So...I've been reading on this weird setting and was wondering if anyone here ever heard about it...It's called 'Earth'

So...I've been reading on this weird setting and was wondering if anyone here ever heard about it...It's called 'Earth'.

That's a lord of weird stuff going on so I don't know how to begin to describe it, but I think the first thing that jumped out to me is that it's a human only setting. At first it struck me as a bit racist or specist, but well, I continue to read on the material to give it a chance and stuff just got stranger. So, although it's never explicitly stated, one of the reasons for the 'human only' thing is that on 'Earth' there's no magic. Yeah, no one can use arcane formulae, reagents and a dash of will to change stuff. Even a simple arcane trick light lighting a candle. Nothing. And people on Earth just rely on technology. So this means that they also don't have races depending on magic, which include beasts. No Dragons, no sprites. A lot of that is worked into the background as 'legends' and myths of earth's previous civilizations. It's implied that the old kingdoms of earth believed in magic even if it wasn't real, and as they became more advanced, they stopped believing in it. And that include divine magic as well...The Gods on the setting are canonically doubt, but heavily implied to not exist at all. Which implies that if you lose your character there's no way to bring them back unless your DM is willing to deviate from the book. Currently I'm checking this splat book which goes on about this 2 world wars that apparently involved nations from all continents in a bloody and destructive (but with no magic!) conflict. I'm halfway through but already considering a module to play as the Germans because they have neat looking uniforms.

So, anyone ever heard of it? Issit any good or I'm wasting my time?

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It's great if you like gonzo settings. There's a ton of crazy shit that people just overlook. Hell, I think the devs might've even forgotten about it.

They didn't...It's underground so you have to check their forums and stuff but there's been material teasing about a potential third world war, which is a big deal since two editions ago they sorta stablished the whole 'Nukes' idea. A lot of people though they were going to end the cold war with a hard reset of the setting using that as excuse...But in the end they sorta just faded the Soviets out (they were growing less popular as an army for their wargame, I guess) and focused on small skirmish stuff, like the whole 'Militias and Terrorists' splat.

Nah dude, I'm talking about the really stupid shit. Like the Great Emu War.

I didn't realize the setting was this humurous until I looked that up. 'Earth' is not supposed to be taken seriously. They mask it well for someone skimming over it but the deeper you go into the obscure parts of the lore, the more bizarre it becomes. For example, there's this little tiny island of mustache wearing posh guys who once went and conquered like, half the world. And that's just an excuse to shoehorn their 'English', which is a hipster way to call the common tongue.


You're not clever.

>no magic
BTCH pls

The thing that few people know about Earth is that it's done by exactly the same guy who create "DINOSAURS!".

Now, I don't know if any of you is old enough to remember DINOSAURS!, but DINOSAURS! was basically this beast x beast which had a couple editions, but he's mostly famous for the old school Pangea, which was a world which just a big continent on it. You basically just had a feel simple rules to pick big beasts or a pack of small ones and get to fighting. And they were all non magical beasts called dinosaurs, here the name: DINOSAURS!.

But once the fad of beast x beast passed and people started getting more into wargames the same guys wrote 'Earth', which is the setting as you know. They stuck with the non-magic path, which is crazy for some reason but sorta worked there, but what few people know is that, by canon, 'Earth' and "DINOSAURS!" take place on the very same planet. Since DINOSAURS! had almost no lore, background details like the single moon and sun would go unnoticed, but there's some art on 'Earth' that shows skeletons of many of our favorite beasts from DINOSAURS!.

If you like this sorta of meta self reference, Earth does that all the time.

Yeah, it's like 40K. It started as a parody, but then built up a weird shell of people taking it seriously until it's hard to tell anymore.

Bitch people were doing this shit on usenet back when you were a sperm in your mom's cunt, fuck off and let us have our fun

Can someone explain this "Pope" thing to me? I skimmed but I didn't really get it. Is he one guy like Emps or is it like a series of dudes? What powers does he even have? It seems like he was really important in the back story but then there's also all sorts of people rebelling against him.

Well, the Pope is a bit weird and one of the most complex parts of the game...The Pope is and End game Career for clerics, but you can actually reach the pope building up from politics. So he's meant to have this huge influence over people following the jew god who are not jew themselves. But the thing is, the most recent editions downplay religion in the west (unless you are american, but for some reasons Americans native religion follows the Jew-God, but they are not Jews but they dont follow the Jew-but-not-jew religion.). So the Pope end up on this role where you have a lot of political influence bonus, but only to tell your sect of followers (still one of the largest in Earth, IIRC) to do what they sorta expect you to say.

