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I like how in this one there's reason to not pick the 'biggest and most powerful' option. Generally when CYOAs offer that kinda choice, it's usually hard to justify why you wouldn't just pick the best one but this actually makes it a decision.



fetish shit waifubait cyoas are the worst

Here's to hoping that Beri's had the time to do that thing he was talking about the last time this was posted.

Is this Rosanon's best work?


It's time to get SERIOUS

Only post SERIOUS cyoas for SERIOUS people

Is Comfy a fetish?

What if I do fetish things while Comfy?


feet-oriented boylove cyoa when?


I started reading this one then quit. There's too many characters to choose between I knew right from the start.

I finished one page. I'm working on the 2nd.



They should all go on a diet.


If only Domain Master had some worldbuilding. It would be perfect.



What would you do if you could merge cyoas?

>tfw literally the last option of a cyoa ruins it

This is the cyoa equivalent of a ruined orgasm.

That being said, I think the baron option could do with some more points on either side.

Make an unholy monstrosity of all the namefag shills and then watch them slowly die from their mismatched parts.

Any CYOA that makes me a hot girl + transports me to another CYOA, then Hero Academy!

Because there's certainly never been a dragon that could shapeshift into a human form

They'd all just become me, actually.

>tfw I'm currently making mix-and-match CYOA supplement parts.

So hurry up and die.

My favorite combo is Cyberpunk into Megacorp

What's so bad about the blood thingie?

You always post this and everyone always treats you like an idiot for it. Yet you persist. Nobody cares that the option to become an Elder God upsets your delicate sensibilities

I love this blunt disdain you have towards me, it makes me wet.

He did.
Only the ass cancer took over and kept posting.
But it hasn't learned how to fake humanity, so it posts anime girl faces.

My favourite combo was being a black dragon with celestial elf magic into Faerie, becoming a sky pirate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: everything is better if you're secretly a dragon.

That would explain why everything he writes is such shit

Beri said earlier that he's working on a secret thing that'd let you pick more.

Is this that the pinnacle of american cuisine?

For me, it's the McChicken.

Enslaved and Rapture Academy could be fun :^)

Someone still needs to make a page with complicatios and horrors living in this dimension.

I thought it would be pretty cool to pair Eldritch Estate with The Village. Perhaps the Estate is your reward for solving the mysteries of the Village or something like that

Marquise Valeria Procula

>Habitable World 25
>Cities (Free)
>Mines (Free)
>Spaceport 30
>Hypernet Node 35
>Orbital defenses 45
>Construction yards 70
>Subterranean Cities 80

>Moon (Habitable) 100
>Mines (Free)
>Cities (Free)
>Spaceport (Free)

>Star (Sunlike) 110
>Antimatter Station 155

>Dreadnought 255
>Hyperflux Shields 260
>Teleport Bay 265
>Hospital 270
>Point Defense Turrets 275
>EMP Beam 280
>Anti-Cloaking Array 285
>Integrated Jump Gate 300
>Drone Hanger 305
>Drop Pods 310
>Onboard Constructors 320
>Siege Weaponry 325
>Planet Destroyer Weapon 415
>Armoured Regiment 440
>Antigrav Packs 445
>All-Environment Proofing 450
>Size Increase (10,000) 500

>Self-Repairing Vehicles
>Anti-Ageing Serum
>Industrial Antimatter

>Princess Theia 100

Everyone knew something wasn't quite right with her from a young age. But what could they do about it? She was the Princess' favorite cousin! They played together as children! Why not just stick her on a populated, but out of the way planet and forget about it? 15 Years later the population of the world of Temnaya Ten' and it's moon live deep in underground cities. Under Marquise Valeria Procula's iron fist, the whole society has been practically enslaved and is devoted to mining and building The Marquise's personal army, including one of the largest ships ever built and exhausting her planet's resources. The force may be impractical, but is truly terrifying to behold. Her obsession, strange as it may be, has at least led to the disappearance of pirates in the sector. Now that Princess Theia's grown and is looking for allies in her quest to become Empress, her estranged former playmate may yet be an even greater service to the galaxy.....

im going to filter this post

That would require a lot of work to be done to match those two and balance them. But I'd dig it.



