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First for nu-marines

I like Black Templars
Why does it feel like Marines need so many damn transports?

>second for don't hype unless you expect disappointment

>Vote if you are hype for 8th Ed or not?


8th edition leak

So did I fuck up by buying a 7th edition rule book just now?

>Bigger models to paint easier
>dumbed down rules
>it's AoSigmarification
Expect ultramarines vs bloodiers of the bloodsecators Marines, 49k might as well be dead now
>hurr Durr grognard getting mad
If you legitimately expect a well balanced game with a good system then you're either delusional or live 5-7 years on the future were they realised they fucked up again for rushing a mass reboot

Welp fucking Dark Angels up the ass
"Grenade Launchers: May be Replaced by Plasma Talons for 17 pts."

Possible new symbols on the left for the new marines gully boy is making on Mars?

Lmao one Luddite sticking with 7th so far

>he thinks anyone believes this
I remember the fake 6e leak too.

The art on the community page of the new site is cute.

Thank god for the new edition. The state of balance in 7th was somewhere between Terrible and Non-existent, and the rule bloat was fucking legendary.

Love how the IG is just staring admiring at the SM.

The new site has a bunch of cute little art.


Any leaked info on actual release date? Or still Soon™

It's not admiring. He's pointing the tank barrel at the Marine. He's playfully trying to shoot him, but the Marine noticed, so he's uncomfortable that he got spotted.

Aw now it's not as cute, didn't even notice that

NuMarine picture from before confirmed legit


Its on the cover dumbass, its guillimarines versus nurgle

Those look like stormcast legs/



I like the concept of megaFactions, but I think the Xenos Faction is shoddily handled. Instead I think it should be one Eldar faction, one "Destruction" Faction led by Orks (that should be expanded upon a LOT more, Orks are probably my favorite "Badguys" race and super iconic for the universe). The third faction imho should be a fluff development. Necrons want to start retaking the Galaxy, but notice they can't build pylons anymore because to empower them you needs souls (tough luck) so they ally with the Tau in a mutually beneficial junior-senior partner relationship because Tau Prime got raided by Demons and they're fucking sick of this Chaos Bullshit. So now Tau become some sort of client race of the Necrons who are at their foremost assaults to put up Tech to mess with the Warp. Fourth Alliance should be Nids, Genestealers with expanded Cultists list to include infected Tau and Zoats.

You haven't seen nor try 8th edition.
That's some serious bigotry.

Should have been:


He hasn't*

I have moved to London (leaving my armies overseas) and I've found out that my new co-workers play 40k (still at 500-700 points) and now I don't know if it's cheaper to send my army here or just get into a start collecting box that I could later use with my army (so the best options would be demons, taking into account allies and demonology, but there is always a specific god unit I dislike in the boxes). I play CSM btw. What do you think, Veeky Forums ? Any idea?

You're making a lot of assumptions there user.

It could just be that they're codifying the fact that the game's factions loosely fall into "Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos", without necessarily implying any allegiance within those factions.

>rigid 3 faction system
I'm not seeing this anywhere. Links?

I don't think that the mega factions really work like the ones of AoS do.
They are just the overall rough groupings of the different factions.

>Instead I think all the alien races should be expanded a lot more all at once
that's a wonderful dream, I guess, but not exactly feasible and ultimately wasted effort

>An Ork

>8th ed FAQS


Wait, I'm confused. Is GW the good guys now?

Orks can think.
It is just the quality of their thoughts is not necessarily that great.

Tau and Necrons both are kinda isolated factions though. Making them into an alliance emphasizes the Tech theme, gives Tau a more grounded role in the Universe, and gives a broader faction. They're already linked by being innovative and antio-warp.

That's probably true, but I actually think Megafactions in the AoS style are no bad idea because
a) it makes ally rules a lot simpler
b) it's thematically somewhat appropriate and makes it easier to give "race" specific special rules to factions, which is definitely a development that has been happening
c) having a seperate codex for every marine chapter is dumb and megafactions would be one step closer to folding them all back together.
d) Imperial, Eldar and Chaos all use the same stuff respectively anyway. not need to over-complicate things by splitting it into armies.

kek, read the faq

>Come on we are New GamesWorkshop...

I have to imagine it'd be cheaper to just send a small secure box from home to L O N D O N than to make a new army. But if you've wanted to do a new army I'd go ahead and do that.

What job?

No, fuck off, that wouldn't fucking work in 40k without scrapping out tons of shit that is unique to various factions.

Hell, it doesn't fucking work in AOS either, and is super fucking convoluted, but at least AOS avoids the problem of having few giga factions with tons of different subfactions, and a bunch of "superfactions" that actually consists of a single faction, like that shit would end up in 40k.

You'd get Chaos and Imperium as the mega factions with half a dozen subfactions each, Eldar as a sort of mediocre faction with 4 subfactions, and the rest of the xenos would have to be their own groups, because NONE OF THEM make any fucking sense working alongside let alone being allied with one another.

So I went on the new 8th edition website and they have grouped all the factions into Imperial, Chaos and Xenos. I'm getting a little nervous guys.

What did GW mean by this?


>without scrapping out tons of shit that is unique to various factions
What? No single idea required scrapping of anything.

>nd the rest of the xenos would have to be their own groups, because NONE OF THEM make any fucking sense working alongside let alone being allied with one another.
do you have problems with text comprehension?

I have to say though, the mere fact that they put that question in there seems to be a recognition of their terrible reputation. And as a company you wouldn't want to draw attention to a thing like that unless you're trying to change it.

Yes it fucking would.
Also, first off, your statement of "Chaos, Imperium, and Eldar all use the same stuff respectively" is blatantly untrue, especially in the case of the Eldar.
Before the retarded Ynnari shit, the Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar shared basically nothing. Harlequins had some Deldar and CWE stuff and were kind of a bridge between the two.

