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Daily reminder don't fall for the B/X meme. Know your facts.

Myth: 3d6, 2-for-1 Ability Score Adjustments
Fact: 4d6 Drop Lowest, Re-arrange

Myth: 18 STR
Fact: Exceptional 18/00 STR

Myth: 3 Alignments
Fact: 9 Alignments

Myth: Race as Class
Fact: Multiclassing

Myth: AC 9
Fact: AC 10

Myth: d8 Fighters
Fact: d10 Fighters

Myth: Variable Weapon Damage Optional
Fact: Weapon Damage by Opponent Size, AC Adjustment

Myth: 1st Level Clerics Arbitrarily Denied a Spell
Fact: 1st Level Clerics Rationally Granted a Spell

Myth: No Name Prose
Fact: Gygaxian Prose

Myth: Base Classes
Fact: Prestige Classes

Myth: 4 Playable Races
Fact: Half-orcs

Myth: Softcovers
Fact: Hardbacks

Myth: No Artifacts and Relics
Fact: Artifacts and Relics

Myth: No Psionics
Fact: Psionics

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>Previous thread:
>Thread question:
When did you upgrade to Advanced D&D™, the only version of D&D approved for tournament play?

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>When did you upgrade to Advanced D&D™, the only version of D&D approved for tournament play?

I came down to it from 3.5e, and never really left, though I occasionally try out B/X or other retroclones.

Great bait, better with every thread.

>Artifacts and Relics
It's just me of those were a very 80s fad?

>When did you upgrade to Advanced D&D™
I want to but 2e is lame and 1e is retarded. I'll stick with d10-HD-Fighters-B/X, thanks.

Is it just me, or are the OP topics getting baitier and baitier?

This one seems like it's designed to rustle and entire forest's worth of jimmies.

>Myth: 3d6, 2-for-1 Ability Score Adjustments
>Fact: 4d6 Drop Lowest, Re-arrange

Though I play AD&D and to some extent prefer it over B/X, I must raise an objection at this particular point: 3d6 drop lowest is the best way to do characters even in AD&D.

oh look, a thread made by butthurt B/x players pissy about 1e

Took me a second to see "drop lowest"

> I came down to it from 3.5e
Did you convert any characters?

None such. I still occasionally play Pathfinder as well, but I tend to roll remarkably different characters on the two systems. The PF ones (as the 3.5e guys previously) tend to be more capable and heroic, the sort AD&D's deadlier combat system and lower levels of magic could not handle. Conversely, the more simple AD&D folks would look completely out of place in PF.

Bumping these from the prior thread.

I m p o r t a n t
t n a t r o p m I
N e a t
t a e N
I was the Conan OP, and I wasn't even baiting.
I agree about this one though. No meaningful discussion will cone of it.

When did you upgrade to Lejendary Adventure™, the only RPG endorsed by Gygax on his deathbed?

>prestige classes
What are you referring to? Bards?

OP means sub-classes.



>The entirety of the canon corpus of both TSR and WOTC AD&D 2e including apocrypha from Dragon Magazine from 1989 to 1999

These are nice, and I have done this several times, though the combination isn't smooth.

I went to ad&d after a year of b/a. Best decision at the time.

LA is a hot mess though, user.

Oops meant to reply to Why is mirroring the trove important? Is it going down?

B/e* with a little c thrown in I forgot to add

HellTrain user, here's a thought.

If the PCs are being chased by the train, the first bit, the front bit, would normally have an engine. That's a bit of a problem. What's there for the PCs to fight through, if the front bit is the bit moving the train?

But this is Hell, so maybe trains run in reverse. Maybe there's a ravenous caboose after them, and the engine (the bit they have to stop) is the furthest segment away.

He's probably referring to PrCs (bard, sword knight of Solamnia).

There are also rose knights of Solamnia, who have higher prereqs and... no apparent perks whatsoever, no explanation why you'd give up level 1-7 cleric casting for them either.


>Is it going down?
I'm neither of the Anons I bumped, but I wouldn't be surprised.
There's no cost or risk to making a private mirror, so you might as well.
So is Advanced D&D. That doesn't mean it's not worth playing.
That said, Lejendary Adventure isn't OSR compatible.

>train is infinitely expanding hellbeast with two mouths at either end, arms laying track that it runs over, stuffing everything it encounters into its furnace maw
>defeat mouth X, begin exploring train, looting etc.
>mouth Y has looped around and is devouring own tail to catch the party
>party races to loot as much as possible and find way off the train before they are consumed

>would normally have an engine.
Plenty of real trains get pushed by the back.
Most freight get pushed at both ends.
Some trains even get pushed by the middle, IIRC.

I like it.


I've watched like thirty hours of Thomas the Tank Engine and I'm pretty sure that's not right.

i thought the last two OPs were bad but this is just plain awful. I can't even tell if this a really the general or some troll thread.

>I can't even tell if this a really the general or some troll thread.
>implying there is ever a difference.

But seriously, OP is a bad person and should feel bad. Post OC, do not respond to bait or the OP.


