire new hive fleet.

>Close to 100 votes on the Hype scale


Reread it; it said it sold more frequently

while having more frequent releases

Yes, 8th edition came out in 2010. That was several years ago.

>ovipositor throbbing intensifies




Not everyone's army can be bottom tier user
Especially seeing as GW want everyone to play ultrasmurfs!

My nids are already bottom tier.
We can only go up from here.

It made a profit, it just didn't make as much as 40K did and the board of GW would happily clean out all the grognards and trash the lore for a 0.01% increase in profit.

nids are not for lewd
nids are cute, CUTE!!

'nuf said !

Cuddlefexes and hug tyrants.


>tfw carnifices work

Kek, 10$ says it's getting Age of the Emperor'd.

Already sold my army, just in case.

Holy shit, is right : it's already working !

The FAQ: warhammer40000.gw-hub.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/04/New-Edition-of-40K-FAQ.pdf

>Wait, did you guys blow up the universe?
>Nope. This is very much still the Warhammer 40,000 setting you know and love. Now, that’s not to say we won’t see the story advance - there’s some pretty epic stuff ahead! You can certainly expect to see the story arcs that began in the recent Gathering Storm campaign books continue to unfold with plenty of exciting developments to look forward to...

This. I love Tau, but I haven't played them regularly for like two years because of this.

Especially if they switch over to more efficient unit sheets, like Warscrolls.

What a pleb, you know there will be other games like the 9th age that pick up the pieces?

Sounds like a good time to buy discounted 40k shit from grognards selling off their armies.

Thanks, but I'd rather just go and play a different, better game.

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."


It will be a different and better game though?

All you'll be doing is using the models you already have.

Special characters for Tyranids.

Could fluff them as "experimental lifeforms" or something.

I'm so ready for discounted shit, especially since grognards won't have painted half of it.

>Why should I trust you?
>Come on! This is New Games Workshop™

I love NuGW

Could just fluff them as one-off organisms that evolved specifically to fight a certain threat/enemy etc

Fuck off. Tyranids have had far too much characterisation as it is. Their lore needs to be rolled back to 4e.

I'd like to see a vast simplification of the rules, to the point that general rules can be contained on 2-4 pages of material, and special rules can all be completely contained on an index card associated with whatever model.

One of the worst parts about this hobby is having to flip through 9 different locations in 3 different unindexed pdfs or epubs to figure out how one model works.

Yes they do idiot. Not for every army, but depending on the posterboys of said edition, they will probably get new models. See: Dark Angels with 7th

So they are squatting all 7e codexes and providing free rules for 8th. Does that mean each army will receive an updated codex for 8th?

I'd rather have ultra-customizable units like back in 3rd edition, instead. Something to show how Tyranids are adapting to their foes.
Nid special characters where a mistake.

Mfw all of the new death guard models are just monopose snap-fits from the new starter.

fuck off, the plastic DG and the new plastic Calgar look fucking awesome


They are going to receive a compendium of the models' rules; the updated codices with the powerful additional rules are going to be released one at a time, with an irregular power creep and an even greater bias towards what armies deserve an update more.

>ultra-customizable units

So much this

Note that it was the same for Genestealer cults. Now look at everything they got.

New Imperial Guard models please, I know GW have wanted to shit-can the bulky Cadian fuckers for a while now.
With Cadia gone I see no reason for a new IG world to be the focus (who just so happen to have proper proportions and are as detailed as the Mechanicus and Skitarii stuff).