I'm surprised they keep pushing stuff like this. Like a girl and black guy playing. That never happens. I've played for 5 years straight and I have seen a total of 2 black guys playing and I live near a city with lots of black people. I've also only seen maybe 12 girls total, only a few who actually played. Most just paint or are the girlfriends of people who play.

>tumblr art
>white girl, black dude

More like "Nu Goyim Cuckshop."

After that petition that got several thousand signers they'd need to be purposefully ignorant to be unaware of their garbage reputation.

Are they sitting on the floor?
Or is the table 1,50m high?
Who even does that?

So if TS and DG are going to be their own "factions" are we going to see all the Legions get that kind of treatment? Is Geedubs just going to go nuts and give everyone and their grandmother special rules? I hope they do

>Yes it fucking would.
How? You could literally implement that shit RIGHT now by grouping the codices you fucktard.

>Also, first off, your statement of "Chaos, Imperium, and Eldar all use the same stuff respectively" is blatantly untrue, especially in the case of the Eldar.
>what are ynnari

>Before the retarded Ynnari shit
Get with the times


Ynnari bs makes both the CWE and DE less unique by the virtue of it's existence. It was a fucking mistake.

I disagree with him but Ynnari are pretty fucking dumb, not only are they by far the most broken faction, but the Deldar and the Celdar don't really have much in common.

The very day they announced 8th edition?

Yes, user. Yes.

>not much in common
>literally the same race

You managed to fuck up harder than me who ordered a 7th ed rulebook 1 week ago from the GW webstore with it arriving 2 days ago

>literally the same race
>still listed as different factions
Really makes you think huh?

In terms of units and weapons you utter fucking dipshit.

No it's not. It's obnoxious as fuck and needs to stay on deviantart.

>mfw Emperor's Children get their own stuff
>Joybound and Dark Apothecaries as an HQ
>Sonic Dreadnoughts and Sonic Terminators to support

What we need is Renegade Space Marines, which aren't loyalists, but not Chaos traitors either. They just operate outside the two and sometimes with either of the two.


So Cypher: the faction then?

Looks great. True Scale fags will be happy, I guess.

I suspect it will get different updates for the main chaos legions who are dedicated to a single god.

>The new edition will have the core rules FOR FREE



>yes goy the new rules are for free just don't mind the BLACKED stock photos


this is making me want to puke

it looks like something out of a webcomic for vegans.


Is this fucking shitposting?


thematically. they don't really have overt links to other races.

It's the first time I see a change of edition (started playing mid 7th). I was just about to start an IG army. Should I buy the start collecting box, or do I wait? I have no clue

Buy whatever models you want, just don't buy any codices because literally every single fucking one including all the supplements are now obsolete.

>I actually think Megafactions in the AoS style are no bad idea
>it's thematically somewhat appropriate

Still pretty happy with the news, so far. As long as they don't fuck the canon hard AOS style (and it seems that they won't), this will probably be a good change.

competitive players will be annoyed because they'll have to buy the new op models, but if you just want to play buy whatever you want.

The Silent King is pushing his people to ally with other races again the Tyranids. See (Shield of Baal & Baal's Darkest Hour).

Yvarine is pushing the Eldar into setting aside their differences with the Necrons and forming an alliance.

The necrons have never been connected with the other races as they are now. plus the Necrons have more in common with the Eldar than differences. They make a perfect couple.

It should be, but with such small armies I can get 500 points for 38 pounds in a start collecting, maybe throw a hellbrute+cultists to reach 700 which are also really cheap.

Don't really see how the job is related but vidya tester.

Thanks a ot folks. Guard it is then

>not Why should I trust you edition
missed opportunity op

I'd say either some DA successor or Iron Hands due to the mechanicus references

They want to expand their market appeal, shame on them.

Don't fucking kid yourself, the lore of 40k doesn't appeal to anyone other than white (occasionally asian) male nerd virgins.

>don't fuck the canon hard
This is the only thing that's worrying me right now. I'm most concerned about AoS megafactions needing some kind of lore rework to make them make sense, so I really hope they don't happen at all.

My inclination is that they will not do the megafactions because in the recent video about what they want from 8th they mentioned rewarding players who play a single codex rip. That implies, in my mind, that they got tired of seeing superfriends/tauxeldar/whathaveyou, and megafactions would only make that more common, rather than less.

And which petition is that then, user?

GW as it is now is following a steady trend since Roundtree took over. Funny how putting a marketing guy in charge lead to extremely marketable business decisions.

oddly the Open play picture is closer to what I expect/have seen

This one

>As long as they don't fuck the canon hard AOS style

Name ONE THING. A single thing that Gathering Storm raped about the lore. You can't.

The setting is the same as it always was. Not even a single major character died. This fucking sucks. Setting shake up my ass.

How's this look for a Kill Team, probably vs Death Guard?

PC has fnp.
Hi Bolter is sniper
Plasmagun preferred.

Tried a low model Scion is last time and he just tied my weapons up in cc with raptors turn 2 then cracked my Chimera to death. Trying to do the same to him with basic Guardsmen.

I like it. It's very charming.

>people treating fake leaks as though they were real, when the same thing happened for 5th, 5th, and 7th edition
You all are on the eternal ruse cruise, aren't you?

So exactly -Why- don't you like it?

It would be charming if it came from a fan, but it's commissioned artwork, it's about as charming as a happy meal toy.

But user said he was happy things weren't going tits up like in AoS...

Also, no more Cadia, Primarchs are back, new Eldar god and faction... That's something new in terms of the setting.

Can an apothecary really not take a power sword? Lame