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Too sexy for this thread Edition
Hurried sub-edition

Despite Curzefag derailing the thread with...things, Magos Cóatl returned and ulfsark pics were posted, and the /HHG/ jetchoppers further refined their work. Emperor Dorn disowned Sigismund, but his EW became Eternal 7E. Not sure what to think, I kind of wanted 8E. Previous bread. ->


>Official HH 7th Edition Errata (Updated January 2016)

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2Ffz1OuHK%2Fcrusade-imperialis-army-lists.pdf.html
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.docdroid.net%2FZTK72gs%2Flegiones-astartes-age-of-darkness-army-list.pdf.html
sys.Veeky Forums.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmega.nz%2F%23F!BxI1HSgI!0tKymKh9RZTzGpgIA5EyCg

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

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>Primarch Popularity Poll

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First for invisible Sekhmets.

Second for Primarchs are not for sexual.

And t7 s7 all the time.

Give me some fem-horus please


My primarch is not for sexual! :^(


I cannot get over how badass the art for those battles are. This bit of art from the Massacre is perhaps my favorite, but that one is also damned cool.

Were the Mechanicum at Istvaan in any notable strength, or were there any other major battles where they had a decisive role? Seems like we haven't really seen the Reductor roll out the storm of death they're known for at any point, just Decima declaring himself Damnatio ad Gladium and dropping a homemade Vortex Bomb on some fools like a Fallout character.


Should I put my t6 3+ save 10 model ogryn unit in a gorgon? It's not an assault transport and they take D hits if it blows so I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 300 points vs having them run

Did legions have the 40k helmet colour or was this all post codex

Just received this bad boy in the post (leman russ)

(From China)

Pieces laid out. Doesn't look to bad, a bit of flash in places. Anyone with experience of forge world stuff or with a russ of their own have any comparison comments?

Looks rather base-ick.

Does it have that obnoxious chemical smell that cheap Chinese knockoff resin recasts have?

I bought some knockoff Kingdom Death stuff and had to leave that shit outside for a day to get the stank off.

Holy shit, what else are they armed with and how many thousands of points is that?
I would say the Gorgon really should be an Assault Transport, but as it isn't I would say have them walk. At the worst, moving ten SoaDA Vorax up the middle won't exactly avoid fire, and then your mandatory 10-man AP3 Autocannon squad can clean up. If you don't have that, get one with the Gorgon points, they're terrifying. My Castellax cry at their approach, even when they have to find an Enginseer to give them tear ducts first.


3 have boarding shields, 3 have power axe + ccw, 4 have power mauls + ccw. They're 560 points, plus the 110 on my commander to give the whole army +1t and +1 armor.

When I opened it a bit if smell came out but the actual pieces themselves don't smell so I think it wore off en route

Neck you'reself Curzefag

Also I was going with ap2 missiles instead of ap3 autocannons but that's just cause I have a bunch of missile launchers handy. I'll swap to autocannons eventually

>Not Curse and the Lion
You have failed me.

Do I look like Curzefag to you? OP was wrong when they said Curzefag was the only derailer.

As far as I know there is only one lewd of Lion in existence. It is surely a crime against all humanity.

That is surprisingly cheap. About the same as my Thallax in PPM, which shows how much FW point costs are off by. Certainly have them walk then, not worth another 300 just for 12" move and a couple heavy weapons. Sure you don't want more Power Axes? You're wounding Marines on a 2+ either way, not beating them in initiative with the Mauls and can afford to take some hits from power fists with T6. Otherwise sounds cool.

>Do I look like Curzefag to you?

Yes, take the knot

Not sure where else to post this:

Anybody in WA state running any 30k groups? None of the local shops near me are doing anything so i figured I try here. Not looking for anything super competitive really. Been into the lore since 2000 but I've never played a game. Just stuck with the modelling aspect.

I need motivation to finish my XX

>take the knot

check your local facebook groups dude!
Brisbane and even then sunny coast has a large 30k player base and most of us connect via facey just for ease of use and events planning. Australian 30k Heresy Community page on facey has links for groups in all the states.

Might do 4 axes and 3 mauls. But the mauls let them glance av13 if they have to, so they can deal with walkers

I'll probably have my hq attached to help with leadership. He's got a power axe and a 3+ invuln. He might go in a grenadier blob with a medic though.

I'm taking a baneblade command tank to help with LD too.

Which Legion will benefit most when our rules inevitably transition into Age of Roboute?

The Word Bearers.

Depends on the rules but considering they all use the same units/profiles there wont be a legion above the rest.

If MCs do get the AoS/2nd ed damage chart then legio cybernetica might get gimped a bit.