Ah...And this sect of followers has a bonus against magic users though there are none in the setting.

Nah man...The setting from DINOSAUR actually had a hard ending with a meteor or something hitting the world and extinguishing all life.

OP is full of shit. Earth is low magic for sure but they didn't just make it low magic. For one they have magnets and we all know magnets work on mana.

Second of all, there's a whole supplements called 'Saints, Gods and Miracles' and that's just to cover divine magic. For Arcane Magic, you should check out the first book of the Great Wars splat. On the chapter about Russia, they pretty much mention the country being initially run by a warlock who survives everything from gunshots to poison and hanging and enthrall the royal family.

And that's just from the top of my head...I'm pretty sure there was something about a cursed tombs full on undead.

But I'm still salty about Egypt. They killed off the best faction and never did anything good with the region in over ten editions.

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this setting has way too much gratuitous sex, some of it very creepy. definitely the realmiest setting iv'e ever seen. keep that stuff in the bedroom, weirdos

>The Bad Guy empire rises to prominence and starts the bloodiest war the world has ever seen purely because they desire to expand
>They pioneer horrible and cruel weapons such as guns that shoot fire and gas that melts out your eyes and burns your lungs
>After a long and grueling war that requires all Good Guys to team up, they are finally defeated
>Ten years or so later the Bad Guy Empire rebuilds and starts committing genocide
>Ten years after that they attack everyone yet again

What idiot wrote this shit? Am I seriously supposed to believe that the bad guy empire despite being demonstrably evil as fuck somehow earned everyone's trust? Even after they started killing their minorities that totally weren't rip-offs of the Darcsen from Valkyria Chronicles? Am I supposed to believe that these countries with great achievements and sprawling empires SUDDENLY become retards because the plot demands it?

0/10 would not play again.

weird how the only consistently functional magic system is entirely about invoking frogs

Yeah, but then the life in EARTH evolved from DINOSAURS without using magic.

I thought it was a shitty cop-out at first but now I kinda like it, especially considering most of the Humans (the only real player race) eat chicken (which used to be either T-rex or Raptors depending on which part of the fluff you read).

Just don't go into the fluff books for either niggers or vegans. Because niggers need to eat chicken (specifically "deep fried") 24/7 to fuel their powers and vegans are a shitty character sub-class that exist as an in-joke from the indev-days.

You should really check out the monster compendiums, they're massive.

You're just interpreting it wrong plebian. The Bad Guy empire was actually dragged into the war by the continental system of royal marriages & alliances. (wow Game of Thrones ripoff much?)
shhh we're having fun here


You aren't an oldfag if you didn't play AMOEBA.

>the heroes weren't the Germans

Nah, mate.

Long time Earth player
Started out with a generic roman legionnaire moved up into doing crazy shit like convincing all the leigons to declare war on the senate
I have had many memorable moments in this setting and i love it
But this current edition sucks ass
Even the wargame spinoffs are boring

>Played with the Roman supplement

mah nigga. I had lot's of fun with those. Played Romans for literally ages and even persisted through the constant nerfing when asian nomads were all the rage and they got all the spotlight. Mostly I enjoyed social classes like the Patrician tree, but with Roman you just had to dip in martial to get ahead as you level.

A friend of my run Napoleon to us and that was fun too. Sorta reminded me of the good roman days. The Wargame was actually pretty decent back them. Automatic weapons ruined the formation meta though.

Newfag here: 'Earth' has a LOT of lore online, and a good chunk of it contradicts itself. There are also old splatbooks that are text only. So my question is:

Do I NEED to read all the lore before getting into it? And if not, what's the essential?

I know right! Some really wacky stuff there too, which is why I'm not entirely sold on the 'no magic' stuff. But look at pic related.

Tossed 3 of them against my party and TPKed them. Turn out this guys are vicious.

I recommend the Holy Bible. It contains the most important information and is really all you'll ever need.

Dude...Did you see how they buffed Islam? Christians are out of here by next edition.

Nah, they're about to make a comeback with supplements like Brexit and Trump's America

Dude...Neither of those is canon. Didn't you get it from the overtly humorous tone?

>mfw arthropod compendium volume 1 of 40

I thought they were canon, didn't the devs say they were trying to move the setting in another direction?

Half of that is because of a rules bug that prevents any army with the [Euro] tag from counterattacking during the Islam combat step.

I'm sure it'll be errata'd soon. Then again, I said that when Islam exploited it to win the Paris Open and the Brussels Invitational, so maybe we'll just have to live with an entire edition of this shit.