>semi-(2-4)intelligent B/X drones

>Very (13-14) intelligent 1e fans on the cusp of enlightenment

>Supra-genius (19-20) intelligence 2e guru

>Godlike (21+) intelligence ascended being posting from True AD&D™ Nirvana

Yeah, like that! But at both ends, and the dog eats to make more train. So probably a series of long mechanical arms building parts out of the engine-forge.

I need a:
-sun god (L)
-moon god (N)
-eclypse god (C)
Plus one signature spell per level for each. I'm not very interested in the gods themselves, but the clerics they have.
Sun god clerics are basically Sun-bros, wield spears and sickles, and cast mostly the standard list: 1Light, 2Bless, etc... maybe Lightning bolt at some point.

What about the others?

>Saying both B/X and AD&D have their merits is only semi-intelligent
>Fanatically worshipping AD&D, ignoring all its flaws, and utterly denouncing B/X regardless of what merit it might have, is a godlike genius

Religious zeal is never intelligent, let alone genius.

>tg's ability to get a joke can't be that bad, they said
>tg's loves a good laugh, they said.

Well look at them now...

I had a player who once rolled up two characters in the same body, one a cleric of the sun, the other a cleric of the moon. The former was around at day, the latter at night.

I'll see if I can find their spell lists again. It might help you.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

But the railways tracks are made out of compressed lawyers.

Oh and I forgot, moon clerics are basically druid-likes. Not sure if standard ones, but druid-likes.

pls ignore b9

Coool, ty!

Not an elf, broski. I can't just... detect, secret jokes.

Gimme some ideas for infusing demihumans into the sort of 17th century setting LotFP happens to fill out often.

>dungeon world not on the empty brain

Basically the same as any other setting, with dwarves in the mountains and elves in the woods, only pushed even deeper to their dark places by spreading human kingdoms.

Middle-east is orcs.

>Religious zeal is never intelligent, let alone genius.

*tips fedora*

Pretty demi-humans = mestizos and half-castes
Ugly demi-humans = mulattoes and quadroons

>They're all from Switzerland or somewhere equally foreign
>We found 'em on this new continent, bred with them, and now they turn up as curiosities
>We made them out of magic but it all went wrong
>Ritual went awry, every pregnant woman in a kingdom gave birth to monsters about 30 years ago. Things have settled down since.

Why's Dungeon World so terrible?

>They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
*Hell is full of good meanings, but Heaven is full of good works.

On an unrelated sidenote, All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Stale-Content Ghouls (AC -1; HD 1-1 (found dead on 0); MV 10'; #AT 3; D 1d12; SA Paralyzation (Petrification v. Paralyzed), Save T7; ML 4; AL C) Always attack by surprise.

Imagine taking B/X. Now shove in 3e's feats, wealth-by-level, LA system, and grid-based combat. That basically what Dungeon World does to Apocalypse World.

Anons? Here's hopefully simple question: I know that the Manual of the Planes has been the extraplanar sourcebook since 1st edition, but isn't there also traditionally an in-universe magic item by that name?

If there is, what sourcebooks does it appear in, and what does it do?

>Stale-Content Ghouls

There's a relevant XKCD for this.

Time vultures?

I've read some bad analyses of Dungeon World on Veeky Forums before, but this is ridiculous.


You're thinking of Amulet of the Planes. -Manual- of the Planes doesn't show up anywhere, at least not before 3rd edition.

>best ruleset(s) for clerics and specialty priests
>best ruleset for monster PCs
>best ruleset(s) for psionics
>best campaign settings

How can other editions even compete?

>easily stolen

>How can other editions even compete?
Better core rules. Tighter gameplay loop.

Oh? I see, thanks; can you tell me which 3e sourcebook it shows up in? I'd ask elsewhere, but there's no 3.5 general anymore - it's you guys, Pathfinder and 5e.


On the other hand,
>worst dungeons
>worst exp
>worst THAC0
>worst gutting by satanic panic

I don't know. When I say "at least not before 3rd edition", it's not to say I know it shows up -after- that, but rather that I know it doesn't show up before.

Those later editions aren't exactly known for their imagination and new revolutionary thoughts, though, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

>monster PC ruleset

No, fraid not; it's the Amulet of the Planes there.

There's an actual Manual of the Planes magic item in the 4e MotP sourcebook, but I'm no sure where the 3e magic item is...

Which are the best modules of LotFP?

Adventure Number Ten.

Has anyone ran Scenic Dunnsmouth? Is it good?

World of the Lost (personal favorite), No Salvation for Witches, The God that Crawls, and Tower of the Stargazer are all cool in my book. I wasn't as big on Death Frost Doom as most people seem to be. Cursed Chateau looks really interesting.

I've always wanted to see what that is about.

What was gutted from 2E because of the Satanpanic again? Other than demons/devils > tanar'ri/baatezu.

>captcha: church ridgefield

Half-orcs and assassins. The humanoid book eventually restored the former, but the thief handbook assassins were a disgrace.

What's the most your character has ever won in a game of chance?

The soul of another charcter.

How'd that work out?

