It turns out your party was working for a vampire

>it turns out your party was working for a vampire

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As long as she ain't sucking my blood, it ain't my problem.

>her face when

Well, there was the time I played a Paladin who accidentally became a vampire. Had to roll will saves to avoid blasting myself whenever I cast turn undead. Fun times.

>using turn undead

I feel like there should be a physical law in the universe what prevents these shenanigans

>it turns out the person who hired the party is actually evil
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.


It was weird , I agree. He never fell, so there's that.

I played a wizard in a generic fantasy setting that decided to become a vampire hunter. He drank holy water mixed with garlic every morning in order to make his blood toxic to vamps.

Still a shame that campaign ended prematurely. I was about to start working on a lunar lander using nothing but elemental summons.

No shit, we're all vampires

In b4 we play VtM. What a surprise.

I know. I'm bound to serve her until the bloodline that swore vengeance on her father destroys her, only now she's decided to turn over a new leaf and that ancient bloodline's died out.

I'm going to be here forever.

Turns out? Someone tried to mirror-check her, and upon seeing nothing, they turned around and she was right in his face, saying "If you're going to do the mirror trick on a vampire, at least pretend to be subtle about it."

Lies. Vlad couldn't possibly be a vampire!

No fucking shit, who the hell did you think the cure for vampirism was for?

Better than working for a miserable pile of secrets.

Even though she was the nicest person that everyone in our party has met and genuinely cared about us, at the end of the day she's an abomination.

Mercy is a slippery slope.

Has anyone in the party seduced her yet?

Do I get to fuck her?

Do they pay well?

I want to know how the lunar lander worked.

>>it turns out your party was working for a vampire

something something don't open it

I hate fendom, but that doujin warmed my heart and my dick

I would love to play a skeleton paladin who was oblivious to the fact that he had become an undead

>your party woks for a human

That doujin was mediocre, though. I get it, we like smug lolipire faces, but that doesn't make it instant 10/10 material.
This one is better:

>your vampire party works for a human
>the human is arguably more influential than both Camarilla and various Cainite cults
>the human is aware of the existence of supernatural and has numerous countermeasures and preparations against someone controlling him or hurting him
>the human is otherwise completely mundane,
he's just THAT good at convincing powerful people and supernatural creatures that working for him is a good idea

It was suprisingly sweet. Just a guy having a healthy relationship with his waifu who'se also a hundred years old loli vampire. All the smug is just a bonus.

On an unrelated note, I feel this screencap earlier from this thread, when taken out of context, sums up Veeky Forums pretty well.

Its the opposite for me
I hate smug lolis, I prefer the rape-bait ones, but that doujins was very cute

>tfw your party is literally employes by Death

One possible justification is that he has a lot of money and connections to the Syndicate.

As long as i'm paid i don't care

You must.

>death hires the party to hunt down vampires, ghouls, banshees, and the grand lich because they refuse to stay dead

i would play this campaign in a heartbeat.