Why the fuck do card games bring out the worst kinds of sperglords?

Why the fuck do card games bring out the worst kinds of sperglords?

I got out of Yu-Gi-Oh because the community was abysmal.

I got into Magic and, while I have made some wonderful friends, most people are fuck-awful.

>Fucking speculators at my FLGS whining about "muh reprints"
>Haven't played Standard in a year because Modern babbies forced everyone else out
>Don't even have a Commander/EDH scene any more because people treated them like shit and they went to another store
>One guy comes in and never plays the game, just speculates on tons of cards and jews new players out of their cards while bragging about how good he is at business
>Fucking tryhard comes in with the highest of high-tier decks, wins every game and then leaves. He doesn't buy anything and brings his own snacks and drinks. Dude won't even buy sleeves here.

I just wanna play some Magical Cardboard with my amigos like I did in college.

Does anyone else feel this way? I've heard Heroclix is really fun and has a wonderful community.

>mfw I am too casual for the tryhards and too competitive for the casuals

I have a similar question of my own:

How does anyone here tolerate being inside a games store? I've tried getting into tabletop, but gaming stores seem to universally smell of unwashed neckbeard asscrack. How do you sit in this shit and manage to focus on playing anything??

honestly, it sounds like you guys just have shitty local shops. they vary wildly.
Like, the places I go are pretty good, there's always 1-2 neckbeards but they're generally pretty unoffensive, and everyone else is chill. I think what helps is there's 2 shops rly close to each other, so there's some healthy competition, and there's a college nearby so there's always new cool people, so the owners aren't worried about kicking out assholes because they'll always have fresh players to replace them (who they don't wanna scare off.)
that said also kitchen table with friends always a best.

idk dude every games store i've been to, from the east coast to the west, has had the same moldy dank-basement odor, and it's absolutely because of the clientele

The best way to play the game is to setup private events somewhere NOT at a game store (either an event space, someone's large home, office space after hours, a bar or club rented out during the day which sounds stupid but is the best environment because there can't be any children)

The best public game spaces I've been to:
1) isolate the kids into another half of the store
2) have overhead ventilation going 24/7
3) are in medium-pop density college towns

I would pay double the price of a pre-release if I could do it in a 18+ or even 21+ venue

My anecdotal evidence basically runs totally contrary to yours. Maybe the kids/game stores in my city are just exceptional.

fucking worse when said tryhard plays commander, a casual format. Fucking eldrazi.

It's what killed EDH here back in 2010. Small group of us play it regularly on Sundays at the shop, the precons drop, bunch of new people (mix bag of terrible and alright), then two guys with way too much money to drop on MtG turn the Sunday meetups into 100 card singleton Legacy, forcing everyone into an arms race just to keep from losing in a couple turns.

Quickly drives everyone else out. Never recovered.

is eldrazi cheesy ? Casual mtg player here, for me it's one of the most fun ways to not know how to play
I mean, I have Emrakul, a good understanding of the mechanics and a balanced deck, and most of the games that I played with it have been losses

Uneducated magic player here just dropping by for some help.
Does anyone know how to properly set up a deck? Is there a specific amount of mana/creatures/spells that are recomended?
I play Red/Green werewolves from both first and second innistrad, but i just cant get the balance right. Anyone willing to help me out? Got all werewolves, a load of wolves, Garruk Veil-cursed and Arlinn, whom i both wanna have in there

It's ok to have a few eldrazi cards, its when you build your deck just for eldrazi.

What eldrazi do is get powerful monsters out for cheap with said monsters doing crazy crap. Plus many are colorless so its even more easy to get them out fast.

I still don't understand this.
I've been in like 5 different games stores across my region and every one of them have smelled fine and mostly near spotless.

The people actually playing there typically were a fair mix of tolerable smell / no serious autismo levels or normies.