Dude...It is canon. They confirmed it in the end of last year. Turns out they -do- want to move the setting in another direction. They also include a third party book called 'Guide to Crazy Russia', which was making fun of the setting crazy and impossibly big ice wasteland, as official canon. So yeah baby, megalomaniacal cartoon villain ex-spy is ruler of the country with more nukes, who also happens to be home to the weirdest npcs on the setting.

They're doing a weird sort of hands-off thing where they're technically canon but the effects are actually so minor that you can act like they aren't.

I hope not...The terrorism initiative rules were sorta fine when they were limited to special, low damage units like with the Irish...Mostly people just used it to get you off your game and damage your public relations a bit early on.

But Islam basically let you spawn terrorist for cheap and the sleeper cell thing is ridiculous. I understand people wanted to buff the region a bit after they were all but forgotten when Soviet and Nato were dominating the meta, but they basically turned it on it's head. It's crazy the pre requisites you need to actually go to war if you're not American. By the way: Destiny Manifest coming back when? Best mechanic ever since 'The Sun Never Sets', which basically just let you surprise buttfuck anyone with your armada as as a Brit.

The same people who wrote that asspull about Atomic Bombs when they cancelled the Invasion of Japan set.

But the WW2 mega campaign was great, it was this huge thing, although the story was kind of railroady because the writers have huge boners for the Americans.

>sleeper cell thing is ridiculous
Dude, you have no idea, I don't even.
>Pay the points for an Intel Operative
>It spots a sleeper cell in Paris
>But that's all it can do for the turn so the cell just activates and blows it's load like it was obviously planning to do anyway
And to add insult to unjury the Intel Operative isn't even a good sculpt, it's just a fat dude with a laptop and the mold line goes right down his fucking face.

If you like grimdark, there is nothing better.

One can found hobos with half-eaten knees full of maggots just because, some sicko dev fluffs genocide after purge after massacre, certain animals eat their brothers and sisters while on the womb, people eat rat-wine, it goes on.

Also, anal circunference might actually be a relevant stat. Some suplements make FATAL seem moral.

I mean, shit, just look at the concept art they released for one of them.

True old fags k ow that the game was best during the age of charlemange
So much shit you could get away with and not have to deal with "muh morals" "muh crimes against humanity" "muh UN" "MUH GUNS N SHIIEEEEETT"
muskets were a mistake


You should try out the K-12 Starters Pack. It comes with a pretty basic lore summery, as well as options with Char creation. If you want, you can even take a "Historian" class and turn get some in-game bonuses for reading through the splat-books.

Just be careful though, the pack skims over a lot of key information, which you'll just have to pick up on while you play. Also there's always a risk that the Teacher (seriously, just call them a GM) can be run by a total That Guy.

Im just gunna say it. YAHWEH is a shitty developer and writer. He literally created an entire universe of a setting and the only campaign books he puts out deals only on Earth...or Terra or whatever its called. I was so excited when the campaign at beating the Russians to the moon came out only to find it was just a one time deal. No more. And he wont stop putting in universe books dealing with sci fi. Fuvk YAHWEH dude.

More Oceans content WHEN?

I think interest in that sort of thing died off after the Devs kept dragging out their Age of Sail supplements before finally focusing on the Colonialism.

Besides, they already worked themselves into a corner with the fluff by confirming all those blurbs about sea monsters from earlier expansions were heavily exaggerated. They seem to not have any ideas for new content.

At this rate, we'll be lucky if they ever get around to that Atlantis book they've been hinting at and flip-flopping on for forever.

Yeah, but they keep dropping all those hints about the Abyssal Zone and Dread Cthulu. I want my Rl'yeh expansion, damn it!

Well, the developers have been dropping a whole bunch of hints about other planets recently. Although good luck porting your Earth campaign characters to those new planets because the same devs have been pretty insistent that they aren't changing the maximum travel speed anytime soon.

>actually playing with Ocean content

Fuck user, there's wanting and challenge and then there's just sado-machism.

The stars are right, user! They keep dropping "the stars are right" everywhere and I wish they'd just DO it already!

"Cthulu ftaghn!" Will they or won't they?

The whole dev team sucks. Only one of them to publish anything resembling something playable recently is Buddha.

I heard the artist for the Spanish War campaign setting played the wargame himself, and was so pissed when a guy playing Germans kicked his ass with the new Luftwaffe units he decided to go full sperg rage against the Germans and all the right-aligned factions in his official art from then on. Plus the guy fucking sucks, no idea why Omniverse hired him.

Which direction do you guys think the devs are taking Europe. Currently there's three directions
Finally do the European unification event

Keep it in this weird unified but still divided state

Or completely remove the European Union mechanic