Did WoW invent attractive female goblins?

Did WoW invent attractive female goblins?

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No, Incase did



Yeah are you gay or something?

Fan artists did. WoW goblins look like horse-faced goons in-game.

Incase is a terrible artist desu, everything he draws (male or female) looks like a man in drag

He does that on purpose.

He gets really upset when people call him a faggot, which happens a lot since keeps drawing traps and pegging, so that's his little "haha! who's gay now, fags?" revenge.

Fan artists have made literally every iteration of everything attractive

Than show me an attractive female goblin that was before Wow I'll wait

Those dont look that good to me. I wouldnt date one. Orc, maybe.

There is literally not one single attractive fan art of The Simpsons or Family Guy.

For blood and honor.....

And the other honor!

No, but I'm guessing the fanartists made it mainstream.

That game was my jam back in the day.

God, Hunter armor is so fucking boring.

WoW armor only ever looks good when it's repurposed into mecha designs desu

>Gets called a fag
>Draws incredibly gay things in 'revenge'


are you fucking insane? WoW goblins are jews

That's only because Judgement is the best their armor has ever been.

My main beef with Hunter armor is that most of it just doesn't...scream Hunter. Warlocks look demonic. Mages look magical. Priests look holy. Rogues look sneaky.

But Hunters just never seem to fit.

First time I remember goblins being presented as attractive was Corruption of Champions

The secret is, you'll jerk off to it anyway

>mfw he thinks I'll jerk it to gay shit

Same here.

>Hurry up and get master level air magic
>get the thief's disarm up to 30 or higher
>Now, go raid the titan's hall and grab those artifacts!

two can play that game

damn, I don't have any more images

I graciously accept your surrender.

Well, WoW certainly did the shortstack crowd a favour. Now, if the game wasn't such rancid horseshit, I'd actually play it.

Nigga, you posted the one armor that looks good no matter what.

>has the most disgusting fetish of all
>call things rancid horseshit

>the most disgusting fetish
Come on now, you know it's not even close. It's kinda weird but there are far worse things on this board.

t. scat/feet/furry/vorefag

Yordle girls are the best shorties.

Fight me.

>Shit fetishes the comic

t.feet are a normal part of the body that shouldnt be paired with gross ass fetishes and good looking feet are sexually appealing reguardless of having a foot fetish or not

>good looking feet are sexually appealing reguardless of having a foot fetish or not

t. footfag

Riot's art team is so fucking great when it wants to be.

Too bad the rest of the staff are fucking idiots.

OP is just a generic questing set though. Giant Stalker was GOAT.

Source on this? Purely for science of course....

that's not how you spell futa

Tristana was cuter before her update.

Pretty sure the idea of attractive goblins has been around longer than WoW's goblin girls.

WoW may have made them more popular or widespread, though.

vanilla warriors also looked pretty dumb.

She had dead eyes and no legs. What are you on about?


>I wouldnt date one
No sane person would.


Warlocks have best track record for good armours in all seriousnedx

That looks like absolute garbage.

Theres never enough armours made from things HUNTED is the issue. Hunters should be pelts, bones, feathers and scales practically all of the time.

That Gnome is adorable. Would tinker and breed with.

Not to me, I loved the design, easily transmog worthy, maybe a different helmet though.


Your taste is absolute garbage.

Please nigga, that isn't anywhere close to that picture of a guy putting maggots in his penis.

WoW gnomes and goblins looked disgusting.

I wonder what the earliest fetishized goblin on record would be.

He's gotten less samefacey lately, but some of his new faces are deliberately unattractive.

>The Goblin King, Lord of Bulges

Madelyne Pryor

She is even worse than a goblin she's a mutie.

>implying that Jewish women aren't some of the most attractive beings on the planet

An interesting subject.
I guess people would have to post some pictures of attractive goblin ladies to prove their point.

So, just go ahead.

I ain't even mad, I put you in the same basket with furries.

Foot fetish is literally highborn tier you double pleb

Holy shit it's me.

Suddenly my life actually makes a lot more sense.

>Create over-styled male models
>All females are generic pretty whores regardless o species

That game is better than 6.
But it didn't have shortstack cute goblins. Just orcs that were called goblins.



>Attractive anything

They have the proportions of fucking old GW miniatures, without the excuse of them being only an inch high.

It seems to be WoW's thing.

No, it's literally pedestrian, the opposite of highborn you fucking mongoloid

>That game is better than 6.

It must be terrible having such shit taste.

I'm with the other user this armour set looks like hot shit on garbage

Coprophilia. Your move.