The only thing that sucks is the armada of 10 year olds that storm the building every other night for Pokemon.

user NO!!!
heroclix is more toxic than any community than i have ever seen. i joined their community because i LOVE heroclix. its a fun game. but the community... everyone is a man-child about losing. i haven't seen a single player who doesnt get bent out of shape over every loss. the community is SO bad that they created "fellowship"
fellowship is supposed to work like this:
you rate your top three opponents that night based on how friendly, courteous and gracious they where during the game. the people who are rated at the top take home small prizes, usually a figure or two.

here is how it actually works:
everyone rates their friends highest and the same three people win fellowship every week because they kiss up to everyone they play.

do you realize how fucked that is? they had to create and incentive to be respectful and nice to your fellow man because they community was so toxic.

i played almost exclusively casual games towards the end and even in those the people i played with where cunts about ever losing, once going so far as to take his very valuable captain America piece and smash it against a wall.
this same player would ask what i was building before hand to "get a feel for what power level he should play at." then built teams around what i made to win. and i tested this, i would tell him a team and he would always win. when i didn't tell him he never stood a chance. eventually i just ended up playing the same 10-15 kryptonians on a cycle so he could beat me.

i once watched a player abuse and snap at his 6 year old (who brings a 6 year old to an event thats supposed to last until 2AM?) because he was losing a game in a spectacular fashion.

user, when I said that my deck is Eldrazi, I was obviously meaning in the sense that it's build entirely for them & themed on their block
It doesn't matter when they get rek'd by fire spam, blue/white control or green hordes tho

I don't know about the guy you played against, but personally I play eldrazi because they're basically cthulhu and their rules & abilities actually reflect that.
However, they're far from invincible and like I've said, it's one of the decks I've gotten the least amount of wins with

Have you tried not having private events in public?

You also said your a casual player as so am I. When every says they hate eldrazi it has to do with the crazy modern, legacy type of players who spend way top much money on the game getting old, rare cards like mana crypt.

For stander and fun decks that are eldrazi themed people don't mind those much.

I actually removed an explanation on this because I didn't want to sound condescending, but when I said that I'm a casual I meant that I stopped doing tournaments for lack of time and that I don't actually keep up with the current meta, not that I'm new to the hobby

You get the worst types of people for a couple of reasons.

It's a collect-a-thon to get the cards so you get some obsessive people.
It's a dopamine addiction for people who are socially fucking retarded who can just impulse buy themselves into relevancy.
There is a lot of hard logic involved in number crunching the best deck.

So you get this almost exclusively autistic collection of people. When you have that many together, there are good odds you have many who have been bullied and/or just have no empathy whatsoever. These sorts of people who are the biggest losers and have resigned to being losers, but in this world of collecting, impulse buying, and sperging they find some sort of form of relevance in a hierarchy in which they aren't at the bottom.

I've found this too when I recently migrated from X-wing to Destiny.

>Play X-wing
>everyone is friendly, chill, and they're happy to go out of their way to help each other out.

>Play Destiny
>temper tantrums, adversarial behaviour and a mountain of bullshit every week

What is it about little bits of card that turn people into douchebags?

I am convinced this is mostly a regional thing.

None of these are even significant issues in my country.

Wolves are shit. Play spirits

magic players literally killed my FLGS. I will never forgive cardfags.

From my own experience and what I've read on this board, the level of autism and toxicity in a card game community seems to be directly proportional to how young and causal the primary target audience is. Given the MTG stories and even worse YGO stories I've heard, I can only imagine what anyone over 12, and especially adults, are like at Pokemon TCG tournaments.

>literally killed
Assuming you aren't using literally to mean figuratively, does that mean they actually drove it out of business? Story?

Sensitivity to smell varies hugely. People have wildly different amounts and types of genetic receptors.

This explains not just why stores are only smelly to some, but also why there are so many incredibly smelly neckbeards. Sure, some of them aren't socialised and don't care about the smell - but a surprising amount genuinely cannot detect how much they stink. It's kind of sad really - people must seem just ignore them for no reason, and apparent bullies try to make them wash every day which must seem way too much.

tl;dr wear aftershave

Would have, if i didnt love the fuzzy fuckers to death. Now any advice, other than not play wolves?

>hey can i get some advice with this?
Never change, Veeky Forums.

The first and most important step to deck-building is understanding what your main enemies are and building around that. Is it Saheeli? Vehicles? Both? Neither? Either make sure you have answers, or a fast clock that can close out games quickly. With werewolves, you want both.

Second, 'werewolves' is flavour, and in deckbuilding you want to focus on mechanics. What 'wolves feel really good to have in play? Which one make for good games, in your experience? Build around them, and make a deck that can maximize their power, and don't be afraid to cut wolves that don't fit into that plan. Likewise, don't be afraid to reach outside the tribe for support cards that fit that strategy. Playing cards you like comes with a lot of compromises if you want to remain competitive.

