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Do you think gestalt is cool in 4+ PC parties or think it's kinda bad?

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I think it's useful when the party uses it for fluff more than mechanics.

Gestalting has it's place, and I think it can definitely be cool as long as everyone is okay with it and it isn't abused purely for the purpose of being more powerful. Like a Fighter doesn't want to go Paladin, but wants to be a healer/supporty frontliner so he gestalts Cleric.

Ignore this thread, wait until the other thread is at page 8.

Gonna ask this again because nobody responded the first few times. Anybody have experience with the Dark Elementalist archetype? Any way to make it good? I know LK2 has a pair of feats that make it playable, but what archetypes can I stack on top of it to have more fun with it? Let's assume I'm using the Legendary Kineticist in place of the standard one. Got any good gestalt advice for it? For 1pp and 3pp games, let's assume it's Jollystuff and DSP only

Here are my rules on Gestalt, alright

>1-2 PC party
Gestalt is fine. Pet classes will usually be okay'd
>3-4 PC party
Gestalt is a little finnicky here, though I'd encourage the players to focus more on their specialty. Pet classes will go under scrutiny
Fuck no, gestalt with any more than 4 people is cancer, plain and simple

I'm personally of the opinion that Gestalt is bad outside of some very specific circumstances.

While a lot of players want to be amazing at everything, purity of purpose is honestly kind of important, as the more you spread into, the more you feel like you have to cover, and by design, Gestalt characters are almost always covering at least three roles, and for all that people try to make unique individuals, there's always overlap for the roles.

I don't even know what all the classes in my last gestalt game were, because they were basically just a flat fucking amalgamation of traits and abilities that there was nothing to define them. One was a monk - i have no idea what her secondary class was, because all she ever did was monk shit. Another was some kind of superduelist, dipping into vitalist, aegis, and at least two other classes - no idea what the build was. Another was a complete healbitch paladin, only ever doing healing and face stuff (rarely). My character was a brutal grappler that the only reason they knew what she was is because she was an aberrant aegis focused on grappling - the mass of tentacles is a tad difficult to hide in light of that.

I can't even remember the others; they were too generic, too... flat. Just collections of abilities with no defining feature.

I hate that. i despise that, in fact, and furthermore it makes it really difficult for a GM to make a damn encounter because they have so much shit to memorize just to be certain that the characters aren't going to faceroll everything (like mine did several times)

So is Gestalt good? No, not in my opinion. It's workable when you have an undersized party but for the love of god don't do it to a group large enough for it to cause problems. At that point keeping normal characters straight is enough of a hassle without doubling up.

I just finished reading over the Avowed, the Selfpact, and the Betrothed archetype. I'm disappointed to realize that they're incompatible, as you can only take the Betrothed archetype if you don't have an esoteric pact (which means no Selfpact).

If you were only not allowed to "just because" then maybe the DM could be convinced to allow an exception, but the Betrothed archetype makes you trade out your Pact Empowerments for Betrothed Empowerments and seeing as Betrothed Empowerments don't exist for Selfpact, the DM would probably need to homebrew custom Betrothed Empowerments (if they don't just let me keep the Pact Empowerments).

That's disappointing, this is a character for Overlewd so I don't think I can get an exception like that. I'll ask MaximumSleep about it, but I'm not very hopeful and should probably look into other options.

Refluffing a different pact into Self would work, basically.

would you let a magus spend an arcana to spend Anima points from Tap Animus in order to enhance his weapon, in place of pool points?

>nothing to define them
>Remembers a duelist, a monk, and a CHA healer

I mean, that's just as much definition as a single classed character could ever get.

So after some googling, I can't seem to find a consensus answer for this: How the hell does Flyby Attack work with action economy?

>When flying, the creature can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move. The creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.

Does it give you an extra move and standard, or does it let you split your move around your standard? The clause saying that the creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack seems to contradict the first clause. Am I reading this wrong?

And do you provoke an attack of opportunity from your target if you attack and move past? It seems like you shouldn't if the feat is modeled after Ride-By Attack, but the feat doesn't say you don't

What the hell is the point of the pact fluff if you can go "Lol I reflavor any pact into any other pact!"?

went from level 1 to 8
it was a gestalt mythic shitshow
it was horrifying, really

What kind of enchantment should glossy thighhighs in a treasure hoard have?

What item slot should they be? Slotless? If I make them slotless, then EVERYONE will wear magic thighhighs, right?

Those are actions, not mechanical definitions. Each oif them had way, WAY more abilities than just defined by those "roles" and I can't even remember half of them because they were so unfocused. the CHA healer? don't even know what the second half of her build was. It was just a paladin that was MAYBE one side because she had lay on hands - I have no idea what the other side was.

Foot. They're stockings.

