Here's GW's new business model

Open play
>picture is 4 dudes hanging out in a store
>all playing together
>a bunch good looking terrain everywhere

>looks like a story
>cool looking background
>picture is action shot

>two children
>plain background
>shit terrain
>barely any models


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What's with that fucking stupid hairdo on that black kid?

>rippers on separate bases
Also how the fuck is she rolling her dice? It's like citadel rolling tutorial is a real thing

They're clearly trying to make the alternative ways to play more appealing so people will impulse buy more expensive models from across different factions instead of focusing on a small core of effective units.

C'mon Slaanesh - AoS showed us that point games will always be the most popular ones

>have to rebase all my rippers now
Pre-order cancelled.

didnt you know OP that black kids and white girls are the most WAAC faggy ultra competitive autists on the planet?

>didnt you know OP that black kids and white girls are the most WAAC faggy ultra competitive autists on the planet?

The girl told the black kid something in line with "1v1 me faggit. You win, you get a blowie". Now just guess how competitive he can get.

GW could have at least TRIED to get some actors that didn't look like they were being held at gunpoint.

>implying they weren't

underagefag detected

>everything in the OP's image
>40K factions are literally organized into IMPERIUM, CHAOS, XENOS on the new site


Why do you have five pictures of Gerald from Hey Arnold on your computer?

guns are banned in the UK

so, it was probably knife-point or maybe a threat of lead-poisoning

ORDER represented by gargantuan statuesque demigod Roboute Guilliman.
CHAOS represented by stunted, malformed, runtlike 20 year old sculpt Abbadon the Dipshit.
XENOS is everyone else that GW forgot existed lumped together because being a punching bag for the protagonistic space marines is more important than any of their arbitrary meaningless lore from obsolete editions.

>that 3rd image

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>CHAOS represented by stunted, malformed, runtlike 20 year old sculpt Abbadon the Dipshit.

This hurts the most, Ghazkhull is so shit i don't even care, but Abbadon deserves better

>open play
>bring anything, roll dice whenever you want, rules are optional
GAMEs workshop everyone

black 'people'

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How do you not have an expansive library of image macros for every situation? Are you new?

its clearly some copypaste you tard

That he would repost that copy pasta is still disturbing to me. I'll never understand trolls.

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I'm not even entirely sure if that's something to brag about or not.

Have competitive fags been thoroughly BTFO? I am glad that GW has their priorities straight.

I don't get why they still haven't updated Abbadon. He is among the most important characters in the setting, and the poster boy for Chaos in general. If Ahriman got a new model, then there is no reason why they couldn't have spat out a cool looking plastic Abaddon to go with Gathering Storm.

fucking this
drinking their tears rn

Finally got scheme I want. Now to go bankrupt on resin.

you're not meant to play for fun it's all about the winning.
how dare they change my ego boost

They'll probably release a big fancy new daemon prince Abaddon at the end of this Gathering Storm business, just like they did with Archaon in AoS.

Though Archaon's old model was an absolute classic and should never have been replaced.

Its like the swedish singer singing like a black woman about feminism to a salsa tune.
All over again.

Guns aren't banned in the UK.

honestly the cotton fields don't sound so bad compared to getting caught in industrial gears

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>Though Archaon's old model was an absolute classic and should never have been replaced.

Well, that was because it was the Storm of Chaos updated Archaeon.

Abaddon's still on his first fucking model, like 20+ years in.

crom was solid still afterwards

>Crom the Conqueror
>led his part of the armies of chaos through the mountains and into fucking SYLVANIA
>Crom and only a handful make it out alive
My favorite part of that entire campaign. Chaos man, not even once, it makes you stupid.

He was definitely the most interesting of the chaos champions, at least.

Indeed he was, I liked his story, and how it tied into Grimgor's obsession to fight Archaon. That since his 'underling' gave the big Ork such a good fight, he absolutely needed to test himself against the warlord himself. Of course, how they worked that fight out in the end was complete ass.

But even bumbling his army to vampire counts territory to be slaughtered, Crom is a fucking badass.

Have we descended to such levels of self pitiance and degradation that we allow /pol/ blatantly ignite discussions of race in other boards against general rules without any sort of retribution?

>Where be mods?
>R dey asleep?

