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Read the fucking rules before complaining edition

Rules for factions not in the book including Inquisition and Adepta Sororitas!

Core rules:

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New 40k edition announced for first

Reposting from last thread,

What is the consensus on Heavy Flamers for Sisters?

+ Can buy one during rearm without spending a cache.
+ Can put one on overwatch in a bottleneck to make sure no one charges through to the other shooty sisters.
+ Good against Solitaires.

- I'd just feel better using my specialist slot for a Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta or Meltagun w/ Red Dot after the first few games.
- No range or ability to improve the weapon with sights.
- Flamer ammo is always dodgy.

First link is down, anyone have a mirror?

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Are you trying to ask if people prefer fielding a heavy flamer or something else?

I think the old mega still works.


Not the article, but the rules are here.


You mean the second link, right?

Both work for me. It's probably on your end.

Thanks guys, the Ordo Xenos kill-team rules look cool, gonna create a unit of them.

I don't see the warhammer community article either. Maybe it's only up in some countries, for some reason?

Sisters are as accurate and mobile as it gets, wouldn't a meltagun or a storm bolter make more difference, without costing too many points?

Fuck me the Inquisitor gets 3 wounds. Am I reading that right? Guys tougher than a Grey Knight Justicar and for 25 less points (15 minus the mandatory power armour purchase)

Except justicar has psychic power, stormbolter, powerarmour and +1 S/T.

You cant compare them really.

Getting my Chaosboys ready for primetime.



I'm telling you to drill out your barrels. It looks better.

Do we have an ebook version yet?

Drill out your gun barrels user. It will make them look a lot better when finished. :)

It's on preorder as of today in black library.

I didn't know GW did pre-orders on ebooks, you'd think they would be ready to go straight away.

Sorry for being confusing, English is not my first language.

If possible I would like to hear a few more arguments in favor of using at least 1 (Heavy) Flamer.

My group has no one that uses flamers, all because we feel they are inferior choices to other special weapons. It just seems to be a waste of an equipment slot.
With sisters of battle, this seems to be even worse considering their nice BS4 stats.

allright i memed them, happy

Very, though the Hbolter is off-centre.

Then don't use one.

Is regular KillTeam discussion welcome here? 40k General is currently a shit vortex thanks to the 8th announcement and apparently, minorities.

Maybe they're working to get the upcoming FAQ into the ebook? I mean, maybe they're going over the rules to see if there's anything that critically needs reworking.

I see. Yeah, with good BS, maybe a flamer isn't the first choice. Except for the fact that you can hit more than one enemy with it. So against teams that group up, or just have a lot of units maybe it's better.

You will be happy you did that. Also drill the muzzle on the heavy bolter through from the sides if you haven't already. Looks so much better.

How's this for a starter Sisters kill team?

Sister Superior – 175
Condemnor Boltgun – 55
Red-Dot Sight - 20

Battle Sister – 90
Boltgun - 35
Red-Dot Sight – 20

Battle Sister – 90
Boltgun – 35
Red-Dot Sight – 20

Battle Sister – 90
Boltgun – 35
Red-Dot Sight – 20

Gunner – 100
Multi-Melta – 190
Red-Dot Sight - 20

995 total - I'm thinking the Multi-Melta seems like the strongest shit so I wanted that in asap. Condemnor seems cool and I've already got a converted superior to use for it so that had to go in too, and all the boltguns look like they have red-dot's anyway so they're getting them too.

lose the red dot sights and pick them up later.

I think all sister lists get good mileage out of a banner girl.

It's hard to say. The rules just came out. I suggest you set up a few test games with a friend to see how they play in swag. Then you'll be the authority on SoB. :)

I think I have a sister with flamer in my bit box. Don't play them though.

I want to build a GK kill team. Any suggestions? Not been around for any of the previous threads if its been discussed before.

I'm starting off with this list;

Sister Superior - 175
Boltgun - 35

Battle Sister - 90
Boltgun - 35

Battle Sister - 90
Boltgun - 35

Battle Sister - 90

Gunner - 100
Boltgun - 35

Gunner - 100
Multi-melta - 190
Telescopic Sight - 20

If I don't lose any sisters I will immediately use a promethium cache after game 1, and give the gunner with boltgun a Heavy Bolter + Red-dot sight, and give the bolter to the Battle Sister that only has a combat blade.
Then I will start filling up the roster with Sisters a bit more probably using another cache as soon as possible to buy 2 Battle Sisters and use them without guns for one mission.
After I armed them I will spend the upcoming Rearm phases to give all my sisters Red-dots.

