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>General's Handbook pdf!DxRGmTZL!x_L0eobCjr4qrF7enhVlZ2DffTtRa3hdDrc5RctcAbE

>army builder

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So I want to play Stormcast Eternals.

But I'm kinda hestitant to because, presumably, everyone and their dog plays them.

Is that the case?

If you're too poor to buy it, you shouldn't play Steampunk Dwarf Capitalists.

Who cares? Join the club, no need to be a faction hipster.

They get lots of attention from GW, which is good in that you get new models and shit.

Do any of your close friends play them? Try to beat him in a mirror match, displaying your skill and dominance.

pic unrelated

I still can't decide whether I love or hate the top hat. Think I'm leaning towards love.

It's fucking gold, I love it.

henlo duardin
go mine some aether gold ugly

It's like a Dwarven Monopoly Man

SO, going to convert Glottkin into a GUO - could someone recommend me a kit that I might take a sword from that isn't going to look comically small?

Are Greenskinz even a thing in AoS? Is their Start Collecting usable like most of the others SC! or it's just a mix of not-well selling models? Also what about expanding the army after SC? It has something like 540~ pts IIRC - buying two of them is a good idea for 1k army?

Sylvaneth Spirit of Durthu sword, maybe?

You will never win vs a properly kitted out Battletome Army

If you don't mind it not being a sword, you could make a huge ass flail out of the skaven plague furnace.

Well, then fuck me

Freeguild spearmen have a 2" range. I've based mine on round 25mm circles. With base to base, this should allow 3 ranks to fight, should it not? 3rd rank extends 0.5mm into the enemy front like.

Is this being gamey or legitimate?

>I prefer games to be awful.


You've got a glorious greek phallanx there. It's legitimate and based as fuck!

Make one out of plasticard. Scratch building nurgle stuff is piss easy because it doesn't matter if it looks ropey.

Alcatani Fellowship from WHFB 5th ed. Not mine, I wish it was.

Can you please keep this argument to yourself? You faggots have shitted up two threads now with this argument, there's no point to continuing.

Perry sculpts. Guess GW was getting desperate and pinched one of their historicals side-projects so they wouldn't have to wait on a sculptor. :P

OI! Lookz loik we got 'erselves a right proppa orky thred!

Whiles wez on da subjeck, how wud two Grot Rock Lobbas fit in a proppa Ironjawz army, ignorin' battlelines an' such. Good support for da brutes, or not orky?

Puny orkz, ogors are the true chosen of Gorkamorka

This is my freeguild spear block. Will autistes rage if I use 3 ranks?

>measure from weapon
>can't hit dwarfs

Are Gutbusters a decent army for a new player? I just like the idea of being massive, mercenary, smash-shit-to-bits assholes.

Even if you measure from bases, as long as the first rank is in base contact, all 3 should be able to reach them.

>Shootin' gitz with rokkz
>Not krumpin' gitz with rokkz good and proppa'

>FW will never bring that model back

Why da zog shud I live?

And squishin' ratz wiff shootin' rokkz ain't so bad! It's a real laff seein 'em big rokkz come outta da sky and splat 'em good!

>Locate local garden
>Pilfer rocks
>Glue together
Problem solved

I might get that anyway since Sword and Flail are the GUO's weapons

I'm only just getting ok at greenstuff, plasticard still scares the shit outta me

Kharadrons, disposseseds and fyreslayers. What kin of dwarfs is un better state atm?

Kharaharadaaedons. Their shit is incredible.

Fyreslayers are dogshit. Dispossessed are average

Fyreslayers are unplayable without a trust fund, Kharadron are fun but wonky, and Dispossessed will literally never win an objectives game.

Greenskinz makes a nice core for a Destruction army but they're limited by themselves. 2xSC boxes isn't bad to get in at 1000pts but after that you may want to start bringing other factions to round out.

Never played AoS or fantasy. How are seraphon? They look cool and I'm super tempted by their start collecting box

Good but not great, get fucked by mortal wounds, all their formations are traps.

Not really, they're like empire in fantasy in terms of popularity

Well the sprues in it are ancient, most of mine were 2002 and I had to cut the flat strips off the models to stick them on the round bases.

Had same problem with skaven weapon teams. I put them on square bases and then on round bases so they look like standind on hilltop


Sitting on my desk?