Just because you are black or a white woman doesn't mean you can regulate what is appropriate discussion for Veeky Forums. Stop appropriating our culture.

>being this triggered by a picture of a black boy and a white girl sitting next to each other, playing a game
Jesus, it's like you don't even realize you're the other side of the coin.

fuck off to /pol/ and stay there. This is the place to be autistic about rules, figurines and settings, not for trying to be edgy about your race shit.

999, the true number of the beast.

Fucking lost it. Especially the cringelord description for 'open play'. I can't understand that kind of non-game at all.


All the reddit here need to go back or lurk moar.

SQUATS represent the forgotten and modelless. They range from
the Pariahs & Chaos Androids, former canon removed from the game, the Malals, H'rud & Rak'Gol, seemingly existent but modelless, & the nonexistent, a Tyranid Codex that's not shit.

Open play is just mindless shit though. Bring random models, fudge them into an ongoing '''''game'''' wherever they'll fit on the table, hang out, roll some dice, woo we're having some right epic le fun here guys.

Narrative I can at least understand. I could respect a narrative player. Open play doesn't even have a narrative to hold it together though.

>& the nonexistent, a Tyranid Codex that's not shit.
Fuck you user, now there's water all over the keyboard.


Best faction, 10/10 would cry bitter angry tears over

Why does everyone like the squats so much?

M8, I'm in it for the Rak'gol and the not-shit Tyranids. Squats are a garbage concept that could only have been saved by a newcron/Dark Eldar-style overhaul.

I'm just gutted that races like the Hrud, Rak'gol and others are goldmines of untapped potential.

Same reason everyone likes regular dwarves, amplified by the allure of that which you cannot have.

It's very in-character too. The Squats would hate the Nids after what happened.

God I hope the supplements don't all turn into narrative and open play shit. If they don't give matched play enough attention they'll kill the game
It's british, they're probably required by law to have at least one woman and at least one minority
Fuck off centrist

I don't play 40k, but from what it looks like they're trying to make the casual modes of play look like tr00 grognard hobby wargaming, and the actual serious mode some casual kiddie shit. Is this correct?


Same reason everybody wants plastic sisters.

Why do people like regular dwarves again?
Aren't they just hairy, smelly, violent short people that live underground their whole lives?
Is it because they're like(You)?

Not rippers, spore mines- old starter set.

>so, it was probably knife-point
Knives are banned in the UK, especially the pointy ones.


>All the Autistic grognards getting salty in this thread

I hope you all leave for "9th age 40k" this shit is hilarious

Both true. But thanks to a legal loophole, I can still use bayonettes in my kitchen, as long as they remain affixed to the guns. It's what happened to all those old L85A1s- they're knitchen knife handles now.

>Also how the fuck is she rolling her dice?

Thats a thing when you rarely, if ever, touched dice to play with them.
Once I played a boardgame with a very nice friend of mine. Not even warhammer or something like that.
She did roll the dice in the exact same way. Guess if you are not used to it you just want them gone out of your hands fast.

son of the dude from kid n play


3/10 unrealistic.

That nigga would not be smiling if that many genestealers was within charging distance of his shit.

Why do you continue to be blind?

I own both those shooty Rippers and the starter set Spore Mines, and it's 100% the latter. The rippers are much more upright and are all the same sculpt - the objects in that picture vary slightly and lean further forwards. You can even see the large, red balls on top of each mine.

You're being dense mate, look at the bases nearest the Imperial Guard, and what looks like the pilot from the Battle for Macragge set.

black Guile

>and it's 100% the latter.
you're wrong and stupid.


Sad part is how true this is. Xenos are now either Imperial slaves or meanigless mooks who die by the millions to ten marines.

Then again I guess that's mostly how its always been except the Imperium didn't use to have pet Eldar. Sorry Aeldari

>Votes coming in say, there is HYPE!

>that filename

Not him, but there are spore mines

>New bases for swarm units.
Time to load the shotgun Gus.

We all know who's accustomed to eating shit, champ.

They're basically an army of grumpy old Veeky Forums men. They take no shit from no one, almost everyone in the setting owes them for tech, and they love getting wasted. Also, GOLD. What's not to love?

>haven't checked out 40k in ages
>see this
Interesting stuff. They're even subtly admitting that their fans have been getting aggrieved.