As for lands, it depends on the rest of the deck, and comes down more to feel than hard math. Depending on the level of aggression, that number can range from 20-25.

None of that shit ever happened and you know it

I am not playing compedatively, just casually with friends sometimes, so i dont really have a specific ''enemy'' so to speak. We are all just causals who enjoy some cardgaems.

But the other two is something ill take to heart. Ive struggeled alot with mana balance and monster balance, due to the fact that werewolves can be either reallly lackluster or really expensive unless you get lucky sometimes.
I havent gotten to try out the Shadows over innistrad and Eldrich moon werewolves yet, but there are someone from the old sets i know i just must have in there, cause they make life easier. Thanks user!

The enemy advice is still good, perhaps even better if you know your opponents. You want to make sure that you have a plan for how you win games, and a plan to make sure that you can make sure your opponents don't win. Even if it's something like 'games last a long time, and there aren't much wrath of god effects, so overrun is good', or 'games are really fast and aggressive, so I need more removal.'

Sounds like a shitty store. The owner and regulars at mine would quickly get involved if they saw someone trying to rip of a newbie in trades.

This stuff about the smell, the bad attitudes, I don't see it. There's a few autists but the majority are friendly people who don't want people who stink or cheat in the shop.

My LGS legit has an enforced hygiene code; the owner has kicked people out of the shop and barred others until they've showered.

That's one reason he has stayed in business for 15 years and weathered 3 rival stores in a college town of six thousand and coming out as sole survivor.

Magic has little to no place for creativity.
Simply, some decks are better than others.
Pick a deck with 51% winrate, and play that one. If you like to win, at least. Replace high cost cards with cards that synergy with your deck if you are poor.
Otherwise, play whatever, bath regularly and have fun. Welcome aboard!

Magic has plenty of room for creativity. The problem is creative builds will never be as tuned as the mainstream decks that have tens of thousands of collective man-hours across the community spent optimizing them.

>the community is SO bad that they created "fellowship"
>fellowship is supposed to work like this:
>you rate your top three opponents that night based on how friendly, courteous and gracious they where during the game. the people who are rated at the top take home small prizes, usually a figure or two.
>here is how it actually works:
>everyone rates their friends highest and the same three people win fellowship every week because they kiss up to everyone they play.
>do you realize how fucked that is? they had to create and incentive to be respectful and nice to your fellow man because they community was so toxic.

>they had to create an incentive to not be a cunt about a game revolving around superhero action figures

Don't know.
My local store has vanguard nights the same night as adventurers league. Same room. It's a large room with good acoustics. D&D maybe has 2 tables, vanguard has like 8. The store had to start having the employees watch the games and make the players all fill out logs and stuff because they were reporting their scores and stuff wrong. Also they are loud as fuck. Like obnoxiously so. It's a card game, you can read the fucking effects. Luckily the employees like D&D more than vanguard, so when there's any tension we come out on top.
Also can anyone tell me why don't neckbeards shower when they go to game stores to play the games? Seems like it's a big deal to them, why not shower?

so there was a game store me and my friends went to to play pathfinder, munchkin etc... there were a small minority of magic players that played there. Eventually they started hosting tournaments and more magic players showed up. the group i played with that played other tabletop games got relegated to a small back room as more magic players took over the front of the store. Eventually the owners thought it would be better if they only catered to magic players so they liquidated all their non-magic merchandise. on the bright side I got a lot of cheap pathfinder miniatures and splat books, on the downside the store went out of business in a month because the magic players don't actually buy their cards from the store.

The quality varies drastically, I've found, and largely hinges on whoever is running the store more than the customers themselves. Been in shops on both the East Coast and midwest and the ones with the most pleasant (or at least presentable) people are the stores that actually are pleasant to stay in. If the store is dirty and grimy, the owner is haphazard and unorganized, then usually you only have people who tolerate that staying: aka, the nasty ones.

Stop this picture. It makes me sad

With the way you're going on, I think it's you who shits up the community


Honestly the stores tend to be well-ventilated and the staff know there's a BO problem when you've got two dozen 16 year old boys in one place.

But there are definitely some serious stinkburgers that occasionally come into stores. I've had to ask people to move away from the table so I can breathe.

Generally they bitch a bit and then the staff come over and invite them to leave. After all, I'm there running D&D for them to build up a customer base.

That's not magic players killing the store, that was either a really stupid and risky business decision by the owner or a desperation move because the store was already foundering anyways. Either way, it wasn't because of cardfags.

