Tfw leakanon was telling the truth

>tfw leakanon was telling the truth

Can someone explain why this is such a big deal
t. someone new to 40k

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There were rumors of new plastic kits.
People wanted Sisters of Battle (the range update is long overdue).
People got more generic Space Marines.
It's not surprising, but still disappointing.

I think he is refering to the half primarch rumors, which completlty ruins the point of space marines in the first place
i'll explain later but for now i just need to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


>tfw Ultramarines have reached final form
>tfw everyone else is no relegated to be marinelets
>even the Grey Knights
>especially the Yiffs

Truly, the best timeline. How will Space Wolves ever recover?

I never doubted him

They're either changing the size of marine models, which would make an incredibly large number of armies look tiny and weird alongside the new models, or they're adding in doublemarines who are twice as marine as normal marines, which is stupid and defeats the point of having normal space marines.

Wait...half primarch?

as long as yiffs get fucked it's wortht it

Which leakanon? I can think of at least three that talked about ultra-ultramarines.

those looks like regular space marines to me, albiet in new poses. What's the big deal?

They just look taller because GW is finally retiring the Squatting pose. They'll be as tall as the new Deathwatch and Thousand Sons I assume.

I mean, we've reached the point in fluff where marines are supposed to be ridiculous fuckhueg, but I feel like that still fucks with way too many things to change the model size (like aren't the custodes supposed to be even bigger? Do we just pretend that's not a thing, or make them like Ogryn sized?

>Recently got some Tacticals and Assault mehreens

It's very clear that the kits are compatible with the old SM bits.

What the fuck is this shit!?

Fake and gay.

I like their legs more than the old ones. They are somewhat more dynamic as a result. The detail doesn't look much better however beyond what is going on with the bolters. Overall nothing special, they should have made new CSM instead of this.

that one faggot who spammed the faiet comments about how it was obviously a fake and he knew people at gw who confirmed it was a fake is having a conniption fit right now

Oh thank god. I wonder what the size is compared to the death watch and thousand sons

Does anyone else miss the old getting started articles or whatever they were called for each individual armies around 2008ish?

>more space marines

Jesus Christ in tired of muhreens getting 4 updates every edition while other armies have sprues nearly a decade old and metal fucking model.

Hold up, official Ultramarines with red shoulder trim? Is the spotlight finally being shifted away from 2nd Company?

good. Im tired of manlette muhrines

Bolters are longer, as are the legs or they're squatting even less.

I'm going to laugh my ass off if these are just resculpted Marines to bring them more in line with Thousand Sons and Deathwatch and Hastings just didn't know what the fuck he was being told.

Probably the same size as DW.

It was fucking obvious it was real. Only fucking retards thought it was fake because lighting made the legs slightly different grey or because they saw some green orks in the background and thought they saw greenstuff. Literally none of the supposedly "obvious kitbash parts" were even matches. The DW wrist monitor was wrong, the Mk VIII chestpiece was wrong, the Centurion head was wrong. None of that shit was even close.

But then again, for some reason this hobby is filled with retards.

And of course none of the clueless newfags in this thread even know about the leaked photo that OP is referring to.

Anybody contemplated the remote possibility these are just the new sculpts for the new starter box?

They could be, but

- Look at the knee pad trim
- Look at the overall scale/size of the parts like bolters
- Even if these are snapfit, it's highly likely the leak was real and is a multi part or veteran version, and plus these are great striding poses for starter kits

in fact i'm going to stick my neck out and say these are the new starter marines simply because of how prominant they are in the pics and everybody seems to be building them.

I think you could be right, but it still proves OPs point about the leak

There's no way the leak was fake if even the new starter marines have the same legs and guns

If you don't like those, why not try some of GW's new plastic 30k legionnaires! Or perhaps some plastic CSM cult marines! Or some AoS Sigmarines! Well, gee, it seems you're right about GW making too many plastic marines. Thankfully there's FW, making plenty of resin...30k marines.