>Tower (magical focus)
>Settlement (1,000 people)
>Townsfolk(change species, customize culture, increase strength/toughness)
>Planar Affinity

>Form Change
>Immortality (no needs, reform in a week)
>Elemental Magic

Demiplane is vast savanna scattered with mountains, crawling with monsters and eldritch abominations. Plane affinity so that we can train various animals as pets for hunting and guarding things. Have village of diverse and exotic amazons that have culture obsessed with hunting and slaying monsters, kind of like Norn in GW except amazons and not shapeshifters. They'd hunt giant serpents that hide under the sand, nomadic centaurs, and giant carnivorous birds that live on top of mountains. Amazons live as tribe that shares everything and are very cooperative for survival. Forging strong weapons and training hunting pets are important to them. I live in tower and am leader of the amazons because of powerful elemental magic that is strongest close to my tower and because I can turn into a dragon to fight off biggest monsters. Take form change so I can be tall, strong amazon. Occasionally travel to earth when things are calm to check how everything is back home.


>Barracks w/ 21st century weapons
>Hospital w/ 21st century equipment
>Settlement w/ 1,000,000 people, electricity and plumbing
>Townsfolk w/ species, culture, toughness, ageless
>Garage w/ military vehicles

>Form Change
>Super Strength

Well this estate certainly has a orc problem! I'll become a strong, charismatic Amazon and gather the Amazon tribes of this land and introduce them to 21st century tech. Then we'll set out clearing the beautiful forests of this land free of disgusting orcs. Someday this might even be a respectable modern place!

I'd do it, but I'd have to get some experience working the program necessary and retry at least 12 times immitating the Style perfectly and then I'd not release it because I'm a fucking perfectionist and what I'd deliver can't be the perfect continuation of this.

Alternative pic.

Alternative pic.

Alternative pic.

It's alright we'll wait :)

>Room Type
Rustic, Natural with Modern Sensibilities

>Entrance Method
Touch Me, Touch Me

>Physical Items (12)
Auto-Veeky Forums (11)
200% Comfy (10)
L-LEWD!! (9)
Ocean Man (8)
Veeky Forumsbulous (7)
Normie Station (6)
Gaymen Piisii (5)
Veeky Forums as heck (4)

/out/ (2)

Custom Characters w/unlimited companions (0)

>Abilities/Extras (17)
Redesign (14)
Inter-bot 9001 (13)
Lasting Effects (11)
Reality Convert (9)
Charm Cognition (7)
Aether Orchestra (6)
Machine Learning (4)
Believe It (3)
Stylish (2)
Last Resort (0)


i just don't get it guys

A picture of Natalia Poklonskaya would've done better for that

Don't give her attention. Please. I beg you.

Autism is a hell of a drug

>Architectural Style
Gothic Parish


>Geographical Features
Woodlands, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Caves

>Living Accomadations
Cozy Cabin

>Residence Location

>Special Artifacts
Soft Blanket, Bronze Bracelet, Pale Ring

>Village Borders
All Roads


>Village Highlights
Galaxy Lake, Primevil Forest, Old Castle, Healing Springs

Lonely Monster

>Uneasy Pecularities
Otherworldly Mist, Mystery Festival, Ruined Cathedral

After taking these, I'll add...

>Geographical Features
Marshlands, Rock Formations, Plains

>Special Artifacts
Rusty Dagger

>Village Highlights
Floating Islands, Crystal Caverns

The atmosphere on this one is top notch.

Starmage Battledust.

Yeah,it works nearly aswellas drugs.

Attention or not, she keeps fucking coming back.

You do know that a lot of her posts are false flagging Anons looking to cause shit, right? Actually, there's a decent chance you made those posts yourself.

You should be posting less and creating more.