I live in north texas and all the sururban neckbeards/college kids vary from decent human beings to douche masters and salt golems.

strangely, we get a handful of rednecks who travel from the countryside to play and all the ones I've met have been very polite and good natured. They talk funny and sometimes smell funny but it's not a putrid body odor smell

My LGS thats somewhere between houston and dallas has some generally pretty nice rednecks that play. Most folks are pretty well behaved, and none that were too stanky.

It's not card games, or nerd hobbies. It's people.
People are shit everywhere, they're just different kinds of shit at different kinds of groups.

I only ever go to the LGS for Legacy of Duel Commander and apparently being expensive is good for the playgroup because I'm the only one there not wearing a suit out of the office.
>inb4 basement neckbeard reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I'm a seasonal fisherman so I only work five months a year, am fit and at least take a bath and wear deodorant before going to the store.

20 lands, 10 spells, 30 creatures.
If it doesn't work take out the creatures with highest costs and add more lands until a balance is reached.

>>Fucking tryhard comes in with the highest of high-tier decks, wins every game and then leaves. He doesn't buy anything and brings his own snacks and drinks. Dude won't even buy sleeves here.
Why would he buy sleeves if he already has his cards sleeved

>"tryhard" as in insult

Rednecks generally behave well when they're not at home. They still put a lot of emphasis on being a good guest while in someone else's house. Drastically different from jew yorkers, commiefornians and northwestern divas who expect everyone to bend over backwards for them like they're some superstar personality.

I travel a lot for work, but when I finally settle down, it'll be as close to rural as I can get while having good ISP and delivery services.

Tryhard is a valid insult when you purposedly minmax and rules-lawyer in an enviroment where everyone else is playing causally. Specially when there aren't even any prizes in the line.

The randomized boosters help maintain a level of enmity towards other people that already have/might later pull better stuff than yourself.

>the worst kind of pay to win bullshit
>requires you to funnel thousands of dollars towards a hobby to even be competitive
>attracts the worst kind of sperglords
You don't say?

Question for anons who play at their LFGS, Europeans in particular:

I've been invited to play. I just moved and have no friends so I'm going to take the offer and hope for the best. A little nervous though so any tips on what should I bring, what should I expect would be appreciated.

Any notable differences between tabletop etiquette? Burger btw.

>burger in Europe
You're going to get shit on by everyone regardless, so at least try to be sporting about it. If you show that you have a bit of thick skin they might not despise you.

Southern boy here, anytime I go to someone else's place for games I'm always showered and deo'd up, usually shaved, and never use sprays on myself because it can asthma or other breathing/lung conditions. Also always bring something for the host, usually food. Being a good and polite guest is a huge part of our culture. Also if you act like an entitled yank moving into my hometown you'll get run straight outta town like that last coalburning bitch and her pet nigger.

Well that took a hard turn straight into crazytown.

Yeah that did go a little bit harsh. Just tired of fucking yanks moving south then trying to ruin our home the same way they fucked up where they lived. I could even tolerate all of that, if they weren't so goddamn SMUG and looked down on us for being "backward", "uneducated", and "dumb conservatives"

But all of those things are true. You're backwards in so many vital ways, far less educated, and conservative in a way that goes against your own interests. Plus you're smug as fuck, and incapable of recognizing it.


Apparently yanks fuck up the places that they live and yet it's the south that is objectively poorer, less educated, and less healthy.

But is anything he said wrong? Meanwhile I guess the southerners who are throwing around racial slurs and "run[ning] [people] out of town" are the non judgemental ones and northerners just should accept that.

Let me introduce you to a Southern aphorism: "God don't like ugly." Or to put it another way, if I don't like you then anything bad that happens to you is God punishing you.

Like I said - smug as fuck.

Woah now hold on there. I never claimed to be non-judgmental.
>But is anything he said wrong?
Lets see:
>You're backwards in so many vital ways, far less educated
B of IT, so false. Also indoctrination =/= education, my grandfather never finished middle school but could build/fix anything. Hell, he built an entire house by himself that is up to code.
>and conservative in a way that goes against your own interests.
Please tell me how being anti-immigration is against my interests, when foreigners suppress wages?
>Plus you're smug as fuck, and incapable of recognizing it.
I am smug, fully aware of it. But I can at least listen to a factual counterargument without screaming a bunch of "-ists" and "-phobics" or "cuck" at the speaker.
Where do you hear this?

