Run a D&D campaign

>Run a D&D campaign
>Spend a lot of time creating an elaborate world map
>Think meticulously about the political and geographical details in the world, try to think of why each city was built in a certain location, what local resources are important and what its main 'function' is (is it an agricultural city? A trade city? A craftman's city?)
>Get the players involved somehow
>"Here's the 411 folks, these two guys are at war and.... shit, I don't have any rules for battles or sieges"
>Eventually the players get estates or fiefs
>I don't have any rules for managing those either
Does anyone else feel like they're using the wrong system halfway into a campaign? Whenever I try to make the story more complex than "there's this dungeon with a skellington at the end, go kill him" I end up including elements that D&D can't account for.

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There are rules for battles and sieges in D&D.
And rules for managing estates.

Please, you awkward fucking troll, if you're going to keep trying, at least learn about the system you're putting so much effort into hating.

>There are rules for battles and sieges in D&D.
In 5e? Could you point me in the right direction please?

In the DMG

No one plays 5e, other than furryfags and tumblerfags, and autisticfags.

Use 2nd edition and everything you described is covered in detail.

I think you're confusing 5E for Pathfinder.

>I don't have any rules for battles or sieges

Castles and Crusaders is the D&D siege rules

>needing offical rules
>not making your own
Shit DM

You have no excuse being this stupid when you can find everything you need in a single google search.

This thread is a testament to your stupidity, and you spent more time typing up your bullshit than it would have taken you to correct yourself, you absolute idiot.

4e, 5e, PF, are ALL the same to me.

Shit is shit, regardless of it's consistency.

>It's new to me, so it must be garbage.

you do know it's [CURRENT YEAR], right user?


2nd edition had tumblerfags (Drizzt, the snowiest snowfalke to ever flake snow), furfags (there were druids, and even a specific class that could change into werewolves), and autisticfags (the massive amount of math involved in anything, especially in Advanced). You're looking through the rose tinted glasses, old fella.

It's not too late OP. Switch to pic related or REIGN to get your fix in.

>You're looking through the rose tinted glasses, old fella.

Possibly I am.

I stand by what I said tho.

The Drizzt saga's were worth the read, just to read about Artimos Enetri. (spelling)

New is fine.

Nuclear level gayness and healing surges aren't fine.

Okay, and what you said is cloud-yelling drivel that no one cares about. Just so you know.

Actually, in retrospect, it was more their half-assed spawn and the can of worms they opened that were the biggest problem with those novels, rather than them being bad or anything. Kind of like how Final Fantasy 7 was a good game, but the fans went and ruined it, then the creators went and ruined it with half a dozen prequels and a movie-length wankfest.

And you're right about Artemis. I always like the guy who's constantly second-best, and every time he gets stronger, so does the other guy, a constant keep up.

Does D&D have rape mechanics?


I'm the kind of guy who decides on the type of campaign first and then digs through a huge pile of PDFs for the appropriate system.

I used GURPS, so no.

I actually adapted some old d&d warfare rules to 3rd edition and ran a few sweet battles with them. They're in this book, along with stronghold rules.

>Castles and Crusades is the D&D siege rules
Niche of a niche joke!

Jesus, when did Veeky Forums go to absolute shit?

>4e, 5e, PF, are ALL the same

I don't like these games but even I know you're talking shit.

Good job, you've convinced me you're retarded. But of couse you're only pretending, right faggot?

At least you're lucky enough to be a worldbuilder DM who has players who actually get engrossed in that kind of thing.

This. Better that than an ingrate group of plebby rollplayers who just want to play a skirmish wargame on easy mode where you're silently expected to fudge the dice in their favour.

DnD has a lot to answer for.

Anybody got a good tool for making world maps?

There are no rules that can take into account every situation and still make them interesting by virtue of mechanics alone.

Instead, focus on what's going on in the story and don't bother too much with the details.

The players hire some servants to take care of their holdings, the money that are earned by their businesses or taxes go into maintenance and reserves. If a plague hits the lands or a new nation is rising to the east, maybe their reserves start dwindling. After one adventure, maybe your lands got attacked by a monster that they need to deal with. Maybe roleplay some meetings with nearby nobles and so on.

Look at both (or all) involved parties and the battlefield. Narrate. If the players are involved, either send them on a solo mission related to the war (kinda like a regular adventure. Stop the enemy wizards from reactivating the dwarven defenses, prevent the shipment of new weaponry from arriving) or let them describe how they want to direct and lead their men, then give them a couple of rolls.
Negotiations is also an interesting aspect of warfare.

Keep all of this in mind when you decide the outcome of the battle.

Adventurer Conqueror King is based off BX D&D, and is what you're looking for. It has rules domains, mass combat, etc. but is a pretty tightly built system where everything works together from the basic economics right up to rulership.

An Echo Resounding is a supplement for Labyrinth Lord (another BX D&D clone) that also provides what you're looking for and is somewhat abstract and so can be layered onto systems such as 5e easily.

Immortals Companion is a free unofficial supplement for specifically for 5e that ports the domain game from BECMI D&D.

There is also another fan made set of rules for 5e. Just search for "Strongholds & Building Rules"

>Spend a lot of time creating an elaborate world map
Oh yeah? Then fucking post it ITT, you lying faggot.

I google fantasy map and pick something I like. Use the names on the map as inspiration. A lot of it is previous GMs who uploaded their maps, a lot of it is somebody's homebrew setting maps.

>No one plays 5e

It was in crayon.

He said other than (some people he dislike). Which is still false, mind you.

UA mass combat
But it's bad and boring


make a photo

I'm going for Earth sized here, it still good for it?

Here's an incredibly shitty map I made on Incarnum for reference. Make of that what you will. Also, feel free to call it out on being shit, I'll just pretend it's constructive criticism.

that's why you should always go for FATAL.

Everyone can play basic stuff with a simple system. Only FATAL teaches you how to improvise from the get-go

Entreri and Jarlaxle had some of the best interaction of any characters in the setting. But the real reason to read Salvatore is for his fight scene writing.

>Think meticulously about the political and geographical details in the world, try to think of why each city was built in a certain location, what local resources are important and what its main 'function' is
>shits out a bunch of island cities

Here is a map I made. Roughly the size of europe. (It is all flying islands, so please don't bitch at me that things look wonky. They are that way on purpose.)

World scale isn't so great for it lately, but it is doable.

Anybody got good names for continents or ideas for capital cities?
I realize we named our own continents arbitrarily off of who found em or shit we found there but i'm still at a loss as for what should be the defining feature of a continent. Or should I just take the first thing I think of when thinking of that continent and roll with it?

Photoshop, GIMP.

If you want to make shitty islands the size of Japan, go with Inkarnate.

There are multiple name generators out there. But you can really just think of a fantasy name, mix it up a bit and call it a day. Call it the founder and move on. Its not like the names matter.

Also think of meme names, something like City of Jack Schitt.


It was always shit, now it just happens to be the variety of shit that you aren't used to smelling.

>I need rules that cover everything that might take place in my campaign or else I will flail about helplessly instead of making rulings / using GM fiat

OP, look into ACKS or An Echo, Resounding.

ACKS might require some tinkering to get the gp values to match 5E, AER is fairly abstract and system neutral.

Dungeon World and Stars Without Number also have decent abstract rules for settlements, factions, etc. and how they might change, without keeping track of absolutely everything.

You're actually retarded and I hope you die painfully.