To give a starting point to build off, because there's absolutely nothing more banal than getting a package of abilities with no flavor at all to them.

Yeah, I considered how I could still make the character concept work with Avowed, and I think the options are either to use a different pact and say that pact is responsible for bringing my character and herself together in the same timeline/universe OR play Selfpact without Betrothed and give up on her being able to adventure alongside herself. I'm more attached to my character concept than the build right now and the concept includes "adventures alongside herself" as a pretty important part, so that strikes out the latter as an option. I think at this point I'll either be taking a patron pact and having my PC's alternate version be her patron, or just finding a different class to use like Spiritualist, and refluff the Phantom.

I kinda agree with , but that's why I better like the idea of taking a pact where my PC's alt self could plausibly be the kind of creature that you pact with. I'll have to look at all the other pacts now, though, since I didn't before. Which pacts do you think could have a partner that's a powerful humanoid, rather than something like a demon or angel?

>Builds are about what they are on the sheet rather than what a player uses them to do

Role overlap is not inherently bad. "No defining features" is subjective.

I use my build to protect the innocent and fight for my friends!

It helps pull the hunks too!

Eh, I've presented my opinion on the subject and explained why I feel that way. I don't expect anybody to flatly agree with me.

Sounds like you had a shit party

Nah, the GM was just thrust into the position because the last one bailed and she didn't want the game to go under. She wasn't ready for it, and the result was unfortunate.

the party's great, and we've been having a lot of fun since we started a single-classed Kingmaker game; outside of a few frustrating moments, anyways, but those happen in every game that's finding its footing.


Oh no its retarded

>the only times I've actually gotten to play gestalt were in parties with 5+ people
>the only times I've gotten to play in small parties the GM didn't know what gestalt was and didn't use it, while wondering why the two PCs were constantly scrambling to cover their asses

Gestalt looks like something great for small parties, it's just too bad I've yet to actually play it in a small party. A chance to unironically play a Bardadin or an Investigus would be great, let alone trying out a pet/summons class without being paranoid about holding up the other 4 players with my stupid long chain of actions.


But its true Kingmaker is garbage

Kingmaker has an objectively inferior story, it's true. that doesn't mean it can't be fun, give the whole, you know, "fun if subjective" shit.

It helps that the GM is competent and knows how to make a villain with more than token involvement in the plot.

It also has fucking garbage campaign mechanics.

> someone having fun with something you don't
Isn't this a symptom of autism?

"Competent GM makes it fun" remains a valid point here.

He'd have a lot easier time with a lot less shitty and imbalanced campaign

Kingmaker is a disaster

What is Pathfinder for 500 Alex

Yeah imagine actively choosing to add BAD subsystems to Pathfinder

Son, I have autism, and that doesn't stop me from letting things go when other people disagree with me. just seems salty about it for whatever reason.

Kingmaker is whatever you want it to be. If you're not having fun, don't play it, but don't get assmad at people who enjoy things you don't, you delayed abortion.

>horrible subsystems are just like, a social construct

Instead of putting words in my mouth, put dicks, you gigafaggot.

Well now you're just complaining for the sake of being contrarian. Have you considered tea? I understand it relaxes you when your muscles are cramping, like your ass must be doing right now.

Path of War 1 errata when?

Quick history question, was Veeky Forums even around when the pathfinder core rulebook was released?

they're working on it

Yes, but we were mostly just bitching about 40k then.

We still bitch about it, really.

I imagine a lot of the 40k memes that have come up over time will leak into Starfinder when it eventually comes out.
>ywn snuggle the snek on the succubed

So in theory I could go to find the very first pathfinder thread ever on Veeky Forums?

I want to snuggle the snake, pet the cat, sleep on the succubed, smack toobie's butt, and FUCK kanna!

I mean, we have confirmation that FTL is basically going to be the warp - we just have a chance of angry angels as well as displeased daemons.

YFW GM reveals that the lewd was just to get people on board and it's a relatively normal evil campaign

Dom D. really likes that snek, huh?

Which apps seem good for a non-lewd evil campaign then?

>MFW GM picks all girl characters
>MFW there's an obvious GMPC
>MFW game turns out to be nothing but free ERP for this asshole
>MFW everyone is breeders

heres the secret

most "lewd" games are just normal games with occasional lewd sprinkled in

if lewds all the time the plot just becomes porn-tier

>mfw I start up a MUCK for /pfg/ to be degenerates on.
>MFW i'm too lazy.

You mean like PLD?

Somebody's getting raped every other session, that's not normal.

Then why not advertise it as a normal ass campaign and get people that want a normal campaign.

A good lineup would be:
Lucius, Ecaterina, Olivia, Helvetica, Edward

Because the thread is retarded and doesn't even know what "lewdgame" means.

I wouldn't mind.