If you're so open to factual counter arguments then how do you respond to the fact that poverty and unemployment is far more closely tied to conservative governors than to illegal immigrants in the state? But then again, the fact that you dismiss school as "indoctrination" tells me that you might be a little less objective and reasonable than you claim to be.

I only visit my flgs to buy Gundam model kits. If i need Veeky Forums related stuff I buy it online.

>B of IT, so false.
Bullshit? Afraid not, though. You have worse infrastructure, worse health care, worse education, worse life expectancy, higher teen pregnancy rates, more violence, more poverty. Oh, and worse food. You can't get good Chinese in the South.

>indoctrination =/= education
Yes, because math, science, and history are just another religion competing with yours. Christ, this is why people tolerate "alternative facts." Anyway, good on him for building a house. You do know that your economy is in a death spiral, though, right?

>please tell me how being anti-immigration is against my interests
Because first off, immigration has little impact on wages. Illegal immigration does, but they only harm unskilled workers. Not to mention that a better way to handle the situation is to impose stronger regulation on businesses hiring illegal immigrants and paying them below market wages. Oh, and the fact that the things really is hurting your wages are deregulations, weaker unions, and lack of education. Many of your jobs are in dying industries, much like Hansom cab drivers and photo booth technicians.

>Where did you hear this?
Louisiana. I was born in the south, and left as soon as I could. It's a shithole, and I'm much happier in the north.

>how do you respond to the fact that poverty and unemployment is far more closely tied to conservative governors than to illegal immigrants in the state?
By asking for proofs to back your statement.
>the fact that you dismiss school as "indoctrination" tells me that you might be a little less objective and reasonable than you claim to be.
Let's look at the U.S. History pre-WWI being published by Pearson(book):
>no mention of Union warcrimes against Confederate civillians
>Lincoln suspending habeus corpus not mentioned
>Sherman's inhuman slaughter of civillians on his march to the sea
>slavery is bad and wrong and they were evil white men anyways so they deserved to lose
What part of that isn't propaganda?

Not sure I'm desperate enough for company to be bullied, being the butt of jokes at work is bothersome enough.

Thanks for the heads-up though. Jesus, why are Europeans so mean?

>Still rectally ravaged by the "War of Northern Aggression"

Southerners are the original "Snowflakes."

Do you fly the traitor flag too?

Education for its own sake is pointless. The whole point of education should be to prepare the youth for providing for themselves and eventual families, and contributing to society. Having people leave (((college))) with several tens of thousands of dollars of debt and no marketable skills to show for it should be criminal.
>your economy is in a death spiral
compare the wages vs inflation over the past 20-30 years.
Meant to put anti-illegal immigration, my bad for the mixup. Also never been to Louisiana, heard its nature is absolutely beautiful there. Is that true?
>still angry about aggressors getting away with slaughtering thousands of innocents
Why shouldn't I be, especialy the lies told about it now to paint Lincoln as a savior and a martyr for (((equality)))?

It's his heritage, user. A heritage of treason, being manipulated by the wealthy and powerful, and only accepting the democratic process when they get their way and throwing a temper tantrum when they don't.

>A heritage of treason, being manipulated by the wealthy and powerful
Just like the revolutionary war huh? (((Merchants))) disliked British regulations, so spread lies and riled up the populace against their government.

>Any notable difference in etiquette?
None that i know of? Im not particularily familliar with burger etiquette though, so it might be that

>why are Europeans so mean?
I think that might be somewhat of a problem. It warries from place to place, and each country in europe is different, though burgers seem to think its a collective.
Here in norway we are pretty chill about tabletops and stuff. We dont mind whoever joins in as long as you dont smell like ass and dont sperg out the second shit goes awry.
Tl;Dr - Dont be a sperg and give us some space, and you are cool in our book.
Also, somewhat of a pet peeve - we appreciate if you try to learn our language, might even find it cute, but we DO know english and most of us preffer that, rather than listening to snippits of our own language.
Not counting the french, german and spanish.

Simple answer, they see Americans seeing themselves as superior and find it important to knock the yankee down a peg or two.

If you can roll with the bants you shouldn't be in too bad a shape.

I admit I've never played at a LFGS as well, which is why I'm nervous. With friends it would be get together, everyone brings some snacks and soda, and we play until the cows come home. So I have no idea what to bring and don't want to come off as a sperg if I carry a suitcase. But I've also heard europeans are more serious gamers (from another expat burger) so maybe it's normal to lug your entire set with you everywhere?