WRONG!!! Everything can beat shitty plague rats


Officially bases are only intended to make a model stand up and aren't intended to be a factor of the pile in mechanic. Gw's position is Movement/Charge distance is supposed to be the determining factor of reach and not model size or shape, its not incorrect in the rules to turn Stormcast Prosecutors sideways and measure from their wing tips and should be no less cheesy than it would be unfair the have a unit of 12 that could you could never get more than 3 of in base to base.

So in the Sylvaneth There is the Ironbark Wargrove.

Would that allow for some KO shenanigans?

Artycle: Settle the Grudges
Amendment: Prosecute Wars with All Haste
Footnote: These are Just Guidelines

Aetheric Navigator
Doughty Champion

Iron Sky Squadron:

Arkanaut Company (10)
3 light skyhooks

Arkanaut Company (10)
2 volleyguns, 1 skypike

Arkanaut Company (10)
2 volleyguns, 1 skypike

Arkanaut Frigate
Heavy Skyhook
Magnificent Omniscope

Arkanaut Frigate
Heavy Skyhook
Magnificent Omniscope

Endrinriggers (3)
Aethermatic Volley Gun, Drill Cannon

Endrinriggers (3)
Aethermatic Volley Gun, Drill Cannon

Grundstok Gunhauler
Sky Cannon

Grundstok Gunhauler
Sky Cannon

Aether Khemist

Aether Khemist

Each frigate has a unit of arkanauts and a khemist, guarded by gunhauler and riggers. They charge up the board and kill as much as they can in the first two turns. The other unit and the navigator sit on the back objective in line of sight to give the buff.

Should be fun. Probably not the best list at 2k, but shouldn't get shit on I don't think.


On their own they are bad above 2k, but make the best way to make the backbone of orruk armies that mix groups.

Not that user, but how would you mix them and Ironjawz?



Nothing to be scared off, at least not with something as simple as a sword. Plasticard is dead easy to work with and like I say you can get away with it looking a bit gash because it's nurgle.

Buy a sheet and give it a bash, the only way to improve is practice.

Where the whiney baby KO players who refuse to play games if they have to follow the rules in their tomes at?

stop being special snowflakes expecting special treatment.


Shit tier bait, everyone carry on.

I don't even get the bait?

why is shadow strike a trap? 6 ripperdactyls can always make their points back.

It's the same argument that took over both the previous thread and the one before it.

Assuming you're playing matched play, the rule of one leaves ripperdactyls vastly inferior to terradons.

Oh the paint thing?

Buttmad autist who thinks the new KO book forces players to paint their armies a certain way to get certain rules.

He's retarded and has basically been shitposting none stop since the BT came out.

Just ignore him, hopefully his crippling loneliness will cause him to kill himself soon enough.

What armies are top tier, what armies are mid tier and what armies are low tier? Also how much stronger is a top tier army than a mid tier army?

Gotcha - yeah I figured no one was even taking that seriously given how ludicrous it is.

Gunhaulers are shit, replace them with an Ironclad or something

> 1-Aethershittrike

>The rest of armies

don't get hoodwinked into letting KO players pick and choose what sky-port affiliation they want during the set up phase.

Their rules require them to paint that ports colors if they want that ports bonuses

the ports behind paint gates
paint gate rules in pic related

if they don't paint it they can pick other abilities from a "default" list. The good ones are locked for a reason.


Stop trying to derail the thread, anything of value that could have been said on the topic has been said two threads ago.

No this was just a time when GW still made interesting models.

Fluff wise I think I like Barak Mhornar more but I like Barak Urbaz rules wise. I've never done an 'official' GW paint scheme before and I kind of want to this go round so I'm not sure which direction to go.

How mad are you going to be once they release a Day 4 FAQ clarifying this?


Just sayin' that it's a massive coincidence that GW got some sculpts that look like historicals from some sculptors who sculpted historicals in their own time.....

3 Terradons:
Sunleechbolas 2.6 wounds
Razor sharp beak 6.75 wounds
Cargo 3 mortal wounds
9.35 wounds and 3 mortal wounds

Warspears: 1.6 wounds
Slashing claws: 6.8 wounds
Vicious beaks: 10.9 wounds
19.3 wounds

Against 3+ save
Terrordons 6.1 wounds
Ripperdactyles 6.3 wounds

Terrordons and ripperdactyls will do similar damage against 3+ saves but against 4+ or higher ripperdactyles will always do more. Terrordons are only better if you have a skink starseer but the damage is highly variable where ripperdactyls are much more consistent.