>tfw play space marines and they keep updating generic power armored faggots instead of the decade old plastics like scouts, vehicles, and terminators

Why haven't Orks and CSM gotten new plastics for their basic troopers yet?

New starter looks like plague vs dark angels

Where are these screenshots from, exactly? Can't find any new stuff on the community page or the Games Workshop page.

>stupid and defeats the point of having normal space marines

You mean like how GK made all other Marines pointless?

From what I've read, they're just some Marines+, probably made with Girlyman's genes now that he's out of the bag, and are probably not intended to replace Marines, but provide him with his own "Custodes" to act as his bodyguard or something. Maybe other primarch get similar treatment, giving us special units for each of the loyalist "legions". Well, at least ones with primarchs that can return.

>They'll be as tall as the new Deathwatch and Thousand Sons I assume.

This is likely. But you must realise that DW and Thousand Sons are legit taller than the commn marine, squat or no.

Remember when FW was just making IG tanks and DKoK? And everyone refusing to play you, because FW is OP? Those were the days...

The leaked image placed them way bigger than a guardsman. Sure, it was an old one, but even then it looked closer to a Custodes in size.

>probably made with Girlyman's genes now that he's out of the bag

Ultramarines are already made from Guilliman's geneseed.

They were on the new website for a little bit before getting taken down and replaced.

That's because it was being compared to an old metal guardsman model that's shorter than the current Cadians.

As if Cadians weren't propped up to be at least as good as half-spacemarines.

So it would be advisable to not make any purchase until we know more about 8th right? I was going to get two Wyverns but I'm sure they will be nerfed in 8th.

>CSM gotten new plastics for their basic troopers yet?

They did, cept there hidden in legion troops.

It would be advisable to buy models you like and want to build and paint instead of basing purchases around rules which will always change anyways. Even if you bought something good for 8th there's going to be 9th.

Buying something at the start of one edition and it being crap in the next one is ok. It's more buying a model and two months later it gets nerfed into the ground.

You mean like I just said?

But yeah, I'm wrong, it's just a regular Marine with straight legs.

>I love Rowboat and you love Rowboat too.
Yvraine pls go.

Custodes are same size and ten times more numerous.

They're made from gene-seeds built with the genetic material the Emperor had from Girlyman.

During the Heresy they could churn viable Marines in a year using genes from the primarchs to stabilize their development.

>more marines

Oh for fucks sake, Marine faggots already have 30k to masturbate all over. Now all the retarded, boring shit from there gets ported to 40k, turning it even more into a Marine vs. Marine with spikes snorefest.

Looks like she rowed that boat hard enough to nearly break an oar.

>not playing Imperium or Chaos
This game isn't about you. Xenos are all NPC factions. The sooner you accept that the better.

You never know, FAQs might nerf it like the Heldrake.

The funny part is I bet you're white, so you should probably stop whining about being a minority nobody caters to.

I have literally no problem with Imperium vs Chaos. But the focus is always on the retarded Space Marines. Give Guard or SoB some love for once. But NOPE, 30k is so epic, we need to have it in 40k as well!

>Give Guard or SoB

Fuck that. IG is so fucking boring and autistic and IGfags are insufferable cunts with their HFY and their "hur dur my generic space soldiers are so diverse and deep compared to space marines"

>But NOPE, 30k is so epic, we need to have it in 40k as well!

Except that's literally, unironically true which is why it's so popular and flying off the shelves, dipshit.

>advocates for spesss mehreens
>HFY is bad
Oy vey, Satan, slow down there!

why are 40k threads so fucking shit now

fuck Veeky Forums

>Except that's literally, unironically true which is why it's so popular and flying off the shelves, dipshit.

Then why not play 30k and leave 40k for us dipshits?

40k is shit and you're finally old/mature enough to realize it.

I still LIKE 40k

The threads on Veeky Forums are just full of fucking faggots I cant stand it anymore

and this is the fucking site that got me into 40k

Because now they can play both? Seriously, how do you people live being this stupid?

