Warhammer 40k

Hey I was thinking of getting into warhammer 40k and saw this new picture on the official website. It looks like a very warm, welcoming and diverse community!
I've been looking for a game I can play with the girls and jamal both, they are going to love it when I introduce them to it!

What cool armies can you recommend for a first time player?

Orks, they are fun and quirky.

imperial guard, tanks are op

Fucking coons

Fuck Warhammer - better try a Carcassonne or Talisman

Tyranids, girls love them bugs for some reason.
And there's something viscerally satisfying about playing a massed unstoppable horde.

This post presented by the quasi-elemental plane of sarcasm.

Wow, it's like you literally went to my local game shop, and took a picture!


back to /pol/ like they say.

man, I failed at Veeky Forums-fu

>girl playing Tyranids
Oy vey, this stereotyping has to end!

me on the left

the left side of the pic? or on the left from the players perceptive?

this matters

>only seen a handful of grills play warhammer
>most played 'nids


of the three female players I physically know, one has space wolves, one has Aedari, and one of them shares a tau collection with their husband (and hope to have a Manta in the near future)

Just gonna plop this here.

>you might live to see the day where geedubs writes a story that appeals to feminists and puts it in an official book
these niggas are gonna go full Marvel!


>How dare people make fun of a marketing picture!
Either GW shill or reddit

that's comical

I like his cue-tip haircut

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>Niggers playing Warhammer.

Yeah alright, I'll forgive the girl as the hobby has quite a lot but the nigger is just bollocks.

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I got 2 sentences in and had to stop. It was a good one though, have a (you) on me friend.

Is this a copy-pasta, or did you type all that your self?


FB copypasta according to the googs

That's because /pol/ is just a Reddit colony at this point.