Microsoft man took the dredgepill and is abolishing the list.

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Firesale your duals, reserve list is getting torn up by Hasbros new CEO. The set will be the return of keywords everyone talks about but has never actually used like Banding or Epic

Probably just gonna be cool old cards that aren't on the reserve list. Necropotence, Hymn to Tourach, Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightnig, Wrath of God, etc. Also, they will probably use the original art and maybe bring back the old card frame in some capacity.

This wouldn't be as big a deal as people think. The dual lands probably should be reprinted, but it's hard to make a solid case for anything else. The other cards are either too degenerate, weird novelties or unplayable jank. 99% of the reserved list would probably never be reprinted anyway.

>no reserve list cards
>therefore there won't be a reserved list by november
>black man pointing at forehead.jpg

>old cards that are under 10$ get reprinted
>Thu der spirit at common so pauper can get a sweet flyer

>people thinking this is going to have good stuff in it

It is just going to have a bunch of big dumb stuff in it that casuals want reprinted for commander decks or something. It seems they are using iconic in the "iconic creature types" meaning ("Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons, and Hydras").

Not to mention the artwork is gonna go to shit("Featuring new artwork on many cards"). I can't wait for them to staple some bad fantasy novel tier digital art over what was originally great artwork.

I just want my Ring of Ma'ruf reprint already. It's complete bullshit that a card that's unplayable and unappealing to 99% of players is $40.

Serra Angel
Shivan Dragon
Necropotence as a chase mythic.

My hype is zero.

Hellkite Tyrant
Are there any other value demons over than Gris?

>reserve list is getting torn up by Hasbros new CEO

The RL is just shitty corporate policy and subject to change at any time. It needs to go. Cards have been removed from the RL before.

Calling it now. New print foil Black Lotus. Same card text.

Mana Drain and Demonic Tutor will be the only mythics worth a shit in this set and lightning bolt will be an uncommon screencap this

Everything is getting new art for this set

If what maro says is true, they basically can't print cards with the old frame anymore.

Yeah because technology is only getting worse, amirite?

>If what maro says is true

the things id do for a modern frame, classic art, Lightning Bolt. At common. Foil.

most of those were just reprinted in EMA, i don't think they will repeat them so soon.

and I think they already issued a statement saying that no, there will not be cards from the reserve list.

> implying


Enjoy your shit reprints.

Draft will be fun, EV of the packs will be shit for the first two weeks. Kithkin emerge as a major tribe, much tot he joy of the silent majority. They print 5 brand new cards, one of which will kill miracles as a deck.

This doesn't even make sense, it's only a case food formatting. Even chinaman produces copies of old cards.

Unless it's a copyright thing, they don't own the design.

They want people to spend £10 a pack completely blind? This tripling the price of their 'masters' boosters is a joke.

oh boy 10usd to open a shivan dragon I am super hyped

>£10 a pack
$9.99 ≠ £10

>He doesn't know
In WotC language, $10 = 10€ = £10

-Black Lotus
-Ancient Recall
-The Mox Family
-Dual lands
>In the reserve list

-Grizzly Bear
-Serra Angel
-Shivan Dragon
>Can be gotten for free with demo packs or by some cents.

-Snapcaster Mage
>Already in a very recent batch of booster packs

Is WotC serious? Cards are iconic because they are like an impossible dream to get, blatantly powerful, an eternal format staple OR they settle the very basic benchmark for the powerlevel of future cards (bears, for example), which coincidentially makes them pretty cheap.

At least we will probably get Lightning Bolt, Delver of Secrets at uncommon rarity, I guess?

Clearly you don't know what they charge us over here.

Oh my... I'm sorry... I didn't know.

It's going to be a timmy-bait/EDH set. WotC wants to make EDH players into dopamine addicts like Standard players.

-Serra Angel with Guay art
-Shivan Dragon and Lord of the Pit with Swanland art
-Scaled Wurm with Nielson art
-Literally nobody gives a shit about Sphinxes

Yeah, it's shit :-(

Approximately 20-25 each of angels, sphinxes, demons, dragons, and hydras, but almost all are the monocolored ones (one or two multi stay at rare or as Build ARound Uncommons, otherwise they stay in their current colors). Downshifting of the shittier ones (aka the ones they won't get anything WOW from for reprinting anyways/have already reprinted a bunch), any with actual value stay in mythic of course, rest of the set is stuff that helps them and generic goodstuff (AVR angel stuff, blue gets scrying shit, black gets Kamigawa ogres, red gets various dragon tribal, green gets extra ramp)
You will not see any of those creatures not be in their current colors, so no Fallen Angel or Eternal Dragon or Rock Hydra
Everything is bombs or bomb assistance.

Is there any card that needs reprinting and isn't on the reserve list besides Force of Will?

>a card that's unplayable

just make a damn proxy for it with updated rules text if you don't need it for sanctioned play anyway. this bitching about reprints makes me real mad, because it is really easy and cheap to do your own proper reprints for casual play if you would do the tiniest bit of research. pic related