Caverns (240)
Lake (230)
Woodland (210)

Tavern w/Excellent Food (200)
Settlement (195)
Planar Affinitiy (185)
Mages (170)
Automata (160)
College w/Eldritch Studies (140)
Library (130)
Workshop w/Hi-Tech (95)
Hospital w/Hi-Tech (70)
Harem (55)

Regeneration (35)
Immortality (25)
Charisma (10)
Super Strength (0)

I want so much more, but this will do.

These things take time.

>Actually, there's a decent chance you made those posts yourself.
I will take this accusation as a compliment to my shitposting prowess.

I know. It's why you and others need to stop responding to her.
Like all whores, she feeds off attention.

She idolizes you.

Tell /cyoag/ about your WiP so we can insult it, bully you, and humiliate your ancestors.

>you will never tell sda-chan she's cute IRL and make her blush

why even live

I actually like your builds, Angel. They're more original than the average build and I can appreciate a consistent theme. Too bad hating you is a meme.

im making your waifu a single mum in the update

It's in the conceptual stages at the moment, but someone mentioned the other day that all the zombie survival CYOAs only had survival chances of like 70% at max.

I decided to make one where you could get 100% survival, but at the cost of comfort. So basically all the choices are between comfort/survival, possibly with a few other factors. Haven't decided on a size yet, but I do want to steal the same kind of setup the zombie survival house CYOA had.

>survival adventure without the survival part

couldn't you just ignore the faggot?

I'll look her up for next time. Ty for suggestion!

Thanks! I'm glad someone likes them! There's some very creative people here who've made some really neat builds.

I'm impressed by your ability to take constructive criticism and turn it into cancer. I'm pretty sure people just wanted more survival chance, like that one cyoa where you get a house in a demiplane and have 1 year to complete a trial. Instead you make the whole experience even crappier by making survival chance increase as comfy decreases.

You should feel bad because your idea is bad.

Did a Love Goddess DLC since so many wanted her as their waifu, will post it after the original CYOA.



DLC time!

That's a very round cat you got there.


>I'm impressed by your ability to take constructive criticism and turn it into cancer.
Considering I never made a Zombie CYOA before, I'm not really sure you can call it me taking constructive criticism over just seeing a neat idea and rolling with it.

Though if you want an adventure where you hide from the outside world while your every need is taken care of as you live in comfort, you could just move back in with your mom.




I don't see why anyone would want her as a waifu.

And honestly, I liked the cyoa, but I found the writing for her to be real cringy.

I like it.
But if you ever go back to edit it please chill the fuck out with all that stuttering, she's nervous, not retarded.


I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget how autistic people here can be so let me make myself clear.

People like island survival cyoas. They just don't like how all of them are pretty much impossible to win.

Make that cyoa you're talking about. I guarantee you that the concept of losing comfy to increase survival chance will not be popular. It goes against everything /cyoag/ stands far.

An exciting challenge that is not a suicide wish. That's the ideal.

You know Tok, you might not ever balance this properly, but at least it's quirky and has a lot of personality. I ike both of you.


I've never made a CYOA before, but I'm trying my hand at making an MTG planeswalker CYOA. Pick one, two, or three colors. Each one starts out with the basics associated with the color, and you can spend points to buff up specific aspects of each color. Pick your race and home plane, each with special abilities/quirks. Then there are some general abilities, drawbacks, etc.

The text is coming along, but I honestly have no idea if I should try to make it into something more than just text.


>lady mai of the river
>+2 weapon skill and )
>hans dahlman
>gives lvl1 training in tactics, weapons, mariner
>none of those skills exist

what did the author mean by this?

Maybe that's the point?
Tokhaar is going full circle, making her as desperate to be a waifu as we are to get a waifu?


Hikkikimori waifu CYOA where every girl is a different kind of pathetic loser desperate for emotional healing.

I'm listening to Hitoribocchi on repeat while writing it out and pouring all my angst and pain into it. Wish me luck guys.

The World may never know. The author disappeared after making the mistake of asking for criticism.

Boux is the only one who can make herself human sized. That makes the choice pretty clear. If we're both unaging then we're going to be together for a very long time. I'll take the one that has the potential to sleep with me.