Who's your digimon partner Veeky Forums!

I'm collecting digimon lines for a possible campaign and I figured you guys could come up with some creative stuff.

Go here:
Refresh until you get a digimon

(Alternatively, pick a digimon from here:

Build a line using the links for evolutions.

Digimon evolutions go like this:

Baby I (Fresh) --> Baby II (In Training) --> Child (Rookie) --> Adult (Champion)--> Perfect (Ultimate)--> Ultimate (Mega)

If you happen to get an appmon/armor/hybrid type just throw them wherever feels best.

Other urls found in this thread:


Here's an example template.

More can be found here:

Actually, fuck it I'll just post them.





Sure, I'll make a random line. You've already seen this one.

Ebidramon--> Seadramon feels really right

Who knows how to count backwards from ten?


Random: wikimon.net/Lady_Devimon
This would be quite lucky if I were into waifumons.

>random shit

Fuck that, my bro is gonna be Black Aguman who mega digivolves to Gaiomon.

Well at first I got

But I'm fairly sure he technically isn't a digimon so instead my partner is


So I accept my new waifu

I love this guy in both the original Our War Game and in the English dub. Because in the English dub, he DOES NOT FUCK AROUND...whereas in the Japanse version, ALL HE DOES is fuck around.

And in either case he was a literal second from winning.

Fuck randomization

Psychemon -> Unimon -> Maildramon -> Griffomon

I have a few from back in the day when I tried to run a Digimon game

Ideal partner with no randomness.

Black Agumon - Tyrannomon - Volcamon - Ancient Volcamon

Bitch, it's justice time

Anyone who picks non-season 1 Digimon is a Numemon.

>Psychemon -> Unimon

Kindly fuck off the edge of my dick, Angela Anaconda.

>it's just a Gabumon recolor



Pillomon -> Sheepmon -> Pajramon -> Belphemon

There doesn't seem to be much interest for this, outside of /digi/ regulars.


I still got some nice lines out of it.

Actually, what are you referring to with /digi/, are there regular digimon threads here or are you referring to the Veeky Forums thread? (I don't know if they refer to themselves as /digi/)

Are you retarded?

Cause outside of digimon fans the series hasn't caught on again in the west. there's Cyber Sleuth and Next Order as the only games in the last decade and no proper cartoon since tamers for kids to get into the series with.

This seems tangentially related.




I was too lazy to check more than anything else.

Tell us about this campaign OP.
What will you be playing?

Are you aware that the bottom half of the template is meant to be a background?

I was not, but that makes sense. My digital imaging capabilities are somewhat limited on account of my brain being the thing that directs my body and it's not very good at it.


Here's an old line of mine.

Also going to shill this discord server, meant for gathering people who might be interested in a digimon game/start their own game.


Oi, we'z saw you'ze had a roight 'ard squig 'ere and made it go fasta and made it more killy! You'z welcome! I want 'dis 'un fur 'da game

>Can't start with any of the Agumon Variants


Tell me how shit my tastes are

Rust Tyrannomon is best zoid

Here's a line I made a while ago.

Sometimes, straightforward is better.

Especially for Biomerge.


Unexpected but I can work with it.

Pitchmon > Pukamon > Swimmon > Depthmon > Hangyomon > Metal Piranimon

Hope this isn't too boring. There isn't a lot to work with in terms of aquatic digimon.

I think i did this right.

Fish got some armor, then concentrated it on its head with a weapon, the said fuck it, i don't need armor, im gonna swallow the world.

Oh shit, sorry, user. Do I need need to delete mine or try to change it?

Don't see why, yours is a fish that acts like people and gears up, mine is a fish that needs armor but outgrows it. Two divergent paths with differing philosophy.

Pretty shit with the cross type digivolving.

Raptordramon is weird so basically the idea is that a feathered dinosaur evolves into a bird. Not what I would have chosen normally, but I like that the samurai armor for the rookie is fully realized in the mega and there's a consistent head crest.
Also has anybody really run a Digimon game? How did it go? Any advice? I think having two sets of player characters might be troublesome.

Does that line even have a lot of use in the digital world as opposed to the internet?


Tried recouloring the line, but that looked like shit. Just imagine every step in yellow.

Xros Wars did it.

I miss Frontier's concept, I like Toku Sentai Digiranger

That's a crime ripping off chaosdramon's color scheme like that

If you think that's bad.... say hello to BlitzGreymon

Bumping the thread up with best variants because digimon needs more love.

"It is loaded with dark matter! It has surpassed both good and evil, an uncontrollable transcendental dragon!" Did I just get really lucky?

Random: wikimon.net/Bo-1115
I already sort of made this one by random page.