It's been discussed at length. It seems one of the things that come up (I don't play GK myself though, mind you) is that you'll want to try and have four units in your starter roster. And at least one gunner. Then you'll want to go for the scavenger skill so as to help you recruit later, since that's one of the weak spots for GK.

Need some help picking another kill team. I've got Orks and Deldar but want to have a third to introduce some friends to the game (and I just like assembling and painting new stuff).
What's another faction that has a totally different feel to what I have. Leaning towards a more elite/sturdy force.

Space Marine Scouts to me seem like a nice faction to use for introductory games.

OK I embiggened the drillouts as wella s did the first basecoat. I feel the warp overtaking me!

I'd say that starting with two gunners is basically mandatory since those fuckers are actually impossible to recruit later on without Scavenger or a lucky pre-mission roll.

Didn't even consider them but that's a good idea. I liked Nids but spending $120 CAD just for a usable kill team with a ton of minor rules and loaded with different weapons would get confusing.
Guess I'm making some Crimson Fist Scouts next time I go to GW. Even have the 20th anniversary Crimson Fist Sargeant holding an Ork head.

Maybe Ordos Xenos? They'll have plenty of xenos in the orks and eldar to fight. :)

Looks very nice.

Some say you start with one, so you can get four dudes. Then you get the scavenger skill on them to help you recruit your second gunner.

If you go through the older threads you can find different suggestions on starter teams from people who have played them. I don't play GK so I'm really not the best person to give you suggestions.

4 dudes including two gunners is only 925 if you give them all warding staves.

There was a GK player who said something similar to that, yes. Something about stormbolters not being so bad.

Thanks for the advice. Will do some research using those.

shouldn't the WE be red and the TS blue?

this is 40k not 30k after all

My Guys were trapped in an alternate dimension warpspace and just finally got out.

This is kinda what I am doing with all MkIII armour. I just need to pick a legion

Great idea because it lets you use the badass looking older armors instead of the teddybear Chaos sprues.

So... 83 bucks for the standalone rulebook? WHY?

You AU or NZ? Rumors said $40 USD.

OH, I SEE! For some reason the site was picking me up in the wrong place. I can do $40 without feeling insane.

I just went to my GW and they gave me a free sheet of counters.

my closest GW is 3.5hrs away

++ Kill Team (Dark Eldar Kill Team) [1000pts] ++

+ Leader +

Syren [180pts]: Chainhook, Splinter Pistol

+ Troopers +

Wych [100pts]: Blade Venom, Chainhook

Wych [90pts]: Chainhook

Wych [90pts]: Blade Venom

Wych [90pts]: Chainhook

Wych [90pts]: Chainhook

Wych [85pts]: Wych Knife

+ Specialists +

Bloodbride [135pts]: Shardnet and Impaler

+ New Recruits +

Debutante [70pts]

Debutante [70pts]

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (

R8 & h8.

>melee Tyranid warrior gets frenzy
>goes down next game, gets what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
>It's +1 movement, now he can charge 14"

So why does the game come with instructions for building certain types of boys if there isn't the bits to make them in the box?

It doesn't? At least, if you're talking about orks, it certainly doesn't. That's the main reason why orks can't get access to incredibly fluffy stuff like burnas/kustom mega-blastas. Because that doesn't come in the fucking kit.

No burnas is absolutely retarded. Would have been great to use them without having to resort to house rules (which I'm going to do seeing as how I like my Burna boys so much).

Then they shouldn't show them in the instructions.

Haven't played yet but what's stopping a shooty kill team from just kiting your Wyches? The board is small but I can see it happening.

Because those instructions are generic for every boy box. Lootas and burnas included.

I finally got around to playing a game and i am personally not a huge fan of what i feel is a lack of variation on the whole from game to game. Which in my opinion makes it less fun to play on the whole than 7th

>Plays one game of campaign game. Complains about lack of variation.

because Deldar are faster than most everything.

Heres the progress on the Foremost Traitors for tonight, next up is to hit em all with the agrax earthshade, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Doing up a second list for our local league because "three games a week" means I'm finished in half an evening. Doing Angel scouts, using bits from the DA upgrade sprue to fancy them up a bit.

Chapter: Angels of Redemption

+ Leader [305pts] +

Scout Sergeant [305pts]: Camo gear [5pts], Plasma pistol [50pts], Power sword [50pts]

+ Troopers [240pts] +

Scout [120pts]: Shotgun [20pts]

Scout [120pts]: Shotgun [20pts]

+ Specialists [335pts] +

Scout Gunner [335pts]
. Missile launcher [225pts]: Missile Launcher - Both Frag and Super krak missiles [225pts]

+ New Recruits [120pts] +

Novitiate Scout [120pts]: Camo gear [5pts], Sniper rifle [40pts]

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

More adequate than any of the KTs I saw today.