>not counting the french, german, and spanish
So do you mean these people expect you to speak their language? Or that they won't know English?

At least that makes sense! Whereas the malice I get stems from a belief that I am personally bombing villages in the ME and thereby flooding Europe with refugees.

Sorry for the whining, I will put on my big boy boots and go to one session, pray for the best. I'm just homesick and want to find some group of friends that doesn't talk politics.

Bring what you feel you will need, us Europeans tend to share if you happen to forget something

And about the French, Germans and Spanish then yes, that's exactly what I mean. From my perspective at last, they tend to be a bit snotty, often refusing to learn English

>us Europeans tend to share
Does this include the snotty ones? And yes, the country that I'm in speaks one of those languages (German) but thankfully my company dragged me through to C1 so I can muddle my way through a conversation.

Why couldn't I have been sent to a comfy Scandinavian country instead? Playing boardgames while waiting out a blizzard sounds like a dream.

>And about the French, Germans and Spanish then yes, that's exactly what I mean. From my perspective at last, they tend to be a bit snotty, often refusing to learn English
You'll be hard pressed to find a German that doesn't speak English these days.
That aside... the assumption that somebody is being snotty because they don't speak your language, while you are abroad speaks volumes.
If anything at all that sense of entitlement is why you are being shit on.

Seriously, in any medium sized city you'll get by fine with English alone.

>bullies try to make them wash every day which must seem way too much

Uhh, what? Everyone should try to wash themselves at least once a day. Even if you're not a neckbearded servant of Nurgle you should always find time to clean yourself. Don't wait until your body becomes smelly to do it.

Twice a week is enough for asians. Less testosterone, less hair and odor.

>Playing boardgames while waiting out a blizzard sounds like a dream
Yeah it does, doesnt it? Shame i havent witnessed on in forever.

>the assumption that somebody is being snotty because they don't speak your language
Well, as i said, im Norwegian so it'd be a strech to find some Norwegian speaking folks while visiting another country.
That aside, 2-3 years back i was visiting Polen/Germany and i honestly had a hard time finding my way around because the people i tried to ask for direction either did not speak english or spoke it poorly.
Might have just been due to my bad luck, but i guessed it was because i repeatedly had heard the Germans, Spanish and French did not like the English language.
Especially the French.

>Rednecks generally behave well when they're not at home.
Entirely dependent on the company they're in. Get a gaggle of rednecks together and regardless of where you are it's gonna be "hold my beer..." night.

there is no specific amount of spells or creatures that you would need in a deck, other than what the goal of your deck is. as for lands, you usually want to go around 60/40 ratio of nonlands to lands, like 20 lands for a 60 card deck. rarely will you be able to play with less (meaning that your deck is a single color, and your curve tops out at 3 or 4 converted mana cost - the sum total of the cost of the card) although you may play even as high as 28 lands if your deck is very mana greedy.

like nearly everyone else here, i will suggest you get away from werewolves. they are extremely unreliable and you will end up doing nothing most turns just hoping that they will transform. though there are some werewolves that are quite good, like huntmaster of the fells and some of the eldraziwolves from eldritch moon, they generally are not worth devoting yourself to a deck.

going red/green, you basically just have two different strategies for building a deck. first, there is the fast and aggressive style, where you play lots of direct damage, small creatures and occasionally pump spells (like become immense, giant growth, etc.). the second strategy is to play the longer game, where you ramp up your mana - either with creatures that produce it, or cards to fetch more lands - and play larger and hard-hitting creatures, usually with benefits added when they hit the board. this style would also benefit from direct damage spells (it plays red, so why not) to protect your larger creatures, or to finish off an opponent.

i basically restarted playing during the first innistrad (after basically a decade hiatus) but i played green white humans/angels at the time, which would be a more consistently performing deck than werewolves, honestly.