Whats pld

Honestly, yeah. Just use R-rated or something. When someone mentions "lewd" I'm thinking pornographic content and not late night TV.

This is PLD


Shokugeki no Souma, a cooking manga drawn by Hisasi, who used to (and might still) do porn. This semen demon is the heiress to a meat company who specializes in high-intensity meat dishes. She's sort of the first 'enemy' the protagonist faces in the series, and eventually becomes a friend and love interest.

She typically cooks in shorts and a bikini top, ignoring the pain of the oil and fat splatter on her huge titties as the marbled cuts caramelize and render down in a screeching hot pan.

Why does she torture her huge mammaries in such a way?

Good fucking god.

Incorrect, it's Tosh.

Japan, that's why.

Was it? My bad.

Her dad wanted her to be as tough as possible to survive in the cutthroat meat industry. She wasn't allowed stuffed animals or dolls, and he made her cooking sizzling meat with little clothing to toughen her to pain.

It's also basically the reverse of Toriko. Toriko basically reads like a battle manga with cooking elements. Shokugeki no Souma reads like a cooking manga with battle manga elements, and it's fantastic.

What's a website where I can upload a 30 mb png world map? imgur shrinks it down too much and the roll20 listing won't let me upload it either

Honestly, there probably wouldn't be too much salt if that happened. To understand why, let's compare and contrast with PLD:
>Overlewd's premise implies a certain level of agency, PLD requires your characters to get raped
>Overlewd's apps are mostly slutty, PLD built up hype by having innocent or cheerful characters getting turned into rape-bait
>Overlewd is being run by some silent no-name, PLD's GM made a point of being notoriously shitty

There's no fanboys drooling over which characters are "pure" because almost all of them are clearly just there to get laid and fuck some peaceful kingdom's shit up. PLD built up hype by baiting people into caring with "These characters are going to get raped and you can't stop it." So when lewd shit does start going down, we're just going to shrug it off and go "Yeah, so?"

That's as silly as a sensei hitting his busty disciple with blunt swords to toughen her skin.

It is in my games...

Probably all the human knightguys, the gnoll, the doctor Linus guy, and Edward

Are your initials RM, or are you Helnar GM?
If not I'm curious how many hardcore lewd games there are running off pfg that I don't know about

Google drive?


Who do you see getting in, and what do you want to see them obsess over or develop with access to unlimited bux?

>Literal breeding sow slutadin

What do you get out of complaining about PLD at this point?

I'm disappointed in myself, I've come to like my app less and less over time but I think it's too late to do an overhaul.

No, I'm new. Very unestablished, only started playing here last month.

She's only a breeding sow if she has strong, constant urges to have sex, and insist on them finishing inside.

I think Andrik and Branwen are getting in, and maybe Viviana too. Only thing is, she might be stepping to close to Branwen's shoes, what with both being cute girls with redemption arcs. So if Branwen doesn't make it, I think Viviana will. Aside from that, I have no idea who will fill out the remaining two slots. My personal bias is that a party of four doesn't need more than one full caster, so if I were picking that would mean Antoinette and Evelyn and a few other good apps wouldn't get in because Branwen already fills that spot. I'm not picking though, so who knows? Andrik fills the knightly niche in the same way, but Kyras might stand out as different enough to fit into a party alongside him and is interesting.

You're not going to tell us which app is yours, are you?

>pet the cat
>we have two cats now

on one hand memes will be hard to pin down, on the other now I can shitpost about two characters simultaneously

Which is yours, Senpai? We'll give you a verbal lashing if it's bad enough!

Welcome to the General, friend.

Don't see a 3.5 thread, and this is the closest thing. I have a quick question I need answered.

I'm having my PCs encounter a mimic. If they're unable to determine its a mimic before they're too close, and I get the surprise to go for a grapple, do I just deny that PC their Dex or do I also not give them an attack of op?


They would be flat-footed so their dex should be denied

I stopped editing and updating my app days ago--I feel it's solid enough, and anything more would probably drag it too far from my original vision.

Time to just sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

It's Evelyn

Maybe it's just a retrospective but I'm at the, "What was I thinking?" moment. Even from a mechanics angle I should've gone for something more interesting like a spheres Oracle but one day out I think that Wubu has probably pretty much solidified a lot of his ideas.

whats the other cat?

Oh my god I'm not ready for the Le Heresy players.

They're flat footed, although technically you can only make one action during a surprise round so they'd have to be pretty close in the first place.

Good luck!

If you could, what would you have changed in her story or mechanics?

I don't know if archives excited back then, it might be lost in time.

Well, we also have confirmation the Hellknights are still around, and if ever there was an Adeptus Astartes stand-in for Pathfinder, it's them.

>People are going to be using Aroden as a stand-in for the Emperor