You act as if GW weren't the ones who are literally bringing back Primarchs to 40k.

Or they could just be in Mk X armor with a new pattern of bolter and them being sculpted bigger than previous led Hastings and other people to assume there must be something special about them besides the new armor and bolters, especially in light of Guilliman's return.

To be fair the lore has said before that there those who say that SM could be considered an entirely different species. Their level of humanity also varies considering the psycho conditioning and being tools of war.

>and this is the fucking site that got me into 40k

You're the problem. Too dumb to even use punctuation.

Why the fuck do they not come painted? Like, what the fuck.

>That pic

I'm going to need to purge this heresy at the source. So I need you kindly comply with His most holy Inquisition's request for the source. Please. So that I might purge it and nothing else.

>Mk X

I never understood why the rumors call it this. What happened to Mk IX? When will we get a full suit of Mk VIII in model form instead of bits and pieces here and there or from an old metal 2E model?

Fine fuck you have fun arguing with people about dumb plastic models.template threads, and random politics injected into threads.

Veeky Forums is not a hivemind fellow human.

There are plenty of people here that still love 40K but not what GW does to it.

How did you last this long? Posters here have always been whiny and argumentative.


If they're not human, then the whole purity of form propaganda shit falls apart, and we do not want that to happen, m'kay?

>and them being sculpted bigger

But why? This isn't exactly like the previous ones where there's a slight size creep, these are full on massive compared to existing Marines. So unless the suit makes the big, there must be some explanation to why they're so huge.

Oh god.. the current scout models will look even worse than current manlet marines next to the new dudes.

Reasons but now its just different everyone is angry everyone wants to start shit no one wants to be how it used to be

>these are full on massive compared to existing Marines
No, they aren't. You're mistaken. Their armour is a bit bulkier and they are standing straighter. That's it.


I figured they may go with X simply because it looks or feels cooler. Could feasibly fluff it that they Cawl came up with a Mk IX and then ignored it for a period of time and then when he came back there was a Mk X.

I think it was Magos who say they could be considered a separate species and I don't think they give a damn about purity of form.

I'm operating under the assumption that they're the current size of DW and TS. I didn't follow all the arguing over the previous picture close to enough to know if someone concluded they are in fact larger.

People use Scouts still?

Hey fuck you I got a raptor kill team that uses Scouts


The image where he's standing with his legs wide apart and a head taller than the Marine? Ok.

Same here, but I never say anything because at least we have plastic scouts

>tfw 8th ed wont give Vows back to the Emperor's Champion.

It's fine, you can just add these new true-scale 2.0 bolter marines to your BT army!

nice impression

The legs arent squatting, they're just standing normally, that's why they seem longer.
The bolters are certainly longer though. More rifle-like.

This post is stupid, because everyone knows geneseed doesn't come from taps. Space Marines aren't sinks!

as a chaos player, watching all the butthurt over loyalist marine models makes me fucking rock hard

Codex Ultramarines when?

You're still rooting for the jabrony faction.

pretty sure my WE would crush whatever you put on the table

cash me on the table how bow dah

The butthurt isn't coming from marinefags though.

I genuinely don't understand marine players. Every other faction has a more interesting a diverse model range. Space Marines are all the fucking same shit.

>Every other faction has a more interesting a diverse model range.

>laughing necrons

>When will we get a full suit of Mk VIII in model form instead of bits and pieces here and there or from an old metal 2E model?
Deathwatch Veterans box.

>IG and historical soldiers are literally the same fucking infantry times infinity in the same military uniform
>medieval miniatures and Brettonia are literally the same knights
>undead are literally just skeletons

Because a) space marines aren't nearly as un-diverse as you're claiming, and b) because model diversity isn't everything when it comes to preferences.

I genuinely don't understand retards like you who ask stupid questions and have negative levels of critical thinking and intelligence.

they never explained how we went from RTB01 to the first wave of MkVII metal body/plastic arms marines

yeah, but with like 8,000 years of genetic drift since he was last around