Why are Stormfiends good? People always just say they're great but no one explains. I'm not challenging that they are, I just want to know how to use them since I just came in to two boxes. Should they be magnetized?

Warpflame throwers melt units, we are currently in a mortal wounds meta.

What units spit out the most mortal wounds?

>Not being shockingly awesome against all but the most WAAC lists

I have beaten shit i had no right in destroying with 100+ Monks

Step up son

Is that the only way to run them?

I'm not going to write a list for you, read your own damn warscrolls.

They are one of the candidates for a serious points increase along with Kurnoths and all the other 'competitive' top tier units

No way those fuckers are staying at 300, so if you've 2 units be ready to not use them both in smaller games. Just build 3 for shooting and 3 for melee, have a variery of guns but focus on one type of melee weapon i say

Good, above average pretty much across the board on a unit by unit basis, but every new release brings out the new hotness and pushed seraphon further down the totem pole. They were designed with a different game in mind, one where mortal wounds are rarer.

The formations arent traps per say, but see above about them being designed for a different game. I run the bloodclaw starhost a lot now, with good success. Shadowstrike is really good for alphastriking to take out characters/warmachine crew. I think itll be pretty good for wrecking the new KO mortar teams.

Eternal starhost was once excellent and is now defrinately a trap, 3 units of overpriced infantry and a character that doesnt add a lot for a formation that doesnt actually help vs the actual weaknesses of said expensive unit.

That assumes in range of the toad too right?

What must be said though is how rare mortal wounds are in seraphon, and I think that weights terradons a little higher vs rippers.

So I just picked up KO and AoS in general. I must say writing army lists for AoS is a very different animal than 40k - all the 'pieces' are so large in comparison. I'm enjoying it even if I have no idea what's good and what's not.

That's fine. The sky-port I like most uses the colours I was going to use anyway.

Just try not to get your tears over your opponents better painted army when they sweep your grey tide off the board.

>Rules finally enforce painting in some way

Lazy faggots BTFO

>I'm enjoying it even if I have no idea what's good and what's not
Since you came from 40k, you'll find that the unbalance here is not even a fraction of the unbalance you have in 40k right now.

So get comfy and just pick the models you like.

Unlike 40k you won't get stuck with a lame codex for years.

I may be blind but I don't see anything indicating that models must be painted in particular colors to get particular rules.

Is this trolling?

Fucking this
Youd be suprised how close the relative power levels of lists can be. Especially compared to 40k. 'Just pick what you like' is a viable armybuilding strategy.

There isn't anything - its mindless trolling that gets a rise out of people.


The rules are in that page some user post, and until the obvious FAQ that rules about paint schemes are true

But is true that no decent human being in the world is gonna bitch you about your scheme election and that is almost a fact

>You can organise your collection Kharadron Overlords miniatures as as fleet from one of the major sky ports simply by painting it in the sky ports colours.
I think it's a stupid rule that kills creativity and custom schemes

Its either trolling or some grognard. Its like chapters in 40k, nobody holds you to it, you just pick the rules you like best and use them.

Its as if people don't actually play GW games when they post things like this. When - in the entire history of their business - has GW ever dictated what colors you MUST paint a model? The concept that this would be an INTENDED rule is mind boggling. Did they write it poorly when it could taken to mean that? Sure but clearly, based on their entire history, GW would never write a rule that dictates how you have to paint a model.

Allegiance: Destruction
Orruk Warchanter (80)
Savage Big Boss (100)
- General
- Granite Choppas
- Trait: Bellowing Tyrant
- Artefact: Battle Brew
5 x Orruk Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes (180)
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (180)
10 x Savage Orruks (100)
10 x Savage Orruks (100)
10 x Savage Orruks (100)
30 x Savage Orruk Arrowboys (300)
Aleguzzler Gargant (180)
Grot Rock Lobber (100)
Grot Rock Lobber (100)
Ironfist (60)
Kunnin' Rukk (60)

Total: 2000/2000


Until you get to serious tournaments at least. Then your favourite list will probably get destroyed by one of the current power lists, but you don't have to worry about that if you aren't into high level competitive playing I suppose.

"You can organize your collection of Kharadron Overlords miniatures as a fleet from one of the major sky-ports simply by painting it in the sky-port's colours."

>not colors

obviously this rule only applies in/to British places.

Actually it means it applies to everywhere except the USA, but that doesn't matter since nobody there paints their models anyway.