Coin flip with a goddess. Heads, he gains the character's soul. Tails, he loses it. If the coin lands on the edge, he gains the soul -and- cures the character's pretty extensive mental disorders.

My character tried to cheat by using a coin that's rigged to land on an edge, but the goddess shook the earth so that it fell down after all, so it ended up being purely of chance in the end anyway.

Sounds like the gods to me. Well, that's a good deal. Beats hiking to the underworld.

Oh I'm godlike on Veeky Forums. Big whoop. Y'all argue over the most trivial shit. Get it together and act like you know something. Right now as it stands I shouldn't feel like I'm surrounded by mental patients. Goddamn. Fuck every opinion that exists and like what you want and play whatever the hell you feel like. All this elitism shit is for the birds. Honestly, if you get your rocks off trolling people over d&d maybe investigate other hobbies.
t. disgruntled old guy who's saging himself for ot

Eh the shadow kit from tcboh somewhat restored the assassination skill but only humanoids were allowed to take it iirc
>Bullywug shadow rogues now are threats to the party
Those were heady times, user.

I'm sorry to tell you, my good man, but you've been coaxed into a snafu.

>only humanoids were allowed to take it

Not much of a restriction considering the humanoids were the best races to play as.

Why is that?

> Had a brilliant idea. I'll put way too many zombies and skeletons for the party to
> kill in the dungeon, but most of them are "worker" undead: cooks, waiters, sewage
> disposal, and don't initiate attack. Exception is the guards who attack anyone not
> wearing the medalions that the acolytes wear.
> I love my players but gods bless them they are stupid, so I put a feral girl in the
> dungeon named Newt who somehow survives. The party asks about her parents.
> She says they've been killed. They abandon her because they figure there is no
> reward angle.

>When did you upgrade to Advanced D&D™, the only version of D&D approved for tournament play?
Never, I upgraded to ACKs™, and you should too.

Blood in the Chocolate seems pretty cool.

What is the best hexcrawl module of all time, and why?

Peril on the Purple Planet, because fuck yeah Dying Earth.

You replied to bait.

But muh fetish fuel!

That looks cool. I want to run a Robert E Howard Almuric aD&D hexcrawl game.

I love these walkthroughs

Ahhh fuck me running. I'm sorry but it just burns my ass so much. I do apologize to you fellers.

a major event sometime in the last century or two somehow managed to magically reverse the effects of Ragnarok, causing Yggdrasil and the ~8 or so other realms* besides Earth/Midgard to be reborn, along with all the fantastical beings living in them(this also causes Magic to return to Midgard), although some changes have occurred to them in the process of being recreated

*9 Realms is the traditional count but it's a little iffy since some accounts have Niflheim & Helheim be the same realm(and sometimes Niflheim & Jotunheim are conflated together instead), and sometimes the Dwarfs have a realm called Nidavellir separate from Svartalheim, overall though I'm suggesting sticking to the arrangement this map I've attached uses, with the realm of the Dwarfs as merely part of Svartalheim, and Helheim and Miflheim as distinct realms(albeit using the more common name Alfheim for the realm of the Light Elves instead of the more obscure Liossalheim name used here)

What makes a good OSR god? Walking around? Funky superpowers? Low hp?

>What makes a good OSR god?
A good god is a strange and random god, with bizarre abilities

How do you worldbuild for an OSR game?

I try to make something interesting and write it down but I just come up dry with ideas.

well probably the most important thing is to try and have either a core concept for the setting and/or a interesting idea that makes for a good starting point, for example the early OSR game Mazes & Minotaurs has as it's main conceit "What If Gary Gygax based D&D primarily on Ray Harryhausen's Greek Mythology & Sinbad Movies?"

Pedigree and a temple.

If gods in your setting are killable, why hasn't someone done them in already?

Depends on the system but a good one is to flip through monster references and jot down whatever catches your fancy.

For example, the implied setting built by the MC entries I've printed is kinda Arabian (because of Al-Qadim), kinda weird (Dark Sun and Gem Dragons), and kinda Asian (Kara-Tur).

Just because something is theoretically killable doesn't mean it's practical to do so.

Missed that. I thought you were asking for the distinction between gonzo gods and gonzo monsters.
Give them two special attacks, a special defense, and significant interaction with the local NPCs.

Gods have spiteful friends in high places. Or low places.
Or maybe parts of the world fall into disrepair without them.
Or they die and get replaced all the time.

There is a town.
There is a dungeon.
Build the rest in play.

You can either accept the implied setting that the rules show and build from that, or you decide that the rules must change to better mirror the world.
Why are there so many locked doors in Greyhawk anyway? That stuff was expensive back then. They would probably just bar doors more often. If you use the normal rules and worldbuild, you must find a reason for why there are so many locks.

the locks are there because i say so go play a storygame if you want to know the history of every lock lmao

That sounds boring but hey, it's your game.

Maybe the dungeon is ancient sci-fi.
Maybe the Thief knows how to unbar doors from the opposite side.
Maybe every man, women, and child smithed a lock as a right of passage.