Its an " argument about a current political topic stalls the the game for an hour" session

Its an " argument about a current political topic stalls the the game for an hour" session.

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This remnids me of the time in which my paladin convinces the goblins and other humanoids working in the upper levels of a dungeon to join our cause because they were clearly being exploited.

This is the exact reason my group forced out our local feminist pc with pure autism and hyperbolic sexism.


If organizing a workers' revolution isn't a legitimate method of overcoming a dungeon, then that's not a campaign worth playing in.

Shit DM. Players should be this inspired.

>Mercenary band is laying siege to a fortress, we're tasked with stopping them
>5 of us
>2000 of them
>Infiltrate the camp, steal uniforms, fake a bunch of letters from HQ to the camp officers basically saying that there won't be any pay this period and to keep it hush-hush
>"Intercept" the letters
>Start a workers riot

Nothing quite like putting Goblin-Lenin on the fastest horse back to Assholia and just waiting.

objectively better than feudalism

I had this almost happen in a game I run on IRC, because a player was uncomfortable with a non-modern social standard and made some (incorrect) sinister guesses as to an NPC's motivations.

I like this shit
My paladin convinced the goblins to rebel against the troll that ruled the dungeon
10 goblins vs 1 troll, fucking awesome.

Instead of growing a sack and asking her to leave?

Fuck you, Best GM. Picture's just missing the other two players on the opposite side of the table that are sick of Sociology-guy's shit.

Fucking awesome. Did this really happen in one of your games, or is it just a hypothetical?

10/10 plan.

Actually happened, was pretty much this

I always try to play manipulative, speech-oriented rogue classes, that's when pen & paper RPGs shine the most

>I always try to play manipulative, speech-oriented rogue classes
it's the best part of the game
being able to be where you shouldn't
saying thing you ought not to

Pretty much, the campaign started off as a typical "you must defeat the demons who are trying to take over the world" fantasy but with our group it basically turned into a Tom Clancy novel. By the time we were smuggling drugs to fund a civil war against a demon-corrupted emperor we were pretty much an alegory for the CIA war on communism.

So... How do I get to play a worker's union in table top instead of a bougie "hero" type? Just roll up 6 Level one commoners?

>in the bucket


Instead of growing a brain and taking responsibility for their own behavior.

A better punchline would have been "You're a dwarf!"

Not as fun.

You know you're a fanatic when not agreeing with someone's anti-scientific ideology that ignores biology and psychology for the sake of feelings is "brainless."