With the changes to Termie armour being a 3+ on 2d6 probably stuff like IW and DG

I've checked for specifically 30k groups here but not finding much. I'll check out what you suggested. Thanks m8

Seems like it may or may not happen at this rate.

That should fix that problem, then. Army sounds cool, pics when done plx.

Here's how it looks right now at 3000

Hq with iton halo, cyber familiar, power axe, abhumans, SoDA, planetary governor

3 medics

10 ogryns, 3 shields, 3 axes, 4 mauls, catspace

2x 20 grens with lasrifles, rotor cannons, advanced weapons

10 grens with lasrifles and advanced weapons, land raider proteus with 3x TL lascannons

5 missile teams

Thunderbolt with hellstrike missiles

3 leman russes

3 rapier laser destroyers

Baneblade with 1 set of sponsons and SH command

Think I'll actually make one boarding shield into a combat shield and put those points into a meltabomb

I might replace the land raider squad with more heavy weapons or maybe a malcador.

Also I'm going to be making this out of karadrons.

Oh, forgot that it's got an aegis too

Between basically nothing being known about the next edition, and the updated 30k rules probably just being some kind of dugs induced dream at the moment, it is impossible to make any predictions really.
Like we don't even know if any of the unit types has a base advantage over the rest.

>Termie armour being a 3+ on 2d6 probably
Well probably not. Resolving terminator saves on 2D6 is fine for a skirmish game like Shadow Wars, but just a gaint pain in the ass in larger games. Just imagine having to roll 2D6 for 30 suffered wounds one by one.

Please tell me there is actual fem-horus and not just isis

Too complicated, just give terminator armor a 2+ save that halves all modifiers rounding down, so a -6 becomes a 5+sv for example.

Sauce ploz

Mate, check out Northwest 30k on the Facebook. We're currently starting up a campaign. Good group of hobbyists.

LewdAnon. He doesn't have any blogs you can follow but you'll see him around sometimes. Check the Smut index on 1d4chan for some fan-made galleries of his.

They had it but it depends on the legion, chapter and company

Whoops, srry for not seeing this sooner.
The codex standarized many things, and some had it, like says, but it wasn't a universal thing.

>Just imagine having to roll 2D6 for 30 suffered wounds one by one.

If I had to go through that shit in 2E you kids can do it in 8th.

Fuck off fellow grandpa, it was awful and you know it.

>Back in my day we had to get water at the river. Which was 50 miles away. We had to walk the whole way barefoot, and uphill. Both ways. In the burning sun, and no hats. Not parasols. Damn kids these days don't know how good they have it.

All primarchs are for sexual.

Kids these days. Back in my day "passing armour save" meant old Jerry didn't punch through your M4 like a wet piece of paper. If I live through it, you kids can take a tour through Korea once we get the party started over there.

Inferior version. Posting superior.


How much and which catalogue did you get it from?
how long did it take to arrive?
did you place a big order? free shipping?

I'm interested in testing chinabro too

It's called anime-style art, do you speak it nigga

While I'd support this (T7 or the girl isn't thicc enough), if you want that go to the previous thread. I'm tired of primarch waifuing.
Or minis autism, for that matter.
Or lore autism.
Or rules autism.
Unless it's pretty minis like the ones from two threads ago, I don't get tired of those.
Either that or sieges

Teenaged primarch Daughters are the best.

>Either that or sieges
Are you an innie or an outie?

You should leave /HHG/ now before you get disappointed.

First for Sang will be T7.



That chick and the horus and sang scenes were the best part that book.

>Fem-Horus and Fem-Sang
My heart can only take so much

People said the same thing about 7th. There's not a doubt in my mind that FW will switch over. They're just going to take more time than GW.

Don't worry user, in time all of us will have a strong femarch to turn to

>Unless you're an IF or AL :^)

I do hope FW will make the switchover sooner rather than later. From the sounds of it GW actually tried to make the rules understanable this time, which could mean FW making functional rules for once.

Unless 8th does turn out to be literally hitler ofcourse.

Truly, they were best brothers. So sad...

>tfw no twin femarch action
At least we still have Omegon

>"My Lord Aurelian," Hol Beloth bowed, climbing the crest of the hill. The primarch of the XVII Legion barely acknowledged him, his eyes traveling across the shattered expanse towards the far field. Something was troubling him.

>"Lord?" the Captain asked again, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

>"Had the skeins of fate been different," he murmured, "You would have died on Calth."

>Hol Beloth said nothing. Calth was a tomb to many of his brothers, and even more of his enemies.

>"And yet, it seems you did not avoid it," Lorgar turned to him, oath papers fluttering in the breeze.