Ah! thanks for the mana tips
As for the werewolves - Im sticking to them.
I play for fun. Thats what i do. I also think werewolves are fun, and i am really fond of them. My goal is a deck built out of them and im trying to achieve that. Hearing constantly ''dont play werewolves'' and ''X' is better than werewolves'' aint gonna get me far with that, but thank you for your input

innistrad standard was incredibly aggressive, so if that is what you and your friends are playing from, i would suggest building towards an aggressive style.

reckless waif
huntmaster of the fells
young wolf
descendants path
somberwald sage (if you're playing bigger creatures)
wolfir silverheart (same)
abundant growth (good for drawing more cards and fixing your mana)
mayor of avabruck (though this honestly works better in a green/white humans deck than werewolves)
kessig wolf run (literally goddamn always)
ancient grudge (only if any of the other players use lots of artifacts)
immerwolf (if you don't have it already, keeps your werewolves from transforming back)
faithless looting (draw more cards
village messenger

you don't need to use all of these to make a deck, but many of them would suit your purposes. also, you could buy a playset of nearly every card and spend less than $40.

I honestly don't know this feel. In the two years I've been tabletop gaming, I've played with mostly military, who have 24/7 access to showers and physical fitness standards.

Just try putting up an advert in one of the LGSs (if they allow it, and they usually do) for your favored system and just weed out the people you do and don't like through trial and error.

maybe if you produce enough oil that the US gov't wants to invade your bodyspace. not everyone needs to shower every single day, and doing so would do premature damage to their skin.

if the idea of not showering every single day makes you feel like you're covered in germs, maybe you should be better looking after your mental hygiene in addition to your physical.

wolves are generally much better than werewolves, and have a tendency to appear in sets far more frequently (seeing as werewolves almost exclusively existed in the innistrad sets) and give you different strategies, like producing wolf tokens over using individual cards.

I have all the were/wolves from the old innistrad sets (innistrad,dark ascension & avacyn restored) and most from the new ones (shadows over innistrad & Eldrich moon) if that gives you any ideas
Of those you mentioned, Kessig wolf run is the only one i really dont have, which annoys me to the nth degree.
I love mayor, immerwolf is a must and silverfur partisan is bae.
As for strats, i love to build up gigantic hordes of monsters, before going for one decicive strike, and am not fond of sacreficing my monsters (hence major)

first off, huntmaster is probably the only werewolf you wouldn't want to play with immerwolf, as you want him to change back and forth repeatedly.

in your position, i would lean more towards a strategy that creates wolf tokens, maybe even creating a massive army of them. focus around that, along with giving buffs to wolves/werewolves.

Gotcha, thanks senpai

no problem, famtasm

I have two LGSes(My FLGS, and Hell).

My FLGS is:
-Large enough to run multiple events at once(they ran a pokemon and yugioh tournament at the same time as prerelease for aether revolt)
-Friendly. The employees are generally nice.
-Efficient. They have a computer system for ordering cards that have any value, so you don't have to search through binders to figure out if the store has any Heart of Kiran / Saheeli Rai in stock. The only things that aren't listed are commons / uncommons that aren't worth much, which are in big, mostly sorted boxes on racks off to the side.
-Fun. Besides the massive table area, they have a number of games- arcade machines, a pinball machine, two pool tables, and some other game table I know nothing about. There's also two tables off to either side of the store that are circular tables for misc. tabletop games.
-Well-scheduled. They have their schedule online and it's rarely if ever wrong.
-Dedicated. They only sell MTG singles, despite selling lots of sealed product from a variety of games.
-multi-format friendly; they run EDH, Modern, Standard, and Draft. They also run sealed events for the commander releases!

Meanwhile, there's Hell.
-Cramped. It's amazing they fit one event in there, let alone two. Think about one of those hole-in-the-wall self-serve laundromats.
-Less than friendly to casual players; they're really only buddy-buddy to their spikes and big spenders.
-Inefficient; you only have the large binders, the huge, unsorted commons box, and the messy case to look through to see if they have anything you need.
-A comic shop, primarily. They cater to several other hobbies, but a large portion of the tiny store is comics.
-a scheduling nightmare. See below.
-format unfriendly. They tried running EDH, then ditched it due to a scheduling error that made all the players vanish because they didn't know when to show up. They're focused on Modern, as far as I know.

Burger, you think everyone is mean.
You're the ones who've got an ego like a glass mountain.

>Friends convince me to go to an event at a game store after begging me for an hour
>get there, open the packs, assemble my deck
>play against 1 guy who is straight out of those fedora atheist pictures
>another guy has the worst beard ever, patchy and uneven, I can't use green text to describe it
>if you grew beards like this you would shave every morning to hide from the reality of it, but this guy just fucking embraced it and grew it out
>my entire evening was hijacked by this guy and his shitty beard, and it was all I could think of.