Have any of you have any experience playing Grey Knights? It seems very easy to paint so I was interested. What are the dos and don'ts, especially in equipment and spec ops choices?

>inquisition troopers can only be BS 3


Maybe read the list again.

Dude read the rule.
Pick either +1 BS or +1 WS

fuck I'm illiterate

It doesn't show them. What the fuck are you talking about?

You get to apply a free +1 to WS or BS for Inquisition.

Though, I must admit - I sorta wish the skills supported that better. You can go all out with BS 4 guys but none of them can get shooting.

Doing tyranid warriors for an upcoming campaign, and trying to find a decent starting setup is proving to be a giant pain in the ass.

so far I've pretty much defaulted to taking an alpha and two gunbeasts for start since you can't actually recruit specialists without guerilla advances otherwise (not sure how long this will run, might only be a few weeks)

Any suggestions welcome, model list I have available for wyisywig purposes:
VC / Scytal
Strangler / Claws
Deathspitter / Scytal
Deathspitter / Scytal
Deathspitter / Scytal
Claws / Scytal
Boneswords / ??? (partially built)

looking to turn one of the unbuilts into either a second VC or a second strangler, not sure which is the superior choice yet.

Yeah the Ordo Xenos list is definitely "themed" rather than being generic.

Though if they had access to the shooting skills + standard special weapons + heavy weapons like people have wanted then they'd be strictly better than several of the other lists.

Huh? You can have BS4 toxic sniper troops for cheaper than scouts.

Yeah. I wouldn't mind seeing them do skill lists (And likely a different quality. Bonus vs xenos is limited applicability there) for Hereticus and Mallus at some point. Wouldn't be much change to get the other orders done.

I'm already planning on running Orks and Genestealer Cults, but to get free shipping on the rulebook I decided to take the plunge on a few Sisters. I'll never be able to afford a full force at metal mini prices, but I can totally get 6 or 7 murder nuns and be pretty satisfied. I'll finally get to burn the heretics like all the cool kids do.

That's why i was talking about skills. The army can pick guys specially tailored to be better at shooting than they are at melee but they get melee skills mostly.

The specialists for the inquisition seem pretty garbage. Flagellants and Assassins die to a stiff breeze. I guess the death watch are ok, but I'm not seeing anything really scary or worth the cost.

Woops, being illiterate again.

I guess it's a balance thing. If they could spam toxic snipers (which are already good) AND get better skills for them, they'd be broken.

With how amazing the inquisitor is I figure the majority of your advances would be pushing your leader into absurdity. I'm not sure how many skills I'd worry about giving my troops.

Executioner Greatblade is pretty killy. A-Fs should've just been an Acolyte or Crusader upgrade, though.

Why waste points on snipers when you can have 3+ invulnerable saves on Inq and Crusaders with power weapons?

Ferocity is 4/6 skills good for melee AND shooting. Guerilla is 100% support/survival.

I guess it would be neat to trade out co,bat for shooting but it's not like you don't have a solid pool of options to choose from.

I'd love to, but I kinda don't want to spend money on GW's sisters until my shipment of TGG sisters come in.



Maybe :/

You could have both.

There isn't enough points to spam snipers if you are going stormshield + power weapon on the Inq and Crusaders.

Yeah, it's a minor gripe at most.

I think I'm 90% doing it because I wanted to use a twin pistol gunslinger I have a model for as a member of my warband but can't get that skill.

Wouldn't spamming snipers make it hard to actually do objectives since you can't move and shoot?

Maybe not SPAM, but 2-3.

Fair enough. I'd love to use my terminator inquisitor model.

Start with shields, buy snipers?

My gf refuses to use metal sisters after seeing these. We're looking for proxy ideas.

Inquisitor -225
Storm Bolter 55
Storm Shield 50

Crusader 85
Rad Grenades 35
Bolt Pistol 25

Crusader 85
Rad Grenades 35
Bolt Pistol 25

Inquisitorial Acolyte 65
Sniper Rifle + Toxic Rounds 60

Inquisitorial Initiate 50
Bolter 35

Inquisitorial Initiate 50
Bolter 35

Inquisitorial Initiate 50
Bolter 35

The Inquisition list I'm looking at, though I've been told it lacks flair I'm not 100% sure how to fix that while still going boys before toys.

Drop SB from the Inquisitor and get snipers for your other nerds.