>"The Red Angel is coming."

Dammit user, don't hurt my heart anymore

Paint scheme decided, now to get some resin.


>2 unpainted models in a painted army


Man somehow the fewer unpainted models an army has the more I have an issue with them.

Dammit I'll indulge, but just this once! After all I still owe you the Ferra x Fenicia one
>Never as one of the tallest AL femarines have you ever thought of yourself as something special. You are what the Unbroken Chain needs you to be.
>"Gonna get changed, Eris?" interrupts the Mistress of Signals, getting in your way. You nod.
>"Give this to High Command for me when you see them, will ya? I need to get going" she tells you as she places a heavy briefcase in your hands...before cuffing you to it and darting away.
>You are startled by the sudden buzz of your helmet's vox: "This is legion High Command. Wielder of [Bleep], report to our Femarch's chambers IMMEDIATELY". Damn Mistresses, you could swear they can feel incoming transmissions before they're even issued.
>Up in the ship's dorsal section, the elevator's doors open and you're dazzled by the marvelous sight of the anteroom to Alpharia's private chambers.
>"Submit all your equipment and go through the scanner", a servitor embedded in the wall orders you.
>You let go of your combi-melta, meltabombs, poison spheres and power dagger, and unclasp your power fist. You release your power armour's locks
>"Keep your armour on", you hear Alpharia say over the speaker. Her familiar voice sounds eager with anticipation.
>You comply and step in the dimly lit room, the door closing as soon as you enter.
>It is empty
>"Lockdown initiated. Communications blocked until code input"
>The briefcase opens on its own, and three ridged bars fall to the floor. Before you can realize it and despite not knowing what they are, you find yourself locking the bars together despite the complex joints. Your hands are shaking and your pulse accelerates.
>Suddenly you begin to remember, and look up to see a fellow legionnary identical to you without her helmet, gagged and with a visor on, her armour locked.
>You drag her down and whisper in her ear
>"Assuming direct control :^)"

Sorry lol. I converted the hol beloth model today, and I'm getting around to the contemptor soon. And those bases for the GV.

>The first World Eaters swarmed across the field, a Land Raider and Vindicator chewing up dirt and snow as they raced into firing range.

>The Vindicator fired first, a whistling shell landing amongst the Blessed Sons and annihilating three in a storm of fire.

>The Land Raider slewed to a halt, assault ramp slamming down into the ground. For what seemed like the longest moment, there was a precious, fragile silence accompanied by the tightening of grips and bolters. It was shattered by a colossal roar, a roar that carried the promise of death.

>The Red Angel had come to butcher, and he would not be found wanting.

I've been making a kitbash of Gahlan Surlak.

What do you think.


Where's the torso from? Looks good though

What's a good handicap to give someone when you're playing an army with 30K rules against an army with 40K rules? I was thinking 500 points or so?

>40kiddies and grognards will start flooding into HH with unpainted plastic WAAC lists

kill me now

I hope you mean 500 extra points for the 30k player seeing as 40k units are much stronger and cheaper

No formations, age of darkness force org only.

Against Tau or Eldar, despair.

Not taking Sicarans and Custodes tanks

Doesn't really matter when the wraithknights and scatbike bullshit tears through.

Ultramarines Legion Herald

The fist of God (You) cares not about mere plastic figures

Chinaman here i come

Why did the WE (and even NL and Solar Aux) get the medicae characters but not the Emperor's Children?
Gahlan in fact attended to a Fabius' conference, and even then the WE apothecary I remember is Kargod the Bloodspitter.

Or the Tau/Eldar WAACfag's anus.

Or face, if that's more socially acceptable :^)

Maybe they're saving Fabius rules for when they made a model for him ?

>tfw Fabius will still get a model before Dorn and Alpharius.

Presumably, they'll release fabulous and lucius when the HH book dealing with the traitors slide into actual daemonism begins, releasing all the freaky shit and rules for daemonic interference

>Be XVI Legion
>Annihilate weakest point
Destroying their models is a sure-fire way to cripple their forces

As if. No one wants your manlet Marines anymore.

Wait really? 40K is more powerful than 30K?

I mean, I haven't played 40K in 2 whole editions years so I haven't been paying attention at all to that sort of thing. But I honestly figured 30K was the 'more powerful' one, since it has all the extra special rules and units, and especially when I was comparing the rules for my planned 30K army with their 40K one. Custodes.

I'm the guy who was eating waffles while posting pictures of his Custodes one day (and thus call myself "Waffle Custode", to make it easier to tell me apart from "Custode user").

>inb4 those are just regular marines in proper MK VIII errant armour